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     Launched: 1907, Stillwater, Minn. by Marine Engine Works (Swain owned) for Archibald Guthrie
     Size: 112.6' X 22.5' X 4.'
     Power: Swain ocillating engines, 8", 16" - 4ft. stroke.  One boiler, 40" X 14'
     Area: 1915, St. Louis running private parties for 2 1/2 yrs.
           1917, Out of Dubuque, towed new sub chasers to New Orleans.
     Owners: 1907-15, Archibald Guthrie
             1915, purchased by Edwin C. Koenig & Andrew J. Franz, St. Louis.
	     1917, New Orleans, sold to others.
	     1919 Sold to Miller & Butterworth, Sand & gravel operators, Little Rock, Ark. who rebuilt into towboat BONNER     
     Comments: Archibald Guthrie was a wealthy lumberman of Minneapolis, Minn.
               This was his private pleasure luxury boat.  No expense was spared in building it.
	       Had 6 staterooms each with a private bath, leaded fleur-de-lis in each skylight.

3. Name: KANAI
     Launched: 1840's mid?
     Area: Sacramento R. Calf.
     Comments: 1849, Aug. 31, Listed in the Alta Californian as plying trade
               on the waters of the Sacramento R.
 Name: KANAWHA Source
     Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet
     Size: 180.6' X 35.2' X 5.2'
     Power: Engines, when new, high pressure 15's- 6 ft.
            1909, replaced with non-condensing Marietta engines
            10's- 17-1/2's -6 ft., 3 boilers.
     Launched: 1896, Ironton, Oh.
     Destroyed: 1916, Jan. 5, Little Hocking, Oh., hit steel pier at Dam 19
     Overturned. 10 lives lost.
     Area: Ohio R., Pittsburgh to Charleston
     Captains: 1896, Ira B. Huntington
     Pilot(s): 1896, James Rawley, Jr.
    Captains: 1838, Capt. Joseph La Barge.

    Launched: 1880s?
    Area: Ark. R.
    Comments: * 1885, July, "The bottom too near the top." So said an owner of the
KANSAS MILLER, when 2000 pounds of flour from Arkansas City, Kansas
              consigned to the Kaw Agency, had to be unloaded and hauled overland
              the last few miles because the river was too low. 


To Riverboats Starting With The Name KATE  

1. Name: KATIE
    Type: Sternwheel wooden packet              Size: 180 tons
    Launched: 1864, Elizabeth Pa.
    Destroyed: 1864, Nov. 22, Diamond Island, struck and sunk by DES MOINES
    Area: Ohio R.
    Owner: Built for Capt. William J Kountz
    Comments:  After collsion, DES MOINES took survivors aboard.

1. Name: KATIE
    Launched: 1871
    Destroyed: 1879 or so, Jeffersonville, Ind, dismantled 
    Area: Miss. R.
    Captain and pilots: Capt. White, J. M.

1. Name: KATIE
    1895-1903, sometime after

    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.
    Power: 10's- 23's- 4 1/2 ft., 4 boilers
    Launched: 1871, Elizabeth, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1883, David Landing on Miss. R., burned with large cargo of cotton.
    Area: 3 trips to Fort Benton, too big and slow for more.
          1876, fall, loaded at Pittsburgh for St. Louis
    Owners: Built for Capt. William J. Kountz
    Comments: 1879, Oct. 15, Miss. R., Randolph Point-Island 40, sank and was raised.
            : 1880, Mo. R.  Snagged

    Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet:.  Size: 228' X 34.5' X 5.'
    Power: Engines, 16's- 7 ft., 4 boilers.
    Launched: 1877, California, Pa./Pittsburgh
    Destroyed: 1890, Harmar, dismantled
    Area: when new, Pittsburgh-Cincinnati trade, Saturday boat out of Pittsburgh.
    Owners: When new, Capt. J.T. Stockdale, 1/4; Willis Stockdale, 1/2: Thomas S. Calhoon, 1/4. 
    Captains: 1877, T.S Calhoon, original pilots, James Rowley and George Hughes
              *1884, (Commadore ?) Will Kraft went out as clerk
    Comments: Named for the younger daughter of Capt. J.T. Stockdale
            : Came out with an iron paddlewheel.  Did not work.  Switched to regular one.
            : 1882, Feb. 3, collided with towboat B.D. Wood, sank.  Raised.
            : Equipment went to the new KEYSTONE STATE, Hull and cabin became excursion barge
              and renamed CITY OF PITTSBURGH and later IDLEWILD, nether nam approved by U.S. Customs.
              Again became KATIE STOCKDALE which sprung a leak and sank, Pittsburgh, Aug. 2, 1895.
            : Several mentions in these Documents

Name: KAWIGAMOG   Source
    Type: Sternwheeler?               Size:
    Launched: Datew unknown. Built by Walton Bros., William and Edward
    Area: Magnetawan R./Port Loring, Ontario Canada
    Owner: Walton Bros.

