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	Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet
	Size: 158' X 28' X 4.'
	Power: Compound engines, 9's, 18's- 5 ft.  2 boilers, each 38" X 24'.
	Launched: 1913, Jeffersonville, Ind. by Howard Yard
	Destroyed: 1934, on Mo. R. trip at Omaha, Neb. sunk and lost
	Area: Under Ryman Line and under Nashville Nav. Co., Cumberland R.
          1921, Nov. went to Greasy Creek
          1926, short trades to Caruthersville. Mo. and elsewhere
	Owners: Built for Cumberland River Steamboat Company, ie, Capt. Tom Ryman, Jr. and others
            The Nashville Navigation Company later took her over.
            Later still went to Capt. Peter Lee and renamed VALLEY QUEEN, an excursion boat
	Captains: 1921, Charles Hill
	Comments: 1915, fall, Capt. Ryman, Jr. was shot and killed aboard this boat. See
			: Capt. Peter Lee converted her to an excursion boat.

	Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet.  Size: 231' X 38.4' X 6.8', 739 tons.
	Power: Engines, 22's- 7 fr.  3 Boilers
	Launched: 1872, Madison, Ind.
	Destroyed: 1882, Glasgow Bridge, Glasgow, Mo. on Mo. R.,
			   Tiller line parted, struck bridge, stove in her side, sank, lost
	Area: St. Louis - Mo. R.
	Owners: Kansas City Packet Company
	Captains: George G. Keith
	Comments: Was carring 4,500 sacks of wheat when sank.  Cargo was lost.

	Area: 1881, Sept. 22, said to be leaving the Parkersburg trade
	Comments: Thus far I find no other reference to this boat - D.

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Ken McCulloch
Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 155.8' X 33.5' X 3.5', 65 TON. Power: Engines, 13's-4 1/2'2 boilers, each 38" X 20' Launched: 1898, Chattanooga, Tenn. Dismantled: 1919 Area: until 1907, Joppa, Ill. to Chattanooga, Tenn., then Chattanooga to Kingston 1901 or so, U. White R. Owners: At first, Tennessee River Transportation Co. Captains: 1901 or so, Thomas B. Stallings, White R. Comments: Her machinery came from the J.C. WARNER : When dismantled, her parts went to tow boat CAPTAIN LYERLY : Mentioned in this Article. Also See for picture and brief article. Name: JOE WILLIAMS Type: COAL TOWBOAT Size: Launched:1870's? Name: JOEL C. MARBABLE Launched: 1883 Area: Coosa R. (Ga. and Ala.) Comments: from Articles on the Coosa River.
To riverboats starting with the name JOHN

Name: JOHNSTON Launched: 1818: In Wheeling, W. Va.. Comments: Notes from WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA, WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER, June 24, 1951 Name: JONATHAN PADELFORD Type: Sternwheel excursion boat. Size: 125', 250 passengers Launched: 1970, Dubuque, Iowa Area: 1999, St Paul Minn. Captains: 1999, Jim Kosmo Comments: One of the few truly authentic sternwheelers on Miss. R. Name: JOSEPH KINNEY
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From The Gallery
Michael Blaser
    Launched: 1870's?
    Destroyed: 1882, Wrecked near Euphrase Bend, Mo. R.
    Area: Mo. R. 
    Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage 

    Type:  FERRY BOAT                Size:
    Launched: 1871
    Destroyed: 1887
    Area: Mo. R. Boonville, Mo.
    Owner: Porter, Capt. John
    Captains: Porter, Capt. John, Wilson, R. C.
    Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly.

