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Name: YAKIMA Name: YANKEE Launched: 1847 Area: 1850, U. Miss. R. Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: YANKTON Destroyed; sank Area: 1873, Mo. R., replaced the LIZZIE WARDEN as ferry from Yankton, S.D. to Green Island, Neb. Comments: Machinery went to the ferry KATE : This info from Bob Karolevitz's column The Way It Was, believed to have been in a Yankton. S.D.. newspaper. Name: YAZOO VALEY Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 180' X 36' X 5.' Power: 16's- 5 1/2 ft., 2 boilers Launched: 1876, Jeffersonville, Ind. by Howard Yard. Destroyed: 1887, Mar. 8, Above Grand Encore, Burned. 3 lives lost Area: 1877, New Orleans-Vicksburgh-Yazoo R. 1883, New Orleans-Red R. Owners: when new, S.H. Parisot & Co., Vicksburgh, Miss. 1883 sold to Red River and Coast Line, headed by Charles P. Truslow. 1877, S.H. Parisot Comments: 1883, Mar 4, sank and raised. : 1886, sank and raised.
The only teddy bear still made in America
    Captains: 1913, Tom Smith
Olden Times.com
The Daily Picayune
New Orleans, Louisiana
January 10, 1913
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    Type: Sidewheel, woodenhull packet
    Size: 130' Power: a single powerful steam engine.
    Launched: 1830 or so.
    Destroyed: Fate unknown
    Area: 1830-34, Mo. R.
           1835, went to New Orleans-Galveston, Tex. trade Later, Brazos River landings 
                 taking cotton and sugar to ships off Quintana, Tex.
    Owner: 1830-35, American Fur Co.
           1835-, Thomas Toby & Brother of New Orleans
    Captains: Clerk, La Barge, Joseph.
	   1835, Thomas Wigg Grayson 
           1836, John E. Ross Later, James V. West
    Comments: 1832, Was first ever steamboat to reach Fort Union on U. Mo. R.
              1833, hung up on sandbar.
	    : from the Boone’s Lick Heritage
	    : From Burle County Historical Society, S.D.: "In 1831, (fur trader -d.)Perre Chouteau of St. Louis had a small flat bottom steamboat 
              named YELLOWSTONE and brought a cargo of goods up the river. This trip revolutionized the Missouri river fur trade
	      by their being able to make the trip in a few weeks which formerly took a whole season."
	    : See Article 
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    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet
    Size: 206' X 30' X 5.5'
    Power: 16's- 5-1/2'. Two Boilers
    Launched: 1864, Cincinnati, Oh. 
    Destroyed: 1867, July 11, St. Louis, burned along with G.W. GRAHAM while laid up.
    Area: Mo. R.
    Owners: Capt. McDonald, and Capts. Bart Able and D.N, Greenleaf
    Captains: Master was Capt. McDonald Comments: See art work at top of this page.
    1. Name: YELLOWSTONE
    Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet
    Size: 150' X 30' X 5.6', 167 tons
    Power: 14's- 4-1/2 ft. Two Boilers
    Launched: 1876, Jeffersonville, Ind.
    Destroyed: 1879, late May, Buffalo Rapids, Yellowstone R., lost.
    Owners: Dr. Achilles Lamme, Bozeman, Mont.
    Comments: This YELLOWSTONE made 3 trips in 3 years to Ft. Benton
         Size: 65 ton Area: 1852, May, White R., steamed to Forsythe
	 Captains: Childress
	 Comments: Source 
Name: YORK
    Type: Ferryboat Size: 78' X 32' X 7'
    Launched: 1813 
    Owner: Hudson River Steamboat Company
    Comments: Source 
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    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet. 
    Size: 247 tons.
    Launched: 1852
    Destroyed: 1859
    Area: 1857, U, Miss. R.
    Owner: Northern Line Packet Company
    Comments: Mentioned in this Article

    Type: Sidewheeler
    Size: 265'
    Destroyed: 1865, Oct,. 12, Rio Vista, Calf, boilers blew. 45 Killed. Area: California Delta 

Name: YOUKON This spelling is correct.
    Type: Stern-wheeler Size: 47'
    Launched: 1869?, San Francisco
    Area: Yukon R.
    Owner: Alaska Fur Co.

Name: YUBA 
    Launched: 1840's mid? Area: 1850s, early, Sacramento R. Calif.

    Type: Stern-wheeler Size: 47'
    Power: Engines, 2 compound jet-condenser type producing 525 H.P. Boiler,
           Locomotive type (fire-tube) manufactured at the Polson Iron Works,Toronto,1901,. 
           #1(working pressure:129.4 kilograms/sq. cm. - 184 lb /sq. in.) These engines were 
           later used on the steamer S.S. Klondike I.
	   Area: Yukon R. 
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