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Name: P.A.DENNY, Originally the SCOTT Name:P.C. JOHNSON Area: Miss. R. Comments: From The Diary Of Joseph T. Anderson, shopkeeper, Commerce, Mo. - Saturday, August 28th 1861. " . . . The Governor of Missouri has called out 42,000 men for soldiers. We are thinking abiout it. Nothing passed today. Weather fine, few boats passed. The Johnson went down today." - Santafee, Illinois, September 16 1861. "Since my last we have moved to Santafee. We went to work on the 2nd day of September selling goods. . . . " " . . . P.C. Johnson arrived here this morning. All going off fine." 1. Name: P.D. STAGGS/INDIA GIVINS
From Armstrong family records
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Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet. Size: When new as P.D. STAGGS, 161' X 28.6' X 4.4' 1900, after rebuild as INDIA GIVINS, 161' X 29' X 4.6 Power: as INDIA GIVINS, 11's- 4 1/2 ft., 2 boilers, each 36" X 18' Launched: 1893, effersonville, Ind. by Howard Yard. Destroyed: 1897, sometime after, Metropolis,Ill., sank, ending P.D STAGGS 1907, Jan. 27, Hickman, Ky., burned. Area: Nashville-Burnside on Cumberland R. 1896-97, Louisville-Kentucky R. 1897, Paducha-Danville 1900, as INDIA GIVINS, out of St. Louis Owners: 1893, Alec Kendall and Capt. A. T. Armstrong 1896?-97, Louisville & Evansville Mail Line 1897, Apr, purchased by Capt. Tom G. Ryman 1897, Nov. purchased by Capt Douglas Jones After sinking, purchased by Capt. Lee Howell who raised and rebuilt her. Renamed INDIA GIVENS 1906, H.W. Sebastian, St. Louis Companies Associated with: 1901, Calhoun Transportation Company. Name: PACIFIC Type: Stern-wheeler Size: Launched: 1880's? Destroyed: Area: Ohio R. Owner: Budd, Capt. P. R. Captain(s): Woodward, D. W. Comments: Ultimately became a tow-boat for coal and freight barges. Comments: from The Tribune Telegraph, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Aug. 18 1897 1. Name: PALMETTO Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 136 tons. Launched: 1848, Brownsville, Pa. Destroyed: 1852, Oct. 9, Apalachicola, Fla., sank. Area: *1848, Mar. 26 - 28, New Orleans to Galveston, Tx. Comments: *1848, Mar. 28, Encountered storm and had to anchor off Tex. Coast to wait for dailight before entering Galveston harbor. *From Journal of Paul Haralson, March, 1848. Name: PALMYRA Launched: 1836, Pittsburgh, Pa. area Area: U. Miss. R. Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: PANTHER Type: Size: Launched: 1860S? Destroyed: Area: Ohio R. Owner: Captain(s): Comments: Credit
Comment on the riverboats PARAGON:
To my knowledge, there were 4 boats with this name. Two are listed below. The other 2, both midwest boats of later vintage (1863 and 1873) I will enter when I get time. Name: PARAGON Type: Size: 173' X 27' X 9' Launched: 1811 Destroyed: Area: Hudson R., Albany - New York City Owner: 1811, Hudson River Steamboat Company Captain: 1811, Wiswell At one time, Arthur Helme Roorbach Comments: Source * Name: PARAGON Size: 350 tons Power: Low pressure Launched: 1819, Cincinnati, Oh. Comments: Made run N.O. - Natchez 1819, 3/8/0 Made run N.O. to Louisville, 1819 18/10/0 Made run Louisville to Cincinnati 1819, 1/14/20?? 1. Name: PARAGON Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 495 tons Launched: 1863, Elizabeth, Pa. Destroyed: 1868, Feb. 28, struck wreck of JAMES MONTGONERY, was wrecked herself. Area: 1864, Mar.18, Advertised Pittsburgh-Cincinnati 1868, running Memphis-St. Louis when destroyed. Owner: Sold when launched to Capt. Donnally Captains: 1864, Donnally 1. Name: PARAGON Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 260' X 48' X 8.' Power: Rees engines, 22's-8 ft., 5 boilers, each 40" X 26'. Launched: 1873, Hull at Belle Vernon, completed Pittsburgh for Capt. C.W. Batchelor Destroyed: 1875, Apr. 6, St. Louis, Burned. Area: Cincinnati-New Orleans Owners: Later, Rees and Thorn, and John J. and Thomas J. Darragh, all of Pittsburgh. Captains: Master, John J. Darragh Comments: Capt. William J. Kountz purchased burned out hull and built E.O. STANDARD from it.
Wayside Gardens Fast Growing Screens
    Type: sternwheel, wooden hull packet.   Size: 150' X 28.8' X 3.9', 154 tons.
    Launched: 1854, California, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1855, Dec. 7, St. Louis, burned while loading for Ill. R.
    Owners: 1854-? Capt J.J. Robinson and others
            Later, Wall & Wider and Reid & Vohries 
    Captains: 1853, master, J.J. Robinson 
              1855, Dec. 7,  Master, W.H. Reed
    Comments: Her fire also took the TWIN CITY and the PRAIRIE CITY.

