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1. Name: M. E, ALLEN
    Type: Sidewheel, woodenhull packet.  Size:137.8' X 28.3' X 5.7', 198 tons
    Launched: 1861, Paducah, Ky.
    Area: Miss. R. out of Shreveport 
    Owner: Boisseau, Joseph
    Captain(s): Boisseau, Joseph
    Comments:  Went to Confederate registry

Name: M. P. WELLS
    Launched: 1880's?
    Area: Ohio R.
    Comments: From The Tribune Telegraph,
           Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. May. 12 1897

Name: M. S. MEPHAM
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 236' X 38' X 7.5', 683 tons.
    Power: 23-1/2's-8ft.  4 boilers, each 40" X 26',
    Wheels: 30' dia. working 12-1/2' buckets with 26" dip.
    Launched: 1864, Elizabeth, Pa.  Machenery from James Rees Co.
    Destroyed, 1868, Mar. 2, foot of Carr St., St Louis, burned.
    Area: until 1864, mid-summer, Wt. Louis-Leavenworth trade.
          1865, St. Louis-New Orleans trade
          1867, Advertised regular runs, Louisville-New Orleans
    Owner: M.S. Mepham & Bros., St. Louis, Mo.
    Captains: 1864, A.A. Shaw
              1865, A. St. Clair Thomasson
    Comments: This was a fancy boat. Chickering grand piano in salon.
              Oil paintings over office and on each stateroom door.
              Large, carved spread eagle atop pilothouse. 
              Chinaware from London and White, New York.
              Silver from Rogers and Smith.
              Rugs, carpeting and bedding from A.T. Stewart, New York.
              Bridal chamber was 16' X 8', 2 rooms connected by folding doors.
              Had mahogany bedsteads, etc.
           : 1867 Dec. 21, left Cairo, Ill. for round trip, New Orleans and back.

	Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet.  Size: 120' X 49'X 3.5'.
	Area: 1875, fall, Wheeling-Clarington
	Owners:  1875, Steve Thompson
			 1877, Sheperd and Humphry when advertised for sald in 1877.
	Captains: 1875, Steve Thompson with C.E. Booth as clerk
	Comments: Gorden C. Green was one of her crew, Marietta-Vicksburg
				towing produce, once.
				Boat returned north towing a circus.

Name: M.T. BRYAN, originally the J.H. KEENE

	Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet.  Size: 145.2' X 29.8' X 5.8'
	Launched: 1883, hull, cabin and framing, New Richmond, Oh.
	Destroyed: dismantled to become wharfboat at Tell City, Ind.
	Area: New Orleans - Upper Coast-Bayou Lafourche
	Captains: E.J. Comeaux

	Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet.  Size: 178' X 36' X 6.5'
	Power: Engines, 18's- 6', 3 boilers each 42" X 26'
	Launched, 1891, Jeffersonville, Ind. Howard yard
	Destroyed; 1909, dismantled
	Area: New Orleans - Donaldsonville - New Hope
		  1902 was running New Orleans - Bayou Lafourche
	Owners: Capt E.J. Comeaux
	Captains: 1902, E.J. Comeaux
	Comments: Was eventually laid up, McDonaldsonville.
              Was caught there and laid over on her side.
			: Was known as Fair Mabel

    Launched: Late 1800's
    Destroyed: Early 1900's
    Area: Cosco Bay (Portland) Maine
    Owner: Harpswell Steamboat Co.
    Captain and pilots: Capt. 

    Launched: 1828, in Wheeling, W. Va. by either the Bell Yard or
              the Patton Yard.
    Area: Ohio R.
    Comments: Engines and machinery probably came from the T. Sweeney Foundry.
    Comment: Notes from WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA,
              WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER,  June 24, 1951

1. Name: MAGENTA
	Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet.  Size: 215' X 35', 424 tons.
	Power: 20-1/2's- 6-1/2 ft. 2 boilers
	Launched: 1863, Mound City, Ill.
	Destroyed: 1863, May 22, in bend below Dewitt, Mo.
	Area: Built for Missouri R. Trade.
	Owner: F. M. Dozier, C.C. Chouteau, Ben Johnson and Frank Constant.
* Name: MAGNET
	Size: 100 tons
	Power: Low pressure
	Launched: 1823, Cincinnati, Oh.
    Type: Sternwheeler               Size:
    Launched: 1844?
    Area: Coosa R., Ga. and Alabama
    Captain(s) : ?1870's? Elliot, James M. Jr.?
    Comments:  Made run N.O. to Natchez 1851 0/19/50
    Comments: from articles on the Coosa River.

