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Name: S. B. WHEELER Type: Stern-wheeler Size: 110' Launched: New Brunswick Area: San Juaquine R. Calf. San Francisco to Stockton Comments: Shipped around Horn in bark. Name: S.L. ELAM/GENERAL WOOD Type:Sternwheel, wooden hull packet Size: 181.9' X 29.8' X 6.' Power: Compound non-condensing engines, 12's, 24's- 5ft.. Three Boilers. Launched: 1913, Slidell, La. Area: briefly up Red R. Then New Orleans-Camden on Ouachita R. 1918, one trip Pittsburgh-Cincinnati as S.M. ELAM, then renamed and remodeled for upper Ohio R. trade After remodel, entered Pittsburgh-Cincinnati trade * 1920 Made at least one run Ptttsburgh-New Orleans 1923, Upper Ohio R. trade. Owners: When new, Carter Bros., New Orleans 1918, May, sold to Liberty Transit Company, Wheeling, W. Va. 1923, purchased by Pittsburgh, Wheeling and Cincinnati Packet Company Captains: 1918, Pittsburgh-Cincinnati, William D. Kimbal then W. Ed Dunaway Captain(s): *1920, Robert Franklin Myers 1923, Fred Hornbrook became master Comments: Named for Judge Elam of Natchez : 1915, lower R. River, snagged and sank. Raised. : Liberty Transit Co. removed her cotton guards and renamed her. Name: S.L. ELAM See Post Card Name:S. S. MERRILL Launched: 1860s? Early Area: U. Miss. R. Owner: Northwestrn Union Packet Company Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: S.B. MATTHEWS Alaskan Riverboats Type: Sternwheeler Launched: 1906 or so Area: Copper R., Alaska
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Name: SACHEM Type: 1863, Union gunboat Comments: 1863, Galveston, Tex. Sept 9, boilers destroyed by Confederate cannon. : Source Name: SABINE
Area: 1843, Fall, Sabine R., Texas Captain: John Clemmons Comments: 1843, Was first steamboat up the Sabine River in east Tex. : Source Name: SACRAMENTO Type: Size: Launched: 1840s? Destroyed: 1849, near the mouth of the Lamine R. in Slaughterhouse Bend, just upriver from Boonville Mo. on the Mo. R.. Area: Mo. R. Owner: Captain(s): Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage
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    Launched: 1849, July.
    Area: 1849 - 1850s, early, Sacramento R., Calif.
    Captain: 1849, 3. Van Pelt, John
    Comments: Shipped to Calif. in brigatine.
              3. "More of a scow than a steamer she served
              her owners well and was later sold for $40, 000."   
              Could this be the same boat as above??

    Launched: 1840s? late?
    Area: 1851, late, Sacramento R., Calf.

Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Detroit Publishing Company Collection. Click on picture to enlarge
Launched: 1840s? late? Destroyed: 1851, Nov. 1, Sacramento R. Boiler explosion while leaving SanFrancisco Warf. 50 were killed or injured. Area: late 1840s to end, California Delta 3. : 1851, Oct., San Joaquin R., Calf Name: SAGAMORE Type: Sidewheeler Size: Length:223'; Beam:57'; Speed:20 mph.. Launched: by Delaware & Hudson Railroad System Area: New York to Canada on Lake George Owner: 1871-1939: Delaware & Hudson Railroad System owned The Lake George Steamboat Co.. Present: Lake George Steamboat Co. Web Site
Name: SALADIN Type: Side-wheeler Launched: 1840s? Area: Miss. R. Captain: Coleman Comments: Kidnapped Pres. Zachary Taylor in place of boat that was supposed to take him ?somewhere?, just for the honor of having transported the Pres. 1. Name: SALLIE LIST Type: ?Sternwheel?, wooden hull packet. Size: 212 tons Launched: 1860, Elizabeth, Pa. Destroyed: 1868, Feb. 21, Portland, Ala. - snagged and sunk. Area: At first, Mo. R. 1862, April, Tenn. R., was under command of Union Gen. Wm. T. Sherman 1864, spring, Red R. 1864, Early June, Fired on in Yellow Bend, Miss. R., 10 shots, no one hit. 1865, Jan. 21, Lower White R., in storm at Scrub Bend. Reported to have Lost ?port? paddlewheel. Owners: Mobile Trade Co., sometime between 1865 and up to sinking. Captains: 1865, Jan. 21, Morgan Bateman Comments: Mentioned in Gen. Sherman's Memoirs 1. Name: SALLIE ROBINSON Type: Side Wheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 160" X 33' X 5.5", 267 Tons Launched: 1856, Cincinnati Oh. Destroyed: Unknown Area: Out of Yazoo R.. Also known to be on The Red R. 1863, N.O. to Baton Rouge. Owners: Originally, in part by Capt. Dyas Power. 1861, April, purchased by Hannah Schille, N.O.
and went to Confedreacy registry. Captains: 1856, Dyas Power of Aberdeen, Oh. 1863, Capt. Ham Comments: Under Capt Ham she was teamed with IBERVILLE AND LAUREL HILL. : A site visitor tells us there is a known postal hand stamp, believed from from 1857, with this steamer's name and her master's name, E.F. Gross. This same site visitor also has an envelope postmarked
New Orleans, December 20,(1859?)containing a manuscript "per stmr Sallie Robinson".
Name: SALT RIVER Comments: Mentioned in this Article 1. Name: SALUDA Type: Side-wheel, wooden hull packet Size: 179' X 26.7', 223 tons. Launched: mostly built at Ohio r. yard. Finished at St. Louis Destroyed: 1852, Apr. 9, Good Friday, while leaving Lexington, Mo, boilers exploded. See Comments below. See Account of Explosion Area: 1846-52, St Louis - St Joseph Owner: Francis T. Belt Captains: 1852, Apr. 9, Master, Francis T. Belt Pilot, Charles S. LaBarge, brother of Capt. Joseph LaBarge Comments: 1850, 5 mi. below Rocheport, Mo. snagged and sunk. Raised and rebuilt. 1852, Apr. 9, Good Friday, With Mormon emigrants aboard, boat headed for Concil Bluffs, Iowa. Upon arrival at Lexington current was swift, pilot Charles S. LaBarge pushed her too hard into the rapid water and her boilers blew up. The pilot and master and an estimated 75 others died. Was worst steamboat disaster on Mo. R.. : The roof bell from this boat was auctioned off and went to the First Christian Church of Savannah, Missouri. The church is still in possession of that church. Name: SAM BROWN Type: Towboat Launched: 1880's? Area: Ohio R. Comments: Notes from WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA, WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER, June 24, 1951 Name: SAM CLARKE Launched: 1890's? Area: Ohio R. Comments: Notes from The Tribune Telegraph, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Aug. 18 1897 1. Name: SAM CLOON Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet Size: 301 tons Area: 1851, Sept. at New Orleans advertising to Cincinnati. 1853, ran tips up Mo. R. Launched: 1851, Cincinnati, Oh. Destroyed: 1856, Feb. 27, St. Louis, lost to ice. Captains: 1851, Sept., James Siddal *1854, Apr. John McCoy Comments: 1853, Feb. 14, Spanish Moss Bend, lower Miss. R., collided with HARRY HILL Was sunk and raised. : Mentioned in this Article Name: SAM CRAIG Photo Source Type: Sternwheel towboat Launched: 1930's Area: Ohio R. 1. Name: SAM GATY, NEW Type: Sidewheel, wood hull packet. Size: Launched: 1853, St. Louis Mo. Destroyed: 1858, June 27, near Arrow Rock Mo. suddenly veered out of control, smashed into an obstruction, listed wildly, caught fire and burned up within 1 hr. Area: Mo. R. Captains: Dozier, Frank M., when she sank. Comments: Was in Indian wars. Comments: Mentioned in the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly.
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 160' X 32' X 5.3'.
    Launched: 1882, Jeffersonville, Ind. for Capt Thomas H. Armstrong
    Area: Nashville-Burnside
    Owner: Capt. Thomas H. Armstrong
           Later, St. Louis & Tennessee River Packet Company
    Comments: Packet company renamed her CITY OF FLORENCE

