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* Name: MIAMI Size: 50 tons Power: High pressure Launched: 1822, Cincinnati, Oh. Name: MIAMI Photo source Type: Sternwheeler towboat Size: Area: 1930, Ohio R. Name: MICHIGAN Source Article Type: Sidewheeler, Iron hulled, Dreadnaught Warship Launched: 1843: built in Pittsburg, dissasembled and transported to Eire PA for launch Destroyed: Scrapped Area: Lake Michigan Owner: U.S. Navy Captain and pilots: Comments: Built to resemble a frigate, she was U.S. Navy's first iron ship. Name: MILDRED Type: Towboat Comments: Her whistle was from the GEORGE STRECKER, from which it was passed on to the BESSIE SMITH, then to the LIBERTY and on to the towboat MILDRED and finally to the BEN HUR 3. Name: MILMAN Launched: 1840's mid? Area: Sacramento R. Calf. Comments: 1849, Aug. 31, Listed in the Alta Californian as plying trade on the waters of the Sacramento R. Name: MILT HARRY Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 80 tons Area: White R. and Black R. Launched: 1877. Cincinnati, Oh. for Capt. Pete McArther Destroyed: 1885, Mar. 6, 20 mi. above Batesville on White R., burned. Owner: Capt. Pete McArther Captains: 1885, briefly Capt. Thomas B. Stallings was pilot. Comments: was named after Captain Milt R. Harry
Magic Cabin
    Launched: 1845, Shousetown, Pa.

    Launched: 1857, Cincinnati, Oh.

    Launched: 1870's

    Type: Sternwheel wooden hull railroad transfer vessel/packet
    Launched: 1880, Jeffersonville, Ind. by Howard Yard.
    Destroyed, 1896, Still listed in Dubuque Registry
    Area: *1880, St. Louis-S. Dakota
           *1882, ferry between Chamberlain and Pierre du Chein, S.D.
           1886, Documented, Prairie du Chein
    Destroyed: 1896, still listed in Dubuque registry
    Owners: 1880, Milwaukee Railroad Company
            *1882-87, master and pilot, Henry Jasper King
       *Brule County, S.D. Historical Society

    Launched: 1860s? Early
    Area: U. Miss R.
    Owner: 1864, Northwestern Union Packet Company
    Comments: Mentioned in this Article

Name: MINER, originally the BURNSIDE

1. Name: MINER
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 299 tons.
    Launched: 1866, Pittsburgh, Pa.
    Area: from start, Mo. R.
    Owners: when new, Capt. J.H. Porter
            Later, Northwestern Fur Company
    Captains: 1866, J.H. Porter
    Comments: maiden trip was to Point of Rocks above Ft. Benton with 1.187
              rails and 20 tons of connection bends for Union Pacific R.R.

    Area: Mo. R.
    Owners: 1873-74, W.A. Burleigh
    Captains: 1892 at time of his death, William Reid
    Comments: This info from Caroline Villier, Capt. Reid's great
              grandaughter who would like to know more about the Captain.   

    Area: 1844, Pittsburg-Zanesville trade, Ohio R.
    Comments: Mentioned in this Article as possibly having the first steam
              whistle on the Ohio R.

Name: MINK
    Area 1857, Mo. R.
    Comments: 1857, May 24, Omaha, stopped for night.  Carring Gov. supplies
               for Fort Pierre, 700 mi. upriver.  This from the
               Diary of E.F. Beadle  

1. Name: MINK
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 250' X 20.5', 165 tons.
    Launched: 1865, Pittsburgh, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1878, off the lists.
    Area: 1865-71, Zanesville-McConnelsville, Muskingum R.
    Captains: 1865-71, master, William Davis
              1872-77, master, Charles C. Morgan

Name: MINK
     1877-94 when renamed CLARA CAVETT  

    Launched: Built 1870s? at Arrow Rock, Mo, by Gustave Moehle and Sons. 
    Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly.

    Type: Sidewheel , ooden hull ferry.  Size: 33 tons.
    Launched: 1856, Wellsville, Oh.
    Area: First homeport, Wheeling, W. Va.
Destroyed: 1861, off the lists. 

    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 236' X 36.5' X 6.5, 531 tons.
    Power: 25's- 7 ft., 4 boilers, each 46" X 30'.
    Launched: 1857, Guyandotte, Va.
    Destroyed: 1865, May 13, New Orleans, burned.
    Area: 1857-62, Mo. R., St Louis-St. Joseph, Mo..
          1857, Diary of E.F. Beadle has her arriving Omaha, Neb, June 12 and
                 July 2; arriving up to Omaha, July 21.
                 Aug. 8, landing in Omah from St. Louis.
          1862 -? possibly Paducah-St. Louis.
    Owners: 1862-65, Capt. David White
    Captains: 1857-?62?, C. Baker
              1862, David White

    Type: Sternwheel, Wooden hull.  Size: 40' X 9' X 5.'.
    Launched, 1894, Canton, S.D.
    Destroyed: 1908, still documented at Sioux City. 

	Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet.  Soze: 149 tons.
	Launched: 1849, Elizabeth, Pa. under direction of Capt. Richard C. Gray.
	Destroyed: 1862, off the lists.
	Areas: U. Miss. R., Galena-St. Paul.  Later Minnesota R. 
	Owners: Northern Line Packet Company

    Area: Sabine R., East Tex.
    Captains: Tom Davis
    Comments: Source


    Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet    Size: 133' X 25' X 3', 856 tons
    Launched: 1880, Reeds Landing, Minn.
    Destroyed: 1889, Oct. 4, Blue Blanket Island, N.D., hit rock and was lost.
    Area: 1880-89, Mo. R.
    Owners: 1885?, became U. S. Army survey boat. Renamed MISSOURI.
          : Later in Power Line
    Captains: 1885, July 20, La Barge, Joseph
    Comments;  1885, July 20, left Ft. Benton for extended survey of Mo. R. 
Name: MINNI-HA-HA #1
    Type: Prop or wheel?-driven steamboat commuter vessel
    Size: length: ?  400 passenger
    Launched: 1857, spring
    Area: Lake George N.Y.
    Owner: Lake George Steam Boat Co.. Incorporated in 1817 by N. Y.
           State Legislature to opperate to operate commercial shipping
           on Lake George.  Home Page for Co. 
Captain and pilots: Comments: Was last wood-burner on the lake Name: MINNI-HA-HA- #2 Picture and ad
Type: Sternwheeler, contemporary, steam driven, 12' dia. wheel Size: Length: 103"; Beam:30'; Draft: 3' 6"; Displacement: 200 tons; horsepower; 200; speed: 7 mph. Cost $270,000 Launched: A new boat, christened by Mrs. Ruth Dow: July 30, 1969 Destroyed: still in service Area: Lake George, N. Y. Owner: Lake George Steamboat Co. Home Page for Co.
Captains: Michael C. Keboe, William P. Dow, John Miller, Fred Dorr, Thom Thompson, Ron Welton, Steve Boyce and Bill Connor Comments: Built for and still running 1 hour tours on lake George. Hull design by the H.M. Tiedemann Co of N.Y. City with considerable discussion with riverboat authority Captain Fredrick Way of Swickley, PA.. Engines and paddlewheel by Fredric H. Semple of St Louis Mo.. Boiler by International Boiler Works of East Stroudsburg, PA. Signal bells from an old Hudson River sidewheeler that was built around 1910. 1. Name: MINNESOTA BELL Launched: 1854 Destroyed: 1862, Mar. 28, Liverpool, Ill., snagged and lost. Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet Size: 225 tons Area: 1854-62, St. Louis-St. Paul trade Owner: 1857, Northern Line Packet Company Captain: 1857, Hill, Thomas B. Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: MINT Launched: before 1849 Area: 1849, 3. Oct. started service San Francisco to Sacramento Comments: also see, California Delta, Name: MISS STERLING See MARIETTA Name: MISSISSIPPI Area: 1857, Dec. 1, The Diary of E.F. Beadle has this boat leaving Detroit for lake Erie. Name: MISSISSIPPI Type: Side-wheeler Size: Launched: 1850's or 60's Area: Miss. R. Captain: late 1860's? Peppers, George H. Comments: Confederate boat? Comments: From the Wheeling Register Monday, March 31, 1879. : Wooden Model of this boat Name: MISSISSIPPI Comments: Union boat. Gunned ironclad Manassas in battle below N. O.. Destroyed her. 1. MISSISSIPPI Type: Sidewheeler, wooden hull packet Size: 304' X 41.5' X 7', 856 tons Power: 30s-10 ft. Five boilers, each 46" X 24' Launched: 1864, Cincinnatti, Oh. Cost $100,000 Destroyed: 1870, Feb. 28, Waterproof, La., Snagged and sunk. Area: 1864, Cincinnatti-New Orleans; 1866, St. Louis-New Orleans Owners: 1868, May 25, Purchased at auction by Capt. W.R. Carter for $17,800. Companies Associated With: Atlantic and Mississippi Steam Ship Company Captains: 1864-66, James Good 1866-68, Jesse Y. Hurd 1868-70, W. R. Carter Crew; 1866, clerk - Capt. James. D. Malin Comments: It is said that when she sank her upper decks separated from the hull and floated on down past Natchez with all the fancy chandeliers still burning. Many shore dwellers saw this site Name: MISSISSIPPI See BECKY THATCHER Type: sternwheeler Size: Launched: 1929 Name: MISSISSIPPI QUEEN Picture and ad Type: Modern replica of true Sternwheeler Size: 382', 420 passenger, 6 decks, including sundeck. Launched: 1975, Apr. 30, Christened Area: N.O. - St Paul Destroyed: 2010, Sold for scrap (see below) Owner: 1998 - Present: Delta Queen Steamboat Co. Photos Captains: 1976, July 20 and 21, 1st shakedown cruise, Master, Capt Earnest E. Wagner Pilots, Harry Louden, Art Zimmer. Mates, Joseph Davidson, Willard Lockhart , 2nd shakedown cruise, Master, Carl A. Sheldon 1978-79, First Mate, Donald J. Sanders 1979, Feb. 17 - 1994 at least, Master, Gabriel