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Name: O.K.
    Launched: before 1862
    Area: California Delta
        : 1862-64, San Joaquin and Mokelumne Rs. to Lockeford, Calf. 3.
    Owner: 1862-64, Mokelumne River Steam Navigation Company 3. 

    Type: Sidewheeler               Size: 
    Comments: Found this one in a sketch (painting?) at this link 

1. Name: OAKLAND
	Type: sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 142' X 26.7' X 4'
	Launched: 1853, California, Pa.
	Destroyed: 1859?, Dismantled
	Area: At first, upper Miss. R., St. Louis - St. Paul.
		  1859, Upper White R.
	Owners: Built for Capt. J.N. Shunk and others of pittsburgh
			Later, Capts. Pete Fleming and T. J. Woods on White R.
			Last owner was Thomas H. Williams of Memphis.
	Captains: 1859, Thomas J. Woods
	Comments: 1859, Sept. 7, Sold at U.S. Marshall's sale to meet unpaid obligations
			: Mentioned in this Article

	Launched: 1892
	Area: White R.
	Owner: Captain William T. Thomas
	Comments: Source
Posters, fine art, memoribilia and more
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet     Size: 205 tons 
    Launched: 1845, St. Louis, Mo.
    Destroyed: 1851, Feb. 11, Louisville, Ky., burned. 
    Area: 1845, St. Louis - Keokuk
          1848, Louisville - St. Louis
    Captain: 1845, Barton Able
    Comments: Mentioned here
            : 1849, Feb. 11, Louisville, with dignitaries aboard, arrived,
                    lashed along side of COURTLAND, which carried Zachary
                    Taylor toward his inauguration.
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet     Size: 235 tons 
    Launched: 1854, Elizabeth, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1868, Lake Pipin, Wis., burned.
    Area: 1854, St louis - Ill. R. trade
          1856, Various U. Miss. trade
    Owner: 1854, Capt. Waldo P. Marsh
           1856, Purshased by Minnesota Packet Comapny
           1864,  *Under flag of Northwestern Union Packet Company
    Captains: 1854: Waldo P. Marsh
    Comments: Short boat.  hard to steer.
            : Mentioned *here

    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet   Size: 89' X 15' X 3.5'
    Launched: 1895, Apr. 24, 
    Destroyed: 1895, Greenville, Miss., burned.
    Owner: L.E. Somerville, Pt. Pleasant, w. Va. 
    Captains: Frank Coos, Wheeling, W. Va.
    comments: Was hitched to a coal tow from launch point to Greenville.
               This boat was never in service.

1. Name: OCEANA
	Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 607 tons.
	Launched: 1854, St. Louis, Mo.
	Destroyed: 1860, off the lists.
	Area: St. Louis-New Orleans
	Captains: When new, J.T. Burdeau
			: 1860, sometime in, William Eads/Edds, Sr. 
	Comments: 1855, Mar. 7, Landed, St. Louis See

    Launched: 1867
    Area: U. Mo. R.?
    Captain and pilots: Capt. La Barge, Joseph

    Type: Sternwheeler
    Launched: 1840's mid?
    Area: Sacramento R. Calf.
    Comments: 1849, Aug. 31, Listed in the Alta Californian as plying trade
              on the waters of the Sacramento R.


Name: OH! HUSH
	Area: 1840, Missouri R. and possibly the Osage R. in Mo.
	Captains: 1840, Nimrod Dickerson

    Comments: From The Diary Of Joseph T. Anderson, shopkeeper,
             Commerce, Mo.
            -Thursday Night, March 28th, 1861.  Business dull.  Weather good.  River rising."
             . . . ."Ohio River boat landed about 11 o'clock, put off W. Burgess and Morris

* Name: OHIO
	Size: 80 tons
	Power: High pressure
	Launched: 1825, Cincinnati, Oh.

Name: OHIO
    Launched: 1833, May
    Area: N. O. to Cincinnati.