Name: SAM P. JONES, originally the L.P. EWALD

3. Name: SAM SOULE
    Launched: 1850's early
    Area: 1856, Sacramento R. Calif.
    Owner(s): 1856, California Steam Navigation Company

    Area: Coosa R.
    Owners: Gen. S.M. Winchester and Capt. J.E. Line
    Captains: William M. Elliot
    Comments: Source

	Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 156' X 28' X 3.7', 154 tons.
	Power: engines, 18's-4 ft., 3 bnoilers, each 38" C 22', 2 14" flues.
	Launched: 1855, Shousetown, Pa.
	Destroyed: 1865, July 22, reported to be lost.
	Area: Tramp trade out of Pittsburgh
		  1856-57, out of St, Paul
		  1861, running above Peoria, Ill. on Ill. R.
		  1865, reported in Memphis-Helena trade
	Owners: Capt. Richard C. Gray with William H. Forsythe and Samuel G. Young
			Later, had various owners.
		  1865, said sold to Capt A.R. Irwin for above trade.

    Type: Sidewheeler               Size: 195 tons
    Launched: 1819, Hull in Charlston, finished in Savannah, GA.
    Destroyed: 1829, Dec. 7, last reported trip.  1830, reported
    Area: Altamaha and Oconee Rs. in Ga.
    Owner: Steamboat Company of Georgia
    Captain:1823 - 1834, sometime between,  Swymer, John
    Comments: Source

    Type:                Size:
    Area: 1850s - 80s Tombigbee River in Clarke County, Ala.
    Owner: Jordan, David S.
    Captain and pilots: Capt. 
    Comments: From David Upton:  "I am looking for imformation on my
              familys history. My great great great grandfather, David
              S. Jordan, owned a river boat company.  He shipped produce
              and items between Mobile Alabama and the river systems to
              the north of that city. His base of operations was on the
              Tombigbee River in Clarke County during the 1850s-1880's.
              He started with flatbottom river boats and eventually
              steam powered boats. I only have two names of the boats
              he owned. They were the Buenavista and
              the Samual J. Tilden.   He did not have a pilots licence and
              he had to hire his crews instead of using his own family to
              run the boats."

    Launched: 1840s? late?
    Area: 1851, late, Sacramento R., Calf.

    Launched: 1850s? early?
    Area: 1851, late, San Joaquin R., Calf.

    Comments: Hospital boats during Civil War.

    Launched: 1840s?
    Destroyed: 1849, May 17, Fire at St. Louis docks
    Area: Miss. R.; Sacramento R.?

Name: SARA LEE originally the CAPE GIRARDEAU

Name: SARI S.
    Type: Showboat 
    Launched: 1961
    Area: Chicago

    Area: 1848. Apr. 21, left Shreveport for New Orleans.
    Captain: 1848. Apr. 21, Smoker
    Comments: this entry is prompted by the Journal of
               Paul Haralson, April 21, 1848.

    Type:  Sidewheeler            Size: 152 tons
    Launched: 1961
    Destroyed: Last record, 1834, June 16, final fate unknown
    Area: Savannah R.
    Owner: Steamboat Company of Georgia
    Captain:1823 - 1834, sometime between,  Swymer, John
    Comments: 1833, Mar. 4, carried largest number of cotten bales
              (1829) ever recorded on one trip.
            : Source

    Type:Modern Excurssion paddlewheeler
    Size:350 passenger, four deck sternwheel riverboat. 
    Area: Savannah, Ga.
    Owner: Riverstreet Riverboat Co.
    Captain and pilots: Capt. 