    Oscar M. Ruby was once pilot on this boat.

    Type: Towboat               Size:
    Launched: 1879: working out of Wheeling, W. Va..
    Area: Ohio R.
    Owner: Capt. E. Hormbrook
    Comments:  Notes from WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER,
                June 24, 1951

Name: *KENNA
    Type: sternwheel towboat
    Launched: ?St. Louis.?
    Destroyed: Torn down in the '50's and the hull made into a shop platform
               in Huntington.
    Area: 1940s-50's Ohio R., from the mines in West Virginia up river to Pittsburgh
                 and down river to Cairo, IL.  Barges were loaded at Huntington, WV.
    Owner: The Ohio River Company 
    Comments:  * This information from site visitor David Rayburn 
    Type: Sidewheeler
    Launched: 1821 or 2
    Area: Cosco Bay (Portland) Maine
    Comments: Lasted 2 seasons 

    Launched: 1840's late?   Size: 44 tons.
    Area: 1853, Sacramento R. Calif.

1. Name: KENNEDY
	Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.
	Size: 121.5' X 24.4' X 3.9'.
	Power: Engines, 10s- 6', 2 boilers, each 36" X 18'.
	Launched: 1901, Lyons, Ark.
	Destroyed: 1914, Feb. 24, St. Johns R., Florida.
	Areas: 1901- White R. out of Batesville
			Later, Mo. R., St. Louis during 1904 World's Fair
			1906 or so, went to Florida Keys for East Coast Railroad
	Owners: 1901-06, the Heckmanns of Herman, Mo.
			1906-14, East Coast Railroad
	Comments: 	Mentioned in this Article

Name: KENO  Reference
    Type: Stern-wheeler               Size:
    Area: Yukon R.
    Owner: Present, Parks Canada
    Comments: 1960: last trip on Yukon R. by a steamboat
            : The S.S. Keno is now in Dawson, Yukon and maintained by
              Parks Canada.

1. Name: KENTON
	Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet
	Size: 215 tons
	Launched: 1860, Shousetown, Pa.(hull) Completed at Pittsburgh
	Destroyed: 1870, May 5, Helena, Ark. snagged and lost
	Area: 1861, Pittsburgh-Cincinnati
          1863-through war was in U.S. service.
          After war ran Pittsbutgh-Cincinnati and New Orleans.
          1868 went to Pittsburgh-Portsmouth trade
          1869, went to Cincinnati-New Orleans trade
	Owners: Built for Capt. Horatio Nelson Crooks and others.
            1861, sold to Capt. G.W. Ebert and Standish Pepperd
            1863, Oct. sold to Capt. J.H. Dunlap of Bridgewater, Pa.
            1868, sold to Capt. Wash Kerr
            1869, sold to Capt Henry V. Hart, Cincinnati
	Comments: Mentioned in this Document

	Comments:  See this 704 page PDF file.  Warning: it takes forever to download.

    Area: probably Lower Miss. R.
    Owner: Benajah Bosworth of Lexington, Ky.
        : * information from  Ella R. Hauser, Mich..


1. Name: KEOKUK
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 177' X 27.5' X 5.', 220tons.
    Power: 20's-5 ft., 3 boilers each 40" X 26'
    Launched: 1858, Brownsville, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1866, sank and was dismantled.
    Area: Under G.D.D.M.P.C., LaCross-St. Paul trade
          Under Davidson Line, Same trade
    Owners: Built for Rapids Packet Company, Ebenezer Cook, president.
           Then Galena, Dubuque, Dunleith and Minnesota Packet Company
           Then Davidson Line
           After C. War, ran in south.
    Captains: Under R.P.C., Silas Height 
    Comments: *Was fast but lost speed test to KEY CITY.
    *Jones Worden's Steamboats and Steamboating Career by Frederick J. Worden

    Launched: 1860'S? Early?
    Area: U. Miss. R.
    Owner: Davidson, Commodore W. F.
    Comments: Mentioned in this Article

