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Name: U.P. SCHENCK Type: Cotton Carrier Size: Big Power: 22 1/2's x 7' from the sunken PAT ROGERS Launched: 187? Name: U.S.S. CAIRO U.S. Gunboat Name: UNCAS Launched: 1829 Comments: Source Name: UNCLE BEN Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet/cotton clad Confederate gunboat. Size: 135' Launched: 1853 Destroyed: 1867, Near East Hamilton, Tx., snagged and sunk. Area: Most of its career, Sabine R., Tx. Owners: 1853-57, Capt. Robert S. Patton 1857- *Patton's estate sold boat to John G. Berry of Sabinetown. 1857?, *Sold to Charles H. Ruff, Otto Ruff, of Beaumont, Tx. and C. H. Alexander, of Sabine, Tx. for $8,000 1861, *was chartered by the Confederate States government 1865, auctioned to unknown persons Comments: Source Name: UNCLE SAM There were at least 6 UNCLE SAMs (See) Name: UNCLE TOBY Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet Size: 109 tons Launched: 1844, Pittsburgh, Pa. Destroyed: 1853, off the lists Area: 1844, St. Peters-St. Louis 1846, Apr. 9, St. Galena-St. Louis 1847, st. Louis-galena-Dubuque 1851, Nov. 20, arrived Port Douglass, Minn., then to to St. Paul and onto St. Louis Captain: 1844-46, George B. Cole 1847, Henry R. Day 1850, fall, Grimes, William Leander pilot in training, Absalom Grinmes, Capts. son. Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: UNDINE Type: Gunboat in Civil War Name: UNDINE Type: Probably a sternwheeler Launched: 1870s Area: Coosa R. (Ga. and ALA.) Comments: Source
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3. Name: UNION Size: Small Launched: 1840s?Late?
    Area: 1849, Aug. 31, Sacramento R., 1851, Jan., San Joaquine R., Calf.
    Comments: 1849, Aug. 31, Listed in the Alta Californian as plying trade on the waters 
              of the Sacramento R. 

Clipping from Olden Times.com
The Mobile Register and Journal, Mobile, Mobile County, Alabama
April 4, 1846
From Olden Times .com
This clip could be about either of the two UNIONs below.
1. Name: UNION	
	Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size 240 tons.
	Power: 28's -7 1/2 ft., 2 boilers, each 42" X 30 ft.
	Launched: 1845, Wellsville, Oh.
	Destroyed: 1850, Jan. 11, Cape Girardeau, Mo., Stranded and lost.
	Area: when new, Pittsburgh-New Orleans
	Comments: Built to pass through Louisville-Portland canal.
			: Used 20 cords of cottonwood daily or 17 cord of hardwood.

1. Name: UNION
	Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 125' X 24' X 6.5', 168 tons.
	Launched: 1845, Marion, Ala., (Perry County)
	Destroyed: 1855, off the lists
	Area: 1850, out of New Orleans
	Owners: 1850, James Davis who soon sold to Capt. Brown and others.
			1852, Apr. 15, Sold to Capt Thomas G. Mackey and others., New Orleans.
			Later owned by Capt Henry G. Abbott, New Orleans.
	Captains: 1850, John H. Brown

1. Name: UNION
    Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet
    Size: 30 tons
    Launched: 1846, Wellsville, Oh.
    Destroyed:  1855, off the lists.

1. Name: UNION
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet
    Size: 65 tons
    Launched: 1850, Elizabeth, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1852, off the lists.
    Area: At first home port was Paduca, Ky.
    Owners: A boat by this name was also wqas bought by Gen. James Gamble and
            used to haul copper ore from Ducktown mines to Charleston on U. Tenn. R.
    Captains: On U. Tenn. R. prior to C. War, C.C. Spiller
    Comments: Way's Packet Directory says that a boat of this name was on the
              upper Tenn. river before the C. War.

1. Name: UNION    
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet
    Size: 209 tons
    Launched: 1852, Cincinnati, Oh.
    Destroyed: 1856, Feb. 5, Apalachicola R. Fl. collision with CUSSETA
    Area: 1st home port was Apalachicola, Fl.

