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1. Name: WABASH VALLEY Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 99 tons Launched: 1844, Pittsburgh, Pa Destroyed: 1848, off the lists Area: Wabash R., Miss. R., Ark. R. Captains: 1844, Larimer Comments: 1846, Mar. 23, Jefferson College, La.,sunk in collision with YORKTOWN 1850, Aground at Webbers Falls on Ark. R. Credit Name: WAKENDAH Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet Size: 193 ton, 160' X 27' Launched: 1846, Elizabethtown, Pa.1 Destroyed: 1848, off lists Area: Mo. R. Owner: 1846 - '48, J.M. Convers, Thompkins, Kennett and White Captain 1846 -'48, J.M. Convers Comments: 1846, Apr 2, sank at mouth of Fishing River on Mo. R. Source: Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994 Name: WAKE ROBIN Type: Sternwheeler Size: 182' Beam: 43' Draft: 5.5' Launched: 1926, by Davo Corporation, Neville Island Boat Yard, Pittsburgh, PA. Destroyed: Area: Owner: U. S. Lighthouse Service; U. S. Coast Guard; BB Riverboats, Inc. 1 Madison Ave. Covington, KY 41011, Phone: 606/261-8500 Captain and pilots: Capt. Comments:1926 - 1940: U.S. Lighthouse service 1940 - 1952: U.S. Coast Guard service 1952 - used as an excursion vessel dock and a warehouse, 1992: was converted into the USS Nightmare, Haunted Riverboat in Cincinatti, OH. U. S. Wake Robin:Pic and ad : Photo and much more info Name: WALK-IN-THE-WATER Type: Sidewheeler Size: 338 Ton Launched: 1813 or 1817 at Blackrock (Tonawanda), New York Destroyed: Area: Detroit to Buffalo/ Lake Erie Owner: 1817, Lake Erie Steamboat Co. Captain and pilots: Capt. Comments: Her machinery was designed by Robert Fulton. : Mentioned in this Article 1. Name: WALL CITY Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet Size: 99 tons Launched: 1874, Ironton, Oh. Area: Daily, Ravenswood-Middleport on Ohio R. Owners: In part, Capt. J.C. Edwards Captains: 1874-80, Alf. Day 1881, J.C. Edwards, C.H. Crow and J.E. Wilkerson, clerks. Comments: Mentioned in this Document
    Type:                Size: 
    Launched: 1840s? 
    Area: Moss. R 
    Captain and pilots: Capt. Bushnell, Daniel 
    Comments: 1845, pushed 3 coal flats.  Became barge-boat. 

1. Name: WAR EAGLE 
    Type: Side-wheel wooden hull packet   Size: 152' X 24' X 4.5', 155 tons
    Launched: 1845, Cincinnati, Oh. by Best and Co. 
    Destroyed: 1851, Dismantled.  Hull used as barge.
    Area: 1845-7, Galena-St. Peters; 1848, St. Louis-St. Peters;
          1848, Fall, Louisville-St. Louis
    Owner: 18??North Western Line? 
    Captain(s): 1845, Harris, Daniel Smith and  Harris, Robert Scribe 
    Comments: Made run St. Louis - Alton, 0/1/35 
              A WAR EAGLE is mentioned several times in this Article, and in
              this Article 

1. Name: WAR EAGLE 
    Type: Side-wheeler wooden hull packet     Size: 225' X 27', 296 tons
    Power: 3 boilers
    Launched: 1854, Fulton (Cincinnati), Oh. for Minnesota Packet Company
    Destroyed: 1870, May 15, La Cross, Wiss, burned.  6 lives lost, property
                     damage of $215,000
    Area: 1854-6, Galena-St. Paul;
          1857-61, Dunleith - St. Paul;
          1861, Dunleith-St. Paul
          1862, a trip to Tenn. R. for U.S. Gov. Got a shot in one of her
                stacks. (Ouch!)
          1862, Summer, Dunleith-St.Paul
    Owner: 1854-58, Minnesota Packet Company
           1859, La Cross Line 
    Captains: 1854, Smith, Orrin
              1854-6, Harris, Daniel Smith *Jones Worden. Mate.
              1855 or 56, Mate, Jones Worden
              1857, Kingman; 1858, Gabbert, W.H.
              1859, Davis, J.B.;
              1861, Mitchell, Alexander Beard; later, Stevenson, Charles L.
              1862, Webb, N.F.
    *Jones Worden's Steamboats and Steamboating Career by Frederick J. Worden
    Comments: See letter from Union soldier

