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Name: ST. ANCE Name: ST. ANGE Launched: 1840s? Area: Mo. R. Captain and pilots: Capt. La Barge, Joseph Comments: First steamer to reach Poplar R. Name: ST. ANTHONY Launched: 1840s? Area: U. Miss. R. Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: ST. CHARLES Launched: 1853? Dec. Area: Miss. R. To Red R. 1. Name: ST. CLAIR/TINCLAD #19 Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet. Size:156' X 32.6' X 4.9', 203 tons Power: 15 1/2's-5 ft. 2 boilers, each 38' X 26' Launched: 1862, Belle Vernon, Pa. Destroyed: 1869, Off lists. Area: 1862, first trip, Pittsburgh-St. Louis trade, but was bought by U.S. at St. Louis and converted into TINCLAD #19. Owners: at launch, Capt. Robert D. Cochran and others 1856, Aug. 28, Mound City, Ill., purchased at public sale by John H. Sterrett (or Stearne), Galveston, Tx. Captains: 1862, George Cochran
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    Launched: 1840s, early?
    Area: 1846, U. Miss. R.
    Comments: Mentioned in articles here and here

ST. JAMES  See Post Card
    Type: sidewheel wooden hull packet
    Launched: 1865
    Destroyed: 1876, sometime after

Name: ST. JAMES 
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Type: Sternwheeler Launched: 1898 Area: Miss. R. Comments: Credit Name: ST. JOSEPH/ISLAND QUEEN/MORNING STAR, (the 6th MS)

From The James E. York Post Card Collection
Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet/excursion boat Size: 170' X 32' X 4.9' Launched: 1893, Madison, Ind. Destroyed: 191?3?, Monongahela City, burned while docked Area: 1895, summer, New Orleans-Vicksburg 1913, Aug., Monongahela R., excursions between Charleroi and Monongahela City. Owners: 1893-1905, early, Natchez And Vicksburg Packet Company 1905, early-08, John F. Klein 1908- , Harrison P. Dilworth Captains: 1895, Master, Waldren, Thomas; Pilots, A.B. Crittenden and Bob Miller 1913, Daily, Charles E. Comments: 1905, renamed ISLAND QUEEN 1912, July, renamed MORNING STAR Did excursions in 1897 Comments: Notes from The Tribune Telegraph, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. July. 12 1897 Name: ST. JOHN Type: Size:420 X 80 ft. Launched: 1862 Area: Hudson R. New York to Albany Owner: Peoples Line. Captain and pilots: Capt. "Decon" Drew, Daniel Comments: When she went into service in 1862 she was the largest steamboat in the world. Name: ST. LAWRENCE Area: Ohio R. Comments:Notes from WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA, WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER, June 24, 1951 : Was wrecked and ?nearly? destroyed in the Natchez tornado of 1840. : Article on Tornado 1. Name: ST. LAWRENCE Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet. Size: 266.5 X 41' X 6.' Power: Engines came from EXPRESS No. 2 Launched: 1879, Murraysville, W. Va. Destroyed: 1895, Sept. 20, Cincinnati, by being blown inshore by strong winds, over the top of an old wreck on which she sank. Area: Built for Wheeling-Cincinnati trade 1884, running to Pittsburgh *1884, Dec., schedualled to be placed in Pittsburg and Cincinnati trade. 1884, post, entered Cincinnati-Maysville trade. Owners: * 1884, fall, sold to the White Collar Line, Cincinnati * 1884, Dec. Big Sandy Company Captains: when new, William H. List with C.D. List as clerk. In Cincinnati-Maysville trade, E.S. Morgan * 1884, Will Brookhart was pilot Comments: Mentioned several times in this Document Name: ST. LOUIS Type: Ead's Turtle. Stern-wheel iron-clad. Size: Launched: 1861 Owner: U. S. Gov. Name: ST. LUCIE Photo Name: ST. LUKE Launched: 1860s? Area: Mo. R. Owner: 1868-75, Kinney, Joseph Captain(s): Kinney, Joseph Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly. Name: ST. LUKE Type: Side-wheeler Size: Launched: 1850s Area: Mo. R. Owner: Saint Louis and Miami Packer Co. Captain and pilots: Capt. Jud Cartwright Name: ST. MARY 1844-49
1. Name: ST. MARY
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 204' X 35' X 4.5'  
    Power: 14's-6 ft., 2 boilers.
    Launched: 1855, St Louis, Mo.
    Destroyed: 1859, Sept. 4, Hemmes Landing, Mo. R., snagged, broke in two,
    Area: principally, Mo. R., some work on Miss. R.
    Captains: 1855, Joseph LaBarge
              1859, Master, Mot Morrison when snagged. 
    Comments: 1956, June 4, left Omaha with 900 passengers bound upriver.
                    Some 735 were Mormons of whome only 50 took cabin passage.
                    The rest were deck passengers.  This was largest passenger
                    list ever on a Western river steamboat.
                    Aug., returned with 22,000 buffalo robes, 2 ponies,
                          2 grizzly bears, 2 buffalo calves and some strange
                          looking birds. 
            : 1857, May 24, The Diary of E.F. Beadle places her stopping at
                    Omaha with government stores aboard, passing upriver. 

