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	Area: 1848 or so, White R.
	Comments: Source

    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.   Size: 168' X 29.5' X 4.5'.  *324 ton
    Launched: 1878, Metropolis, Ill.
    Destroyed: 1896, May 27, in St. Louis tornado.
    Area: 1878-96, U. Miss. R.  One trip up Missouri R. to Bismarck.
    Owner: 1878-96, Diamond Jo Line
    Captains: in early days, John Killeen
    Comments: *machinery came from JOSIE
              by way of FANNIE HARRIS and CITY OF KEITHSBURG.
            :* From an article by William Petersen in The Palimpsest

    Launched: 182?
	Size: Around 300 tons
    Area: * 1827, logged at Port of Cincinnati
          1928, Apr., U. Mo. R.
    Comments: from Boone's Lick Heritage Quarterly.

3. Name: LIBERTO
    Launched: 1840s, Late>
    Area: 1840s, late, Sacramento R., Calf.

    Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage

1. Name: LIBERTY
    Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet   Size: 261 tons
    Launched: 1857, Wheeling, W. Va.
    Destroyed: 1862, Dec. 27, Twelve Pole Creek, W.Va., snagged and lost.
    Area: 1857 - Wheeling-Parkersburgh, occasionally to Cincinnati.
    Owner: 1857-62, Apr., Built for Capt. Charles Booth, and others 
           1862, Apr. - 1862, Dec., Mason City Coal Co.
    Captain(s): 1857-62, Apr., Booth, John K.
    Comments: From The Wheeling Register, Monday, March 31, 1879 

    Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet     Size: 164' X 24.4' X 5'
    Power: 17's-6 ft., 3 boilers, each 42" X 22'
    Launched: 1889, Harmar, Oh. for Capt. John K. Booth and others
    Destroyed: 1918, early, Russell, Ky., hit half submerged barge and sank.
    Area: 1889 for several yrs., Wheeling-Clarington, then Wheeling-Parkersburg
          1896, Memphis-White River Trade
          1902, Mobile-Demopolis, Ala. trade
          1907, Mobile-Montgomery trade
          1913, Spring, Pittsburgh-Cincinnati
          1915, Summer, Towed RICE and DORE Floating Circus to U. Miss. R..
                        Many tribulations.
          1916, Pt. Pleasant, Kanawha R., laid up all summer.
          1917, Pittsburg, ran excursions
          1918, Pittsburg-Cincinnati trade
    Owner: 1889-96, Built for John K. Booth and others.
           1896, sold  
           1902, fall, sold to N.M. Jones, coal dealer at Memphis 
           1902 Nov., sold to Eanes and Jackson of Mobile Ala., boat owners.
           1906, Montgomery Barge Line 
           1911, sold at U.S. Marshals sale to  Capt. Ed Peppers of Bay Steamship Company.
           1912, John W. Hubbard of Pittsburgh
    Captain(s): 1889-96, John K. Booth
                1912, Capt. Henry R. Kraft, and son, Capt. Harry Kraft took
                      her to Pittsburgh to be rebuilt.
                      Renamed CITY of PARKERSBURGH
                1913, Master, William English. Pilots, John L. Kerr and Ed
		1915, *Potts, 
                1918, Capts. Robert Hasley and J. Orville Noll
   Comments: 1906, Sept., Mobile, Ala., badly dammaged in hurricane, rebuilt.
			: 1912 or 13, After another rebuild, Dravosburg, Pa., renamed
                         CITY of PARKERSBURG
             : 1913, Feb. 4, hit coffer dam and sank.  Refloated and repaired.
                     Crew Oct., 1913: chief, George Knox; purser, Ed Dunaway;
                     mate, Jeff Frame.
             : 1915, Mar. 25, hit obstruction and sank.  Refloated and repaired.
	     : 1915, Sept. Ran onto sandbar and stayed there for three days.
             : 1919, Boilers went to packet KENTUCKY             