3. Name: UNION (the 6th one)
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet
    Size: 125' X 28' X 4.5', 143 tons 
    Launched: 1853, Brownsville, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1859, off the lists 
    Area: 1853 out of New Orleans
    Owners: 1853 when built, Keller, Capt. John
            1856, Mar. 3,-1857, Sept. 2, Moore, Nathaniel of Shreveport, La..
            1857, Sept. 2 For a few days, Wilson, Pomroy And Company.
            1857, Sept. , Beard, Hugh H. of New Orleans, La.
    Captains: 1852-1857, Mar. 3, McWilliams, J.G. of Shreveport, La.
              1857, Sept., Beard, Hugh H.

1. Name: UNION
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet
    Launched: 1857, Louisville, Ky.
    Destroyed: 1861, Apr. 2, Clinton, Ind., snagged and lost

1. Name: UNION
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull ferry boat
    Size: 17 tons
    Launched: 1860, Mason City, Iowa
    Destoyed:  1862, off the lists

1. Name: UNION

1. Name: UNION
    Type: Centerwheel, wooden hull ferry boat
    Size: 99' X 27' X 4.', two different sources - 100 tons or 72 tons 
    Launched: 1861, Brunswick, Mo.  Not documented until Feb. 11, 1868
    Destroyed: 1879, opposite Fort Lincoln, Dakota Terr., snagged
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3. Name: UNIT
    Type:                Size:
    Launched: 1846
    Area: 1846, San Francisco-San Joaquine City, Calf.
    Owner: Mckee, William

    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet   Size:294' X 40' X 6.5', 1,106 tons. 
    Launched: 1865, Cincinnati, Oh. 
    Destroyed:  1868, Dec 4, Above Warsaw, Ky. at Rayl's Landing, Ind,
                     collided with AMERICA. Both burned and sank. 40 lost.
    Area: Ohio R., 1865, Cincinnati-Louisville
    Owner: United States Mail Line
    Comments: Account of collision

Name: UNITED STATES  See Post Card
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet
    Launched: 1869, Cincinnati, Oh.
    Destroyed: 1884, Madison, Ind., dismantled

	Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size:180'X 35'X 7.
	Power: Engines, 22's 7ft. 3 boilers.
	Launched: 1857, Cincinnati, Oh.
	Destroyed: 1864, Oct. 30, Plum Point on Miss. R., snagged and lost.
  				     17 lives lost.
	Area: In general, Cincinnati - New Orleans
		: 1862, April, Tenn. R., was under command of Union Gen. Wm. T. Sherman
	Caprains: Watts and later Albert Stine

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The James E. York Post Card Collection
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.   Size: 160.4' X 29' X 5.3'.
    Power: 18's -5 ft. 
    Launched: 1896, Harmar, Oh. by Knox Yard
    Destroyed: 1920, Memphis, dismantled.
    Area: 1896, Pittsburgh-Charleston
          1899, Spring, Cincinnati-Gallipolis
          1901, spring, Cincinnati-Ironton three trips a week.
          1901, Mis-summer, local trade out of Burilington, Iowa.
          1913, Apr. 7, docked at Galena, Ill.  1st. boat there in years and
                last boat ever to go there.
          Later: Cincinnati-Pittsburgh
          1915, Nov., went Clarendon, Ark. on White R.
          1916, made round trip, Davenport-New Orleans
          Later, U. Miss. R. 
    Owners: 1896-1901, summere, Bay Line, Ironton, Oh.
            1901, Mid-summer, purchased by Capt. Walter Blair
            1919, sold to Memphis
    Captains: 1896, Howard Donnally 
              1899, Spr., Master, Dave Scatterday; Pilot, George Hamilton
              1901, spring, T.T. Johnson
              1901, mid-summer, Walter Blair
              1915, pilots, Dayton Randolph and Walter English.
              Later, Master, Joseph H. Young
    Comments: 1901, Sept. 5, fire and burned off her Texas deck and pilot house.
                    Was rebuilt that winter, Kahlke's Yard, Rock Island, Ill.,
                    and renamed HELEN BLAIR to honor Capt. Blair's daughter.

