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1. Name: J.A. WOODSON/W.H. GRAPEVINE Type: sternwheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 142' X 30' X 3.7'. Power: Engines, 10s-4'. 2 boilers. Launched: 1881, Louisville, Ky. Destroyed: 1897, above the elevator at Columbus, snagged and sunk. Raised and taken to Mounbd City, Ill, rebuilt and renamed W.H. GRAPEVINE. Area: at first, Little Rock - Pine Bluff. Later, U. White R. Owners: 1892, leased to White River captain Charles B. Woodbury Captains: 1882 - 84, L.P. Drake 1897, David Silver Comments: Named for the mayor of Little Rock, Ark. : 1887, Dec. 18, Free Nigger Bend, Ark R., sank and raised. : 1894, June 2, Perrine Landing, White R., sank and raised. Name:J.B. ADAMS Area: 1862, April, Tenn. R., was under command of Union Gen. Wm. T. Sherman Name: J. B. SCHUYLER Area: Albany? Owner: Hancox, J. W. Captain and pilots: Capt. Hancox, Commadore J. W. Comments: Day boat 1. Name: J.B.M. KEHLOR/HELENA/GRAND REPUBLIC Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet. Size: as KEHLOR, 265' X 49' X 8.' as HELENA, 260' X 50' X 8.5' Power: Single engine, stiff shaft compound. 2 batteries of boilers, each 38" X 24' Launched; 1877, Belle Vernon, Pa. by Spear Yard. Area: St. Louis-New Orleans Owners: 1877, Capt. William J. Kountz Captains: 1878, maiden trip, Master, Daniel Michael Brady, E. Liverpool, Oh.; pilots, Marsh Hays and Jacob Poe Comments: Was often referred to as the Alphabet Kehlor. Primarily a freight boat. : was so slow the St. Louis Republican went into great detail about her race with the East St. Louis grain elevator. : 1881, rebuilt and renamed HELENA. : 1886, renamed GRAND REPUBLIC Name: J. C. RISHER Name: J.C. RAWN Type: probably a sternwheel, wooden hull towboat Captains: 1939, Dec. William McKinley Wright, Huntington W.V. Comments: Capt. William McKinley (Mack) Wright was related to Captain William Penn Wright. : Source article and pictures 1. Name: J.C. SWON Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 678 tons. Launched: 1856, Louisville, ky. Destroyed: 1867, June, Dismantled, hull went to wharf boat, Columbus, Ky, 1872, Wharfboat went to Mound City, Ill. Area: Before and after C. war, St. Louis-New Orleans Owners: 1856-C.War, Railroad Line After C. War-1867, Atlantic and Mississippi Steamship Company Captains: 1855-C.War, I.H. Jones Comments: This boat named after Capt. John Coburn Swon 1. Name: J.C. WARNER Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 142' X 31.6' X 4.6'. Power: 13s- 4 1/2 ft.. 2 boilers Launched: 1883, Chattanooga, Tenn. Destroyed: Pre 1898 when engines went to JOE WHEELER Area: Chattanooga-Kingston Owners: When new, Capt. J.C. Kendrick Winter 1886-87, sold to Tennessee River Transportation Co. Comments: Mentioned in this Document Name: J. DON CAMERON Type: Stern-wheeler Launched: 1877, May, Jeffersonville, Ind. @ Barrymore Boat Yard, Destroyed: 1877, May 17, on first trip. No lives lost. Boat and cargo a total loss. Several lawsuits came from this disaster. Area: Mo. R. Owner: U.S. Comments: Boat was built for the government for the Yellowstone R. and had no Mo. R. pilot aboard while she was transporting baggage and private property for the Fifth Infantry from Fort Levenworth Ks. to Fort Keogh on the Yellowstone R. : A 1878, Jan. 17, newspaper dispatch indicated sunken boat was purchased by N.C. Davis whose intention it was to raise entire boat from bottom of Mo. R. (Don't know if this happened, D.) Name: J. D. AYERS Type: towboat Launched: 1900s, early Area: Miss. R. St Louis to New Orleans? Comments: 1929, Sept., Near Redman's Point: A barge she was pushing hit what is thought to be remnants of the W. R. ARTHUR and sank. More information: from Way's Packet Directory, compiled by John Hartford, river musician. Name: J. D. LEROY Area: Miss. R. Comments: The Diary Of Joseph T. Anderson storekeeper, Commerce, Mo. - Thursday night, March 28st, 1861. " . . . The J.D. Leroy landed going down about 5 o'clock, put off G.W. Watson with a lot of oats and beer for John H. Jehlen and Derouse. . . . " Name: J. D. McDONALD Size: 106' Launched: Late 1800 or early 1900s Area: 1911, California Delta