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Name: ROB'T E. LEE
Use the above link to see the boats ROB'T E. LEE and ROBERT E. LEE.

* Name: ROBERT BURNS Size: 125 tons Power: High pressure Launched: 1826, Cincinnati, Oh. 1. Name: ROBERT CAMPBELL Type Sidewheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 268 tons. Launched: 1849, Hannibal Mo. Destroyed: 1853, Oct. 13, St. Louis wharf fire, burner and lost. Owners: 1853, Pierre Chouteau, Jr. Captains: 1849-50, William Eads 1849 William Rodney Massie Comments: Mentioned in this Article 1. Name: ROBERT CAMPBELL, JR. Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 226' X 41' X 6', 421 tons. Launched: 1860, Jeffersonville, Ind. by Howard Yard Destroyed: 1863, Sept. 28, Milliken's Bend on way to Vicksburgh, caught fire and burned. Lost 22 persons. Area: when new, St. Louis-New Orleans 1863, Sumer, Capt. Joseph LaBarge attempted to take her to Fort Benon but turned back at Yellowstone R. because of low water. Owners: 186? -63, Capt. Joseph LaBarge and others, possibly including Capt. John McCloy 1863 ?late summer?, sold to Capt. McCloy and others. Captains: When new, John S. Shaw 1863, summer, Joseph LaBarge Name: ROBERT DODDS Launched: 1880s? Area: Miss. R. Comments: became raft-boat
Magic Cabin
    Type:                Size: 
    Launched: 1835?, in Wheeling, W. Va. by either the Bell Yard or
                     the Patton Yard
    Comments:  Engines were probably made by T. Sweeney and Sons, Wheeling.
    Comments: Notes from WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA,
              WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER,  June 24, 1951


	Type: Stern wheel wooden hull packet.  Size: 43 tons.
	Launched: 1864, Memphis, Tenn.
	Destroyed: 1864, Nov. 3, St. Aubert's Island, Mo. R. Snagged, lost.
			No lives lost.
	Captain: Keko
	Comments: When lost was transporting Col. Poser's Regiment of 350 men
			: Wreck location also described as about 20 mi. above Herman, Mo. and as DeWitt, Mo

	1890-past 95

Name: ROBERT FULTON   Photo: 
Type: Size: Launched: Destroyed: Area: Owner: Captain and pilots: Capt. Comments: 1. Name: ROBERT MITCHELL Type: Sternwheel, woodenhull packet Size: 270' X 41' (37' floor) X 8' Launched: 1871, Cincinnati, Oh. Power: 24-1/2's-8 ft., from ALICE V. 4 boilers, ech 40" X 28', 2 flues. Destroyed: 1880, Nov. 3, hit submerged object and sank. Was raised and removed to Cincinnati and dismantled. Area: 1871, Cincinnati-New Orleans 1874, Louisville-New Orleans 18??-76, Cincinnati-New Orleans Owner: 1871-74 Capt. Henry A. Jones and Thomas Sherlock 1874, Evansville and New Orleans Packet Company 18??, Capt James Paul, entire. 1877, Aug. Capts. Dam Moore and Frank Stein bought control Capt. John A Williamson and M.V. Daly also owned in her. Companies associated with: 1880, Southern Transportation Company Captains: 1871, Richard M. Wade 1874, Gus Fowler 18??, James Paul and Lew Kates 1877, John A. Williamson? Comments: 1876, Apr., brought to Cincinnati from New Orleans 315 live alligators ranging fron 6" to 14' long. : It is thought a wheel shaft from sunken PENNSYLVANIA did her in. 1. Name: ROBERT MORRIS Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet Size:232 tons Launched: 1845, Elizabethtown, Pa. Destroyed: 1851, dismantled. Area: Pittsburgh - St. Louis Owner:1845, Capt. Hugh Campbell Captain: 1845, Hugh Campbell Comments: Machinery from VALLEY FORGE : Machinery went to ST. JAMES
*Name: ROBERT PEEBLES, may have been J.R. PEEBLES
    Area: Miss and Oh. Rs.
    Captains: 1882, pilot, David Darst and F.C. Heritage

    Type: Wooden hull packet
    Size: 135.4' X 34.8' X 4.'
    Built: 1879, Whitesbutg, Ala./Nashville, Tenn.
    Area: North Ala. trade, Tenn. R.
          *1883, Guntersville-Decatur
    Owner: Capt. S.C. Capehart
    Comments: 1885, Fall, Fletcher's Ferry, struck by storm and nearly wrecked

    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.      Size: 65' X 11' X 3'
    Power: 1 double flue boiler, 1st on the river. By Arthur Phillips 
    Launched: 1821, Hull at location where Wellsville, Oh. now stands.  Cabin
              at Steubenville, Elijah Murray's boat yard 
    Area:  Miss., White and Ark. Rs.
          1821, Pittsburgh to Louisveille,
          1822, a trip, Steubenville-Fort Smith, Arkansas, transporting 300 tons
                of army stores
    Owner: built for Capt. George A. Dohrman
           Later sold to Louisville group for $2,500 
    Captain: Master, George A. Dohrman, with Jacob A. Dohrman, clerk, and
                     Peter A. Dohrman, Pilot.   
    Comments: 1822, Apr. passed Little Rock, to dock at  Fort Smith,
              with a load of provisions for the garrison. Credit
            : Source Article and a bit of her history
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