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3. Name: MARY Launched: 1840's mid? Area: Sacramento R. Calf. Comments: 1849, Aug. 31, Listed in the Alta Californian as plying trade on the waters of the Sacramento R. Name: MARY BLEES Area: ?Miss. and Ala. Rs.? Comments: *Info is from photo ay Mobile Ala. sent in by site visitor, Art Green 1. Name: MARY BOYD Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 159.7' X 33.4' X 5.' Power: 13-3/4's- 5 ft., 3 boilers and 2 flues. Wheel: 18-1/2' working 20' buckets. Launched: 1869,Cincinnati,Oh. Destroyed: 1886, still documented, Mobile, Ala, maybe later yet. Area: 1869, Memphis-Ark. R. 1876, out of Peoria 1876, Oct. out of Mobile, Ala. Owners: 1876, Apr. purchased by Illinois Packet Company. 1876, Oct. purchased by Mobile, Ala. concerns. Captains: 1869, R.L. Haines 1. Name: MARY BYRD Type: Wooden hull packet Launched: 1866 Destroyed: 1870, May 9, Kelly's Ferry, Upper Tenn. R. Don't know how. Area: Under Fritts and Byrd, Tenn. R. trade Under Small Bros., Ran N. Ala. trade Owners: Capt Jacob Fritts and Col. R.K. Byrd Later owned by the Small Bros. Captains: Jacob Fritts At one time C.S. Peak, when made record amount below. Comments: First trip out sank with a group of Congressmen who were touring the South. : 1870, sank in the "Suck" below Chattanooga. : Said to have earned $7,777,77 in a single season Name: MARY C Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 157 tons. Launched: 1852, Rockingham, Iowa. Destroyed: 1858, off the lists. Area: 1853, was in St. Paul Comments: possibly the boat mentioned in this Article. Name: MARY C Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet, Size:65' X 16.5' X 3.2' Launched: 1915, Yazoo City, miss. Destroyed: 1918, still listed Area: ran to Vicksburg Captains: John J. Richardson 1. Name: MARY COOK Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 154' X 29.3' X 4.', 162 tons. Launched: 1857, California. Pa. for Capt. Hugh Campbell and Charles S. Frisbee. Destroyed: 1862, Dismantled Area: ran tramp trades 1861, Jan., Pittsburgh-Cincinnati 1862, transported U.S. Troops, Kanawha R.-Louisville Owners: 1857 when new, Capt. Campbell, Capt. Frisbee, William Nelson, all of Pittsburgh and Ben Coursin of McKeesport. Captains: 1857, Master, Hugh Campbell 1862, Frisbee Name: MARY D Launched: 1900s? Area: 1905, Ark. R., between Ft. Smith and Muskogee. Owner: 1905, purchased by the Arkansas Navigation Company Comments: Credit 1. Name: MARY E. FORSYTH Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 254' X 40' X 7.', 621 tons. Power: 25's-8 ft.. 4 boilers, each 46" X 28' 6 flues Wheels, 30' 14 buckets Launched: 1862, Pittsburgh, Pa. Destroyed: 1878, late May, enroute to Pensacola, Fl., off Chandeleur Islands, caught in storm and lost. No lives lost. Area: 1862, St. Louis-New Orleans Owners: 1862, Capt. Barton Able, St. Louis Ran under Atlantic and Mississippi Steam Ship Company banner Captains: 1862, Barton Able Later, H.H. Symmes Comments: was U.S. transport during C. War. : Was carring U.S. ordnance out of Mound City, Ill. when sunk by storm. : Capt. C.W. Batchelor supervised building of this boat. 3. Name: MARY ELLEN Launched: Before 1862 Area: 1862-64, San Joaquin and Mokelumne Rs. to Woodbridge, Calf.. Owner: Mokelumne River Steam Navigation Company Name: MARY FALVEY Area: Under John Clemens, Neches R., Tex. Owners: Between 1852 and 57 purchased by Capt. John Clemens Comments: See source Article
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    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 176' X 20' X 5.5', 248 tons.
    Launched: 1848, Louisville, Ky.
    Destroyed: 1857, off the lists.
    Area: originally, New Orleans-Bayou Sara
          1854, New Orleans-Bayou Lafourche trade
    Owners: 1848-50, Capt. Celestin Dalfares
            1850, Capt. Antoine Dalfares of Assumption Parish, La.
            1853, Apr. Enrolled, No. 71, Apr. 8, by Capt. Louis
                  Ranson, Part-owner. (ship registers and enrollments New
                  Orleans, La. Vol. 5)
            1854, Trudeau, Hutcheson& Co., Baton Rouge, La.
            1854, Nov. Purchased by Capt. Celestine Moreau, Jr.,
                  Avoylles Parish, La. and others.
            1855, sold to Benjamin F. Cox, East. Baton Rouge
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet  Size: 86.2' X 16.2' X 3.6'
    Power: 9 1/2- 3 ft., one boiler.
    Launched: 1896, Millwood, W. Va.
    Destroyed: 1908, Jan. 28, Bayou Teche, burned.
    Area: 1903, June, Vanceburg-Portsmouth on Ohio R.
          1904, Miss. R.
    Owner: 1896-1904, Frank Agnew, James Rowley, Jr. and Capt. William Pell
           1904, H.A. Harvey of Harvey, La.
    Captain:  1896-1904, William Pell