Name: J. D. PERRY Area: Miss. R. Comments: From The Diary Of Joseph T. Anderson, shopkeeper, Commerce Mo. - Thursday night, March 21st, 1861. " . . . The Memphis Packet J, D. Perry Came down this evening about 5 o'clock and put off the mail and 4 bbls. whiskey for J.T. Anderson and a lot of goods for Herring. . . . " - Tuesday night, March 25th. "The J.D. Perry came up the Mail about one o'clock today. The weather being rainy, there was little trade done in the P.M." - Thursday Night, March 28th, 1861. " . . . The J.D. Perry landed going down about 5 o'clock, put off G>W> Watson with a lot of oats for John H. Jej;en and Derouse. - Monday Night, April 1st, 1861. "Business has been dull. All the town folks went to Benton, Circuit Court being in session. The Perry landed about 2 o'clock and put off the mail two or three passengers and took one for Cape Girardeau. . . ." - Monday, April 8th 1861. "Business Dull. Weather bad. Steamboats plenty. The Perry was the only boat that landed during the day. She put off the mail. - Thursday Night, April 11th 1861. "Business dull. Weather rainy. River rising. Health good. Boats plenty. The perry went down this morning, put off mail and sone goods for H. Volmer. . . . " - Thursday Night, April 18th 1861. "Business tolerable. River falling. Boats cery plentiful. Ryland went up this morning. Perry down. . . . " - Monday Night, April 22nd 1861. "Business tolerable. River falling. . . . . Perry came up about 1 o'clock, but had nothing for this port. . . . " - Thursday Night, April 25th 1861. Business dull. River rising. Perry went down today and put off freight for Hennings and Holder, Hinton and Runfelt, Hughes and Brock. Day went off peaceable." - Monday Night, April 29th 1861. Business dull. No news of importance. Perry wnet up about 11 o'clock, but no news." - Thursday Night, May 2nd 1861. "Business very good. Weather pretty but cold. River about on a stand. Ryland went up and Perry wnet down today. No mail came. Reason we do not know. - Monday Night, May 6th 1861. "Business dull. nothing of notice passed on during the day. Perry went up in the morning, took on Mrs. Swinney. . . ." - Thursday Night, May 9th 1861. "Business tolerable. River on stand. Weather fine. Perry went down about 12 o'clock, put off potato slips for Jhob Marach. - Monday Night, May 13 1861. "Business very dull. River rising. Weather rany. Perry went up today. No news of impordtance." - Wednesday Night, May 22nd 1861. Business dull. River falling. Weather fine. Prospect for war good. All are Preparing to fight. Perry went down today. Brought goods for Newman with Newman and Johnson." - Wednesday, May 29th 1861. "A week has passed since my last and nothing has transpired of note. . . . Weather rainy today. Nothing doing. Perry went down. . . . " - Saturday, June 29th 1861. Nothing was done yesterday. This morning we learned that five of Allen's Negros had run away and several of the boys were down after them this morning. They found that there had been two skiffs stolen last night and supposed they had crossed the river. Several of the boys went over the river and Ben Walker and Thom. Rhodes concluded to go to Cairo. About that time the J. D. Perry came up and brought 400 guns and ammunition for Paul Abbey. She took all of Newman's wood, something like 20 oe 30 cords nd these three boys above named went down on her about half past 12. At 3 o'clock they raised the Union flag pole in town." - Sunday, June 30th 1861. About night last evening a comany of men came in from Hamburg to guard Abbey. Guess it rained slowly nearly all night. This morning the J.D. Perry came up and brought Ben Allen from Cairo. He heard nothing of his Negros. - Santa Fe Illinois, October 16 1861. " . . . On tuesday morning the Argo put off some freight for us consisting of ten bbls. salt, one sack coffee, 1 doz. brooms, 1 box black pepper and other articles. She had only left the landing when the Perry landed in and took then to Cairo. The cause we know not but are induced to believe that it is the prejudice of Noah C. Johnson, he being in command. The same boat tood several other loads of freight that the Argo put out. . . ."