Name: OHIO
	Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet.   Size: 121 tons.
	Launched: 1849, Shousetown, Pa.
	Destroyed:  1856, off the lists
    Area: 1849, out of Zanesville, Oh.
    Comments: Mentioned in this Article

Name: OHIO
	Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet.  Size: 348 tons.
	Launched: 1849, Cincinnati, Oh.
	Destroyed: 1857, off the lists

1. Name: OHIO No.3
	Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet.  Size: 218' X 35' X 5.5', 264 tons.
	Launched: 1858, Marietta, Oh. at Knox yard
	Destroyed: cir. 1868, lower end of Harmar Yard, cut down by ice, dismantled
	Area: built for Marietta-Cincinnati trade
		  *1865, Sat. June 5, Parkersburg, W. Va., left warf
	Captains: When new, J.J. Blagg, master with John Heisner, clerk

Name: OHIO, originally the CLIFTON
	Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet.  Size: 251' X 39' X 5.5'
	Launched: 1879, Cincinnati, Oh.

    Type: sidewheel, wooden hull packet/tinclad/packet.  Size: 325 tons.
    Launched: 1863, Marietta, Oh, Knox Yard or Harmar, Oh. Way's has both listed.
    Destroyed: 1868, Sat. Jan. 4, 10:00 am, Walker's Landing 2 mi. below Gallipolis,
               Oh., port boiler exploded. 5 persons lost.  See Account of explosion
    Area: 1863, Tramped Louisville-Nashville
          1864, Pittsburgh-Cincinnati
          1864, Sept., Wheeling-Cincinnati
          1865-67, Aug 8, Cincinnati-Memphis
    Owners: 1863, Built for Capts. Chapin, Wells, and others
			1865-67 The Dean Line
            1864, Dec. 10, sold to U.S. Navy.  Converted to Tinclad #10 and renamed
            1865, Aug., sold to Capt. William B. Miller, Dean Line 
            1867, July 8, sold to other parties.
    Captains: 1863 when new, Chapin
              1864, Amos Davis
              1865, H. Blasdel
              1867, Master, Daniel F. Sayer; pilots, J.A. Levesay and B.F. Hall
              1868, Jan. 4, pilot was Capt. Hiram Burch, master was Capt. Thos. Sayre              
    Comments: 1864, renamed IBEX by U.S. Navy
              1965, renamed HARRY DEAN  
Magic Cabin
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull towboat
    Launched: 1870
    Owner: 1873, D. A. and J. S.  McDonald 
    Comments:  1873, in flood of Monogahela R.  Struck by coal barge. Sunk.
               ?Later recovered?. 

    Type: Stern-wheeler   Size:
    Area: Western rivers
    Comments: 1912,, at Chelan Falls Wash. on Columbia R.

	Area: 1852, June, Mo. R., St. Louis-Brunswick, 2 trips
	Owners: 1852, James Keyte of either St. Louis or Brunswick, Missouri.
	Comments; This information from correspondence between myself (Riverboat Dave)
           and Site visitor Carl O. Smarley

    Launched: 1850s? Mid?
    Area: 1859, U. Miss. R.
    Owner: 1869, Davidson, Commodore W. F.
    Comments: Mentioned in this Article

    Type:                Size: 134' X 30' X 8'
    Launched: 1816
    Area: New York - New Brunswick, Canada
    Owner: Hudson River Steamboat Company
    Comments: Source

    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.    Size: 283' X 42' X 8.', 697 tons. 
    Launched: 1863, Jeffersonville, Ind. by Howard Yard 
    Destroyed: 1871, July 22, Liberty Island below St. Louis.  Hit a stump which
               tore down her entire hull causing her to sink within 1 1/2 min.
    Area: 1863, St. Louis-New Orleans
    Owner: 1863, Capt B. Rush. Pegram and others.
           1865?-18??, Atlantic and Mississippi Steamboat Company           
           1871, July 22, Capt. John T. McCord and others.
    Captains: 1863, Capt B. Rush. Pegram 
            Other masters, Ben F. Taber, J.T. McCord and J.H. Jones 
    Comments: 1865, April, late: Cleared Memphis with 700 Union 
              soldiers/prisoners heading upriver and home, just before
              the doomed SULTANA arrived to pick hers up.