1. Name: WAR EAGLE 
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.   Size: 446 tons
    Launched: 1858, Cincinnati, Oh. for H. L. White and others for $48,000.
    Destroyed: 1869, Aug. 24, St. Louis, burned
    Area: Mo. R.  Designed for this river.
        :  1st home port, St. Louis.         
    Owner: 1858, H. L. White and others.
           18??, Thronburg
           1867, Apr. 2, Sold to Capt. John B LaBarge for $20,000
    Comments: 1861, Aug.  Was sent to Boonville Mo. with troops commanded by
                    Col. W.H. Worthington of the 5th Iowa Volunteers.  Got
                    there on the 26th and seized Confederate goods, took
                    prisoners, and returned to St. Louis with 11 skiffs and
                    a steam ferryboat. 

1. Name: WAR EAGLE
	Type: Sidewheel, wooden hulled packet.  Size: 279.2' X 42' X 6.1'. 941 Tons.
	Power: Engines, 26's - 8 ft., 4 boilers, each 45" X 28' 5 flues.
	Launched: 1876, St. Louis, Mo.
	Destroyed: 1894 or 95, dismantled.
	Area: St. Louis-Keokuk at first
		  1891, St. Louis-Riverside Park trade.
	Owners: Keokuk Northern Line Packet Co.
			Later by St. Louis & St. Paul Packet Co.
			1891, Oct, purcased by Capt. H.W. Brolaski and son who had
                       formed the Mississippi River Excursion Co.
			1893, placed in Cairo-Memphis trade.
	Captains: While with Keokuk Northern Line - T.L. Davidson.
       	    1881, Nov. 4,, when hit Keokuk bridge, Jerry Wood, Master.
                       William R. Tibble, off watch Pilot.
                       Thomas Conners was mate.
		    1893, Milt R. Harry
	Comments: 1881, Nov. 4, 9:30 PM while downbound hit Keokuk bridge
			  and sank. Capt. Hirram E. (Hi) Biddle	was watch pilot.
              Boat was raised and taken to Madison, Ind. for rebuild.
			: 1891, The boiler deck was glassed in for excursions.
			: 1893, Dec. 30, went to U.S. Marshals sale.
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.
    Size: after rebuild in 1901, 255' X 38' X 6.'
    Power: after 1901 rebuild, 22's-6' 8".  4 boilers, ea. 42" X 20'.
    Launched: 1899, Madison, Ind., Rebuilt, 1901, Carondelet ways, St. Louis.
    Destroyed: 1910, mid-July, Turkey Island, some 50 mi. below St. Louis.
    Area: St. Louis-Cape Commerce trade 
    Owners: Eagle Packet Company 
    Captains: William (Buck) Leyhe
    Comments: renamed CAPE GIRARDEAU after rebuild in 1901.

    Type: Sidewheeler 
    Size: 100 Tons, 111.5' X 19' 5".  1 deck. No mast. 
	Power: High pressure engine.  3 boilers. 
    Launched: 1832, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
    Area: 1840, U. Miss. R. 
    Owner(s): Joseph Throckmorton and William Hempstead of Galena, Ill. 
    Captain and pilots: Capt. Throckmorton, Joseph 
    Comments: A troop carrier during the Black Hawk War, she had a six 
              pound cannon mounted on her bow. 
              Towed a safety barge 111.8' X 19' 5". 
              Mentioned in William Petersen's book 
                 "Steamboats on the Upper Mississippi". 
    Comments: Mentioned in this Article 

    Launched: 1832, by either the Bell Yard or the Patton Yard, Wheeling,
              W. Va.. 
    Area: Ohio R. 
    Captain: 1841, McCourtney
    Comments: Notes from WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA, 
              WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER,  June 24, 1951 

    Type:     Size: 
    Launched: 1841, Boonville, Mo. 
    Area: Ohio R. 
    Captain(s): McCourtney 
    Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage 

1. Name: WARSAW 
    Type: Sternwheel wooden hull Packet    Size:  457 tons
    Launched: 1858, Madison, Ind.
    Destroyed: 1866, Jan 12, lost to ice flow above Miller St., St Louis, Mo.
    Area: 1859, St. Louis-Keokuk
    Owner: Keokuk Packet Company.
    Captain(s):1858, when launched, Malin, John W., also during Civil War.