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Name: J. D. PETERS
    Launched: 1850s? Late?
    Area:  California Delta
    Comments: Also see: 3. Steamboats in the Valley

Name: J. D. SMITH
    Area: Miss. R.
    Comments: From The Diary Of Joseph T. Anderson, shopkeeper,
             Commerce Mo.
            - Sunday Night, April 28th 1861.  "News still more alarming
             about the war.  . . . The J.D. Smith was observed to go
             down this morning about 8 o'clock.  About half past eleven
             she went up and in the latter part of the day she went down
             again.  the reason for this we cannot account for. . . . "

    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 173 tons.
    Launched: 1861, Louisville, Ky.
    Area: 1861, built for Louisville-Cumberland trade
          1865-July, '66, St. Louis-Johnsonville
    Owners: 1862, Wiley Simms and A. Hamilton Co., Nashville steamboat agents
                  for $12,0000.
            1864, Mar. 21, sold to U.S.Q.M.D.
            1865, Johnsonville Packet Co.
            1866, taken by sheriff
            1867, Aug. sold to U.S. to work improvements on U. Miss. R.
            1874, Weyerhaeuser and Denkmann converted her to sternwheel and
                  used her as raftboat until 1892.
    Captains: 1861, McGuire.
    Comments: 1862, Spring, captured by U.S. and sold to Nashville interests.
            :  1865, Oct.4, redocumented as C.J. CAFFREY
            : C.J. Caffrey, Esq. was operating as Johnsonville Packet Co.

1. Name: J.H. JOHNSON (Often called the HARRY JOHNSON)
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Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet Size: 244' X 40.5' X 6.', 546 tons Power: Engines, 26-1/2's- 7ft. Four boilers, each 46" X 24' Machinery came fron the HANNIBAL CITY Launched: 1863, Madison, Ind. Destroyed: Over winter 1876-77, dismantled. Area: *1862 or so, miss. R.. Made trip Hannibal, Mo. - St. Louis *1867, St Louis - Keokuk Owners: Keokuk Packet Company and later Keokuk Northern Line Captains: Over life of boat included S.S. Matson, F.S. Lee, Samuel Gray *1867, Ira N. Malin Comments: Capt, J.H. Johnson was called Harry Johnson : 1874, Apr. 1, above Hannibal, Mo. hit Wabash R.R. bridge. Sank. Raised. : *Was a Union boat durine Civil War : Machinery went to the GOLDEN EAGLE 1. Name: J.H. KEENE/GROS VENTURE/M.T. BRYAN Type: Originally a gasoline powered boat. Converted to steamboat by Capt.W.L. Berry and others and renamed M.T. Bryan after president of Cumberland River Improvement Asso. Launched: 1903, Chamberland, S.D. Destroyed: 1922, Oct. 5, Eddyville on Cumberland R., burned. Area: later, Wabash R. to Nashville hauling corn Captains: Wabash R. - Nashville, Master, David Martin; Pilots, R. Smith and Tim Armstrong. 1. Name: J. H. MENGE/M.A. BURKE/JOHN. W. HUBBARD Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet Size: 188' X 38' X 5.8', w/cotton guards, 50' wide Power: Gillett and Eaton compound engines, 13's, 26's- 8 ft. 3 44" X 30' boilers Launched: 1910, Jeffersonville, Ind. by Howard Yard Destroyed: Allowed by Green Line Steamers to beach out at the upper end of Jeffersonville where she littered the landscape for several years. Area: 1911, spr. New Orleans-Ouachita R. then N.O.