Name: LIBERTY, originally the T.N. BARNSDALL

Name: LIBERTY, originally the BELLE of the BENDS

Click to enlarge From The James E. York Post Card Collection
Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet Size: 128.4' X 20.5' X 4.2' Power: Came out with rotary engines featuring feathering wheels. Did not work well (only 7-8 rpm). Radial wheels were placed. No beter. Shortly later engines were replaced with ones from FLEETWING. these had been stored for many years. Now she had: 2 11'-4ft and 2 boilers, each 48" X 18'. Launched: 1900, Middleport,Oh. Destroyed: 1913, her machinery used in GOLDEN FLEECE Area: 1900, Ohio R. At times Green R., Morgantown-Boling Green 1905, Pittsburgh, Excursions on Monongahela R. 1906, Alton Ill., excursions Owners: 1900, Capt Asa Booth 1902, sold to J.J. Wilhelm, a Wheeling saloon owner. 1902, Dec., sold to P.J. Roush, Edwin E. Rouch, Longdale of W. Va, and John J. Dower of Graham Station w. Va. 1903, May, sold to Harry Maddy and Samuel A. Dunbar, of Gallipolis. 1903, July, sold to the Charleston Steamboat Excursion Company, Charleston W. Va.. D.W. Patterson. 1905, Spring, Purchased by John F. Klein, boat broker. 1906, sold to Capt. William M. Sauvage, Alton Ill. 1907, went to Capt. Harry Davis, Brookport, Ill. Captains: 1903, July- Robert F. Wilson 1906, William M. Sauvage, Alton Ill. 1907, Harry Davis, Brookport, Ill. Name: LIBERTY See Post Card Picture Page
Click to enlarge
From the Gallery of Thomas Stahl
Type: Sternwheel Wooden hull packet Size: 141.8' X 28.7' X 5' Power: 12'S- 5 ft. from T.N. BARNSDALL/ROYAL/LIBERTY (the 4th LIBERTY). Launched: 1912: Clarington, Oh. for the Booth family of Clarington. Destroyed: 1938, Kanauga, Oh., Dismantled. Engines went to VALLEY BELLE Area: 1912-18, built for upper Ohio R. Wheeling-Clarington trade. : 1918- Wheeling-New Matamoras, then Parkersburgh; Sept.,to McConnelsville; Dec. to Pittsburgh- McConnelsville. 1921- Gallipolis-Charleston, then Pittsburgh-Wheeling 1929- Pittsburgh-Charleston 193? Was towboat for GOLDENROD showboat. Owner: 1912- ?? the Booth family 1936-1938, July 27 when sold for debt, Walter Webster. Captains: 1912-??, S.W. Litten 1932- Master, Walter C. Booth; Pilot, Wilsie Miller 1938, Raike, Ben Comments: Opperated for approxinately 30 years. 1936: Was last commercial packet to abandon Pittsburgh as home port. Comments: Notes from WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER, June 24, 1951 : From a book titled "Sternwheelers on the Great Kanawha River" by Gerald W. Stuphin and Richard A. Andre: "Its hull was built from trees personally selected by Walter C. Booth from the forest in back of Clarington. From 1912 to 1929 when the Liberty came to the Kanawha River, it operated in a variety of trades on the upper Ohio River. It was brought to the Kanawha to work the "huckster trade" bringing chickens and eggs from the farms in the valley to the markets of Pittsburgh. :1936, caught in lower Ohio and stripped by vandals of whistle, bell and fittings and such. 1. Name: LIBERTY No. 2 Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet Size: 225' X 35', 373 tons Power; engines, 22's- 7 ft., 3 boilers. Launched: 1861 in Wheeling, W. Va.. Destroyed: 1871, Mound City Ill., Dismantled, engines went to R.R. transfer boat J.C. McMULLIN. Area: 1861, Wheeling - Parkersburg, then ran as a U.S. transport. 1864, Louisville-Memphis 1866, Same Owner: 1861, Probably Capt. Charles Booth, maybe with others. This boat was built to replace the first LIBERTY, which was owned by him and others. Captain(s): During Civil War, Mate was George H. Peppers and Capt. was John K. Booth : 1866, Sam Archer. Also this year, James Rice Comments: Whistle came from the BESSIE SMITH which got it from the GEORGE STRECKER. After that it was passed on to the towboat MILDRED. Source Comments: Notes from WHEELING INTELLIGENCER, June 24, 1951 Comments: From The Wheeling Register, Monday, March 31, 1879 : 1867, wind blew her ashore where she was holed by a log and sunk. Was refloated.