    Launched: 1860s?
    Area: Miss. R.
    Comments: 1870, June 30, Carried spectators for "ROBERT E. LEE
              vs NATCHEZ" race.
			: Also see NEW MARY HOUSTON

	Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.   Size: 123' X 18' X 4.5', 95 tons.
	Launched: 1853, Elizabeth, Pa.
	Destroyed: 1859, off the lists.
	Areas: 1865-66, ran up White R.
	Owners: When new, John Whiteside & Co., Pocahontas, Ark.
					(Jonathan A. Whiteside and Silas A. Dougherty)
			1855, W.C. Johnson and others, Memphis.
			1857, Edmond Castillo, New Orleans
	Captains: 1855, Morgan Magness Bateman
			  1856, W. Stockman, while on White R. run.
	Comments: 1854, Dec. 8, White R., sank and was refloated.
			: Mentioned in this Article.

	Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.   Size: 110.4' X 17.5' X 4'
	Launched: 1890, Pt. Pleasant, W. Va.
    Area: Built for Big Sandy R. service.
		  Often ran Ohio R. during low water times.
		  1897, Dec. was running Syracuse-Gallipolis trade.
	Captains: 1897, Dec. M.M. Brown
    Comments: From The Tribune Telegraph,
              Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Apr. 28 1897

	Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet.  Size: 563 tons.
	Power: Engines, 20's- 5 ft., 3 boilers.
	Launched: 1866, St. Louis, Mo.
	Destroyed: 1873, June 12, Gilham's Landing, Mo., burned.
    Area: 1867, Spr., Mo. R.
			1870, trips to Ouachita R.
	Owners: In part, Capt.James Gunsollis
	Captains:  1867-70, John Greenough
				1873, when burned, George Keith with Henry Keith, pilot
	Companies Associated With: 1867, Ran in the St. Louis & Omaha Packet Company
							   1870, Ouachita Packet Company
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet      Size: 411 tons
    Launched: 1870, Dover, Tenn.
    Area: 1871, Made low water run, Louisville-Cairo
          1876-78 and on, Cincinati-St. Louis trade 
    Owner: 1871, Mar 4-Mid June, Evansville and Memphis Packet Company
           1871, Mid June-1876, March, Capt. James Paul
           1876, Mar, Capt. John M. Shunk 
    Captains: 1871, James Paul
              1876, John M. Shunk