-Vicksburgh 1914-15, Memphis-Vicksburg 1916-19, Mobile, Alabama and Tombigbee Rs. 1919, briefly, New Orleans-Vicksburg trade 1919, Oct. 28-1929, Louisville-Cincinnati trade. Owner: 1916, Owen F. Burke of Mobile, Ala. 1919, steamboat broker John F. Klein purchased. 1919 late, sold to Louisville and Cincinnati Packet Company 1932, went to Green Line Steamers, Inc. who never used her. See "Destroyed", above. Captains: 1914-15, Master, Capt. Ed Nowland, Jr. with, Capt. Thomas Morrissey, as captain. 1916, Owen F. Burke Comments: 1916, renamed M.A. BURKE 1919, Mound City, Rebuilt greatly altered. Cotton guards were removed. Boiler deck lowered. 1920, Feb. Renamed JOHN W. HUBBARD Name: J.H. McCONNEL Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: J. H. OGLESBY Launched: 1850s? Destroyed: 1859, Wrecked near Euphrase Bend, Mo. R. Area: Mo. R. Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Name: J.J. CADOT (Possibly the J.J. CADETT? Source) Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 109.6' X 18.9' X 4.5', 62 tons. Launched: 1859, Gallipolis, Oh. Destroyed: 1867, off the lists. Owners: 1866-67, Capt P.D. O'Neal
Comments: Also see Name: J.J. WARREN Area: 1870s, Sabine, Neches and Trinity Rs., Tex. Owner: 1870s, Capt. Jules Poitevent, a Trinity R. plantation owner Comments: See source Article Name: J. K. GRAVES Launched: 1870s? Area: Miss. R. Comments: Became raft-boat Name: J.L. DYKES, See JAMES L. DYKES 1. Name: J. McKEE Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 140 tons. Launched: 1850, McKeesport, Pa. Destroyed: 1858, Feb. 7, Island 92, Miss. R., collision w/CHEROKEE Area: 1850, Pittsburgh-McKeesport trade 1852, Keokuk-Davenport Owners: 1852, Capt Leroy Dodge Captains: 1852, Leroy Dodge *at one time pilot, Oscar M. Ruby Comments: Named for founder of McKeesport, Pa. 1. Name: J. M. CONVERS Type: Sidewheel packet, wood hull Size: 417 tons, 225' X 35' X 6' Power: 25s- 7 ft. Launched: 1856, Courson Yard, McKeesport, Pa. Destroyed: 1857, Mar., at Fairy Island Area: 1856, Mo. R., St Louis - St. Joseph, Mo. Owner: J.M. Convers, Captain: 1856, George W. Bowman Comments: Named for Capt. J.M. Convers, owner and capt. of the riverboats J. M. WHITE. : Machinery went to towboat CONESTOGA.
Magic Cabin
Name: J.M. SHARP
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hulled packet
    Size: 147' X 29' X 6.5', 218 tons
    Launched: 1859, Jeffersonville, Ind.
            : 1850, Dec., enrolled in Confederacy list At New Orleans
    Destroyed: 1871, retired

1. Name: J. M. WHITE
    Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet      Size: 233 X 33 X 7.6'
    Power: 25's-10', 8 double flue boilers.
    Launched: 1842, Hull, Pittsburgh, Pa. and completed, St. Louis, Mo.
    Destroyed: 1843, Mar 28, snagged above Cairo, Ill.. 1 woman drowned.
    Area: Miss. R., St. Louis - New Orleans
    Owners: J.M. Convers, J. M. White, merchant and H.H. Beebe,
           all of St Louis.
    Captain:  J.M. Convers
    Pilots: 1843, George Cable and Nathan Way.
    Comments: This WHITE was named for the Merchant J.M. White of 
              Made only 4 trips St. Louis - New orleans befor being
               snagged and sunk.