Name: ST. MARY originally the ALEXANDRIA


Name: ST. MARY
    1871-86 or so

    1867 - 72

    Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet.  Size: 264.7' X 35.5' X 7.3', 666 tons.
    Launched: 1853, California, Pa. for James Wood, P.R. Friend and
P.O. Scully, all of Pittsburgh. Destroyed: 1859, Apr. 24, Miss. R. at Island 60, 9 mi. above Helena, Ark.
blew her boilers. 60 lives lost including that of her master. 19 persons survived. Area: Miss. R. Owners: When new, James Wood, P.R. Friend and P.O. Scully, all of Pittsburgh. 1859, purchased by Capt. Ambrose Reeder, St. Louis and
Capt. Benjamin V. Glime of the town of Kansas for $25,000. On first trip under this ownership was destroyed. Captains: 1853, first master was John H. Burk : When lost, Master was O.H. McMullen who was at the helm died in explosion. At time of explosion James Reed the pilot was at the helm with the capt. In the aftermath of the explosion the Captain's wife died by drowning. Capt. Benjamin V. Glime was acting as 1st. clerk and perished 2 days after disaster. Comments: See pilot James Reed's account of Disaster : Assisted after the explosion by the SUSQUAHANNA Name: ST. NICHOLAS 1856-66 Name: ST. NICHOLAS 1864-68
Magic Cabin
Name: ST. PAUL
    Type:  Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.
    Size: 358 tons.
	Power: Engines, 18's- 8 ft., 3 boilers. came from the JOHN AULL
    Launched: 1847, St Louis Mo.
	Destroyed: Date unknown, foot of Mokane Bend, (also called Big Blue Bend)
		Mo. R., snagged and Lost.
    Area: At first, St. Louis-New Orleans
		  Later Mo. R.
	Owners: built by Capt. George B. Cable
		    1851, Capt. J.H. Cole was part owner
	Captains: 1851, Patrick Yore
			: When sunk and lost on Mo. R., J. H. Cole was master. 
    Comments: 1848, Aug, Island 21, Miss. R., hit sandbar, sank, raised.
			: Mentioned in this Article

Type: Sidewheeler, wooden hull packet/excursion boat See postcard above Size: Length: 1883, 300'; Width: 37'; Draft: 6.4 1903, 276' X 37' X 6.4' Power: 22's-7 ft., 3 boilers, later 4 Wheels, 26' with 14' buckets Launched: 1883 in St. Louis by St Louis and St Paul Packet Co. Destroyed: 1953, Jan 19, was towed below St. Louis for abandonment. Area: 1883 - 1886: U. Miss. R.: St. Louis To St Paul. 1886 - 1892: L. Miss. R.: St. Louis to Vicksburg 1892 - 1917: U. Miss. R.: St. Louis to St. Paul 1917 - 1937: Excursions in St. Louis 1937, summer - 1939: Excursions in Pittsburgh 1939 - 1940, winter: in ways at Puducah for re-build 1940-41, Ohio R. out of Pittsburgh, Excursions 1942, St. Louis, retired due to W.W.II. Served as U.S. Coast Guard training ship 1943 on, Above Eads Bridge, St. Louis, used by Streckfus as floating machine shop and warehouse Owners: Originally, St. Louis and St. Paul Packet Company 1883 - 1886: Diamond Jo Line. 1886: Chartered to Anchor Line 1892 - 1894: Diamond Jo Line 1911 - 19?53?: Streckfus Line Captains: 1886: Zeigler, Charles for Anchor Line Clerk, William Howard Pritchatt 1892 - 1894: Killeen, John 1917 - 1939: Ben Winters, Oscar Olson, Thomas W. Posey 1939: Sometime after '39: Edgar F.Mabrey with Tom Posey and Frederick Way. jr., pilots. 1941-42, Edgar F.Mabrey w/ T. Kent Booth and Clarence W. Elder At some point as ST. PAUL, Lax, Hilmar Comments: 1892 - 1894: During this time the Diamond Jo Line had her in ways at the Eagle Boat Yard for over a year for re-build. Capt. John Killeen supervised this. 1903: In Dubuque, Diamond Jo Line rebuilt her. 1917: Streckfus rebuilt her into excursion boat. 1939-40, Paducah, winter, rebuilt into excursion boat. Renamed SENATOR : Note from Ralph Mabrey Name: ST. PETERS Launched: 1836, Pittsburgh, Pa. area. Destroyed: 1849, May 17, fire at St. Louis docks. Area: 1836, U, Miss. R., 1837, Mo. R. Captain(s): Pratte, Bernard Jr. Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage : Mentioned in this Article
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