Outdoor 12
Name: LIBERTY No. 4 
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet/towboat
    Owners: 1882, Capt. Joe Burnsides
    Captains:  1881, Mar., Pilot, F.C. Heritage
               1882, Jan., Captain was F.C. Heritage
Comments: Also see Name: LIBERTY, 1909, originally the T.N.BARNSDALL Name: LIBERTY BELL Photo Type: Replica of sternwheeler, excursion boat Size: 125' X 35' X 4.5', 87 gr. tons, 400 passenger. Power: 2 Caterpillar 3306 diesel engines connected through Twin Disk Reduction Gears (2.9:1) totaling 400 horsepower. Paddlewheel is decorative. Launched: 1965, Dubuque, Iowa Area: 1976 - Present (1999, Sept.), Out of Pittsburgh, Pa.. Owner: 1976 - present, Gateway Clipper Fleet 1. Name: LILI
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From The James E. York Post Card Collection
Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull lighthouse tender Size: 178' X 28' X 4.' Launched: 1875, Louisville Ky. Destroyed: 1911, Nov. 24, head of Centaur Chute, Mile 40, Mo. R. snagged And lost Area: At first Ohio R. service The rebuilt LILI went to U. Miss. R and Missouri Rs. Captains: When new on Ohio R., Owen B. Jolly 1875, Nov. William R. Hoel replaced Jolly Later went to Capt. George Vandergrift until Nov. 5, 1885 when he resigned. Capt. Charles Dufour then took command. On Miss. and Mo. Rs. Captain Willian Eagon was master Comments: 1888, burned off upper works in fire which destroyed two other packets. Completely rebuilt hull and all. Texas deck added. Old hull went to Madison for wharfboat. : 1911, Oct. 17, snagged near St Albans, Mo. Name: LILLIE LU Area: Tombigbee R., Fulton-Mobile From site visitor Jerry Jones I'm looking fo information on a Boat called the Lillie Lu, it worked the Tombigbee River from Fulton Ms. to Mobile Ala. sometime just after the Civil War. We found a grave of the Captains Wife and would like to find out more about who he was and maybe can help relatives locate her! Any help from your folks would be greatly appreciated! Name: LILLY BELLE Article and Photo Type: Sternwheeler Size: Launched: 1958 Owner: Ike Hastings Captain: Ike Hastings 1. Name: LILLIE M. BARLOW Launched: 1890S? Area: 1890s, Cane. R., Miss.; 1901, Red R. Captain: 1901, under charter to Maikell, Capt. William Comments: Once sank at Derry's Landing. Name: LITTLE EAGLE No. 2 Destroyed: 1894, was flipped over by a twister and sank Captain and pilots: Capt. Marsh, was Capt. when sank. Comments: Name: LITTLE QUEEN Launched: 1890's? Area: Ohio R. Comments: From The Tribune Telegraph, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. May. 12 1897 Name: LITTLE REBEL 3. Name: LINDA Launched: 1840's mid? Area: 1850s, early, Sacramento R. Calif. Name: LITTLE SANDY Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 94' X 16' X 3.' Launched: 1880, Louisville, Ky. Destroyed: 1896, still on the lists. Area: 1890, Racine - Middleport trade on Ohio R. Captains: 1890, Sam DeWolf Name: LIVE OAK Area: Miss. R. Captain and pilots: Capt. 1865, Atkins, Carrol J. Comments: 1865, boat was called ashore by lady and passengers were robbed by her confederate companions. Name: LIVINGSTON Type: ferryboat Area: 1877-81, Mo. R., replaced the DR. BURLEIGH as ferry from Yankton, S.D. to Green Island, Neb. Later, moved to Running Water, S.D. ferry crossing. Owner: Capt. Grant Marsh Comments: 1881, was caught in ice, washed over railroad tracks and deposited on dry land. was later repaired and refloated. : This info from Bob Karolevitz's column The Way It Was, believed to have been in a Yankton. S.D.. newspaper.

