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To Riverboats whose names start with
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* Name: IBERIA Owners: 1860s, Possibly Capt. James A. Greer and John Stinson.

Name: To boats begining with IDA 1. Name: IDAHOE Type: Sternwheeler, wooden hull, packet Size: 153.7' X 33.5' X4.9' Launched: 1863, Cincinnati, Oh. Destroyed: 1869, Jan. 10, Ouachita R., Columbia, La., sank and lost Area: Owners: 1863, original owners, Capt. J.N. Newcomb, John Swasey, David Gibson. 1867, May, Robert. A. Blanks acquired 1/2 ownership. Captains: 1863- ?, Newcomb, J. N. 1866, Elliott, Eugene 1867, Blanks, Fred A. 1868, Blanks, J.W. Comments: A History Channel presentation entitled "Sex in the Civil War" a reference was made to the Idahoe being used in early 1863 to transport "soiled doves" from Nashville to Cincinnati. : She was chartered to U.S. Gov. to haul army supplies to Nashville. Name: IDAHO
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The James E. York Post Card Collection
    Type: Sternwheel, packet and probably excursion boat
    Area: St. Joe R., Idaho
    Comments: Above photo is source for this listing

Go HERE for information on this boat.
I received this note Sunday, Feb. 28, 2000.
Let's give Allen and the "BELLE" all the support we can!
Riverboat Dave.

In Saturday's newspaper it was announced that the city and county plan to
retire the BELLE of LOUISVILLE, and make her a museum!! Please let other
river people know about this and tell them if they have questions to E Mail
me and or write me for more info.
Allen Dale
631 Barret Ave.
Louisville, KY 40204

    Launched: 1820's?
    Area: 1828 Mo. R.
    Comments: from the Boone's Lick Herritage

    Launched: pre 1835
    Comments: this listing is from note sent by site visitor - 
              A letter offered last year on ebay was written aboard the Illinois:
              "William Sanders, a passenger traveling to New Orleans on the steamboat
              Illinois, posted at Smithland, Ky, 22 Feb. 1835."
            : I doubt this is the same boat as in the above listing.
              Boats just didn't last that long back then.  Though it is possible.

    Type: Sidewheeler                Size:
    Launched: 1837 
    Area: Great Lakes
    Comments: One of the largest and finest Great Lakes steamboats of
              the 1830's & 40's.
            : Mentioned in this Article

    Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet
    Size: 187.5' X 37' X 6.9' 
    Launched: 1852, Brownsville, Pa. at Pringle Yard
    Destroyed: Mound City, Ill., dismantled in early part of the war. 
    Area: Briefly Pittsburgh-Cincinnati
          Later, Cairo - New Orleans in Railroad Line
          *1853, Dec., Aspinwall, Panama - ?New Orleans?
	  *1864, Sept, early, traveled Morganza, Louisiana to the White River, Arkansas. 
    Owner(s): James Holmes, Rdman J. Grace, William B. Holmes, J.A. Hutchinson,
              R.S. Hayes, and Capt. D.Y. Smithers, all of Brownsville, Pa. 
    Captains: Cairo-New Orleans, John W. Carroll

    Launched: 1860's?
    Area: Miss. R.
    Comments: From The Diary Of Joseph T. Anderson, storekeeper,
             Commerce Mo.
            - Saturday, December 30th 1861.  "Times have been very
             quiet for several days.  The armies are laying still. . . .
             The Illinois went down on Wednesday last for Cairo.

Name: ILLINOIS (the 6th one) Originally the 7th REINDEER
    Launched: 1888


From the
James E. York Post Card Collection
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet
    Comments: Above post card is source for this listing

Name: IMPERIAL, the 3rd one.  Originally the ALLEN COLLIER
The only teddy bear still made in America
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull towboat.  Size 222 tons
    Launched: 1865, Pittsburgh
    Destroyed: dismantled for machinery
    Area: 1866, U. Miss. R.
          Winter months of 1879-80, St. Louis-New Orleans, grain tow.
    Owner: 1866, Red Collar Line out of Winona
           1873-81, towed grain for Diamond Jo Line. 
           1881, Sold to Eagle Packet Company
    * From an article by William Petersen in The Palimpsest 

    Type: *?Sternwheel?, wooden hull packet
    Size: *210' X 40.6' X 6.6'
    Power: *18's- 7 ft., 3 boilers; paddlewheel?s?, 22' dia., 28' buckets
    Launched: *1894, Jeffersonville, Ind. by Howard Yard.
    Destroyed: *1911, swamped by tugboat wake in N.O., sank.  Raised
                and laid up for some 16 month
               *1912, June 16, burned
    Area: *1894-??, Red R. - New Orleans; later N.O. - Bayou Sara
    Owners: 1984, The Scovells, W.T., Mat and Noah 
            19?? - ?end?, Mississippi Packet Company
    Captain: 1902, master, Burgoyne, John M.
    Comments: Some of her equipment came from the DACOTAH
              * 1. 
             : 1864 or 5, was first boat to travel rivers unmolested
                    after the Civil War.
             : 1867, Sept., left Cow Island, 198 mi. below Ft. Benton,
                     with 275 passengers packed aboard at $130 per head and hit
                     sand bar after sandbar (132 of them) until 2 mo. later and
                     1000 mi. above St. Louis, all the passengers had deserted
                     her.  The boat was later sold at public auction.
    Launched: 1894
    Destroyed: 1912, summer, snagged
    Area: Miss. R.
    Comments: From The Diary Of Joseph T. Anderson, storekeeper,
             Commerce Mo.
             - Wednesday Evening, March 20th 1861. "Business very dull,
               but boats are plenty.  There has been a good number of
               boats passed up today.  Among the rest was the Memphis
               with the mail, the new Gatz, Meteor, Imperial Mariah.
               (The)Denning brought Joe Kelly and two other boats.  . . . "

    Type: Stern-wheeler   Size:
    Launched: 1860s?
    Destroyed: 1869, Beached
    Area: U. Mo. R.

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To Riverboats Starting With The Letter I,
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