    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 225' X 35', 399 tons.
    Launched: 1856	, Cincinnati, Oh. for Capt. Henry A. Ealer and others
    Destroyed: 1858, Aug. 28, Above Glasgow, Mo. Euphrase Bend, Mo. R.,
                     snagged and lost.
    Area: 1856, Louisville-New Orleans
          1857, June 10, Mo. R., According to The Diary of E.F. Beadle,
                        arrived Omaha.  Was her first trip to Omaha. Gave
                         manditory party. 
    Captains: 1957, Capt. Joseph H. Oglesby 
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    Type: Towboat   Size:
    Launched: 1890's?
    Area: Ohio R.
    Comments: From The Tribune Telegraph,
              Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Mar. 31 1897    
    Comments: From The Tribune Telegraph,
              Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Apr. 28 1897

    Launched: 1870s?
    Area: Miss. R.
    Comments: became a barge-boat

	Area: 1827, Feb., logged at Port of Cincinnati 

    Launched: 1830s?
    Area: U. Miss. R.
    Comments: Mentioned in this Article

From the Gallery of Gary R. Lucy Click on picture to enlarge
Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet/snagboat Size: 178'X 31' X 4' Power: 15's-5 ft., 2 boilers Launched: 1873, Freedom, Pa. (hull), completed at Pittsburgh, Pa.. Capt. Grant Marsh superintended construction. Destroyed: 1907. March 8, Running Water, S. Dakota, lost to ice. Area: 1873, U. Mo. R.: Yellowstone R. 1874, Mo. R., Fort Benton Service 1875, back on Yellowstone conducting exploration of that river. Owner: 1873-1880s, mid, J.S. Coulson, Eliza Coulson, Sallie B. Coulson, (see Coulson Line) James C. McVay, and Fanny Maratta. 1880s, mid, government service 1907 or so, sold to Capt. Joseph Leach Captain(s): 1873, Marsh, Grant. : 1891, Gould : At one time, probably during indian wars, Josephus Todd Comments: Named for Daughter of Gen. Davis S. Stanley. : 1873, went up Yellowsotone R. for Custer's Seventh Cavalry : 1875, Marsh, Grant took her 483 mi. up the Yellowstone R., farther than any steamer has ever gone since, to Hell Roaring Rapids above Pompey's Pillar, 483 mi. above river's mouth. : 1875, Transported Canadian troops bound for Alberta and Saskatchewan. : 1876, Went to Sioux Wars. Transported troops of Custer, Terry, Crook, and Gibbon. : Altogether she made around fifty trips to Montana, most to Ft. Benton. Comments: I have listed her above as a also having been a snagboat. This because of a post card in my files. See Comparing the artist's conception above and this post card it looks as though they were the same boat. : Machinery was salvaged and went to a Yukon R. Steamer 1. Name: JOSEPHINE Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet/towboat. Size: 155.2' X 28.8' X 5.5'. 244 tons. Power: 16s'-4 1/2 ft., 2 boilers Launched: 1878, Dubuque, Iowa. Destroyed: 1896 or 99, Dubuque, dismantled. Area: 1878-1880s Fulton, Ill.- Burlington, Iowa trade Owner: 1878-?80?, Diamond Jo Line Captain(s): 1880s, Al Dawley Comments: received machinery from and succeded DIAMOND JO in Diamond Jo Line : Named for wife of L.D. Richardson, long time representitive of Diamond jo Line. Name: JOSIAH H. BELL Type: *Sternwheel, wooden hulled packet/gunboat/blockade runner Size: *171' X 30' X 6.7', 412 tons. Power: Upright steam engine and three boilers. Launched: *1853, Jeffersonville, Ind. at the Howard Yard. Destroyed: 1865, Sabine R. 4 mi. south of Orange, Tx., scuddled and stripped of engines to avoid being captured by Union. Area: 1853, possibly made a round trip St. Louis-St. Joseph. 1854, was running Trinity R., Tex. in cotton trade out of Galvenston, Tex. 1859, Sabine R., running ties and rails for Texas and New Orleans Railroad. 