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3. Name: LOLA
    Launched: 1840s, Late
    Area: 1840s, late, Sacramento R., Calf.

Name: LOLA J.
Click to enlarge
At Gadsden, Ga.
Picture donated by Kenn McCulloch
Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet Area: Coosa R. Comments: Above picture is source for this listing. 1. Name: LONE STAR Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 112' X 26' X 4.7', 126 tons. Launched: 1854, Louisville, Ky. Owners: 1854, Built for Capt. J.S. Smith and partners, Jefferson, Tx.. 1856, Amite Pressed Brick Mfg. Co., New Orleans 1857, May, sold to James N. Sherry, New Orleans. 1860, Jan., bought by Gilbert V. Gamble, East Baton Rouge Parrish, La. 1861, went to Confederate registry 1. Name: LONE STAR Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 121 tons. Launched: 1859, Monongahela, Pa. by James Rees & Sons Yard Destroyed; after a few trips in Tx., snagged and lost. Area: 1859, built for Trinity River service in Texas. Owners: 1859, 2/3 - James Rees, 1/3 - Charles Gearing 1. Name: LONE STAR Type: ?Sternwheeler?, short trade packet Size: 68.4' X 19.3' X 3.2' Launched: 1868 at Lyons, Iowa Destroyed: 1886, Still listed Area: 1868, Ohio R. Iowa trade Owner: 1868-76, Capt. Sam Mitchell 1876 - , Gross & Company, sand dealers at Davenport, Iowa. Captain(s): 1868-76, Capt. Sam Mitchell Comments: 1876, converted to a towboat : There is some thought that links this boat with the following boat, but we have found no verifiable information that they were the same boat. Name: LONE STAR See for more comments. Launched: 1890, Rock Island, Ill. at Kahlke Yard. Area: 1957 - 1966 around the Davenport/Rock Island area hauling materials for Builders Sand & Gravel Co. Owners: 1890, built for Goss & Company 1900, Goss & Co. became Builders Sand & Gravel Co. and Continure to opperate the LONE STAR. Comments: 1890, She was lengthened at Rock Island, Illinois and re-enrolled with a new official number, 141082 1922, the Kahlke Yard rebuilt her completely - keeping her old engines. Was assigned another official number, 222089 1957, her worn out hull and was completely replaced at the Kahlke Yard, along with a major reconditioning. 1967 she failed a USCG inspection and her owners decided to retire her and replace he with a new deisel boat. 1960s, She was one of only three remaining Western Rivers steam towboats and the only remaining example of a wooden-hull boat built in the traditional Western Rivers fashion. Though enlarged, Lone Star retains much of her original fabric from 1868 and most of her appearance from her last major rebuilding in 1922. 1967, Augast, She was cooled down for the last time The crew on her last trip was Glenn Johnson, master and pilot; William Horlas, engineer; Mrs. Eleanor Johnson, cook; Dick Schmidt and Louis Chapman, firemen-deckhands. : The LONE STAR was acquired by the Buffalo Bill Museum at LeClaire, IA by the LeClaire, IA Business Mens Association (for $1.00) and hauled out on the Mississippi River bank where she is currently maintained for public viewing.
The only teddy bear still made in America