1. Name: WARSAW 
    Type: Centerwheel wooden hull Ferry    Size:  123' X 36' X 5.'
    Launched: 1871, Madison, Ind.
    Area: LaCross, Wis.
    Captain: Capt. Day
    Comments: 1880, Mar. 23, caught fire, was beached.  Repaired and back in
                    service 50 days later.

1. Name: WARSAW 
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull ferry.  Size;64.3' x 22' X 4.'
    Launched: 1914, Keokuk, Io.
    Owners: 1920s Quincy Steamboat Company, Quincy, Ill.
            Sold to Valley Line Steamers, Memphis,Tenn.
            1936, sold to Wolf River Traqnsportation Company, Memphis, Tenn.

Note on WARSAWs: I can not determine which of these boats, if any, was on the
                 Osage R.in Mo. One is mentioned in this article.

         Also see GEORGE WASHINGTON 

    Type:               Size: 155' X 25' X 9'
    Launched: 1813, Wheeling W. Va.
    Area: Louisville-New Orlieans
    Owner: Hudson River Steamboat Company
	Comments: First boat to have boilers above deck.
    Comments: See
			: Also See
Comments: There is some debate about which of these next Washingtons is which. Some believe a boat sunk on the Missouri River near the mouth of the Lamine R. is Shreve's Washington. Phil Chappell (History of the Missouri River, 1906) and W.J. McDonald ("The Missouri River and Its Victims..., Missouri Historical Review, Vol.21, No's 2-4, 1927) both mention a steamboat GEORGE WASHINGTON that wrecked in the vicinity of Hardeman's Island near the mouth of the Lamine (at the Missouri R.) in 1826. The Lytle-Holdcamper list, however, says that a boat by this name, built in 1825, burned at new Orleans in 1831. Yet another article calls the boat the GEN. WASHINGTON. Name: WASHINGTON AKA GEN. WASHINGTON AND GEORGE WASHINGTON Type: Stern-wheeler Size: when built: 136 X 28? ft. 1820: Altered at Louieville, Ky. to 136', 8" X 21' 9" X 6' 8", depth, 211 tons. Launched: 1816, Wheeling, W. Virginia. Destroyed: 18??, sunk Area: Ohio R. Owner: 1816: Niles Gillespie, Robert Clark, both of Brownsville, Pa., and Noah Zane and George White of Wheeling, W. Va., and Capt. Henry M. Shreeve. 1820: William and David Fowler of New Orleans, James Gray of Louiville, Ky., H.W. Conway of Arkansas, William Taylor of Baltimore, Md. and Capt. Henry M. Shreeve Captain(s): Shreve, Henry M. Comments: Notes from WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER, June 24, 1951 Comments: from Boone's Lick Heritage Comments: First steamer with boiler on deck. Became the prototype for all future Inland R. boats. 1817: Made run N.O. - Louisville, 25/0/0 Engines and machinery built Brownsville, Pa. by T. Sweeney Foundry. Comments: Notes from WHEELING Comments: A little bit more on this boat. Name: WASHINGTON previously SIDNEY Picture and Credits Type: Sternwheeler Size: Length:221.3'; Width: 35.5'; Draft: 5.5' 1. Name: WASHINGTON Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull ferryboat. Sizr: 90' X 19.', 53 tons. Power: one cylinder, 12" -3 ft., 1 boiler, 40" X 20'. Launched: 1867, Wellsville, Oh., hull built, Freedom, Pa. Destroyed: 1880, Apr. 10, Herman, Mo., burned. Area: Spent her career on Mo. R. Owners: 1867, built for Capt. John Patton Later, Capt. August Wohlt 1870s, A.S. Byran and others Name:S. S. WASHINGTON Type: Size: Launched: Destroyed: Area: Captain(s):Mabrey, Edgar (Eddie) F. Comments:Note from Ralph Mabrey
Magic Cabin
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 181' X 29' X 6.5', 282 tons.
    Power: 18 3/4's- 6 ft., 3 boilers, each 40" X 26'.
    Launched: 1852, Freedom Pa.
    Destroyed: 1859, off the lists.
    Area: primarilly Pittsburgh-St. Louis
        : 1857, May 26, Diary of E.F. Beadle has her in Omaha throwing
                a dance party for town people.

    Type: Side-wheeler 
    Size: 4 decker licensed to carry 6,000 people. 
    Area: Easteren rivers 
    Captain and pilots: Capt. 
    Comments: Biggest passenger-carrying river boat of all time. 