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Type: Sternwheeler Size: Destroyed: 1868, Mar. 16, Exploded at the Coal Haven Bar, at the mouth of the Crawfish R.. Area: 1868: Ohio R., Cincinnati to Maysville Owner: David Gibson Captain(s):: 1868: Prather, James H. Comments: From the Cincinnati Enquirer March 17, 1868, Thursday. Compiled by H. Martin Prather. Name: MAGNOLIA
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The MAGNOLIA at Rome, Ga.
Photo donated by Ken McCulloch
    Launched: c. 1870
    Area: Coosa R.
    Comments: Source


    Size: 63 tons
    Launched: 1842, Osage City, Mo.
    Captains: Nansen Bennett, Cote Sans Dessein, Mo.
    Comments: 1844, during a major flood, went up Osage R. to Harmony Mission in Bates Co., Mo.
Only boat ever to make it that far. : Mentioned in this Article. Name: MAJESTIC Destroyed: 1846, blew up Name: MAJESTIC
From Tall Stacks On Line
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Gateway Clipper Fleet
    Type: Ornamental sidewheel steel hull excursion boat 
    Size: 277' X 50' X 6.5', 40' tall, 1,453 gr. tons,  1,000 passengers
    Power: 2 Caterpillar diesel engines (Model 3508). The engines are
           connected through Twin Disc Reduction Gears (4.94: 1)  totaling
           1350 horsepower.
    Launched: 1987, Pensacola, Fl. by  Patti Shipyard 
    Area: out of Pittsburg PA: Ohio R.;  Monongahela R.; Allegheny R. 
    Owner: Presently, (2000) Gateway Clipper Fleet, Pittsburgh, Pa.
    Captain: 1999, Brian Krug, Ken Morin.
    Comments:  The name "Majestic" was chosen from over 27,000 entries sent
               in by residents who participated in the "Name the Boat"
               contest sponsored by the Gateway Clipper Fleet and KDKA Radio.

The only bear still made in America
	Area: 1848 or so, White R.
	Comments: Source

    Type: Sidewheeler
    Size: Length: 150'; Tons: 124
    Launched: 1840's early?
    Area: Rio Grande R.
    Owner: U. S. Army or Mifflin Kenedy.  See comments.
    Captain(s): 1846: Sterling, Mark
    Comments: 1846: Effected exploritory trip up the Rio Grande to check
                    feasibility of navigation beyond Camargo.
              1846, Oct 24: became only boat of this size to ever reach Laredo.
                        Because of falling river level, was stuck there for
                        over a year.  See "Source" for that interesting trip.
               The source above does not make it clear whether the boat was
               owned by the Army or by Capt. Mifflin Kenedy
    Comments: Source Article

    Launched: 1830s late
    Area: U. Miss
    Owner: Throckmorton, Joseph
    Captains: Throckmorton, Joseph
    Comments: Designed to be excursion boat.  Even had inner-spring
    Launched: 1830s late
    Area: Ohio R.
    Captain(s): Booth, C. H.
    Comments: Notes from WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA,
              WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER,  June 24, 1951

    Launched: 1850s OR 60s
    Area: U. Miss. R.
    Comments: Mentioned in this Article

    Launched: 1840s?
    Destroyed: 1849, May 17, Fire at St. Louis docks
    Area: Miss. R.

    Type: towboat/ironclad     Size:
    Destroyed: Shelled by MISSISSIPPI below N. O..  Ran ashore then
               drifted downriver and sank.