    Type: sternwheel, wooedn hull packet
    Size: 150' X 30' X 4.5'
Power: Engines, 12's-6-1/2', two boilers all from the FLORA CLARK Launched: 1900, Stillwater Minn. Destroyed: 1921, Nov., Pt. Pleasant, W. VA., laid upo at docks and never ran again. Area: Briefly at first, U. Miss. R.
Then ran excursions at St, Paul and other places
Under Heckman Family was on Mo. R., St. Louis-Arrow Rock, and excursions out of Kansas City 1912, New Orleans-Red R. 1918, late, moved to upper Ohio R. and ran Pittsburgh-Charleston Owners: At some time in early 1900s, The Heckman family 1908, owned by the Eagle Boat Company Store, St. Louis, Mo. 1912, Aug. 3, acquired by Carter Packet Company, New Orleans 1918, May, sold to Liberty Transit Company, Wheeling W. Va. Captains 1918, May, Fred Ketchum for trip from N.O. to Wheeling 1921, W.L. Guthrie, master and Fred Way Jr., clerk. Comments: Originally had no texas deck. : 1908 St. Louis, completely rebuilt : 1912, Carter Packet Co. replaced entire cabin and 80 percent of hull. : 1914, May 30 won staged race with the MARY S. BLEES : 1918, Summer, Clarington, Oh., converted from cotton packet configeration
for U. Ohio R. service and renamed GENERAL PERSHING Name: LORENA Type: Size: Launched: 1895 Destroyed: Area: Ohio R. Owner: Captains Wallace and Scott, Captain(s): Comments: Notes from The Tribune Telegraph, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Aug. 18 1897 Name: LORENA Web Site Type: Sternwheel Excursion Boat Size: 104', 59 ton, 100 passenger Power: diesel Launched: 1949 as a stripped-down tow boat Area: Zane's Landing, Zanesville, Ohio on Muskingun R. Captain(s: 1998: Bill Stickel Comments: Runs Excursion and dinner cruises mid-May through mid-Oct. Riverside Park Dock, P.O. Box 168 Zanesville, Ohio 43701 / 1-800-246-6303 :Commemorative pottery reproduction : This LORENA is named for a famous Civil War love ballad written in 1857. Song Name: LOT WHITCOMB Source Type: Side-wheeler Size: 160 X 24 Launched: 1850 Area: Columbia R. 1. Name: LOTAWANNA Type: Sternwheeler, wooden hull, cotton packet, 2,200 bales Size: 155' X 35' X 5', 479 tons Power: 16 1/2's - 6ft., 3 boilers, 40" X 24', 4 flues Launched: 1867, Marietta, Oh. Destroyed: 1874, Feb. 23, at Rounds raft, Red R. Area: 1874, Red R. Owner: Capt. H.J. Brinker Captains: 1874, when sank, White, John H. *At one time Keeling, Frankin A. *At one time Blanks, Fred A. Name: LOTUS Area: U. Miss. R. Comments: tow boat for saw-mills Name: LOUCINDA Originally the SPEEDWELL Name: LOUIS A SHERLEY Post Card Picture 3. Name: LOUISA Launched: 1840s, Late> Area: 1840s, late, Sacramento R., Calf. Name: LOUISE : Mo. R. Chart #3 published by the Missouri River Commission in 1892 shows a LOUISE wreck at Washington Mo. I have no other reference to this boat. Comments: Way's Packet Directory, 1848-94 lists 4 boats by the name of LOUISE. This boat is not one of them. Name: LOUISIANA Destroyed: 1849, No. Exploded leaving dock in ? Name: LOUISIANA Area: Miss R.. Comments: From The Diary Of Joseph T. Anderson storekeeper, Commerce, Mo. - Thursday Night, March 28th, 1861. "Business dull. Weather good. River rising. Boats plenty. The Louisiana went up last night at 11 o'clock, put off S. Burgess and Morris A. Little. . . . " 1. Name: LOUISVILLE/OUACHITA/VICKSBURG Type: Sidewheel, wooden hulled packet Size: 220' X 38' X 8', 572 tons Power: 28's- 7 ft., 5 boilers Launched: 1861: New Albany, Ind. Destroyed: 1869, July, burned at Cairo, Ill. Area: Miss. and Ohio Rs. : 1861, N.O.-Louisville trade 1863, Yazoo R. : 1866, Summer boat, N.O. - Ouachita R.; during season was cotton carrier, N.O.-Vicksburg Owner: 1863, Converted to gunboat by Confederates. 1863, May 18, Captured by U.S., renamed OUACHITA and pressed into service. 1866, April, Sold to Head, Daniel T., of New Orleans. 1868, Feb., Work, George P., of New Orleans. Captain(s): 1861, Feb 9, Capt. Hollcroft. 1866, John W. Tobin, LATER J.M. White 1868, Blanks, Fred.A. Comments:1863, renamed OUACHITA after captured by U.S. and converted to gunboat. 1866, renamed VICKSBURG : Notes from WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA, WHEELING INTELLIGENCER, July 9, 1959 Name: LUCILLE NOWLAND/ABIGAIL Type: Sternwheel packet, Wood hull Size: 170' X 33' X 5' Power: 12's-5 ft. two 44" X 20' boilers Launched: 1898, Axton Yard, Brownsville Pa. Destroyed: As LUCILLE NOWLAND, 1911, Dec., Eveansville, Ind. upper works burned. : As ABIGAIL, 1915, Feb. 15, Cedar Farm Landing, Ind., burned. Area: Miss. and Ohio. Rs. Owners: 1898, Memphis and Arkansas River Packet Company : 1910, July, Noll, Martin F. : 1912, Hornbrook, Fred Captains: 1901, Downs, Matt; Robinson, J. D. : 1810, Dec., Knox, Charles W. : 1912, Hornbrook, Fred Pilots: 1901, Hodge, Clarence, Downs, Rees V. Comments: 1912, March, hulk was towed to Howard Yard at Jeffersonville, Ind. where it was rebuilt into the ABIGAIL. : 1914, summer, Nashville, Tenn., Ran excursions. : Source: Way's Packet Directory, 1884 - 1994 Name: LUCY K. McALLISTER Comments: from site visitor - "My mother was born on the Lucy K McAllister steamboat1922 in New York. Can you tell me where I can find information on this steamboat? Thank you for your help," Helen Name: LUCY MAY Launched: 1857, pre Area: 1857, U. Miss. R. Owner: 1857, Northern Line Packet Company Captain(s): 1857, Jenks Comments: Mentioned in this Article and in This One Name: LUCY TROXLER Comments: From a site visitor: RCampb3528@aol.com I am trying to find out about a steamboat that was named Lucie Troxler. I own the steam whistle from this boat and would like to know more about her. Can you help me or direct me in the right direction? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! 1. Name: LUCY WALKER Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 182 tons. Launched: 1843, Cincinnati, Oh. for Joe Vann Destroyed: 1844, Oct. 25, boiler explosion. 18 lives lost. Area: built for Webber Falls-Louisville trade. Owner: Joe Vann Captains: first trip, Halderman Second trip, Joe Vann. Pilot, *possibly Resin Jameson Comments: Joe Vann was among fatalities, his body never found. Eight were unidentified and buried at Fairview Cem., near New Albany. : Joe Van was a Cherokee of Webber Falls on upper Ark. R. : Lucy Walker was famed racehorse purchased by Joe Vann. Name: LUELLA Launched: 1850, Captain: 1855, Feb. 28, Ed Booker Area: as per ad below, heading for White R. Comments: Source is this ad from Memphis Daily Eagle and Enquirer from The Olden Times.com
February 28, 1855
    Launched: 1860,      
            : From The Diary Of Joseph T. Anderson storekeeper,
             Commerce, Mo.
             - Friday, August 2nd 1861.  "Business tolerably good.
              Weather warm and dry.  war times hot. . . . It is rumored
              that there are fifteen thousand troops at New Madrid, we
              also learned there were some troops at Northfork below
              Bird's Point, the Ferry Boat Luella went up this morning
              and took Burke with his company."
             - Wednesday, August 14th 1861.  "Since my last, times have
              been very exciting.  some of our best citizens have been
              taken to camp. . . . On monday evening the Steamboat Luella
              came down from Cape Ggirardeau with about two hundred
              U.S. soldiers.  The went out to Benton and are there yet. . . ."