    Type:         Size: 
    Destroyed: 1865, Rio Vista, Calf., Exploded.  16 killed, 36 injured 
    Area: California Delta 

Name: WASP
	Area: 1845, White R.
	Captains: 1845, Thomas T. Tunstall. of Jacksonport
	Comments: Source

Name: WASP 
    Type:  towboat   
    Area: Monongahela R. 
    Comments: Notes from The Tribune Telegraph, 
           Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Aug. 18 1897 

Name: WATOSSA     
    Area: 1857, June 11, The Diary of E.F. Beadle has arriving at Omaha.
                June 19, same has her arriving Omaha, from St. Joseph, Mo.
                June 27, back in Omaha, and again July 9 and July 16. Arrived
                July 24, Arrived up from St. Joseph, Mo.
                Aug 15, arrived Omaha. 
                Aug 24, 11 PM, arrived down to St. Joseph.
    Comments: About conditions on this boat in 1857.

    Type: Side-wheeler, commuter-boat  Size: Small 
    Launched: 1870s 
    Area: Hudson R. 
    Captain and pilots: Capt. 

Name: WATER QUEEN - Showboat - 1880-1915 

    Comments: From The Diary Of Joseph T. Anderson, shopkeeper, 
             Commerce Mo. 
            - Monday, August 19th 1861.  "On Friday we moved our goods to 
             Santa Fe, Illinois and almost all the people in Commerce were 
             moving over at night.  Every person was cared.  It was 
             reported that the enemy was near and about dark a gunboat 
             stopped in the river opposite to Max. Island.  Johnson got into 
             a skiff, went down to the boat and brought her into the city. 
             I went to Illinois to see Baker and while I was there the officers 
             of the gunboat moved all the women and children onto their boat 
             and over the river together.  They took all that went on the boat 
             to Cape Giraideau.  Took "Watson" prisoner but the next morning 
             she came back, released watson and brought all the families back. . . . 

Comments: 1857, May 31, The Diary of E.F. Beadle has a boat by this name
                arriving Omaha.

1. Name: WAVE
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.    Size:166' X 27' X 5.7', 231 tons.
    Launched: 1844, New Albany, Ind.
    Destroyed: 1845, off the lists.
    Owners: equal, Capt. John F. Harris, Paducah, Ky. and William A. Violet, new Orleans.
1. Name: WAVE
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 114.1' X 22.2' X 3.3', 78 tons. 
    Launched: 1844, Louisville, Ky.
    Destroyed: 1849, Mar. 7 St. James, La. stranded and lost.
    Owners: 1845, in New Orleans, Jacques Larose 
    Captains: 1845, John C. Northrup

1. Name: WAVE
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 
93 tons.

    Launched: 1844, GreenLanding, Oh.
    Destroyed: 1854, off the lists.
    Area: 1851, possibly ran on Kaskaskia R. to St. Louis.
          1852, spring, possibly went to Sangamon and ascended to Petersburg,

1. Name: WAVE Originally the ARGOSY No. 2
Name: WAVE
    Comments: 1860, Sioux City Register, June, tells us the WAVE left
          St. Paul, Minn. with a cargo for the Mo. and Big Sioux Rs. but her
          captain fell overboard near Arrow Rock, on Mo. R., and was drowned.
          Cargo was taken over by the MINNEHAHA and the WAVE returned to St.

1. Name: WAVERLY
    Area: Ark., White, and possibly Miss. Rs.
    Captains: 1831, Philip Pennywitt
    Comments: 1831, Jan., was first to Batesville 

1. Name: WAVERLY 
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet   Size: 200' X 34' X 5.5', 324 tons. 
    Power: 17's -5 ft., 2 boilers.
    Launched: 1866, Metropolis, Ill. finished at St. Louis. 
    Destroyed: 1867, Nov. 24, downbound Omaha-St. Louis, snagged on Bowling
               Green Bend, Glasgow, Mo. 
    Area: U. Mo. R. 
    Owner: 1867, John P. Kiser, Thomas Raigin and Capt. Thomas W. Rhea
    Captains: 1867, Thomas W. Rhea 
    Comments: 1867, June 17, arrived St. Louis from Fort Benton, 13/02/00,
                    with 508 bales of buffalo robes, 43 wolf skins, 37 bundles
                    of elk skins and 5 packages of antelope skins.  
            : Machinery went to SILVER BOW
            : Boat cost $50,000 and was said to have paid for herself on 1st
              round trip to Fort Benton.