    Launched: 1920s?
    Destroyed: 1849, May 17, Fire at St. Louis docks
    Area: Mo. R.
    Comments: from the Boone's Lick Heritage Quarterly
            Another mention

    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 166 tons.
    Launched: 1854,Belle Vernon, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1858, Aug. 16, White Cloud,Minn., snagged and lost.
    Area: 1854, Cincinnati-Louisville
          1856-7, U. Miss. R. at St. Paul
    Companies associated with: 1854, U.S. Mail Line 
    Captains: 1854, Richard M. Wade
    Comments: Mentioned in this Article.

Name: MANSION BELLE Originally the PUNTA

    Launched: Late 1800's
    Destroyed: Early 1900's
    Area: Cosco Bay (Portland) Maine
    Owner: Harpswell Steamboat Co.

    Type: Sidewheeler, wooden hull packet      Size:173' X 41' X 7.5'
    Power: 28's-8 ft., 5 boilers, each 46" X 22'
    Launched: 1864, hull and framing, Metropolis, Ill., Alph Cutting's Yard,
                    Completed, St Louis.                    
    Destroyed: 1873, dismantled.  Cabin etc. went to building JOHN A. SCUDDER
                     Hull was used as coal float.
    Area: Miss. R.
    Owner: 1864, Memphis & St. Louis Packet Line
    Captains: 1864, Tschudi, James H.
              1868, shortly after, Malin, John W.
    Clerk: Adrian Storm, hence:
Here comes the MARBLE CITY with Tschudi in comand, Looking like a crystal palace just arrived from fairyland. See how she cuts the water and how beautiful her form. She advances line a whirlwind and I might add "A. Storm."
Comments: See Name: MARCELLA Launched: 1850s? Area: Mo. R. Captain and pilots: Capt. Marsh, Grant Comments: 1869, july 4: Was at opening of the Hannible Bridge in Town of Kansas (Kansas City) Name: MARIETTA/MISS STERLING 1984 Photo Type: Sternwheeler Size: 80' X 20' Wheel 12' Power: At launch 135hp Catepillar Diesel; present 400hp Cummings diesel Launched: 1926, Marietta Manufacturing Company, Point Pleasant, Wv. Destroyed: This boat is still active Area: 1926, Monongahela R. Owners: first owner, ?. 2nd owner, A.D. Elliot. 3rd, Sterling Oil Co. : 1950, Crain Bros of Pennsylvania : 1983, Tom Jones of Kanawha City, West Va. Captain(S): Comments: 1962, Feb. 10, First boat locked at the Meldahl Locks. First boat locked through Hildebrand Locks on Monongahela River. Sold to A.D. Eliott, St. Marys, WV; Sold to Sterling Oil Company where the name was changed to MISS STERLING; Sold to Crain Brothers of Pennsylvania in April, 1950; Sold in February, 1983 to Tom Jones of Kanawha City, WV gutted down to the haul and rebuilt to its present glory in time for the Charleston Sternwheel Regatta in September of 1983. Remains unbeaten in the sternwheel races held at various regatta's. Thanks to Dave Comstock for the above info and photo. 1. Name: MARINER, (the 2nd one) Originally the RACHAEL MILLER Launched: 1863, Cincinnati, Oh. * Name: MARION Size: 75 tons or so Area: 1827, Feb., logged at Port of Cincinnati 3. Name: MARION Launched: 1840's late? Area: 1854, Sacramento R. Calif. 1. Name: MARION Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet Size: 123' X 26' X 4.5', 133 tons Launched: 1854 Louisville, Ky. Destroyed: 1859, Jan. 7, Soda Lake, La., snagged and lost. Area: 1854, Alexandria-Shreveport Owner: 1854, Boisseau, Capt. Joseph Captains: 1854, Boisseau, Capt. Joseph Later, Cellos, F.W. Name: MARION, Originally SILVER LAKE Launched: 1861? Destroyed: 1866, Grounded in U. Mo. R. Area: 1860s, early, U. Mo. R. 3. Name: MARIPOSA Launched: 1840s late? Area: 1850, June on, San Joaquine R. Calf. Captain: Farwell Comments: 1851, Nov. 1, was run into by the WEST POINT. Was towed to shallow water and refloated. Name: MARK TWAIN Type: Sternwheeler Size: Launched: 1860s? Area: Miss. R. Comments: 1883, Seen dead against shore. Color print by K. Chin. Name: MARK TWAIN originally BUSINESS and ultimately ALICE 1872-92 Name: MARK TWAIN originally ELON G. SMITH then CITY of ST. LOUIS 1873-?96? Name: MARK TWAIN/HUCK FINN/SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON, Web Site Launched: 1963 by the Dubuque Boat and Boiler Company Area: 1963-70, New Orleans as MARK TWAIN 1970-95, Miss. R., St. Louis, Mo. as HUCK FINN 1995, Dec.- Present, Ohio R., Louisville, KY. Owner: 1963-70, Streckfus Steamers of St. Louis, Missouri 1995-present, December, Jefferson County, Kentucky Captain: 1999, Mark Doty Comments: 1970, Renamed HUCK FINN 1996, April, Renamed SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON and now, along with the historic Steamer BELLE of LOUISVILLE, the SPIRIT operates as a nonprofit City-County agency.
    Type: Sternwheel, steel hull excursion boat.  Size: 120' X 33' X 6.', 400 pass.
    Launched: 1964, Dubuque Boiler and Boatworks
    Area: Excursion and dinner cruises out of Hannibal Mo.
    Comments: Scheduled to take Presidential candidate Al Gore and his
              running mate Joseph Lieberman on a 400 Mi. campaign journey
              from  LaCrosse, WI. to Hannibal, Mo.  See