1.Name: LUELLA
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.   Size:258 tons. 
    Launched: 1866, Jan. Pittsburgh, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1868, Dismantled.
    Area: At first, Pittsburgh - Nashville, then Mo. R. 
    Owner: In part, Capt. William J. Kountz
    Captain: 1866, Grant Marsh
             1867, Capt. Hazlett took her Pittsburgh-Fort Benton 
    Comments: Mentioned in this Article
    Comments: 1856, late Feb, Torn from docks and swept downstream
              in ice flow during Great Ice Gorge at St. Louis.
              Forced ashore slightly only damaged.
              1866, June 17, Capt Marsh Grant tied her up at
              Fort Benton.
    Comments: Made 3 trips to Fort Benton.
            : From The Diary Of Joseph T. Anderson storekeeper,
             Commerce, Mo.
             - Friday, August 2nd 1861.  "Business tolerably good.
              Weather warm and dry.  war times hot. . . . It is rumored
              that there are fifteen thousand troops at New Madrid, we
              also learned there were some troops at Northfork below
              Bird's Point, the Ferry Boat Luella went up this morning
              and took Burke with his company."
             - Wednesday, August 14th 1861.  "Since my last, times have
              been very exciting.  some of our best citizens have been
              taken to camp. . . . On monday evening the Steamboat Luella
              came down from Cape Ggirardeau with about two hundred
              U.S. soldiers.  The went out to Benton and are there yet. . . ."

    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size; 260' X 42' X 7.', 1,023 tons.
    Power: 25's-8 ft., 4 boilers, each 44" X 26'
    Launched: 1863, Cincinnati, Oh.
    Destroyed: 1867, Mar. 8, below Helena Ark., snagged and lost.
    Area: 1865, St. Louis-New Orleans
    Owner: In U. S. Service as troop/supply carrier.  See
           1865, Atlantic and Mississippi Steam Ship Company
          1866, Anchor Line
    Captains: 1866, Anchor Line, William Blake 
    Comments: 1867, Jan.  was in ice bound, dammaged.
              1867, Mar. 8, took survivors of CLERMONT sinking from shore near 
                    Helena, Ark..

Name: LUNA
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 561 tons.
    Launched: 1864, New Albany, Ind.
    Destroyed: 1866, Feb. 26, St. Louis, burned with LECIATHAN and DICTATOR
    Owner: Atlantic and Mississippi Steam Ship Company
    Captains: Patrick Yore

Name: LUTHER TROXELL, Originally the T.L. BROWN

Name: LYNX
    Launched: 1844
    Area: U. Miss. R.
    Captain: 1846, Mar., Mark Atchison
    Comments: Mentioned in this Article

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1. Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994 3. Steamboats in the Valley 4. She Takes The Horns, by Fredrick Way, Jr.

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