Name: WEARE 
    Launched: 1898? Seattle, One of 12 built by Moran Bros. 
    Area: Alaska 


    Area: 1879: Ran 3 trips a week from Wheeling, W. Va to St. Mary's. 
    Owner(s): 1882, July 5, Wheeling, Parkersville and Cincinnati 
              Transportation Co. 
    Captain(s): Davis 
              : 1882, July 5, Booth, C. H. Pres. of ownership company. 
    Comments: Notes from WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER, 
                June 24, 1951 
    Comments:  1882, July 5, Arrived at Wheeling to oversee salvage opperation of 
                             sunken SCIOTO.  Source 

1. Name: WELCOME
	Launched: Pre 1900
	Area: 1900, Greenville-Sunnyside trade.
		  1901 or so, U. White R. Ark. (Source)
	Owners: 1900, the Lyons of Greenville


	Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.
    Launched: 1849 
    Area: U. Miss. R. 
    Captain(s): Harris 
    Comments: 1853, Apr. 11, Arrived at St Paul, Minn. 
            :  Mentioned in this Article 

33. Name: WEST POINT
    Launched: 1850s? Early? 
    Area: 1851, Jan. 1, San Joaquin R, Calf.
    Comments: 1851, Jan. 1, Ran into the MARIPOSA in Suisun Bay, Calf. 

    Launched: 1880s? 
    Area: Miss. R.; Gulf of Mex. 
    Comments: Freighted supplies to Key West rail road builders. 
              Became Raft-boat. 

    Launched: 1829, Wheeling W. Virg. by either the Bell Yard or the 
               Patton Yard. 
    Area: Ohio R. 
    Comments: Engine and machinery probably by T. Sweeney Foundry, Wheeling. 
    Comments: Notes from WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA, 
              WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER,  June 24, 1951 

    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet
    Size: 111 tons
    Launched: 1871, Brownsville, Pa.
    Area: Built for Pittsburgh-Morgantown trade on Monongahela R.
          1876, entered Gallipolis-Charleston trade
    Owners: At one time the Kanawha Valley Packet Company
            1878,Dec., sold to upper Ohio R. 
    Captains: At first, Peter Donaldson
              1876, Capt. Martin
              Later James B. Dudding
Great American Products
    Launched: 1860's? 
    Destroyed: 1864, Wrecked near Euphrase Bend, Mo. R. 
    Area: Mo. R. 
    Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage 

    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 212' X 34'., 475 tons.
    Power: 16's-5 ft., 3 boilers. 
    Launched: 1872, Pittsburgh, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1881, Near Yankton, SD in ice crush 
    Area: U. Mo. 
    Owner: Coulson Line 
    Captains: 1872, Apr. 6, Sallie B. Coulton, Pittsburgh-Ft. Benton
    Comments: Boat split apart. The boilers were salvaged, but the engines 
              are probably under part of the inverted hull. As of 1998, 
              ribs and planking were still slightly above water level. 
            : All in all boat made 9 trips to Ft. Benton

    Launched: 1840s, early 
    Area: U. Miss. R. 
    Captain and pilots: 
    Comments: Source

Name: WESTERN ENGINEER (became known as "Long's Dragon") 
    Type: Sternwheeler                Size: 75' X 13' X 19" 
    Launched: 1819, near Pittsburgh 
    Destroyed: disappeared from history 
    Area: Upper Mo. R. and the Miss. River. 
    Owner: Johnson, James, leased to Army. 
    Comments: 1819, June 21, Flagship of a government expidition with a 
                    Major S. H. Long in charge, she started up Mo. R. decked 
                    out like a serpent for Council Bluffs, Iowa.  Got 
                    only to Omaha--1,300 mi.  Trip scrapped. 
    Comments: from Boone's Lick Heritage Quarterly. 
            :  Also see
			: Mentioned Here

   Destroyed:  1856, late Feb, Torn from docks and swept downstream 
                in ice flow during Great Ice Gorge at St. Louis. 
                Crushed and sunk. 
    Type: 1863, Union Gunboat 
    Destroyed: 1863, Jan 1, Galveston Bay, Tex. Ran aground and blew up during fighting. 
    Area: 1863, Gulf of Mexico
	Comments: Source

    Comments: 1843. May 6 or 7, Pulled into Chouteau's landing on 
              Mo. river (Across from the Present Kansas City, Mo). 
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1. Source: Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994
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