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1. Name: POCAHONTAS Type: Sidewheeler, wood hull packet Size: 397 tons Launched: 1849, Cincinnati, Oh. Destroyed: 1852, Mar. 14, Island 78, Miss. R., Burned Lost 10 lives Area: U. Miss. and Ark. Rs. Comments: 1852, Mar. 14, Collapsing flue scallded many and killed 8 1. Name: POCAHONTAS Type: Sidewheeler, wood hull packet Size: 163 tons, 180' X 32' Launched: 1857, Pittsburgh, Pa. Destroyed: 1866, Aug. 9, Near Ft. Randall, S.D. on Mo. R. Snagged and lost while carrying Indian supplies. Area: U. Miss., Mo. and Ohio Rs. Captins: 1862, Staines, Henry B. Comments: An island near sinking was named Pocahontas after this boat Name: POINT-COUNTERPOINT Type: Showboat Size: Launched: Modern Area: Pittsburgh Name: POLAHANTAS Area: Miss. R. Comments: From The Diary Of Joseph T. Anderson storekeeper, Commerce, Mo. - Saturday Night, April 21st 1861. " . . . We went to the new church and viewed it good. We then went back to the store and read till night and then Burke, Planert and I took a walk down by the river. The Polahantas came in sight and turned us back. She landed and put off Mr. Backer with a lot of household." Name: POLAR STAR Type: Sidewheeler Size: Launched: 1858? Area: Mo. R. Miss. R. and Ohio R. Owner: Union Packet Line. Captain and pilots: Capt. Comments: 1853, July: Made a run from St. Louis - St. Joseph 0/64/0. Depicted as "Last Boat Out" at Westport Landing in print by Charles Goslin, a Kansas City artist.
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    Type: ironclad war boats
    Size: 175' long with 2 feet thick sides.
    About: There were seven of these boats launched for U.S. service.
           Each was the same* and each had 13 guns. Six 32 pounder smoothbores,
           three 8-inch Dahlgren smoothbore shell guns and four rifled 42 pounders.
           * The ST. LOUIS had one more 32 pounder instead of one of the eight inchers.
           CAIRO, MOUND CITY, and CINCINNATI  built at Mound city, Ill.
           CARONDELET, LOUISVILLE, ST. LOUIS and PITTSBUTG built at Carondelet, Mo.
    Comments: Designed by Samuel M. Pook and built by James B. Eads

    Type:                Size: Small
    Area: Husdson R.

Name: PORTLAND No. 1
    Type: Stern-wheeler   Size:
    Comments: became tug-boat to tankers.

    Type: Sternwheeler Modern, steel welded hull
    Size:     length, 219'; beam, 44'; draft, 7'; construction
              steel hull, wooden superstructure;
              paddle wheel: diameter, 25'; width, 26'
              rudders: 7
              engines: horsepower, 900; bore, 26"; stroke 108"
              boiler: type, water tube; working pressure, 250 p.s.i
              burners: 3
              Cost: $500,000.
    Launched: 1947
    Destroyed: Nope
    Area: 1952, Columbia and Willamette Rivers.
    Owner: Oregon Maritime Center and Museum
    Captain and pilots: Capt. 1952, Williamson, Robert
    Comments: The Portland was the last steam-powered sternwheel
             tugboat built in the United States. She worked as a
             ship-assist tug from her launching in 1947 until she was
             retired in 1981. Volunteers began restoring her in 1990,
             and she steamed again under her own power in June, 1993.

             In 1994 the Portland had a starring role in the movie
             Maverick, starring James Garner, Jodie Foster and Mel
             Gibson. Altered to look like a Mississippi River
             gambling boat, she spent two weeks on the Columbia River
             posing for camera shots in the strong current. She
             ran perfectly. 