Name: MARS
	Type: Sidewheel woodenhull packet.  Size: 180' X 34', 329 tons.
	Power: Engines, 20's- 7 ft., 3 boilers.
    Launched:1856, Cincinnati, Oh.
    Destroyed: 1865, July 18, Cogswell Landing, Mo. R., opposite the mouth of Fishing River.
    Area: 1861 running New Orleand-Memphis, Miss. R.
		: 1865 Mo. R.
	Owners: At one time, a St. Louis group headed by Capt. E.B. McPherson and
			Capt. Henry McPherson who ran her Memphis-Ohio R., then on Mo. R.
    Comments: See comments from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly.
			: 1861, June, Rebels seized her at Memphis as she was upbound from New orleans.
				1862, Mar. 7, Captured from the Confederates at Island 10.
				The Rebels had vandalized her.  Had to undergo major repairs.

    Type:Side-wheeler   Size:
    Destroyed: 1849, May 17, Fire at St. Louis docks.
    Area: Miss. R.
    Captain and pilots: 1847, La Barge, Joseph.
    Comments: 1847, La Barge took her up to Crow Creek in the Dakota
              Terr. and had trouble with Yanktonai Sioux Indians.

    Type: 1. Sidewheel wooden hull packet
    Size: 1. 408 tons
    Launched: 1. 1852, Hannibal, MO.
    Destroyed: 1. 1859, Jan 3, Cairo, Ill., Burned and lost 
    Area: 1865, St. Louis - St. Joseph, Mo. bi-weekly
    Owner: Zorer, Max
    Captains: 1. 1856, David H. Silver
    Comments: was dedicated by owner, Zorer, Max, to his "esteemed
              friend," William C. Jewett
            : 1. Bell went to a Presbyterian church in Cairo, Ill., 1895

	Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet.  Size: 192 tons.
	Power: Engines, 10's- 3-1/2 ft.
    Launched: 1883, Osage, Mo.
	Destroyed: Way's has her snagged at Sibley, Mo. or Turkey Island, Mo. R.
				Corp. of Engineers map has her wreck near Franklin Island just down
				from Boonville. Mo.
    Area: Mo. R.
    Owner:  Henry McPherson
    Captain(s): Henry McPherson
    Comments: From the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly.
			: Had cargo of sacked wheat aboard when snagged.


    Launched: 1840's late?
    Area: 1853, Sacramento R. Calif.