1. Name: J. M. WHITE
    Type: Sidewheeler wooden hulled packet
    Size: 200' X 30.5' x 7.6', said to be 230' oversall and 62' wide,
          498 tons
    Power: Engines 30's- 10 ft., 7 2 flue boilers,
           two 30' paddlwheels with 12 buckets ea.
    Launched: 1844, early. 
    Destroyed: 1848, Pittsburg, dismantled.  Machenery went to AUTOCRAT
               Hull became warf boat at Memphis until it burned in 1850.
    Area: Pittsburgh-New Orleans
    Owners: Capt. J.M. Convers, J. M. White, merchant and E.N. Beebe,
            All of St Louis.
          : 1846, Sept. 26,Capt J.C. Swon  
    Captain: 1844 - ?1846? J.M. Convers
             1845, John. W. Tobin.  Note on this entry
    Pilots associated With: 1844, Nathan Way and Isaiah Sellers
    Comments: At the time, fastest steam craft in world.  Wheels were
              placed sternward about 25 feet back from center.  Center
              was the custom.
              1844, made trip from St Louis to N. O. and back,
                    2,436 mi. in approx. 1 week
              Made run N.O. - Cairo 1844, 3/6/44
              Made run N.O. - St. Louis 3/23/9

1. Name: J. M. WHITE

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Model by John Shonder
Proud monster of the Sunny South, Go, bearing proud thy name; May every trip you make for Tobin Add fortune to his fame. --Will S. Hays
Type: Sidewheeler, wooden hulled packet Size: 312.7' X 47.9' X 11.5 amidship and 17.5' at bow and stern 321' overall and 91' wide overall. : had 23 staterooms and two plush bridal suites : its helm wheel was 12 feet in dia. : her stacks extended 81' from the waterline and topped by ornate feathers extending another 8' Power: 43's- 11ft. 10 boilers, each 42" dia. by 34', two 16" flues. 2 Paddlewheels with 19' buckets with 8' dip Launched: 1878, April 3, Jeffersonville, Ind. by Howard Yard Destroyed: 1886, Dec. 13, Burned at Blue Store Landing, Pointe Coupee parish, ?LA? Reference Area: Miss. R. Owner: 1878, Greenville and New Orleans Packet Company composed of Capt. John W.Cannon, John W.Tobin, R.H. Woodfolk, Samuel S. Brown, N.M. Jones, Capt. J.M. White Captain(s): John W.Tobin, Anthony G.Medine Comments: beat the upstream record of the Robert E. Lee to a point below Vicksburg, Miss.. : Soaring main cabin was fronted by 12 doors decorated with brilliant stained glass, and the daylight shining through them created a scintillating show of colors. The doors were veneered in rosewood and walnut burl, and were engraved in gold. The seven 16-burner gold-gilt chandeliers were the most costly and elegant light pieces on any vessel in the country. A silver Reed & Barton water cooler held center stage at one end of the Main Cabin, where the purser had his office: at the other end was the lace and floral Ladies' Salon. there were jewel-toned carpets and parquet floors, as well as fine furniture, silverware and Haviland china. : Boat chartered for double wedding. Name: J.N. HARBIN Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 154' X 19' X 3.5'. Power: 10's- 4 1/2 ft., 1 boiler. Launched: 1895, Brownsville, Pa., Axton Yard Destroyed: 1911, Aug. 25, Lake Landing, Miss., stranded, sank, and dismantled a month later where she lay. Owner: Arkansas River Packet Company Comments: Named for Captain John N. Harbin, long time treasurer of Ark. Riv. Packet Co. who died in Oct. of 1902. *Name: J. N. McCULLOUGH Area: 1868, Apr. 23 left wharf, Parkersburg, W. Va. Captains: 1868, Apr. 23, Geo. Moore, with Dan Moore, clerk Name: J.O. WATSON Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 85' X 18.7' X 3'. Launched: 1902, West Brownsville, Pa., Axton Yard Destroyed: 1916, Mar., Wellsburg, W. Va., Turned turtle in storm. Lost Area: 1902-04, Monon R., Lock 4-Donora. Later, Charlerou-Rice's Landing 1904-1908, May, Morgantown-Fairmount. 