1863, Sabine R., served the Confederacy as a cottonclad gunboat See with one 64-pound rifled cannon mounted on it. Owners: Robert Mills of Galveston, Tx. Captains: *Before 1859, Tom Peacock 1862, Charles Fowler Comments: Named after Josiah Hughes Bell, friend of owner Robert Mills. : Source for most of above. Also See 1. Name: JOSIE Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet/towboat. Size: 146.2' X 28.6' X 4.8'. Launched: 1873, Madison, Ind., Destroyed: 1895, sometine after, Cape Girardeau, Mo., burned. *Or 1901, L. Miss. R. snagged and burned. Area: 1873, principally on U. Miss. R. *Frequently towed grain to New Orleans. *1880-??, general towing in St. Louis area. *1901, L. Miss. R. towing hardwood logs from downriver ports to St. Louis. Owners: *1873, St. Louis and Keokuk Packet Company 1873 or*75-80 Diamond Jo Line *1880, sold to Eagle Packet Company Captains: after Eagle Packet Co. purchased, Master, Henry Leyhe; pilot, Warren Renfrew. later, Sam Shrodes. Comments: Peters Towhead, below Memphis, Under Eagle Packet Co., Collided with L.E. PATTON, was run ashore and sank. Raised. : *Engines originally in CITY of KEITHSBURGH then in FANNIE HARRIS. Later received engines from JOE GALES :* From an article by William Petersen in The Palimpsest 1. Name: JOSIE L.K. Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull ferry. Size: 71.5" X 14.5' X 3.5' Launched: 1884, Chamberland, S.D. *for Capt. H. J. King Destroyed: 1920, Apr 1, Yankton, cut down by ice. Area: 1886-1920, Yankton, S.D. *1885, July, was running excursions out of Chamberland, S.D. to American Island, a natural park on an island in the Mo. R. Owners: *1884, Capt. Henry Jasper King King sold the boat to the city of Yankton, S.D. 1900-24, Capt. Joseph Giesler Captains: 1884-??, Henry Jasper King **1900-20, Joseph Giesler Comments: Named for Josie L. King, daughter of Capt Henry Jasper King : **Replaced the SENATOR as ferry from Yankton, S.D. to Green Island, Neb. : * From King Family history : **From Bob Karolevitz's column The Way It Was, believed to have been in a 1995 Yankton. S.D.. newspaper. : Portions of the above are from this Article by Bob Karolevitz contributed by Mark Frazier Name: JOSIE SILVEY (Source) Launched: Pre 1896 Area: 1896-97 season, U. White R., Ark. Name: JUANITA (possibly JUNIATTAH) Area: 1830s Ohio R. Comments: This listing generated by site visitor Carol Gromer who wrote: "I am looking for information about a steamer which worked on the Ohio River in the 1830s. My family was on board a vessel which they record as "Juniattah." The spelling in the rest of the reference isn't good; so, I would think the name might actually be something like "Juanita" maybe." Name: JUANITA Area: Under John Clemens, Neches R., Tex. Owners: Between 1852 and 57 purchased by Capt. John Clemens Captains: at various times, John Clements and Peter D. Stockholm Comments: See source Article Name: JUBILEE Area: St Louis trade Captain: 1828, Pilot, Sellers, Isaiah 1. Name: JUDGE FLETCHER (No. 1) Type: siedwheeler, wooden hull, packet Size: 260 tons Launched: 1860, Brownsville, Pa. Destroyed: 1869, early, Red R., hit a rock Area: 1860, N.O.-Red R.; 1866, summer, N.O.-Ouachita R. Owner: 1860, Kouns Line 1868, early, Capt. Harrison L. Watts 1868, Oct., Edgar Nott, of New Orleans Captains: 1866, Tobin, John W. 1868, Watts, Harrison L. Under Nott's ownership, Phelps, James E. At one time, Keeling, Frank
Outdoor 12
1. Name: JUDGE FLETCHER (No. 2)
    Type: Sternwheeler, wooden hull, packet
    Launched: 1877, New Albany, Ind.
    Area: 1877, Took Gen. Philip Sheridan up to visit the battlefield of
                Custer's Massacre.
    Owner:  Under charter to Capts. Davidson, W.F. and
            Davis, John B.
    Captains: above and 

1. Name: JUDITH
	Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet.  Size: 184.4' X 33.2' X 4.4'
	Power: Engines, 14's- 5ft., 2 boilers.
	Launched: 1881, Mound City, Ill.
	Destroyed: 1888, July 29, Brickhouse Bend, Mo. R. snagged and lost.
	Owners: Originally, Northern Pacific R.R.
			Later owned by Benton Transfer Company who rebuilt her into a packet.
			Later purshased by Capt. John E. Massengale and Augustus Block
	Captains: When lost, Charles W. Able with John Gillham as pilot
	Comments: Originally was NORTHERN PACIFIC No. 2, railroad transfer boat.
			: Carried a large cargo of wheat when sunk.