3. Name: URILDA
    Launched: 1840's late?    Size: 140 tons.
    Area: 1853, Sacramento R. Calif. 

1. Name: URILDA
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 186 tons.
    Launched: 1863, Dec., Monongahela, Pa. 
    Destroyed: 1869, Apr. 23, Kate Swinney Bend, Mo. R., snagged and lost.
    Area: At first Pittsburgh-Oil City, Allegheny R.
          1864, summer, Ohio R. trades, then back to Allegheny
          1868, Pittsburgh-Fort Benton, Mont.,  U. Mo. R.
    Owners: new, William S. Evans (1/2), D.S.H. Gillmore and Capt. Sallie. B. Coulson
          1867, sometime after, owned in part by Capt. William J. Kountz
    Captains: Pittsburgh-Oil City, Thomas W. Laughrey
              1868, Apr. for Fort Benton run, G. J. Hazlett
    Comments: 1867, was possibly rebuilt.
              1868, winter, was caught at Farm Island, U. Mo. and wintered there.

1. Name: UTAH
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 89 tons.
    Launched: 1851, Cincinnati, Oh.
    Destroyed: 1853, off the lists.
    Area: out of St. Louis

1. Name: UTAH
    Type: ??wheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 185' X 37' X 5.', 428 tons.
    Power: 16's -5 ft., 3 boilers.  From HERO
    Launched: 1869, Metropolis, Ill.
    Destroyed: 1877, Mar., Vicksburg, Miss., burned at an island opposite.
    Area: 1870, Mid-March, Ran St. Louis-Fort Smith, Ark. with heaviest
                load to date, 600 tons.
          1871, Aug., St. Louis-Vicksburg
          1875, Advertised in Pittsburgh, Pa for Winona, Minn.,
                departing, Apr. 2.
          1876, Went to Yazoo R., Miss.
    Owners: 1870, operated under St. Louis, Arkansas & White River
                  Packet Company.
            1871, operated under Anchor Line
            1875, Benjamin F. Beasley and Capt. Thomas Voorhees
            1876, Aug., sold at U.S. Marshal auction to P.B. Marrion
    Captains: 1875, Thomas Voorhees
              1876, J.N. Smith
The only bear still made in America
Launched, 1840, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Size: 132.4' X 25.7' X 5', 131 tons.
Area: 1842, Sept. 23, enroled at Pittsburgh, Pa.
      1843, enroled at Pittsburgh, new owner
Owners: 1843, Jesse Klinefelter, S. Peppard, David Long Thomas ? Alexander
               Minnick and Wm. Minnick
Captains: 1843, Sept. 13, Jesse Klinefelter
Comments: This info from Dean A. Thompson.  Jesse was his 3rd great grandfather.
           Enrollment form # 10 states the Utica of Pittsburgh whereof Jesse
           Klinefelter is at present master and as he hath sworn he is a citizen of
           the United States and that the said ship or vessel was built at
           Pittsburgh, the year 1840 as per enrollment sept 23rd  1842 now
           surrendered for change of owners.
           Certificate of engine inspection filed.
           The said ship or vessel has one deck and no mast and that her length is
           one hundred thirty two feet four inches, her breadth twenty five feet
           seven inches, her depthfive feet and that she measures one hundred
           thirty one 5/95 tons, that she is a steamboat and has whistle, stern,
           cabin ? and ? head. and that said Jesse Klinefelter having agreed to the
           description and admeasurement above specified and sufficient security
           having been given according to the said act the said steamboat UTICA has
           been duly enrolled at the port of Pittsburg this thirteenth day of
           September in the year one thousand eight hundred and forty three.
           S. Peppard, David Long Thomas ? Alexander Minnick and Wm. Minnick are
           listed as other owners.

1. Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994
3. Steamboats in the Valley

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