To Riverboats whose names start with the name MARY
1. Name: MASONIC GEM Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet. Size:125' X 26' X 4' Launched: 1859, Evansville, Ind. Destroyed: 1866, off the lists Areas: The pioneer mail packet on the Green R., Evansvill-Bolling Green 1861, Jan., U. White R. Captains: 1861, J.J. Pillisbury Comments: Was troop transport for Union during Civil War. : Mentioned in this Article 1. Name: MATT F. ALLEN/CARRIER Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 149.5' X 28.3' X 4' Launched: 1887 at Howard Yard, Jefferwonville, Ind. for the Lovell Line Destroyed: 1900, Sept. 20, burned. 1 life lost. Area: When new, Cumberland R., Nashville-Burnside. 1891, went to U. Ohio R., Wheeling-Parkersville 1896, went to U. Miss. R., out of Davenport, Iowa 1897, May 15, made first run in Clarksville Trade 1900, St. Louis-Calhoun County trade Owners: when built, the Lovell Line 1891, Capt. Henry Kraft and others 1896, sold to Capt. Walter Blair who renamed her CARRIER Captains: 1897, Ed D. Young 1897, See below article. Comments: 1896, name changed to CARRIER :May 15, 1897 From the Waterways Journal The Steamer Carrier Last Saturday the Steamer Carrier, formerly of Davenport, IA. Made her initial trip in the Clarksville trade. The carrier is owned by Captain Walter Blair of Davenport,IA and has been running in the upper river trade for several years, sometimes as a regular packet and sometimes as an excursion boat. Capt. T. G. Isherwood is in command and Capt. E. D. Young is in the office, with Zolle Block as assistant. H. S. Ruby has control of the steering apparatus and Frank Bucheite is in command of the forecastle.

	Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet   Size: 335 tons
	Launched: 1852, Cincinnati, Oh.
	Destroyed: 1858, dismantled
	Captains: at one time, Horace Bixby
	Area: 1855, Dec., badly dammaged in Great Steamboat Fire at St. Louis
		: 1856, landed at St. Paul

1. Name: MATTIE M
	Type: Sternwheel wooden hull ferry/towboat.  Size: 95' X 24' X 2.8', 145 tons.
	Launched: 1894, Memphis, Tenn.
	Destroyed: 1903, Dec 10, 6 mi. above Natchez, Miss., swamped by high winds,
				sank, drowning 6 of her crew.
	Area: Memphis area
	Owner: Dixie Transportation Company of New Orleans
	Captains: When it sank, A.L. Brunson

Newspaper clip from
The Olden Times

	Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet
	Size: 147 tons
	Launched: 1863, Cincinnati, Oh.
	Destroyed: 1875, dismantled
	Area: Parkersburg-Gallipolis
	      McAllister ran trips to Nashville.
	Owners: Big Etna Furnace Co. bought to convert to towboat
            Instead sold to Capt. Jack McAllister
            1875, sold to Capt. Taylor Higgins who dismantled her
	Captains: Amoung others, W. T. Hayman, Charles Smith and Mel Brown
              *1881, Marion Flesher
	Comments:  1867, spent summer stranded in Blennerhassett Island.

* Name: MAUD S.
	Type, packet
	Size: small
	Area: 1884, late Ohio. R.
	Owners: *1884, Dec. Purchased by Captain Paden
	Captains: 1884, late, Wilson

    Launched: 1870s?
    Owner: Stonington Line
    Type: Stern or sidewheel, unknowen, wooden hull packet.
    Size: 196' X 31' C 5', 210 tons.
    Launched: 1871, Pittsburgh, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1876, Feb. 20, "New Orleans, burned.
    Area: St. Louis-New Orleans
    Owners: Capt William J. Kountz, D.B.A., M. Lowery Transportation Company. 
    Captains: 1876, W. Breathwaite of Brownsville, Pa.

    Launched: 1840, Brownsville, Pa.
    Area: Ill. R.
    Owners: Elli Mills and Herman Price
Comments: *Source 

    Launched: 1840s, LATE?
    Area: 1840s, late, Sacramento R., calf.

Name: McCLAY
    Area: 1861: Miss. R.
    Comments:  2. - Friday Evening, March 22nd, 1861.
             " . . . The McClay landed about three this evening and put
             off some plows for H. Johnson."