Name: KEOKUK - Originally the C.K. PECK 


1. Name: KEY CITY
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet    Size:230' X 35' X 5.6', 359 tons 
    Power: 20's- t ft., 4 boilers, ea. 42" X 16'
           Wheels, 26' dia., with 12' buckets
    Launched: 1857, Cincinnati, Oh. 
    Destroyed: 1870, Madison, Ind, dismantled.
    Area: 1857, Galena, Dunleith, St. Paul
    Owner: 1857-62 or 4, Galena, Dubuque, Dunleith and Minnesota Packet Company
           1864, Northwestern Union Packet Company
    Captains: 1857-62, Master, Jones Worden; pilot, Ned West
              1857, Aug. 24, pilot when collided with BEN COURSIN, John P. Arnold
              At one time, William R. Tibbal
    Comments:  Mentioned in this Article
               Mentioned again here, in same article.
             : 1857, La Cross, Collision with BEN COURSIN, which sank.
             : *Raced NORTHERN BELLE, won.  Raced TISHOMINGO, won.  Raced
               WHITE CLOUD, won.  Raced RESOLUTE, won. Raced KEOKUK, won. 
             : *St. Croix R.,  raced NORTHERNER, won.
             : *Lake Pepin, Miss. R., set barge adrift to race MESSEMNGER, won.
             : *MOSES McLELLAN declined a race offer.
             : Raced TIGRESS, won.
    *Jones Worden's Steamboats and Steamboating Career by Frederick J. Worden
The only bear still made in America
1. Name: KEY CITY
    Type: Ferry    Size: 100' X 25' X 4.4'
    Area: 1876, Dubuque, Iowa.  Still there in 1886

    Type: sternwheel wooden hull towboat
    Area: 1891, Kingston Tenn.
    Comments, renamed around 1910.

    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 234' X 26' X 5.7', 337 tons.
    Launched: 1850, Freedom Pa.
    Destroyed: 1855, May 13, Florence, Ill., burned.
    Area: 1850 built for and ran Pittsburgh-Cincinnati trade.
          1853 went to St. Louis-New Orleans trade
    Owners: 1850: Stephen Stone, D.H. Stone, William C. Gray, Haus & Black
                  and William Thaw.
            1853: Capt. William J, Kountz took stock in her.
    Companies Associated With; 1852, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati Packet Line
    Captains: 1850, Charles Stone
	      *1854: (T?.)I. Haslep
    Comments: Mentioned in this 1854 Journal

         1890 - 1914
    Area: 1890 - 1914: Ohio R. R.
    Comments: 1913: Converted into excursion boat and renamed MAJESTIC.
            : Photo and brief info.


    Type: Stern-wheel, wooden hull packet.  Size:169 tons 
    Launched: 1857, Elizabeth, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1862, Van Buren, Ark., burned 
    Area: summer season, U. Mo. R.; winter season, Ark. R. from New Orleans.
    Owner: American Fur Co.: (?Colson Packet Line.?)
    Captain(s): 1862, Joseph Brannon
    Comments: 1860, July 2, One of the first two boats ever to make it all the way up to
                    Ft. Benton, Mont. The other boat was the CHIPPEWA.
    Comments: from Boone's Lick Heritage Quarterly.

    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 200' X 33' X 5.4'
    Area: U. Mo. R., Yellowstone R.
    Owners: 1871, John Todd and Nicholas Bruson of Columbia County, Oh.;
                 Sanford S. Coulson, William S. Evans and David S.H. Gilmore of
    Companies associated with: American Fur Comapny and Coulson Line
    Captains: 1873, Grant Marsh, pilot Nick Buison, who had the first 1st class licence
                    issued to navigate Yellowstone R.
			  : At one time, probably during Indian Wars, Josephus Todd I
    Comments: 1873, U.S. Army conducted an exploritory Yellowstone.  Went 460 mi. to
                     mouth of Powder R..
              1873, May 6, Capt. Marsh took her into mouth of Yellowstone
                    R., up to the mouth of the Powder R. and back to
                    the Mo. R in just 9 days.  This was an exploratory
                    trip in preparation for Custards stand.  Yellowstone
                    Kelly was aboard as guide.
            : In all, boat made 23 trips to Montana points, most to Ft. Benton.
            : Owner John Todd was father of Josephus Todd, I, above.

Name: KEY WEST No. 2
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 206 tons
    Launched: 1860, California, Pa., hull completed at Pittsburgh.
    Destroyed: 1863, Oct 26, Chester, Ill, snagged and lost.
    Area: Pittsburgh-Cincinnati, then Mo. R., Yellowstone R.
    Owners: 1862, Apr., sold to American Fur Company for trip to Yellowstone R.
    Captains: 1860-62, William S. Evans

Name: KEY WEST No. 3
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 207 tons
    Launched: 1862, California, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1864, Nov. 4, Johnsonville, tenn., burned to avoid capture
    Owners: Capt. William S. Evans, Henry W. Oliver, Jr., Erastus St. John and
                  William Coulson, all of Allegheny County, Pa.; William F. McKey
                  of Birmingham, Pa. and Martin (Mart) Coulson of Westmoreland County, Pa.
                  i.e., The Coulson Line
           1863, Mar. 16, sold to U.S. Navy to become TINCLAD #32
                See Raising the Gunboats: for ongoing raising efforts.
    Captains: 1862-63, Mar. 16, William S. Evans

Name: KEY WEST No. 4
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 91 tons
    Launched: 1863, Manchester, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1864, Apr. 1, Stove on a snag, lost.
    Area: Ark R.
    Owners: Sold to U.S. and taken to Little Rock

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