    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.   Size: 261 tons.
    Launched: 1862, Freedom, Pa. For Capt. Perry Brown.
    Destroyed: 1863, Jan. 14, Harpeth Shoals, Tenn., Burned by Rebels.
    Owners: 1862, Capt. Perry Brown and others.
    Captains: 1862, Perry Brown 
    Comments: Impressed into war service by Union. 
            : 1864, Apr., Owners collected $32,500 from U.S. for their loss.

	Type: sternwheel wooden hull packet.  Size: 204 tons.
	Launched: 1857, Cincinnati, Oh.
	Area: Cincinnati-Parkersburg
		: 1861, sold south and went to Confederate service.
	Captain(s):In Cincinnati-Parkersburg trade, James Monroe Vaughan,
with E.P. Chancellor, clerk. Name: PARQOUD Launched: 1870s? Area: Greenville to N. O. 1. Name: PAT CLEBURNE Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet. Power: 20's-7 ft., 4 boilers, each 37" X 24', 2 flues. Launched: 1870, Cincinnati, Oh Destroyed: 1876, May 17, Below Shawneetown, Ill. which is upriver from Metropolis, and across from Weston Ky. boiler blew and she burned Area: 1870, Memphis-White R. Later, Evensville-Cairo trade Owners: 1870, Memphis and White River PAcket Company Later, Evansville, Cairo and Memphis Steam Packet Company. Captains: 1870, W.J. Ashford 1875, John Goff 1876, Dick Fowler Comments: She was transfering an excursion party to the ARKANSAS BELLE when Her boiler blew. Capt. Dick Fowler was asleep in his Texas deck cabin and was burned to death. 14 lost their lives. Many others were scalded or otherwise injured. The ARKANSAS BELLE was damaged and underwent repairs before resuming her trade.
    Type: Sidewheeler    Size:
    Power: 22 1/2's x 7'
    Launched: 1872, Cincinnati, Oh.
    Destroyed: 1874, Aug. 5, Laughery Creek, Burned 
    Area: Ohio R., Cincinnati - Louisville
    Owner: U.S. Mail Line Co.
    Captain(s): Dittman, Charles H.,   David, Charles
    Pilot(s): DuFour, Charles J.
    Comments: From Jerry Canavit
              Reportedly, while burning, she was stuck on sandbar.
              As many as 30 people died - many drowned when forced overboard.
              Reportedly, Capt. Charles David was in command and DuFour was
              the pilot on watch.
              Her engines went to the big cotton carrier, U.P. SCHENCK
              Mr. Pat Rogers was the founder of the Cincinnati Marine Railway
              Co. in Anti-Bellum days.
    Comments: From P.K. Kehler
             The "Pat Rogers" burned in 1874 on the Ohio River. Ten people
             died - their bodies were recovered from the water. One was
             the body of Capt. Charles H. Dittman."
    Comments: Partial Obituary of C. H. Dittman

	Size: 258 tons
	Power: High pressure
	Launched: 1825, Cincinnati, Oh.
	Area: 1827, Feb. logged at Port of Cincinnati

Launched: 181?
Area: Baltimore
Owner: Weems Line
Captain; Weems, George
Comments: Source

    Type:      Size:
    Launched: 1840s?, late?
    Area: 1849, Aug., Sacramento R.

	Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 170' X 29' X6.7'
	Power: 22'S-6 1/2 ft., 3 boilers, each 40" X 26'
	Launched: 1850, Brownsville. Pa. by Capt. Richard C. Gray
	Destroyed: 1855, Dec. 7, St. Louis fire
	Area:  2 trips Pittsburgh-New Orleans.
			1851, Pittsburgh-Cincinnati,
				  then many trips Pittsburgh-Cincinnati-St. Louis
	owners: Principal owner, Capt Richard C. Gray, with Clarke & Thaw
			and R.S. Hays.
	Captains: 1850, Richard C. Gray
	Comments: Gen. Paul Anderson, 1782-1861, was in War of 1812 and Mexican War.
				He was uncle of Capt. Gray
                : Mentioned in this Article

    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet      Size: 232 tons
    Launched: 1843, Cincinnati, Oh.
    Destroyed: 1848, March, sank at Grand Chain, Ill
    Owner: 1843, Thomas F. Eckert, Simeon Doyle both of Cincinnati and
           Nathaniel Montgomery of Kentucky.
    Captain(s): 1844 - 1845 or longer, James Walworth
    Comments: 1848, Feb. 3, collided with MAJOR HARNOUR near Troy, Ind.,
              5 dead.

    Type: Sidewheel, Wooden hull packet
    Size: 172' X 34' X 6.5', 353 tons
    Power: 21's- 7 ft.
    Launched: 1855, McKeesport, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1863, July, Big Black R., Miss, Burned to prevent capture.
    Area: 1855, Pittsburgh - New Orleans; New Orleans - Camden
          on the Ouachita R.
    Owner: 1858, Pittsburgh concern; 1858, Keeling, Franklin
    Captain(s): Bixby, Horace
              : * 1850s, late, at one time during, Keeling, Frankin A.
    Comments: 1962, wreck was found by divers alongside of wreck of the CHARM
            : At 12 yrs. old, Clemens, Samuel took passage from Cincinnati
              to New Orleans on this boat.

    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 256' X 42' X 6.7', 714 tons
    Power: 26 1/2's-8 1/2'.  4 boilers each 46" X 30'
    Launched: 1864, Cannelton, Ky.
    Destroyed: 1875, St. Louis, dismantled.  Hull converted to ice barge.
    Area: 1864, St Louis-New Orleans
    Owners: 1864-67, May, Capt. John W. Carroll and others.
            1867-69, Atlantic and Mississippi Steamship Company
            1869, May-1875, St. Louis and New Orleans Packet Company
    Captains: 1864, John W. Carroll              1867, Hugh L. White
              1869, C.A. Yore

    Type: Sidewheel packet    Size:
    Destroyed:1854, Jan. 1.  Below Plaquemine, La. she collided with
                  NATCHEZ III, and sank.
    Area: Miss. R.

	Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.   Size: 101.5' X 17.5' X 6.3', 67 tons.
	Launched: 1849, Louisville, Ky.
	Destroyed: 1862, Sabine R. Tex., Capt. Wingate ran her ashore and burned her
					to avoid capture by Union forces.
	Owners: *1852, purchased by Capt. John Clements, Neches R. Tex.
            1862, Purchased by Capt. David R. Wingate, Texas,
	Captains: 1862, David R. Wingate
    Comments: See source Article

    Area: 1870s, Sabine, Neches and Trinity Rs., Tex.
    Owner: 1870s, Capt. Jules Poitevent, a Trinity R. plantation owner
    Captains: Wilson Junker
    Comments: Once sank on Neches R. north of Beaumont, quickly raised.
            : used in building the Sabine R. jetties
            : See source Article
The only bear still made in America
    Destroyed: 1879, Aug., driven into marshes by storm, irretrievable.
    Area: 1870s, Neches R., Tex.
    Owner: Captain W. E. Rogers
    Comments: See source Article

    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.     Size: 264 tons.
    Launched: 1857, Brownsville, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1872, dismantled
    Area: U. Miss. R.
    Owner: Northern Line Packet Company
    Captain(s): 1857, Griffith
    Comments: Mentioned in this Article

1. Name: PENINAH
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 180' X 30.', 421 tons.
    Power: 14's-4 1/2 ft., 3 boilers.
    Launched: 1868, Pittsburgh, Pa.
    Destroyed; 1875, Sank at Sioux City, was raised and taken to Yankton for
               repairs, where she broke loose and became grounded.  3 weeks were
               spent getting her back in the water only to have a cyclone tear
               off her cabin.
    Area: Ohio and Mo. Rs. Pittsburgh-Montana
    Owner: Capt William J. Kountz
    Captains: 1875, Apr. David Haney
    Comments: In all, made 20 trips to Montana.