             She is currently on display at her Willamette River moorage
             at the river wall in downtown Portland.  She is steamed
             up for excursions several times a year. Since she is not
             licensed to carry paying passengers, the passenger list
             for these outings is selected at random from OMCM members. 
             1952, Queen of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers.  
             Steamboat Portland's Home Page w/Pictures 
Name: POST BOY 1. Name: POTOMAC Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet Size: 833 tons Launched: 1. 1870, Cincinnatti Oh. or by Phillips Works, Wheeling, W. Va.. Destroyed: 1882 or so, dismantled. Hull became salt barge and later was turned turtle by ice, Hartford City, W. Va.. Area: 1870, Ohio R., Wheeling - Cincinnati later, Louisville - New Orleans 1872, Miss. R., New Orleans - St. Louis later, Ohio R., Cincinnati - Pomeroy Owner: 1870, Fink, Capt. Theorore; later, Shunk, Capt. John N. later, Honshell, Capt. Wash and others; Captain(s): Late 1860's, Fink, Peppers, George H. 1872, master, Batchelor, J.W. 1881, Kirker, Will Comments; 1870, Dec. 22, Collided with ROB'T E. LEE, LEE had to be grounded to avoid sinking. Comments: Notes from WHEELING INTELLIGENCER, June 24, 1951 Comments: From the Wheeling Register, Monday, March 31, 1879 Name: PRAIRIE Launched: 1836, Pittsburgh Area Destroyed: 1840, in tornado at Natchez Area: Miss. R. out of St. Louis Comments: Source Article : 1837, May 8, Was racing BEN SHARROD when the latter caught fire. Name: PRAIRIE BELLE Destroyed: Blew up while racing MOVASTAR Captain and pilots: Engineer, Bludso, Jim. Name: PRAIRIE BIRD Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 83 tons. Launched: 1845, Pittsburgh, Pa. Destroyed: 1848, off the lists. Area: U. Miss. R. Owner: 1845, Capt. John Vandergrift 1845, after, sold to Capt. Levi miller, Wheeling and others. Captain: 1845, Master, John Vandergrift; Pilots, William J. Kountz and C.W. Batchelor 1846 or so, Wall, Niebe Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: PRAIRIE CITY Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 151' X 28.4' X 5.5', 198 tons Launched: 1852, early, California, Pa. Destroyed: 1855, Dec. 7, St. Louis by fire that started in the hull of the PARTHENIA and spread to this boat and the TWIN CITY Area: 1852, Pittsburgh-St. Louis trade Owners: 1852, originally, Capt. Mark Sterling, Capt. Henry Mason and Evan Evans, all of Pittsburgh. 1852, late, sold to Capt. Pleasant Devinny and others, all of St. Clair County, Ill. Captains: 1852, early, Master, Mark Sterling 1852 late- 1855, Dec. 7, Pleasant Devinny Name: PRAIRIE STATE Launched: 1840s? Destroyed: 1849, May 17, Fire at St. Louis docks Area: Ill. R. 1. Name: PRAIRIE ROSE Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet Size: 247 tons. Launched: 1854, Brownsville, Pa. Destroyed: 1866, Jan, 12, St. Louis at foot of Biddle St., sunk by ice Area: 1855, St.Louis - St. Paul trade 1861, Cincinnatti - Memphis trade. 1864, May - June, was up Missouri R. to Levenworth, Ks. Owners: Captains: 1855, Maratta in St.Louis - St. Paul trade 1861, James S. Wise *1864, June, William Eads/Edds, Sr Comments: *1864, June, U. S. service during Civil War. Mo. R. : mentioned in General Sherman's Memoirs
Wayside Gardens Fast Growing Screens
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull ferryboat. Size: 138' X 36' X 5', 285 tons
    Launched: 1864, Madison, Ind.
    Destroyed: 1889, off the lists
    Area: 1880s, Mo. R.
    Owner: 1864-89, C.B. And Q. Railroad, Burlington, Iowa 
    Captains: 1864, C.E. Burtcht

Name: PRESIDENT, originally the CINCINNATI
    Type: sidewheel excursion steamer
    Launched: 1924


    Area: 1850s?, California Delta

Currier and Ives From Picture This There were no fewer than 10 PRINCESS' and one PRINCESS JR. The one pictured here was probably the 1855 PRINCESS
Name: PRINCESS Launched: 1855? Destroyed: 1859, Feb. 27, Exploded at Conrad's Point below Baton Rouge. 70 lives lost. Area: New Orleans-Vicksburg Captain: 1855-56, Truman C. Holmes 1867, Jan. William C. Wilson took command. Comments: Made run N.O. To Natchez, 1853, 0/20/26 Made run N.O. to Natchez, 1855, 0/18/53 Made run N.O. to Natchez, 1856, 0/17/30 Made run N.O. to Donaldsville, 78mi., 1856, 0/4/51 : From Carl Brewer Carl Brewer "I had a 4th G.Father that disappeared into the wilds of Louisiana to Gamble in 1859, I find that a Brewer was killed when the Princess blew up at Conrad's Point in Feb. of that year. He left a pregnant wife and a nice East Texas farm, no gambling man would leave a nice East Texas farm." Name: PRINCESS Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 156.9' X 30.3' X 4.4', 185 tons. Power: 13's 3-1/2 ft., 2 boilers. Launched: 1863, Freedom, Pa. Destroyed: 1868, June 1, 1 mi. above Fire Creek above Napoleon, Mo. on Mo. R., snagged and lost. Was on way to Ft. Benton. Area: 1868, St. Louis-Arkansas R. Owners: when built, Capt. George W. Cullen and Capt. Frank Maratta 1864 sold to U.S. Navy who converted her to Tinclad # 53 1865, Sold to Capt. Ben F. Beasley Captains: 1868, When lost, F.P. Voohries Comments: 1864, converted to Tinclad # 53 and renamed NAIAD. 1865, Oct. 21, renamed back to PRINCESS Name: PRINCESS, originally the SUNSHINE Name: PRINCESS - Originally the H.W. BUTTORF Type: Excursion Launched: Early 1900's ? Area: Out of Cincinnati Name: PRINCESS Owner: 1909, Capt. William (Billy) Bryant and family. Comments: used to tow BRYANT'S NEW SHOWBOAT
Show you care, send a Bear!
    Type: Inside side-wheeler
    Size: 440"
    Launched: 1893
    Area: New York to Boston
    Owner: Fall River Line
    Captain and pilots: Capt.
    Comments: See this web site: Fall River and Providence Steamboat Company


    Launched: 1850s?
    Area: New York to Greytown, Panama
    Owner: Vanderbilt, Cornelius

    Type: Side-wheeler               Size: 
    Launched: 186??
    Area: Hudson R.
    Owner: Fall River Line

    Type: Sternwheeler, California Delta Snagboat               Size: 
    Destroyed: Sometime after 1991, burned nearly to waterline.
    Comments: 1954, As CHICU SAN, Was in the John Wayne, Lauren Bacall
              Movie Blood Alley
              After movie, renamed MANSION BELLE and put into excursion business
              out of Old Sacramento, then traveled to distant places and returned
              to Old Sacramento.  See ARTICLE  

    Type: Stern-wheeler               Size: 
    Launched: 1889
    Owner: Fall River Line
    Comments: See this web site: Fall River and Providence Steamboat Company

Name: PUTNAM - Actually the 	RUFUS PUTNAM

    Launched: cir. 1848, Zanesville, Oh. on a canal bank
    Area: New Orleans, Lake Pontchartrain trade
    Owner: Capt. Blue
    Comments: Mentioned in this Article

Name: PYRAMID, originally the SUNOL
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1. Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994

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