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Name: V.F. WILSON Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull towboat. Size: 285.71 tons. Power: 17's-16 ft. 3 boilers. Launched: 1860, Isaac Hammitt Yard, McKeesport, Pa. Destroyed: 1873, Monongahela R., Pittsburgh, struck by loose, loaded coal barge. Sunk. Owner: Capt. Daniel Pollard, Ike Hammitt and Capt. William Dunshee, owners of a coal mine near McKeesport PA., possibly D.B.A. Mississippi Coal Company. : During Civil War, USQMD chartered her for $175 per day. Captain: 1860, Daniel Pollard Comments: was a coal barge tow : During C. War, was General Grant's dispatch boat out of Vicksburg. She was sent north with news of the fall of Vicksburg. : sister boat, IKE HAMMITT : Named for Victor F. Wilson, Vicksburg, Miss. Name: V. W. SPARHAWK Destroyed: 1856, late Feb, Torn from docks and swept downstream in ice flow during Great Ice Gorge at St. Louis. Sunk by ice. Name: VALIANT Source and Photo Type: Sternwheel towboat Size: Area: 1900: Ohio R., Wheeling, W. Va. 1. Name: VALLEY BELLE
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The James E. York Post Card Collection
Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet Size: 127' X 22' X 4.' Power: Engines, 8's- 6 ft., 2 boilers, each 36" X 26' Launched: 1883, Harmar, Oh. at Knox Yard Destroyed: 1943, dismantled after 34 years as a packet followed by 26 years as a towboat. Area: Built for Marietta-Beverly trade, Muskingum R. 1884, entered Ravenswood-Middleton trade 1895-98, made accassional Marierra-Zanesville runs 1898-99, Marietta-Middleport 1900, Marietta-Gallipolis 1903, Marietta-Middleport 1907, same trade which played out around 1911 1914, Marietta-Gallipolis for a few trips then - went to U. Kanawha 1917, went to towing jobs Under Ben Raike did towing jobs until she sank in 1943 Owners: * 1881, in part Capt. J.C. Edwards 1915 or so, Capt. John Lane 1917, Mar., sold to E.P. Mathews, Point Pleasant, W. Va. 1919, Mar., purchased by Capt. William Bryant to tow his showboat 1938, sold to Ben Raike, Kanauga, Oh. Captains: When new, Thomas Clark * 1881, J.C. Edwards 1884, J.C. Edwards with W.W. Hayman, clerk 1895-98, Robert Edwards on Marietts-Zanesville runs 1897, W.W. Hayman, master with Harry Donnally, clerk 1898-99,W.W. Hayman, master with Ralph Emerson Gaches, clerk 1900, W.W. Hayman, master with J.H. Williamson, clerk 1903, H.L. Ritchie master with Charles F. Ritchie, clerk 1907, T.D. Wilkerson, master with P.L. Wolf, clerk Comments: Was reoutfitted in 1938 with engines from LIBERTY : Was longest lived, continuous running wooden hull paddlewheeler. : Notes from The Tribune Telegraph, Name: VALLEY FORGE Launched: 18?? Area: Miss. and Ohio Rs. Captain(s): 1839, First Mate, Hugh Campbell Source: Campbell family records Comments: 1. machinery went to ROBERT MORRIS Name: VALLEY FORGE Type: ?steel hull? Size: 199 tons Launched:1839, Pittsburgh Name: VALLEY GEM See Post Card Page Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet Launched: 1897, Harmar Oh. Destroyed: 1918, Feb., Morgantown, W. Va. crushed by ice
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Name: VALLEY QUEEN, 1923 - Originally the JO HORTON FALL

    Type: Confederate ram-boat  Size:
    Comments: Fled to safety while 7 of her sister ram-boats were
              sunk at Memphis

    Launched: 1910s?
    Destroyed: 1918, Mo. R., near Franklin I. below Boonville, Mo..
    Area:Mo. R.
    Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage 
	Size: 109 tons
	Power: Low pressure
	Area: 1827, logged at Cincinnati
	Launched: 1824, Cincinnati

3. Name: VELOZ
    Type: Sternwheeler               Size:
    Launched: 1840's mid?
    Area: Sacramento R. Calf.
    Comments: 1849, Aug. 31, Listed in the Alta Californian as plying trade
              on the waters of the Sacramento R.

    Area: 1888, Miss. R. Between Rock Island and Clinton Iowa.
    Owner: 1888, Streckfus, Capt. John
    Comments: There was A gunboat by this name, however the dates do not corrispond.
              See Raising the Gunboats: for ongoing raising efforts.