1. Name: PENINAH No. 2
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 172' X 27' X 5.6'
    Power, thought to be the machinery from PENINAH above.  Three 38" X 22' boilers
    Launched: 1876, Pittsburgh, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1887, Nov. 7, red R. in Louisiana, Burned.
    Area: Mo. R.  1877, went up tributary Marias R. for shipment of buffalo robes.
          Finally went to Red R.
    Owner: Capt. William J. Kountz
    Captains: * 1877, Sept. 23, William J. Kountz
    Comments: * 1877, Sept., was involved in the Nez Perce conflict at Crow Island on U. Mo. R.
               1879, Bon Homme Landing, Snagged
               1880, last time at Ft. Benton

    Type: Probably a sidewheeler
    Launched: Pre 1820
    Area: Ohio & Miss. Rs.
	Comments: In this article the author
             has this boat as being the first to traverse the Ohio and
             Mississippi Rivers.  However, all other refferences I have
             come upon give the NEW ORLEANS that
             honor.  Go figure . . .

	Launched: 1837, Pittsburgh, Pa. area
	Source: Boat Building in Pittsburgh, Pa. Area

	Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 205' X 33' X5.6', 242 tons.
	Launched: 1847, Brownsville, Pa.
	Destroyed: 1852, off the lists
	Owners: 1850, Stockholders, Capt. R.C. Gray, Wallingford & Co. 
					David Holmes, J.O.H. ScullyJames Park, Jr. and W,C, Gray
			1851, Sold to Louisville-Nashville trade, Capt. Yocum
	Captains: 1847-48, Richard C. Gray
	Comments: 1851, Apr. 12, Lawrenceburgh, Ind., demolished the MARY PELL in collision. 

    Type: Sidewheeler, wooden-hulled
    Size: Length: 247', Width: 32', Draft: 6.3', Tons: 486
    Launched: 1854, Hull, Shousetown, Pa., completed at Pittsburgh
    Destroyed: 1858, June 13, Boilers exploded  at Ship Island between
               Helena and Commerce, Mo..  159 lives lost.
               Geo. Ealer, who was piloting, survived.
    Area: 1854, U.Miss. R., Pittsburgh - Cincinnati
        : 1855 or so - 1858, June 13, L. Miss R., St. Louis - New Orleans trade.    
    Owner: 1854, ?Pittsburgh and Cincinnati Packet Line?
         : 1858, Jan., St. Louis, Cairo and New Orleans Railroad Line (Railroad Line), ie:
               Capt John Klinefelter and owners of 9 other boats.
    Captain(S):1854 - 1858 Klinefelter, John
    Pilot(S): 1857, Nov. 26, Brown, William T. and Geo. G. Ealer.
    Comments: Clemmens, Samuel cubbed with Brown after ALEX SCOTT.
            :Comments from Jerry Canavit 
    Comments: 1857, Nov. 26, Collided with VICKSBURG
    Sources:Mark Twain Journal, Spring, 1990
            Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994

    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull ferry
    Size: 125' X 34.6' X 4.3'
    Launched: 1889, Madison, Ind.
    Destroyed: 1918, shortly after, burned
    Area: originally, Quincy, Ill.
          1906, Osage R. Mo.
          1918, out of Vaidalia, La.
    Owners: 1906, Sept., sold to Missouri River Packet Company
    Comments: 1906, renamed THOMAS H. BENTON

    Type:                Size: 
    Launched: 1880?
    Destroyed: 1918, Crushed in ice
    Area: Miss. R.
    Owner: Eagle Packet Co.
    Captain and pilots: Capt. 

    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet
    Size: 151.1' X 34.2' X 5.1', 204 tons
    Power: 18'S- 5-1/2 FT.
    Launched: 1857, Cincinnati, Oh.
    Destroyed: 1870, Dec. 25, Memphis, as warfboat, burned with big load of
                     cotton on board .
    Area: U. Miss. R
    Owner: 1857, owned in Dubuque, Ia.
           1863, June, Bought by U.S. Navy in Dubuque
           1865, Aug. 17, sold at public sale to  John W. Waggoner
    Captain(s): 1857, 
                1858, Aug. Tom Levens
    Comments: Named for the indian wife of Julien Dubuque
            : 1858, Aug. 25, Took Dubuque citizens to Galena to hear
                    Stephen A. Douglas
            : 1860, Ran a 4th of July excursion to Cassville.
            : Was diamantled to become a warfboat. 
Magic Cabin
    Launched: 1820?,
    Destroyed: Broken up after legal battle
    Area: Hudson R.
    Owner: Albany Merchants
    Comments: 1st. steamboat race.  Was with NORTH RIVER.