    Type: sawmill boat.  Size: 111.5' X 25' X 3.4'     1880-
    Launched: 1880, Wheeling, W. Va..  Size: 111.5' X 25' X 3.4'

	Launched: 1888, Haynes Landing, W. Va.
	Captain: Nathan Hanes or Haynes
    Comments: Via its machinery, this boat may have evolved into the 1916 CLIPPER
    Area: 1834, Wheeling to Louisville
    Comments: Info in this entry is from the diary of an ancestor of 
             web site visitor Kathryn Grogman.  grogman@earthlink.net

    Area: 1879: Ohio R., working out of Wheeling, W. Va. 
    Comments: Notes from WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER,
                June 24, 1951

    Launched: 1830s, early 
    Area: 183?: U. Miss. R.
    Comments: Mentioned in this Article

1. Name: SCOTIA
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The James E. York Post Card Collection
Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet Size: 236' X 36' X 5.2', 601 tons. Power: Engines, 20's- 4' 8". 3 boilers. Launched: 1880, Harmar, Oh. at Knox Yard Destroyed: 1895, Nov. 5, Cincinnati, burned Area: At first, Pittsburgh-Cincinnati 1884, Dec., Ohio R. 1894, placed in Cincinnati-Louisville trade Owners: Ran in Pittsburgh & Cincinnati Packet Line 1895, Pruchased by Capt.John Barrett Captains: 1880, first master was Martin F. Noll 1883, Frank Maratta 1864, J.M. Kirker 1885-88, George W. Rowley Later, John Phillips Comments: Mentioned several times in this Document 1. Name: SCIOTO/REGULAR 3 newspaper articles on her disastrous sinking.
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The James E. York Post Card Collection
Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet Size: Length: 150', Width: 22' 6" Launched: 1875, by Bay Bros. Yard, Portsmouth, Ohio Destroyed: 1882, July 5, late night, collided with the JOHN LOMAS and sank. 70 lives lost. Raised and Renamed REGULAR 1884 Crabb's Landing near Clarington, W. Va. sank and dismantled, Area: Ohio R., Wheeling, W. Va. : 1881, Oct. 21, placed in Wheeling and Sisterville trade. : 1884, Wheeling-Marietta trade Owner(s): 1875, June - Capt. Wm. Dillon : 1881, June 24, purchased by Capt. Wm. Dillon of Wheeling, W. Va. : 1882, March, purchased by the Wheeling, Parkersville and Cincinnati Transportation Co., Capt C. H. Booth, Pres.. : * 1884, Parkersburg & Ohio River Transportation Company : 1884, Nov., purchased by Capt. Tom Prince, Mr. Schmulbach, Frank Booth and Capt. Mack Gamble Captain(s):1882, July 5, Thadius S. Thomas of Clarington. 1884, Thadius S. Thomas , T.J. Martin, clerk Pilot(s): 1882, July 5, J. B. Long and Dave Keller. The latter was charged in accident, as was the pilot of the JOHN LOMAS. Comments: Was first put in mail trade between Huntington and Portsmouth : Put in Ironton and Gallipolis trade. : 1881, July 12, laid up to change from tubular to flue boilers. : 1881, Aug., went on docks for recalking. All timber was found to be in perfect shape. : 1882, Feb, in fog, ran into bank at Carpenter's rip, sprung her butts, and was taken to Point Pleasant and, again, overhauled. : More info on disaster Here Comments: Notes on sinking from July 5, 1882 : Capt. Thad Thomas'great-great-great grandson, Stuart R. Haller, tells me Capt. Thomas had to sell his family's farm in Clarington to pay the families of the people who drowned. : About Law Suits Name: SCOTT/P.A. DENNY Type: Sternwheel U.S. Corps of Engineers boat/excursion boat Size: 109' Area: 1st 24 yrs. out of Louisville, Ky. 1954?-75, presumably out of Charleston, W. Va. 2006, Newport, KY. She is used as a classroom for school field trips. Owners: When new, U. S. Corps of Engineers 1954, cir. Peter A. Denny, Charleston, W. Va. 1975, purchased by Captain Lawson Hamilton, Presently, ORSANCO Comments: 1975, renamed P.A. Denny after deceased former owner Pete Denny. : She has traveled the nation’s waterways and participated in the World’s Fair in New Orleans in the early 1980s. : 1974, Made a surprise victory in the 1974 Sternwheel Regatta Race in Charleston. : Source for listing on this boat, Tall Stacks .com 3. Name: SCOW Launched: 1840's late? Area: 1850s, early, Sacramento R. Calif.
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