Chengery Comments: Year round cruises from 3 to 16 nights. Bathing Pool on upper deck Beauty Parlor Calliope Bar Dining Room Exercise Room Forward Cabin Lounge Gift Shop Golden Antlers Bar Grand Saloon Paddlewheel Lounge Port Gallery Movie Theater Climate Controled Staterooms Telephones 2 Elevators 165 Crewmembers Also SEE : Complete description of boat and accomodations HERE : Sold for Scrap: By Jerry Limone - Ambassadors International has sold the Mississippi Queen paddlewheeler for "salvage value," said company CFO Mark Detillion during the company’s first-quarter call with investors on Friday. The Mississippi Queen formerly sailed for Majestic America Line, Ambassadors' river cruise business that ceased operations in fall 2008. According to the Quad-City Times of Davenport, Iowa, the boat was navigated from the Perry Street Wharf in New Orleans to the scrap yard. Name: MISSOURI Launched: 1820, late? Area: 1831 & 32, Mo. R. Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Comments: Could this be the same boat as below? Possibly, depending upon how long she lived. : Mentioned in this Article Name: MISSOURI Type: Side-wheeler Size: Area: Miss. R. Comments: 1844, nearly broke J. M. WHITE'S 5 yr. old record by making trip from N.O. to St. Louis and back in 4 days and 19 hr. 1849, 4/19/0: Made run N.O. - St Louis Name: MISSOURI (Often refered to as the BIG MISSOURI) Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet Size: 304' X 38' X 9', 886 tons Launched: 1845, Cincinnati, Oh., Burton Hazen Yard. Destroyed: 1851, July 8, St. Louis, Mo. Area: 1845, St Louis - New Orleans Owners: 1848, Messrs. Gaty, McCune and Glasby Comments: was largest boat below the Louisville Falls until the SULTANA came out in 1848. : 1848, summer, St. Louis, reportedly sold at sheriff's auction for $8,900, far below her worth. Name: MISSOURI Type: Sidewheel wooden hull gunboat, Confederate Size: 188' X 50.7' X 7.5' Power: Engines 24's 7 ft. Four boilers, each 30" X 26'. Casemates were railroad rails Launched: 1863 Built by Capts. John Smoker and Tom Moore for the Confederacy Owners: 1863, Confederacy; 1865, June 14, captured by Union forces 1865, Nov. 29, sold to J. riley for $2,300 Name: MISSOURI Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet Size: 306' X 42' X 8', 856 tons Launched: 1864, Cincinatti, Oh. Hull by Leatherbury. Machinery by C.T.Durmont. Cabin by Johnston, Morton & Co. Power: engines, 30's- 10 ft., five tubular boilers, each 46" X 24' Wheels, 37' working 15' buckets Destroyed: 1866, Jan. 30, boilers explosion upbound on Ohio R. at mouth of Green R. Area: 1864, St Louis - New Orleans with trips to Louisville Owners: *Atlantic and Mississippi Steam Ship Company Captains: 1866, Jan. 30, Hurd, Jesse Y. Comments: This is The MISSOURI most spoken of. She was said to have been racing the DICTATOR when the explosion occured. DICTATOR removed the survivors. : Amoung the some 65 killed in the explosion were the Capt's. wife, Catherine, his son, Pilot Henry Hurd. Severly burned in the explosion was his son Arthur, who died Sept. 1867 of swamp feaver. The capt. himself died Oct. 23 1867 : The clerk, James D. Malin, was spared. : *From site visitor Lynn Cunningham Name: MISSOURI Type: Sidewheel railroad transfer, wooden hull Size: 191.7' X 31.7' X 6.3' Launched: 1879, Metropolis, Ill. Destroyed: 1897, boiler explosion Area: 1898, Carondolet, Mo. Name: MISSOURI, originally the MINNIE H. (below) Launched: 1880, Name: MISSOURI PACKET Launched: 1818 or 19? Destroyed: 1819 or 20? Mo. R.. snagged and sank near Hardeman's Island just above the mouth of the Lamine R.. Area: Mo. R. Comments: from Boone's Lick Heritage Quarterly. Name: MINNIE H./MISSOURI Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet Size: 133' X 25' X 3', 856 tons Launched: 1880, Reeds Landing, Minn. Destroyed: 1889, Oct. 4, Blue Blanket Island, N.D., hit rock and was lost. Area: 1880-89, Mo. R. Owners: 1885?, became U. S. Army survey boat. : Later in Power Line Captains: 1885, July 20, La Barge, Joseph Comments; 1885, July 20, left Ft. Benton for extended survey of Mo. R. Name: MISTLETOE Type: Excurssion Steamer Comments: 1924, 19" x 25" color print, signed & numbered by artist, Diana Garrison Litter. Name: MITTIE STEVENS Credit Destroyed: 1869: Near Swanson's Landing, Burned. 60 lives lost
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1. Source: Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994 3. Steamboats in the Valley

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