	Launched: 1816, Pittsburgh, Pa.	  Size: 45 tons
	Destroyed: 1817, Apr., Point Coupee, burst boiler killing 11 men.
	Area: Pittsburgh-New Orleans
	Owner: George Evans
	Comments: SOURCE
	Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet.
	Size: 120' X 22' X 3.'
	Power: Engines, 10's- 3-1/2' from the SCIENCE
	Launched: 1882, Harmar, Oh, at Knox Yard.
	Destroyed: 1904, Jan. 24, Pittsburgh, Allegheny R, burned at landing
	Area: First 5 yrs., various trades on Muskingum out of Zanesville
          1887, went to Parkerburg-Middleport trade
          1887, post, Cincinnati area as pleasure boat.
          Under Biddle Bros. went to Liverpool-Steubenville trade
          1894-95, Pittsburgh-Elizabeth trade
	Owners: Built for George Strecker and Rodrick Bros. of Marierra as low water packet.
            Post 1887, purchased by J.C. Dueber for a pleasure craft
            Later sold to Biddle Bros., Parkersburg.
            1896, purched entire by C. W. Posey
            Last owner was Samuel W. Carpenter, a marine diver
	Captains: First 5 yrs., Ed Martin, Lou Myrick and James McCoy
              1887, George M. McClintock
              In Liverpool-Steubenville trade, Logan Noll, with Wm. Wilkin, clerk.
              1894-95, Joseph. C. Ketchell; H. M. Lowe, clerk
	Comments: 1896, fall, converted to towboat.

3. Name: OLIVIA
    Type:                Size: 
    Launched: 1840s?, late?
    Area: 1840s, late, Sacramento R., Calf.

    Area: U. Mo. R.
    Comments:  1854: Florence Neb., dropped off some Mormons who were en
               route to Zion, in the Great Salt Lake Valley.

1. Name: OMAHA
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.    Size: 206' X 30' X 5', 307 tons
    Power: 21's-6 1/2 ft., 3 boilers, each 38" X 28' 
    Launched: 1856, Madison, Ind.
    Destroyed: 1865, Dec. 16, St. Louis, lost in ice crush.
    Area: Mo. R., St. Louis to Souix City and St Joseph-Council Bluffs
    Owner:  *185?-59, 1/2 by Capt. Andrew Wineland and Mr. W.A. Bennett.
             **1859, Nov. 25, Mr. J. Jewett Wilcox, the boat's clerk, purchased
                   Wineland's 1/4 interest. 
                   Capt. P.S. Ray purchased 1/8 of Mr. Bennett's 1/4 and Mr C?ll
                   Avis the other 1/8.
    Captain: 1850s, J.E. Barrow
             **?185?-59.  Capt. Andrew Wineland ?
             **1859, Nov. 25 - 185?, P.S. Ray 
              1857, William R. Massie.  Said to be his favorite boat. 
    Comments:  Artwork and info from the gallery of Gary Lucy.
            : More  Artwork and info from the gallery of Gary Lucy.
            : 1857, The Diary of E.F. Beadle places her in Omaha May 19, 
                            on her return from up-country.  Also in Omaha,
                            June 6, July 17.
                            Aug 7, arrived Omaha.
             *From, this Source
             ** From  St. Louis Republican

Name: OMAHA Originally the LORA

    Type: sternwheel towboat   Size: 207' X 36' 581 tons
    Launched: 1935, ?St. Louis.?
    Area: 1940's Ohio R., from the mines in West Virginia up river to Pittsburgh
                 and down river to Cairo, IL.  Barges were loaded at Huntington, WV.
    Owner: The Ohio River Company
			Persent: City of Clinton, Iowa. 
    Comments:  From site visitor David Rayburn 
               "The Omar was donated to the State of West Virginia and the last
               heard of it, it was a tourist attraction located on the Kanawha
               River in front of the State Capital of West Virginia."
			:  From site visitor Harvey Brennan 12/05/05
               ". . . the "Omar" it's now named the "City of Clinton Showboat"
                 converted to a floating Theatre in Clinton Iowa."
			: See OMAR's history

Name: OMEGA 
    Area: 1943 Mo. R.
     Captain(s): 1843, LaBarge, Joseph
    Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage
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