	Size: 50 tons
	Launched: 1818, Cincinnati, Oh.
	Desteoyed: 1829, Ohio R. burned

    Launched: 1850's?
    Area: Ohio. R.
    Captain(s): 185?, Mate, Peppers, George H. 
    Comments: From The Wheeling Register, Monday, March 31, 1879
     Type: Sternwheel wooden hull raft boat (towboat)
     Launched: 1882, Reads Landing, Minn. as the MINNIE
     Power: as PERCY SWAIN, First of the Swain cross-compound engines.
     Owners: 1882, Fall, hull purchased by Capt. David Swain and built upon.
             Later sold to E.H. Kirchner & Sons, Fountain City, Wis.
	     Later sold to Memphis and renamed PROGRESS.
     Comments: 1882, Fall of, MINNIE was dismantled and from deck up shipped to Devil's Lake ND.
                     Capt. Capt. David Swain purchased the hull and built the PERCY SWAIN on it.
     Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet
     Launched: 1910, Stillwater, Minn. by Swain's Marine Engine Works
     Destroyed: 1922, July 23, Rifle Point, La.
     Size: 146' X 27.6' X 4.6'
     Power: Cross-compound condensing engines
     Area: 1913, ran Natches-Vicksburg
     Owners: 1910, Capt. David Swain
             1913, sold to Royal Route Co., Vicksburg, Miss.
	     1923, when lost, George Prince
     Comments: Considered the best sternwheeler of the Swain fleet.

Name: A PERT
    Type:                Size:
    Launched: ?1860 or so?
    Area: California Delta
        : 1862-64, Mokelumne River, Calf. 3. 
 3. Owners: ?1860 - 1862?, Capt. Allen
        : 1862-64, Mokelumne River Steam Navigation Company

Name: PETALUMA #1, Originally the RESOLUTE
    Type: Sternwheel Packet               Size: 149' X 35' X ?, 250 HP.
    Launched: 1914, James Robertson, Benicia, Calif.  Cost, $19,083.91
    Destroyed: 1950, taken out of service.  1951, Jan. 11, sold, final
               fate unknown.
    Area: San Francisco on Petaluma Creek to  Petaluma Calf..
    Owner: 1914-50, Petaluma and Santa Rosa R.R.
    Comments: Most of machinery came from 1st PETALUMA #1
            : 1947, Oct. 16, hit submerged piling, beached and refloated.
            : 1950, Aug. 24, made last run.  Possibly the last paddlewheeler to
              ply San Francisco Bay area.
    Source: Western Railroader

    Type:                Size: 500 ton
    Launched: 1866?
    Destroyed: 1869, Burned
    Area: Mo. R.
    Captain and pilots: Capt. 
    Comments: 1866, Got 40mi. beyond Fort Benton, and made a profit
              of $80,000.  She was worth only $15,000.

Name: PETREL, Orginally the DUCHESS

Name: PETREL, Mo. R. Chart #3 published by the Missouri River Commission in 1892
			 shows a PETRELL wreck at Washington Mo.  I have no other reference to this boat.

1. Name: PEYTONA
    Type: Siedwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 266' X 34' X 8.', 548 tons.
    Power: 30-1/2's- 10 ft..  6 boilers
    Launched: 1846, Louisville, Ky.
    Destroyed: 1852, dismantled.
    Area: 1846, Louisville-New Orleans
    Captain: John Shallcross
    Comments: machinery went to TELEGRAPH NO. 3

    Type: Siedwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 265' X 42' X 7.'.  747 tons.
    Launched: 1864, Cincinnati, Oh.
    Destroyed: 1866, Feb. 26, St Louis, Burned.
    Area: 1864, Cincinnati-St. Louis and Memphis-New Orleans
    Owners: 1864 when new, Capt E. Eugene Bowers
            Went under Atlantic and Mississippi Steamship Company banner