1908-1913, Towboat out of Monongha, sometimes with excursion barge. Owners: 1902, Capt. John O. Watson 1908, May, sold to Capt. Elmer E. Varian, Pt. Plesant, W. Va. 1913, Mar., sold to west Va. & Pittsburgh Coal Co., Wellsville, W, Va. Captains: 1902, John O. Watson Later, Robert F. Eberhart 1808, Elmer E. Varian Name: J. R. HOYLE Area: 1866, Aug. entered U. White R. trade/ Captains: 1866, Aug., Jim Kinman Comments: Source 3. Name: J.R. McDONALD Launched; 1900s? before 1906 Type: sternwheeler Area: San Joaquin R., Calif. Comments: 1906, Probably the last paddlewheeler to Firebaugh, Calf. On this trip she was stranded by low water and it took some doing to get the dam officials to release enough water to refloat her. Name: J.R. PEEBLES, see ROBERT PEEBLES 1. Name: J.R. WELLS - See JOHN R. WELLS Name: J.S. Type: Sternwheel, wood hull packet/excursion boat Size: 175' X 33' X 5 1/2 ' Power: 16's - 4', 2 firebox boilers. Launched: 1901, Jeffersonville, Ind. by Howard Yard for Capt. John Streckfus Destroyed: 1910, June 18, burned at Bad Ax Island while on excursion trip from LaCross, Wiss. to Lancing, Iowa. Area: U. Miss. R. Packet, Davenport - Clinton. Ecxursions, Owner: Capt. John Streckfus Captain(S): Capt. John Streckfus Comments: A passenger confined in brig set fire that burned her. The fire killed prisoner and a lady passenger. All others were set shore on Bad Ax Island. Name: J. S. "DELUX", See QUINCY Name: J.S. LEWIS, originally the VESTA Name: J.T. STOCKDALE Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet Size: 188 tons Launched: 1863, W. Brownsville. Pa. Area: 1863, loaded for Cincinnati Owners: When new, Capt. J.T. Stockdale 1863. Nov 13, sold to U.S. and called the STOCKDALE 1865, Sept. 1 Sold back to private sector. Captains: 1863. Oct. for Cincinnati, B.M. Laughlin Comments: Named for captain Jackman T. Stockdale : 1865, Renamed CADDO Name: J. W. CHEESMAN Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet Size: 165'X33'X5.5', 215 tons Launched: 1856, Cincinnati, Oh. Destroyed: 1864, Nov. by Rebels after capture. See below. Area: At first U. Miss. R. During Civil War the Yazoo R. 1864, Apr., Tenn, R. Captains: Andrew Wilson Cincinnati-upriver trade upon whose death was replaced by Jacob Ketchum of New Richmond, Oh. 1864, Nov., Thad Wirthlin Comments: From The Diary Of Joseph T. Anderson, shopkeeper, Commerce Mo. - Wednesday Night, April 3rd, 1861. "Business dull and weather rainy. J.W. Chessanan (sp) landed about 4 o'clock this morning and put off Mrs. Virginia. . . ." : 1864, Nov. 3, atempting to run Rebel battery a shot severed steam line. Boat was disabled and captured by Rebels. Crew was taken prisoner and didn't return to Cincinnati until Mar. 3, 1865. : PRIMA DONA and VENUS were also in this battle. Name: J. W. SCHULTZ Launched: 1860's Area: Ohio. R. Comments: Note from the WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER, June 24, 1951 1. Name: J.W. SPENCER Type Sidewheel ferry Size: 131' X 35' X 5.' Launched: 1882, Jeffersonville, Ind. by Howard Yard Area: Went to Upper Miss. R 1896, still listed in St. Louis Name: J. W. VAN SANT Type: Stern-wheeler Size: 100' Launched: 1869 Area: Ohio. R. Owner: The Weyerhaeusers Captain and pilots: Capt. Comments: Became a raft-boat
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