    Launched: 1886, Stillwate, Minn. by David M. Swain
    Destroyed: cir. 1932, dismantled
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet
    Size: 122' X 22.6' X 5.'
    Power: When new -12" & 24" -6ft. cross-compound.  Locomotive boiler & fan bower
         : when rebuilt engines, 12's- 6-1/2'. Regular boilers, 40" X 20'
    Area: 1886-88, Clinton-Davenport trade
          1888, Miss. R. Between Rock Island and Clinton Iowa.
	  1911, went to Green R.
	  1919, went to Gallipolis-Huntington trade for about 3 weeks
	  Later sold to Louisiana-Arkansas Barge Service, Momroe, LA.
    Owner: 1886, Capt. David M. Swain
           1889, purchased by Capt. John Streckfus
	   1900, sold to Dixon Bros., Peoria, Ill.
	   Later sold to Lyon Bros., Greenville, Miss.
	   1911, July, sold to Capt. E.W. Bewley
	   1919, Capt. Lewis Tanner who had swapped her for the HAZEL RICE.
    Captains: 1889, William Knaach, then A.M. Lovett
              1899-90, Frank Black
    Comments: 1893, was rebuilt
            : 1900, Dixon Bros. changed name to SPEED
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet. Built to handle Excursionists, Peoria-St.Louis World's Fair
    Power: Compound Condensing engines, 10's, 20's- 6 ft.  Two boilers, each 42' X 16'.
    Launched: 1904, Stillwater, Minn. by Capt. David M. Swain
    Destroyed: 1929, Dismal Point, in Ark. Sank and lost.
    Area: Under Valley Line Steamers, Memphis-Rosedale wit U.S. Mail contract until Aug. 1924
    Owners: at first Capt. David M. Swain
            Sold shortly after the Fair to Capt George Prince and othrs., Natchez, Miss.
	    Then sold to Lyons Bros., Greenville Miss.
	    Then sold to Vallye Line Steamers, Memphis, Tenn.

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The James E. York Post Card Collection
Type: Sidewheel wooden hull excursion steamer. Size: 186.4' X 31' X 4.9' Power: Compound condensing engines. 10s-20s-6. 2 boilers. Fan blowers. Launched: 1913, Stillwater Minn. for Capt. Vern Swain as Excursion Boat Destroyed: 1932, Aug. 17, sank below Louiville locks with 781 aboard. All saved. Boat ruined. Area: 1913, Ohio R., Pittrsburg to Wheeling, W. Va. on Ill. R. 1918, placed in Pittsburgh-Wheeling packet trade. 1923, excursions 1928, moved back to Pittsburgh Owners: 1918, Pruchased by Capt. Fred Hornbrook 1923, Noll, J. Orville, who ran her for the Anchor Line out of Pittsburgh. 1927, Mar., purchased by D.G.B Rose of Louisville, Ky. 1929, owned by Capt. Griffith W. Shaw and others 1931, Apr. sold during a docking program at Paducah 1932, Rose Island Company Captains: 1923, Noll, J Orville 1932, Aug. 17 when sank, Nick DuRand Comments: 1927, Mar., renamed ROSE ISLAND : 1929, renamed ROOSEVELT : 1931, renamed CITH OF MEMPHIS Comments: From The Wheeling Intelligencer, Oct. 23, 1960 From: site visitor Noll Kenney (anniek@mediaone.net) Date: Sun Dec 27 18:08:11 1998 Steamboat Vern Swain My grandfather J. Orville Noll was Owner of this boat in 1923. I have a picture of he and my grandmother on this boat. He also ran a boat for the Anchor Line out of Pittsburg. I have a sugar bowl with Anchor Line ,Pittsburg, Pa. written on it. Name: VERSAILLES Launched: 1830s?, Early? Area: U. Miss. R. Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: VESPER Destroyed:1880's? by ice near Clipper Mill, whatever that was. Area: Ohio R. Comments: From From The Tribune Telegraph, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Apr. 28 1897 Name: VESUVIUS Type: Size: Small Launched: by 1814, Pittsburgh, Pa area Area: Hudson and Miss. R. Owner: Livingston, Robert and Fulton, Robert. and their Ohio Steamboat Navigation Company. Comments: Mentioned Here * Name: VESTA Size: 100 tons Launched: 1816, Cincinnati Destroyed: 1821, worn out Comments: the first steamboat built in Cincinanati. Name: VESTA/J.S. LEWIS Type: Sternwheel packet/towboat Area: Ohio R. Destroyed: Still operating, now under diesel power rather than steam. Comments: As towboat, towed coal barges from West Virginia mines to Cincinnati, Oh.. Name: VICKSBURG Type: *Sidewheel, wooden hull packet Size: *244.5 X 34 X 7.5, 635 tons Power: *engines, 24's-7 ft.; 5 boilers Launched: *1857, New Albany, Ind. Destroyed: *1863, Jan. 3, Rammed in battle by QUEEN of the WEST. Area: Miss. R. Owner: 1857, *Jane Stout of Frankfort, Ky. and *C.B. Lindsey, New Orleans. : 1859, *Apr 21, Henry Streck and *Capt T. P. Leathers, both of New Orleans. Captains: 1857 - 1859 *Cannon, John W., *Thommason, St.Clair : 1859, *Master White, J.M. of Ky. Pilots: 1857, Nov. 26, **Pell, Allen Comments: *At outbreak of Civil War, became a Confederate transport. Sources: *Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994 : **Mark Twain Journal
Name: VICKSBURG, Formerly the OUACHITA, Originally the LOUISVILLE 
    Launched: 1861.	Destroyed: 1868