    Type:     Size:
    Launched: 1877
    Area: 1879: Ohio R., daily run to Sisterville, 52 mi. downriver. 
    Owner: Built by Capt. John McLure, Jr. then soon sold.
           Capt. Dillon
    Captain(s): 1879: Dillon
    Comments: Notes from WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA,
              WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER,  June 24, 1951

    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet
    Size: 165' X 29' X 4.5'
    Power: Engines, 15's - 5-1/2 ft.  Two boilers.
    Launched: 1877, Grafton, Ill.
    Destroyed: 1888, Mar. 10, Red. R., Sank and lost 
    Area: Ran Mo. and Osage rivers
          Later went to Red R., Shreveport trade

    Type:Side-wheeler     Size:
    Launched: 1860s? early
    Area: U. Miss. R.
    Owner: Cincinnati & Wheeling Line
         : 1864, Northwestern Union Packet Company
    Captain and pilots: Capt. 
    Comments: had painting of Gen. Sheridan on mount on sidewheel covers
              and an 8 sided coupulett pilot house.
    Comments: Mentioned in this Article

	Size: 325 tons
	Power: High pressure
	Launched; 1826, Cincinnati, Oh.

    Type:   Size: 
    Area: Miss. R.
    Comments: From The Diary Of Joseph T. Anderson storekeeper,
              Commerce, Mo.
            - Thursday Night, April 4th 1861.  "Business dull.  Weather cloudy.
              . . . Philada landed here about an hour by the sun.  Took
             Burgess, (and) wood boat in tow. . . . "

    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 116 tons.
    Launched: 1848, Zanesville, Oh.
    Destroyed: 1852 off the lists
    Area: 1848-49, Pittsburgh-Beverly, (Muskingum R.) trade.
          1850, Beverly-Zanesville trade
          at times did excursions, Pittsburgh-Greenwood Gardens
    Captains: 1848-50, E.F. Moore
    Comments: Mentioned in this Article

	Size: 80 tons
	Power: High pressure
	Launched: 1825, Cincinnati, Oh.
	Area: 1827, Feb. logged at port of Cincinnati

    Type: Stern-wheel towboat  Size: 

    Type: Side-wheeler  100' or so  Size: 
    Launched: 1808.  Built by John Stevens, 
    Area: Delaware R.  Philadelphia to Trenton
    Owner: Stevens, John
    Captain and pilots: Capt. 
    Comments: Ran first steam trip from New Jersey to Delaware Bay.
         Had sails.

	Destroyed: 1931 or so, above Memphis, burned.
	Area: At first was on Ohio R.
		: 1829-31, St. Louis-New Orleans trade
	Owners:	1829, Pruchased By Capt. John Simonds, JR. and others of St. Louis.

3. Name: PHOENIX
    Launched: 1840s?, late?
    Area: 1849, Aug., Sacramento R.
          1850, spring, converted to a gold dredge for work on the Yuma R..

Name: PIKE  1816,  See

Name: PIKE

Name: PIKE

1. Name: PIKE No. 7
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.
    Size: 480 tons. Waterline to top of stacks, 69'.
    Launched: 1844, Cincinnati, Oh.
    Destroyed: 1849, dismantled. 
    Area: 1846, Cincinnati-Louisville trade.
    Owner: United States Mail Line. 
    Captains: 1844-47, PIKE No. 7 was last command of Capt.
              John Armstrong before he retired. 
    Comments:  Made run Louisville to St Louis 1854, 1/23/0
            : 1846, Bridge builder John A. Roebling declared her
                    to be the largest boat operating, in Cincinnati-
                    Louisville trade. 

Name: PIKE No. 8
      U.S. Mail Line

Name: PIKE No. 9
      1847-50 Louisville-Cincinnati

      1860, St Louis

      1868, St.Louis

    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 139 tons.
    Launched: 1864, Belle Vernon, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1867, Dec. 6, 30 mi. below Helena, Ark., snagged and lost.
    Area: 1864, St. Louis Keokuk
          1865, Pittsburgh-Zanesville
    Owners: 1865, April, purchased by Capt. James C. McVay and others.
    Captains: 1864, D.Z. Brickell
              1865, James C. McVay
    Type:                Size: 390'
    Launched: 1883
    Area: Rhode Island Sound
    Owner: Fall River Line

1. Name: PILOT
    Type: sternwheel, woden hull packet.  Size: 72 tons.
    Launched: 1845, Freedom, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1848, off the lists
    Area: 1846, Sept., at Galena.
    Owner: Capt. William J. Kountz
    Comments: Said to be first boat built by Capt. Kountz.

