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1. Name: R.C. GUNTER       Also See Post Card
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Ken McCulloch
	Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet
	Power: machinery came from J.T. WILDER
	Size: 153' X 28' X 5.2'
	Launched: 1886, Chattanooga, Tenn.
	Destroyed: 1907-08, winter, St. Louis, dismantled
	Areas: Later went to Ill. R.
           1902, spring, at Kansas City running excurssions
	Owners: Built by Chattanooga & Decatur Packet Company
            1896, owner by St. Louis, Hardin & Hampsville Packet Company
            1901, purchased by Eagle Packet Company
	Captains: 1886, R.C. Gunter
	          1900, Alex Lamont
              1902, Harry H. Monaghan, in Kansas City
	Comments: While on Ill. R. snagged and sank to within 2' of roof. Raised.
			: See Documents
1. Name: R. C. GRAY
	Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 156' X 32' X 5.2'
	Launched: 1866, Shousetown, Pa.
	Dismantled: 1874
	Area: Tramp trade, Pittsburgh-Cincinnati, St. Louis
			and often to St. Paul.
 		  1870, Ark. R., Little Rock - Ft. Smith.
	Owners: Capt. William B. Anderson,  with others.
			1874, Louisville & Arkansas River Packet Company operated her.
	Captains: William B. Anderson
	Comments: This boat was named for Capt. Richard C. Gray, 
				who was a principal founder of the Northern Line Packet Co.
			: Way's Packet Directory mentions this boat as being a part of "Gray's Iron Line".
				I suspect this was the common name for The Northern Line Packet Company - D.

Name: R. C. WOOD
       Launched: 1850s?
       Area: 1863, July: Miss. R.
       Comments: 1863: Was troop carrier and hospital ship. Carried troops
       			from Helena Ark. to Memphis, TN.
       : Source, Phil Di at HAPPYDI@aol.com
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The James E. York Post Card Collection
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet
    Size: 160' X 29.4' X 6.4'
    Power: Engines, 12- 1/2's- 4ft. Two boilers, each 42" X 18'
    Launched: 1895, Cincinnati, Oh.
    Destroyed: 1927, Jan. Slidell, Canulette Yard,
                     burned while being refurbished and renamed M.A. GRACE
    Area: Built for upper Cumberland R. above Nashville
          1914, under John Hubbard, Pittsburgh-Charleston trade
          1918, As GEN. CROWDER under Liberty Transit Co., Pittsburgh-Charleston trade
          1922-23, Pittsburgh-Cincinnati
          1923-26, Laid up at Wheeling, W. Va. 
    Owners: Built for Ryman Line
            When Ryman Line failed purchased by Capt. Ralph Emerson
            1914, sold to John W. Hubbard, Pittsburgh
            1918, sold to Liberty Transit Company, Wheeling, W. Va.
            1926, sold to Capt. William F. Bradford. New Orleans.
    Captains: In later years as R. DUNBAR, Tom Ryman, Jr.
              1918, W.L. Guthrie
              1922, master, W.L. Guthrie; pilots, E. Dayton Brooks and Wm. F. Brookhart;
                    purser, Fred Way, Jr.
    Comments: a very light drafted boat capable of big loads.
            : Named for storekeeper Reuben Dunbar, at Greasy Creek, Ky.
            : 1918, renamed GENERAL CROWDER
            : 1922, extensively repaired, Pt. Pleasant, W. Va.
           Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 220' X 33'
           Launched: 1858, New Albany, Ind for Capt. Lamothe for Missouri R. trade.
           Destroyed: 1858, Mar. 4, New Albany, on trial trip. Cookhouse caught fire
           and destroyed the boat. There were 60 or 70 excursion passengers
           aboard. Boat was run ashore on Ky. side. Passengers all got off.
           Owner: Capt. William P. Lamothe
           Comments: Capt. Lamothe owned entire. Had no insurance.
1. Name: R.J. LOCKWOOD 
           Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 210' X 34' X 5.', 418 tons.
           Power: 15's- 5 ft., 3 boilers.
           Launched: 1864, St. Louis, Mo.
           Destroyed: 1865, Apr. 14, President's Island below Memphis, exploded
           boilers. 25 lives lost.
           Area: Mo. R.
           Was Union Transport during C. War.
1. Name: R.J. LOCKWOOD
           Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 175' X 43' X 4.5'
           Power: 15's-5ft. 3 boilers, each 36" X 24', from previous R.J. LOCKWOOD
           Wheel: 17 1/2' dia. working 23 1/2' buckets
           Launched: 1870, hull, Freedom, Pa. Completed, Pittsburgh
           Destroyed: 1872, Feb 26, st. Louis, Lost in ice.
           Area: 1870-72, Miss. R.
           Owners: Contracted by Albert Conkel and William Kimber
           : James Rees took over when above defaulted on payments
           Captains: 1870-72, James Caghill
           Companies associated with: 1870-72, was under Carter Line 
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Name: R. M. Johnson
           Type: Size: 
           Launched: 1818?
           Area: Miss. R.; Mo. R.
           Comments: Was named after the 9th vice president of the U. S..
           Was part of 1st expidition up the Mo. R to establish a
           U. S. military presence at the mouth of the Yellowstone R..
           Comments: from Boone's Lick Heritage Quarterly.
Name: R. H. W. HILL
           Area: Miss. R.
           Comments: From The Diary Of Joseph T. Anderson, shopkeeper,
           Commerce Mo.
           - Thursday Night, March 28th, 1861. "Business dull.
           Weather good. River rising. Boats plenty. . . . The
           R.T. Lockland landed this morning about 6 o'clock, put off
           five sacks coffee and one hogshead sugar for Messrs. Gaither
           & Baker; three sacks coffee, 2 half barrels molasses and
           one keg rice and 2 half barrels sugar for Jehlen Eversol
           & Co.. . . . "

	Name:  R.R. DAWES 
	Areas: 1884, July, When he purchased, Capt. Leavitt proposed to run her
			Marietta-Murrayville or Ravenswood-Parkersburg
	Owners: *1884, July 5, Purchased by Capt. Charles P. Leavitt
	Comments: Several mentions in this Document

Name: R. W. DUGAN
	Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet.  Size: 160' X 32' X 3.'
	Power: Engines, 13-1/2's- 4 ft. (Came from SPRAY), 5 boilers, each 40" X 26'
	Launched: 1873, Cincinnati, Oh.
	Destroyed: 1878, Oct. 31, DeWitt, Mo., snagged and lost
	Areas: At first, Cincinnati-Memphis
			Soon was running Mo. R. St. Louis-Kansas City
			1874, St. Louis-Rocheport, Mo
			1876, St. Louis-Jefferson City, Mo.
	Owner: Capt. Joseph Kinney acquired her early in her career.
			1874, Capt. William L. Heckmann, Sr. acquired
			1876, Jos. Kinney re-purchased
	Captain(s): At first, Lon Bryson with Frank Bryson, clerk.
				Soon after launching, Joseph Kinney 
	Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly.

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