    Area: pre 1885, Sabine R., Tex.
          1885-88, Neches R., Tex.
    Owners: Capt. Bill Loving, and Capt. Pearl Bunn 
    Comments: Engines went to NECHES BELLE

Name: 3rd VICKSBURG Originally the OUACHITA", 
         then the FRED A. BLANKS 
    Launched:1890    Destroyed: 1903

Name: 4rd VICKSBURG Originally the CITY OF CAIRO 
    Launched: 1912    Destroyed: unknowen

    Type: Sternwheel Towboat, Diesel        Size:
    Launched: 1870's?
    Area: Ohio R.
    Owner: Earl Cooper
    Comments: Note in Way's Packet Directory

1. Name: VICTRESS  (1st of 2)
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet    Size: 155' X 25' X 5.2', 190 tons
    Launched: 1841, Cincinnati, Oh.
    Destroyed: 1849, off the lists
    Area: 1841, Cincinnati-New Orleans
         *1948, Apr. 21, expected at Shreveport
    Owner: 1844, Dec., Sold to Capt. George M. Kendall of New Orleans
           1845, Feb., sold to Capt. Berthilde Landreaux
           1846, July, Sold to Harry Legendre, New Orleans
           1847, Mar., Sold to W.W. Hill, Lafayette, La.
    Captain: 1847 Bickerstaff, S.J. 
             *From Journal of  Paul Haralson, March, 1848.

1. Name: VIENNA

1. Name: VIENNA originally the CITY OF PLATTTSMOUTH
1. Name: VIGO
    Type: possibly a sidewheeler, wooden hull packet
    Size: 100' X 18' X 3.', 87 1/2 tons.
    Launched: 1870, Terre Haute, Ind.
    Destroyed: 1886, still on the records.  Said to have burned in the end.
    Owners: 1871, after burned, was sold to Capt. T.P Agnew who rebuilt.
    Captains: *1881, Thomas Benton Hoobler, Lewis County, Ky.
              *1876, James Thompson Bagby took over when Hoobler left.
    Comments: 1871, Terre Haute, burned with load of lumber valued at $6,000
            : 1882, inspected at Wheeling. W. Va.
            : See Ad

    Type:                Size:

    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 200' X 30' X 5.', 345 tons.
    Power: 17'- 6ft. 3 boilers, each 36" X 22',
    Launched: 1866, Pearl Landing, on Ill. R.
    Destroyed: 1871, Aug. 21, Smith's Bar, Doniphan Bend, Mo. R., sank.  See
                     comment below.
    Area: Made 5 trips to Fort Benton, Mont. on U. Mo. R.
    Owners: 1866, with others, Capt. Henry Jasper King
            When sunk, Augustus C. Erfort and others
          : *At one time, possibly, Charles F. Lohman and his son Capt. Louis Charles
            Lohman, Jefferson City, Mo.
            *This listing from family records of Lee Lohman, GGG grandaughter
            of Charles F.
    Companies Associated with: Northwestern Transportation Company
    Comments: 1870, Independence Day, was at Sioux City Iowa.
            : There are conflicting reports of this boat's demise.  Way's
              Packet Directory claims she sank in 6' of water on a sandbar
              which washed out from under her hull, causing her to break in
              two.  The records from Burle County Historical Society of S.D.
              state that she burned while Capt. King owned her and that he
              lost everything he owned.  This possibly in 1866.
	Size: 222 tons
	Power: Low pressure
	Launched: 1826, Cincinnati