Name: PILOT No.2
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 93 tons.
    Launched: 1847, Christler's Landing, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1852, Aug. 22, Wheeling, W. Va., Snagged and sunk.
    Area: 1847, Allegheny R., Pittsburgh-Freeport
          1850, Pittsburgh-Point Pleasant
    Owners: Capt. William J. Kountz
    Captains: 1850, Shunk

    Type:                Size: 
    Captain and pilots: Capt. 

3. Name: PIONEER
    Type: Sternwheeler                Size: 
    Area: San Joaquine R.

	Size: 200 tons
	Power: High pressure
	Launched: 1825, Cincinnati, Oh.

    Captains: 1825, Walker
    Comments: An advertisment dated Feb. 4, 1825 advertised the Steam Boat
              Pittsburgh for Nashville was expected to arrive in Pittsburgh
              from New Orleans with a cargo of sugar.
            : This information from photocopy of partial page of
              Pittsburgh Gazzette, March 18, 1925.

1. Name: PITTSBURGH, nicknamed the BLACK DRAGON
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet     Size: 267.9' X 30' X 6.1', 509 tons 
    Launched: 1851, Shousetown, Pa. 
    Destroyed: 1857, Dismantled
    Area: 1851-57, Pittsburgh - Cincinnati.
    Owner: Pittsburgh and Cincinnati Packet Line
    Captains: 1851, William J. Kountz 
              1852 or so, Hugh Campbell
               At one time James O'Neal
              *At one time, Chief mate,  Peppers, George H.
    Comments: 1855, Mar 16, knocked down stacks on Wheeling suspension bridge.
         *Made run Louisville - Cincinnati 1852, 0/10/23
         *Made run Cincinnatti - Pittsburgh 1852, 0/1/15
    Comments: *From The Wheeling Register, Monday, March 31, 1879