    Area: 1840s, in Dresden, Oh. trade
    Comments: Mentioned in this Article

    Type: Sternwheeler?               Size: small
    Launched: between 1815 and 1820, in Wheeling, W. Va..
    Destroyed: ?1825: Snagged?
    Area: Ohio R.
    Comments: Machinery and boilers by Arthur M. Phillips Works, Wheeling, W. Va..
    Comments: Notes from WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA,
              WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER,  June 24, 1951

1. Name: MEDORA
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 101 tons.
    Launched: 1856, Brownsville, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1861, July 20, Jeffersonville, Ind. burned.
    Area: When new, U. Miss. trade
          1858, Minnisota R. trade
    Owners: 1867, William Constans
    Captains: 1858, Ed Mclagen
            : 1861, Ben F. Beasley 

	Type: Sternwheel wooden hull gospal boat
	Size: 175' X 33' X 5.
	Launched: 1901, Lyons Iowa, at Godfrey Marine
	Destroyed; 1921, Chattanooga, sank.
	Areas: 1904, after, ran out of Chattanooga
           1919-20, became lat packet to make trips to Kingston, Tenn.
           1921, running Chattanooga-Decatur
	Owners: 1901 - ?, T.T. Nichols
	Captains: 1919-20, Paul Underwood, master.  Bobb Dodds, clerk. Harris underwood, pilot.
              1921, Chattanooga-Decatur, master, Thomas D. Galy
	Comments: 1904, May, sank on the rocks in the Big Chain, about Mile 20 on the Tenn. R.
			Came out of refloating badly warped. Taken to marine way at Paducha for repairs.
			Came out of repairs looking like a reall packet boat.
			: See further info

    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 319 tons.
    Launched: 1852, Cincinnati, Oh.
    Destroyed: 1860, Off the lists
    Area: Built for Cincinnati-Memphis trade.
    Comments: 1853, Feb. 12, below Madison, Ind., sank with considerable loss
              of cargo.  Refloated.
            : 1857, Fri. Mar. 14, left Cincinnati bound for Memphis and
              Hickman, Tennessee.  Account of some of this trip. 

    Area: Miss. R.
              2. - 1861, Mar. 21st, 1861. "Business very dull, but boats are
             plenty.  There was a good number of boats passed up today.
             Amoung the rest was the Memphis with the mail, the new
             Gatz, Meteor, Imperial Maria. . . ."
            - Saturday Night, March 23rd., 1861.  "Business brisk for
             a few hours,  Steamboats running pleanty.  The Memphis
             landed about 2 o'clock down nand put off beer and whiskey
             for Newman and H.V.R.. . . . "
            - Wednesday Night, March 27th, 1861.  Business has been dull
             today.  The Str. Memphis landed this morning about sunrise
             going up; put off the mail. . . . "
            - Wednesday, April 3rd., 1861.  " . . . The Memphis came up
             this evening about 2 o'clock, put off mail and took on two
             or three passengers."
            - Saturday Night, April 6th, 1861.  ". . . Memphis landed about 3
             o'clock this evening, put off mail. . . ."
            - Wednesday Night, April 10th, 1861.  The Memphis landed
             here this morning, put off Chas. Beatty who had been
             reported dead long ago."
            - Saturday Night, April 12th, 1861.  " . . Business dull.  River
             rising.  Nothinig worth notice took place during the day
             till about 4 o'clock when the Memphis landed and George
             W. Frickee, Elmer Hamilton and Lady Epriam Dooms and
             George W. Frickee's two children took passage for Cairo
             from whence they intended to take shipping for New York
             and from there to San Francisco, California. . . . "
            - Friday Night, April 18th, 1861.  " . . . Business tolerable.
             River falling.  Boats are plentiful. . . . The Memphis
             went up about 10 o'cloce being 24 hours behind her time. . . ."
            - Wednesday Night, April 24th, 1861.  " . . . Business dull.
             River falling.  Memphis went down today and put off freight
             for Hennings and Holder, Hinton and Runfelt, Hughes and
             Brock.  Day went tolerable."
            - Saturday Night, April 27, 1861.  " . . . Memphis went down
             this evening, put off a lot of freight for Max Jehlen, Ross
             & Co. and Frank Hanning. . . . "
            - Saturday Night, May 4th, 1861.  " . . . Buiness dull.  Weather
             good.  The Dickey came up in due time and the Memphis
             went down.  Weather looks very gloomy.
            - Wednesday Night, May 8th, 1861.  " . . . Business dull.  River
             on stand.  Weather fine.  The Steam Boat Memphis went up
             this morning about sunrise, Took Dr. Robbins and Lady
             on board for St. Louis. . . . "
            - Wednesday Night, May 15th, 1861.  " . . . Business tolerable in
             bacon and butter.  River rising very fast.  Memphis up
             today.  Brought little mail.  Dickey down with good mail.
             Learned Southerners were taken prisoners in St. Louis."
            - July 10th 1861.  " . . . The Memphis came went down
             about 12 o'clock today and took Ellison and family and 
             Mrs. Shaw for Paducah, Ky.  Weather fine but very dry.
             River falling.
            - Friday July 12th 1861.  " . . . Memphis came up today and took
             A.R. Newman and his goods to St Louis. . . . "
            - Saturday, November 30th, 1861.  "All has been quiet here
             for some time.  We have a few troops once in a while.  The
             Memphis went down this morning with cavalry.  The new
             gunboats went down yesterday and layed all night at Max
             Island. . . . "
Posters, fine art, memoribilia and more
Name: MEMPHIS QUEEN II, Off. No. 269760
    Type: Decorative Sternwheeler, Contemporary excursion boat
    Size: 64.9' X 27' X 3', 308 Passengers
    Power: 300 horsepower twin screw: Port Engine:Detroit Diesel 6-71
           Starboard Engine:Caterpillar 3306 (6 cyl.)
    Launched: 1955 by Dubuque Boat & Boiler Co. for Capt. Ed Langford
    Area: 1955-present (1999), Memphis Tenn.
    Owner: 1955-Present (1999),Memphis Queen Line  Web Site w/photos
    Captain(s): 1955-60 Captain Ed Langford
                 1960-?? Capt. Tom Meanley