    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.   Size:210' X 32.5' X 6, 450 Ton.
    Power: 17's-5-1/2 ft. 
    Launched: 1880, Dubuque, iowa, by diamond Jo Line
    Destroyed, 1896, Oct., Crain's Island near Grand Tower, Ill, Snagged and lost.
    Area: 1880, Miss. T. trades
          1896, St. Louis-Memphis
    Owners: 1880-1896, fall, Diamond Jo Line
            1897, summer, chartered to Anchor Line
            1897, Fall, Purchased by Anchor Line
    Captains: 1896, Nov., Milt Harry
    Comments: Given the maiden name of the wife of Diamond Jo Reynolds
            : 1892, Sept 10, Clarksville Island, sank and was raised.
            : Built under supervision of capt. John F. Killeen.
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	Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 125' X 23', 105 tons.
	Launched: 1859, Grand Glaze, Ark.
	Destroyed: 1862, St. Charles, Ark.,
		             Purposely sunk with two other Confederate boats to block river.
	Area: Upper White R.
		: 1861, May 5, Jacksonville, Ark, helped take the Jackson Guards to lower river.
	Owners: 1858, Owned by J. C. Matthews and A. B. Comer
	Captains: 1858, Morgan Magness Bateman
	Comments: 1861, A Confederate troop and supply carrier.
			: See Article

    Type: Side-wheeler 
    Launched: 1861
    Area: Hudson R.
    Comments: fastest on Hudson for quarter century.

    Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet
    Size: 191' X 28' X 6', 224 tons
    Power: 20's- 7 ft..  3 boilers
    Launched: Hull laid at McNaughton & Dunlevy, West Wheeling, Va.
              1847 completed by Phillips Boat Yard in Wheeling, W. Va..
    Destroyed: 1855, Off lists.
    Area: 1847, Wheeling - Cincinnati trade
          1848, Aug. made trip Cincinnati - New Orleans.
          1851, March, Louisville - Cincinnati
    Owner: 1847, when launched, Capt. M. E. Lucas
           1848, 1848, Mar. Norton, George W. and others.
           1851, Tyler & *Ralston Co, of Wellsville, Ohio.
    Captain(s): 1851, Mar. Malin, John W.
    Comments: *Ralston was a millionaire banker in San Francisco, Calif. 
    Comments: Notes from WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA,
              WHEELING INTELLIGENCER,  June 24, 1951

    Type: Towboat 
    Launched: 1890s?
    Area: 1897, Ohio R., Green R.
    Owner: 1897, Mar. Capt. Callie M. French
    Captain(s): French, Capt. Callie M.
    Comments: Aug. 1897, was towboat for FRENCH'S SHOWBOAT
             From The Tribune Telegraph,
             Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Mar. 31 1897

1. MARY T./J.A. COTTON (the 2nd one)
    Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet    Size: 185' X 34' X 8'
    Launched: 1860, Howard Yard, jeffersonville, Ind.
    Power: 22's-8 ft., 4 boilers, each 40" X 26'. 
    Destroyed: 1866, Pittsburgh, dismantled.
               1867, Feb., hulk moored at McKees Rocks, Pa. was swept away
                     by ice. 
    Area: 1860, New Orleans-Vicksburg trade
          1865, June, Sent to Mound City, Ill. by U.S. forces
    Owner: 1860, When built, New Orleans Coast and LaFourche Transportation
           1863, Mar. 19, commissioned as Confederate gunboat 
           1865, U.S. forces
           1866, private owner or owners, possibly the below.
           1867, Fisher, Capt. R. ?of Pittsburgh, Pa.?
    Captains: 1860-61, Holmes, Richard
               *At one time, Boisseau, Joseph of Shreveport, La. 
    Comments: 1863, Mar. 19, renamed J.A. COTTON.  Carried Confederate mail.
                   Often refered to as simply the COTTON
              1865, June, Alexandria, La., captured by U.S. forces. 
            : Machinery went to GLENCOE
            : * Biography of  Boisseau, Joseph

    Comments: 1862, July 1, Was Southern troop transport.
                    Transported 1st Battalion of 14th Texas Cavalry battalion from
                    Mobile, Ala., across Mobil bay to mouth of Tensas R. (some 14 mi.)

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