From The Dallas Pavone Gallery Click on picture to enlarge
Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet Size: 118 X 22 X 6 Launched: 1819 OR 1823 Area: Ohio R., Miss. R. Comments: 1823, Apr. 21, left St. Louis and arrived 20 days later, 800 mi. up Miss. R. at Fort Snelling, Minn. to become first steamboat to navigate the U. Miss. R. Comments: Notes from WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA, WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER, June 24, 1951 Mentioned in another article An account of her historic voyage to Ft. Snelling Name: VIRGINIA V (5) Type: Size: 125' Area: 1820's?: Puget Sound commuter boat Name: VIRGINIA Type: Packet Size: Launched: 1848 Destroyed: 1851 or so, diamantled Area: Ohio R. Captain(s): 1849 Dawson Comments: From the The Daily Wheeling Gazette, April 2, 1849, p. 2 Name: VIRGINIA Launched: 1853 Captains: 1853, Charles V. Wells Companies Associated with: 1853, Wheeling Union Line Name: VIRGINIA 1863-68 Name: VIRGINIA 1865-71 Name: VIRGINIA/STEEL CITY/ISLAND BELLE/EAST ST. LOUIS/GREATER NEW ORLEANS

The James E. York Post Card Collection
Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet/excursion boat Size: 235' X 40' X 7.' Power: Engines, compound condensing, 15's-7ft. Four boilers each 42" X 20'. Wheel, 23-1/2' with 30' buckets Launched: 1896, New Years day, Cincinnati, Oh. by Cincinnati Marine Railway Co. Destroyed, 1930 or so, dismantled by Streckfus Steamers. Boilers went to WASHINGTON Area: Ohio R. 1912, Feb. Pittsburgh-New Orleans and back. 1 trip. 1915, La Salle-New Orleans trade 1916, entered St. Louis-New Orleans trade as EAST ST. LOUIS 1918, May, St. Louis, came out as excursion boat Owner: Pittsburgh and Cincinnati Packet Line 1912, Ohio and Mississippi Navigation Company as STEEL CITY 1914, May, purchased by St. Louis & Gulf Transportation Company 1915, Sept, purchased by St. Louis $ New Orleans Navigation Company 1917, largely by J.C. Grant Chemical Co. (Baking powder manufacturer) 1922, acquired by Coney Island Company, Cincinnati 1927, Apr., acquired by Greater New Orleans Amusement Co. 1930 or so sold to Streckfus Steamers Captain(s): When new, Thomas Calhoon 1897, until May, Mate, Sweeney, John c. 1902 Alf Pennywitt 1910, Charles W. Knox 1912, Feb., Kerr, John L., Pittsburgh-New Orleans and back. 1 trip. Then Alf Pennywitt again 1913, Fred Edgington 1915, in La Salle-New Orleans trade, E.E. Brown 1916, March, in St. Louis-New Orleans trade, John Flanigan 1916, May, Sam G. Smith 1918, May, James Robinson Comments: Had 50 cabins and 10 more on Texas deck : 1910, Mar. 6, near Willow Grove, W. Va., got stuck in cornfield during a flood. Was generally an accident prone boat. : 1912, renamed STEEL CITY : 1916, renamed EAST ST. LOUIS : 1917, winter, Keokuk, transformed into excursion boat : 1923 - 1927 named ISLAND BELLE : 1927, after being rebuilt was renamed GREATER NEW ORLEANS : From The Tribune Telegraph, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. May. 12 1897 Name: VIRGINIA originally the I.C. WOODWARD 1898- Name: VIRGINIA Type: Original towboat, steel hull and steel super structucial (top to bottom). Size: 84.6 long 17.7 wide drafts 42 inches. Launched: 1922, Neville Island, PA. by Dravo. Powered: repowered in 1949 with Buda deisel. 1992 to a GMC 8V71 Diesel. Owners: 1922, Keystone Sand & Supply Co. Pittsburg PA. Sold to QuincyIll. SteamboatCo. Sold to Rudolph Oil Co. 1949, Sold Wilson & Russell Fry, Duffy, Ohio 1964, Sold to Delta ConcreteCo. 1967, Sold to Harry Snyder, Wheeling, W.V. 1975, Sold to Newton Dean, Pittsburg, PA. 1975, Sold to Leanord Holman, Columbia, IL. 1978, Sold to C.W. (Tubby) Lewis, Kenova,WV. 1991, Sold to Capt. Jim & Donna Davis, Minersville, Ohio, current owners. Colors: White, red, and black Comments: From Captain Davis: "I am the owner of the sternwheel boat "VIRGINIA" built in 1922 by Dravo. She is the oldest original sternwheel boat still in operation. We use her as a pleasure boat for our personal use. WE, my wife and myself, are members of the American Sternwheel Association. We love the boat and the river. We are located at 249.2 mile marker on the Ohio River." Captain Jim Davis 3. Name: VISALIA Launched: Somewhere between 1860 and 1911 Area: U. San Joaquin and Tuolumne Rs., Calf.
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1. Source: Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994 3. Steamboats in the Valley

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