Name:  MEMPHIS QUEEN III, Off. No. 605060  Photo, stern,   Web Site and Photos
    Type: Sternwheel, contemporary excursion boat
    Size: 99.8' x 27' x 4.4', 86 tons, 400 passenger
    Power: 1000 horsepower twin screw with true paddlewheel 
           Main engines: Detroit Diesel 8V-71
           Paddlewheel: Detroit Diesel 6-71 powering Sunstrand Hydraulic
                       pump to Hagglund 6300 series rotary hydraulic motor.
    Launched: 1979 by Memphis Queen Shipyard.  Hull was constructed in the
              back yard and then moved to the river by house-mover. The
              remainder of the vessel was built at the docks of The Memphis
              Queen Line.  The MEMPHIS QUEEN III took three years to build.  
    Area: 1979-present (1999), Memphis Tenn.
    Owner: 1979-present (1999),Memphis Queen Line  Web Site
    Captain(s):  1979-?? Capt. Tom Meanley
                 1999, Dale Meanley Lozier
    Comments: 1999, attended the Tall Stacks Celebration.



    Launched: 1840s, mid?
    Area: 1849, San Joaquin R., Calf.
    Comments: 1849,  Was first steamer to go up San Joaquin R. 

    Type: Ironclad Civil War Boat
    Comments: Was Union built, then captured by South and renamed
              her the C. S. S. VIRGINIA

    Launched: 1860s? early? 
    Area: Probably the Ohio R.
    Comments: Source: from a web site visitor.
              My Grandmother was named Mertie Belle after a paddlewheel
              or steamboat. She was born in Hillsdale Michigan in
              Jan 1863. Has any one heard of that boat?
              From: Pat
              Date: Wed Dec 16 20:51:16 1998

    Launched: 1898? Seattle
    Area: Alaska
    Comments: 1 of 2 built by Moran Bros.
Name: MESSENGER Fictional? in book "Steamboat Gothic"
    Launched: 1849?
    Area: Pittsburgh to N.O.
    Owner: Griest & Swaney
    Captain and pilots: Capt. Jessie Dean

    Type: Sidewheel Wooden hull Packet
    Size: 172' X 25' X 5.7', 236 tons.
    Launched: 1844, Pittsburg, Pa.
    Area: 1844-?49?Pittsburgh - Cincinnati
    Owner: Capt James J. Perry and stockholders incluiding A. Nimick
           and W.K. Nimick of Pittsburgh.
    Captain: Perry, James J.