    Launched: 1846, Elizabeth, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1850, Sept. 14, Bellefontaine Bend, Mo. R. snagged.

    Launched: 1848, Louisville, Ky.
    Destroyed: 1860, dec. 17, Arkansas R., snagged.

    Launched: 1859, Wheeling W. Va. 
    Destroyed: 1862, out of service.
    Comments: ?Mentioned in this Article?

    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 158 tons.
    Launched: 1863, Manchester Pa.
    Destroyed: 1867, May 10, within 4 mi. of Mankato, Minn., snagged
    Area: 1863-65, Pittsburgh-Zanesville
          1864, Summer, U.S. Service, Blennerhassett Island-Pittsburgh
    Owners: 1863-65, Capt. William Coulson
            1865, sold to Northwestern Line
    Captains: 1863-65, William Coulson
              See Coulson Line

    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 241' X 41' X 7.',  263 tons
    Launched: 1863, Jeffersonville, Ind.
    Destroyed: 1876, Jan. St. Louis, dismantled.
    Area: St. Louis-New Orleans trade
    Owners: 1863, Capt George Pegram and others
             Entered into Atlantic and Mississippi Steam Ship Company service
             Later, in Anchor Line
            1873, purchased by Capt W.C. Blake

3. Name: JUlIA
    Type: Sidewheel Wooden hull,      Size: 170'X 38'X 10', 520 tons
    Launched: 1870,
    Power: Steam reciprocating engine, 200 hp
    Destroyed: 1888, Feb. 27, boiler explosion
    Area: California Delta
    Owner: Central Pacific R.R., Southern Pacific R.R.
           1856, California Steam Navigation Company

Name: JUlIA originally the BELLE of CALHOUN
    1895-1930-31 winter

Name: JULIA No. 2
    Type; Sternwheel wooden hull packet.  Size: 322 tons.
    Launched: 1865, Wellsville, Oh.
    Destroyed: 1879, Dismantled
    Area: 1865-72, Out of Zanesville, usually to Pittsburgh.
          1872- Cincinnati-Kanawha R.
          Under Lovel, Cumberland R.
    Owners: 1865-72, Capt. William Coulson and others
            1872, Capt. R.V. Reynolds
            Later, Capt. J.W. Lovell
    Captains: 1865-72, Calvin R. Stull
              1872, R.V. Reynolds 
              Later, J.W. Lovell
              See Coulson Line


Name: JULIA BELL SWAIN, 1971  

Click on picture to enlarge 1971 Paul N. Norton Watercolor Print

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Type: Sternwheeler / Steel hull Size: Length: 108'; Width: 22'; Engines: 12's-5 ft. from the ferry City Of Baton Rouge. One water tube boiler. Launched: 1971 by Dubuque Boat and Boiler Co. for Capt. Dennis Trone Area: Peoria, Ill. R. day trips Chattanooga: 2 day trips to Starved Rock State Park Owners: 1971 - ?: Trone, Capt Dennis Presently: Great River Steamboat Co. Captain(s): Comments: Named for and christened by Julia Bell Swain Shelton, for whom the original boat was renamed in 1917 Name: JULIA DEAN Launched: 1850 as was another boat of the same name, firing much historical confusion as to which boat was where and when. Comments: Mentioned in this Article as having the first steam horn. Name: JUSTICE Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 75 tons. Launched: 1851, West Newton, Pa. Area: 1851, Youghiogheny R. 1852, Ohio R., Wheeling-Wellsville 1866, U. White R. Owners: 1851, John and F. Steiner, of West Newton, PA. 1854, sold to U. Miss. R. Captains: 1852, Ohio R., Murdoch Comments: Mentioned in this Article
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1. Source: Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994
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