    Type: Union Gunboat

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Type: Sternwheeler Size: 1879, as PITTSBURGH, 250' X 39.2' X 5.8' 1896, as DUBUQUE, 257.2' x 40.6' x 6.1' 1920, as CAPITOL, 256.6' X 50.7' X 6.2' Power: 21's -7 ft., 3 boilers, each 47" X 28', 6 flues. Wheel, 21' dia. w/ 28' buckets. 1920, as CAPITOL 22's-7 ft., 5 boilers, 250 psi. Wheel, 25' w/30' buckets, 24" dip 4 main rudders and 2 monkey rudders. Launched: 1879, Cincinnati at Cincinnati Marine Ways Destroyed: 1945, summer, dismantled Area: 1882, Pittsburgh-St. Louis 1882, St. Paul-St. Louis 1901 after, operated variously, St. Louis and New Orleans. Many tramp trips. Owner(s): 1879-82, Ciicinnati and Pittsburgh Packet Company 1882-1901, Streckfus Steamers 1912, April: Made run from St Louis to the Shiloh Battlefield under charter to St Louis & Tennessee River Packet Co. Captains: original crew, Master, John Thornburg; pilots, Jo and Jim Whitten mate, David Little 1879 - 1906: Burke, William Capt.: 1914, Nov.: Martin, Charles R. This pilot dropped dead at wheel. Engineer noticed boat's strange behavior and backed her off. Pilots: 1914, Nov.: Richtman, Jack Comments: 1896, May, viturally destroyed by tornado at St. Louis. After tornado her hull was taken to Dubuque and received a new upper works. She was renamed DUBUQUE. 1901?: A 142' hole was ripped in hull. She sank. 1901, July: Raised. Strekfus Steamers took her over. 1914, Nov.: Approaching the Alton railroad bridge, her Pilot Martin, Charles R. dropped dead at the wheel. An engineer noticed course change and stopped her. Off-watch pilot, Jack Richtman was called and took over. 1919-1920, Winter: Converted to excursion boat and renamed the CAPITOL. Ran excursions at St. Louis and New Orleans. Name: PITTSBURGH AND ST. LOUIS PACKET Launched: 1820? Area: Mo. R. Comments: FROM THE Boone's Lick Heritage 3. Name: PLACER Type: Size: Launched: 1840s?, late?, Destroyed: Area: 1849, Aug., Sacramento R. Name: PLANET Type: Stern-wheeler Size: Approx 600 tons Launched: 1856, Cincinnati, Oh. Destroyed: 1864, February 1, stranded and lost at College Point, La. Area: 1861, Miss. R. out of New Orleans, La. Owner: 1856, Ealer, Henry E. Captain(s):1856 until Civil War, Malloy, John; 1861, Burdeau, J.T. Comments: Until Civil War, was primarily a freight boat. After Confederate surrender at Port Hudson, used as a prison transport. * Name: PLANTER Size: 130 tons Power: Low pressure Launched: 1825, Cincinnati, Oh. Name: PLANTER Type: Towboat Size: Launched: 1841 Destroyed: Area: Miss. R. Owner: Beebee, Capt. James Captain(s): Beebee, James Comments: Built for towing ships back from New Orleans. From WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA, WHEELING INTELLIGENCER, June 24, 1951 1. Name: PLANTER Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet Size: 199 tons Launched: 1846, New Albany, Ind. Destroyed: 1848, Jan. 5, at Jones' Ferry, Twelve Mile Island, while loading grain, boilers exploded killing 5 persons. Area: Ill. R. Owner: 1847, bought by Capts. L.T. and F.T. Belt Captain(s): 1848, Jan. 5, Francis T. Belt Comments: Name: PLANTER/RIO BRAVO Type: Size: Capacity, 2,500 cotton bales. Launched: 1860 by the J.W. Phillips Yard at Wheeling, W. Va. Destroyed: 1880? sunk as a breakwater below Fort Brown on Rio Grande R.. Area: Built for Southern trade. 1860, Onio R. 1863 or 5? Lower Miss. R. 1875, Rio Grande R. Owners: Phillips, J.W., Part owner, 1862? Capt.Charles V. Wells 1880, June, U.S. War Department Captains: 1862?, Wells, Charles V. 1875, Kells Comments: 1862: Fitted out as blockade runner by the Phillips Yard 1865: Aug.: Sent south from Wheeling carrying 800 bales of cotton and 350 barrels of turpentine. She was captured by the U.S.S. LAKAWANA, sold to U.S. Gov. for $185,500 with cargo and taken to Key West. 1875, summer: Again sold to U.S. Gov who needed a steamer for the Rio Grande R. in Texas. They renamed her the RIO BROVO and fitter her out as a gunboat. More Details Notes from WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA, WHEELING INTELEGENCER, June 24, 1951 : Info, More Info Name: PLATTE VALLEY Type: Size: Launched: Destroyed: Area: Miss. R. Owner: Captain(s): Comments: From The Diary Of Joseph T. Anderson storekeeper, Commerce, Mo. - Saturday, November 30th 1861. "Jeff Thompson came to Price's Landing on or about the 4th of November and stopped. The Platte Valley swore the military men took the sword from the officers and left her. He went back to New Madrid and has been there since." 1. Name:PLOUGH BOY Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 165' X 29', 248 ton. Launched: 1848, St. Louis, Mo. Destroyed: 1848, Oct. 6, above Providence, Mo., snagged and lost. Area: St. Louis-Mo. R. 1. Name: PLOW BOY (No. 2) Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 36 ton. Launched: 1876, Stillwater, Minn. Destroyed: 1877, Sank near Arrow Rock, Mo. on Mo. R. Map Area: Mo. R. 1. Name: PLOW BOY
From Olden Times.com
The Public Ledger, Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee
September 26, 1881
	Size: 185 tons.
	Launched: 1879, Pittsburgh, Pa.
	Destroyed: 1882 
	Area: Documented at Memphis
		  1881, Ark. R.
	Captains: 1881, E.B. Smith

	Companies Associated With: Memphis and Arkansas River Packet Company
1. Name: PLOW BOY
	Type: Centerwheel wooden hull packet.  Size: 70' X 18' X 3', 29 ton.
	Power: 1 engine, 7" X 12", 1 boiler.
	Launched: 1884, Sioux City, Iowa.
	Destroyed: 1897, Mouth of Grand R. at DeWitt, Mo. Snagged and lost.Map
    Captain(s): Smith, Nicholas W.
    Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage 
    Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly.

Name: PLYMOUTH, A New York boat.
      See this web site: Fall River and Providence Steamboat Company

    Type:      Size:
    Launched: 1840s?, late?
    Area: 1849, Aug., Sacramento R.

    Type:                Size: 
    Launched: 1870?
    Area: New York to Longbranch
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