1. Name: MESSENGER No. 2
Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet
Size: 230' X 30' X 5', 368 tons
Power: 28's-7 1/2', five boilers each with 16" flues.  26' paddlewheel
       with 12' buckets.
Built: 1848, Hull, Freedom, Pa. 1849, Completed and launched, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Destroyed: 1856, Off the lists.
Area: 1849, Pittsburgh-Cincinnati
Captains: 1849, Woodward, I. C.
          1849, Pilots: Shouse, John, Witten, Jim
          1851-53, Klinefelter, John
          1854  Davis, J. B.
Companies Associated with: 1849-at least 53, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati Packet Line

    Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet.
    Size: 190' X 30.8' X 7', 389 tons.
    Launched: 1852, Jeffersonville, Ind., Howard Yard
    Destroyed: 1859, Aug. 30, 9 mi. above Bayou Sara, burned.
    Area: 1858, Memphis-New Orleans, 
    Owner: 1852, Robert S. Kirke, Mobile Ala.; 1858, W.L. Miller, New Orleans.

    Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet.    Size: 154' X 35 X 5.2, 254 tons.
    Power: Engines, 20's- 5 ft.
    Launched: 1855, Belle Vernon, Pa..
    Destroyed: 1861, Dec. 7, Rochester, Pa., lost by stranding.
    Area: 1855, Pittsburgh-Cincinnati; 1857, U. Miss. R.
          1859, fall, Louisville-Memphis
    Captains: 1855, Capt. Martin Mellinger, Pilots, Kerr, Wash of Irontown, Oh.
              and Alfred Moore of Beaver Pa..
              1859, fall, Kyle, John.
    Comments: *Lake Pepin, between Wis. and Minn. on U. Miss. R., Challenged
              KEY CITY to race.  Lost.
    *Jones Worden's Steamboats and Steamboating Career by Frederick J. Worden

    Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet.
    Size: 157' X 34.5 X 5, 436 tons.
    Power: Engines, 16's- 5 ft., 3 boilers, 38" by 24'
    Launched: 1865, Brownsville, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1875, Dismantled.  Hull served as a barge.
    Area: 1865, Pittsburgh-St. Louis; 1866, ?St. Louis?-New Orleans.
          1871, Pittsburgh-New Orleans; 1875, Pittsburgh-Cincinnati. 
    Captains: 1865, Dean, William; 1866, fall, Dean, Jesse;
              1871, Greenlee, Robert; 1875, Vandergrift, J.M..
   Comments: 1873, summer, rebuilt at Brownsville, Pa., removing her
             Texas deck.

    Area: Miss. R.
    Captain and pilots: Capt. Draffen
    Comments: Plied trade from St. Louis to Ft. Levenworth, Weston,
              Mo. and St Joseph.
              2. - 1861, Mar. 21st.  "Business very dull, but boats are
              plenty.  There was a good number of boats passed up
              today.  Amoung the rest was the Memphis with the mail,
              the new Gatz, Meteor, Imperial Mariah.  Denning brought
              Joe Kelly and two boats.  The Ryland landed here 4o'clock
              going down.  Took 7 cords wood, but but off no freight."
            - Saturday, June 15th, 1861.  " . . . We also received news
              from the Mate and Clerk of the Steamer Meteor which came
              up last night about 11 o'clock that they were fighting
              in St. Louis; Germans against Americans.  Commerce is
              perfectly quiet yet and I hope it will remain so."

    Area: 1857, U. Miss. R.
    Owner: 1857, Northern Line Packet Company
    Captain(s): 1857, Rhodes
    Comments: Mentioned in this Article

    Destroyed: 1875, Mo. R. near Franklin I. below Boonville, Mo.
    Area: Mo. R.
    Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quaterly 

* Name: MEXICO
	Size: 125 tons
	Power: Low pressure
	Launched: 1824, Cincinnati, Oh.
	Areas: 1827, Feb., logged at Port of Cincinnati
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1. Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994 2. Quote from The Diary Of Joseph T. Anderson 3. Steamboats in the Valley
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