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Name: INDEPENDENCE Type: Stern-wheeler Size: Small Area: Mo. R. Owner: Elias Rector Captain(s): 1819, Nelson, John Comments: 1819, May, First steamer to reach upper Mo. Reached 250 mi. to Chariton Mo. with wiskey, flour and iron castings. Comments: from Boone's Lick Heritage Quarterly Name: INDEPENDENCE Type: Sidewheeler, wooden hull, packet Size: 75' X 17' X 3', 42 tons Launched: 1863, Jefferson City (now New Orleans) Destroyed: 1869, retired Area: 1867-8, Shreveport-Carolina Bluffs Owner: Capt John Henry, New Orleans Captain(s): Henry, John * Name: INDEPENDENCE Launched, 1880 Destroyed: 1880, Aug., on trial run Collided with ironclad DEMOCRAT, sunk. Area: Alabama waters Crew: J.M. Pickens, W.M. Lowe at the wheel, J.M. Carpenter and Lon Meyer Name: INDIA GIVINS, originally the P.D. STAGGS Name: INDIAN QUEEN Launched: 1850s? Area: U. Miss. R. Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: INDIANA Launched: 1825? Area: U. Miss. R. Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: INDIANA Launched: 1840s? Destroyed: 1874 or 5 Area: U. Miss. R. Comments: Preformed a big rescue during a flood Name: INDIANS Launched: 1820's, early Area: Miss. R. Comments: Source Name: INDIANOLA Type: Stern-wheel ironclad, Union Boat Size: Launched: 1860s, early Destroyed: 1863 Disabled and sunk by Confeds 1. Name: INGOMAR
From The Old Times.com
The Memphis Daily Eagle and Enquirer
February 21, 1855

	Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 175' 40' X 7.5', 730 tons.

	Launched: 1854, Louisville, Ky.

	Destroyed: 1865 or so, dismantled
	Owners: When launched, Memphis and New Orleans Packet Company
	Captains: 1855, L. McDonough.  Also from ad above, J.O. Greenlaw
			  1860-61, Joe D. Blake	who took her Confederate.
	Comments: Engines went to LOUSIANA
	Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet
	Launched: 1864 as gunboat GENERAL THOMAS

Type: Sternwheeler
Comments: Seen in old photo in Cincinnati Inquirer, Sunday Oct. 10, 1999,
          Tallstacks 99 Suppliment entitled "Great River Parade" of 1929.

	Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 251 tons.
	Launched: 1854, Wheeling, W. Va.
	Destroyed: 1860, Oct., Newport, Ark., snagged and lost.
	Area: 1859, Upper White R., Ark.
	Captains:  1859?, J. W. Gilchrist
	Comments: See Article

Name: INTREPID/BENTON (the 2nd one)
    Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet 
    Launched: 1864, McKeesport, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1869, May 9, a few miles below DeSoto, Neb., upbound,
                     snagged and lost.
    Area: U. Mo. R. St. Louis-Ft. Benton. Made 9 trips to Montana points.  
    Owner: 1864, Capt. Charles Stevens had her built and named her INTREPID,
                 but sold her, brand new, to Capt. Thomas W. Rey who
                 changed the name to BENTON, and loaded her out, mid-Feb.
                 1864, direct for Fort Benton, Mont.. 
         : Most of her career she was run by fur traders Durfee and Peck.
   Captain:  1864, Rey, Thomas W. 
             1865, William Howard was Master and pilots were C.J.Atkins
                   and John Gunsollis.
   Comments: 1864, Mar. 15 - June 10.  First trip to Ft. Benton was a
                   "record early arrival".  This I suppose ment for in the
           : 1865, Mar. 11, left St. Louis sheathed about her pilot house
                   with boiler iron to protect against Chief Red Cloud's
                   Sioux Indians expected to be encountered in the Dakota
                   Territory.  It was to be an interesting trip.
                      She was fired upon at wooding places and ran into low
                   water in the Dakota Territory.
                   Working as part of a chain with the DEER LODGE above and 
                   the GENERAL GRANT below, she transhipped cargo from Milk
                   River to Round Butte.
                      The DEER LODGE shuttled the cargo on up to Ft. Benton.
                   On this trip, The BENTON was out from St. Louis for 169
                   days, until Aug. 26, during which time she logged 10,000
                      Last trip up was in 1868 during which she was snagged
                   and lost at what was to become know as Benton Bend.
            : Engines later went to the CHARLES DURFEE.

    Type: Side-wheeler    Size:
    Launched: 1840s early.
    Area: Eastern
    Captain and pilots: Capt. Woolsey, B. F.

Name: IONE
    Type: Side-wheeler        Size:
    Destroyed: *1892, Mouth of Petit Saline R. below Rocheport 
    Owner: Mathew Hogan
    Captain and pilots: Capt. 
    Comments: 1844, March 6,  a flyer offered 1/8 part of boat for
              sale to highest cash bidder in St. Louis.
            :*From site Visitor: "I noticed that you listed the IONE in
             your riverboat section but didn't mention it's fate. I have
             a copy of a river chart from 1892 that marks the wreck of
             the IONE at the mouth of the PETIT SALINE below ROCHEPORT,
             I saw a reference to this boat in an old article which
             stated that there was a substantial amount of gold onboard
             that was never recovered. Have you ever heard anything
             about this?"  -- Tina Bozarth

3. Name: IOWA
    Launched: 1840s, late?
    Area: 1840s, late, Sacramento R., Calf.

    Area: Ohio R.
    Captain(s): Whysall, Job
    Comments: Notes from The Tribune Telegraph,
           Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Aug. 18 1897

    Area: Kanawha R., W. Virginia
    Captains: 1900 or so,  Johnson, Benjamin Franklin
    Comments:  This info from: Andrea Castillo Who wrote:
               Could you give me any information on how to obtain a copy
               of my great grandfather's (Benjamin  Franklin Johnson)
               riverboat captians license?  He was a pilot on the Kanawha
               River in West Virginia around 1900.  The riverboats he
               worked on were the Iron Duke, the D.T. LANE and the LEROY.
               Please send any information.

   Destroyed: 1872
    Comments: Boat, crew and 55 passengers dissapeared in 1872
              on Mississippi without trace.  Her barges were found
              drifting.  Mentioned in Louis L'Amour's book "The
              Haunted Mesa" pgs. 79 & 327.
            : Later info this boat left Vicksburgh, northbound and that the IROQUOIS CHEEF
              reported nearly running over her drifting barges a few hours later.
            : U.S. Army Corps of Engineers published a report that the boat was found
              two months later in a cotton field near Omega Landing - close to Tallulah,
            : Additional information seems to indicate that the boat was deposited not
              on Omega Plantation, but on Mountain Plantation - some 20 miles north.
            : See Article Here
1. Name: IRON KING
    Type: Sternwheel, wood hull, packet/towboat
    Size: 8.6 tons, a small single deck boat
    Launched: 1875, Parkersburg, W. Va.
    Destroyed: 1886, still documented at Wheeling, W. Va.
    Area: Ohio R.
    Owner: J.R. King, J.F. King and J.K. King
    Comments: Short trade for a year or so, then used as a towboat.
            : *1884, working as dredge boat
            : Mentioned in this Document

    Type: Towboat               Size:
    Launched: 1860's?
    Destroyed: 1879 or so
    Area: Ohio R. : Worked out of Wheeling, W. Va..
    Owner: Capt W. Prince
    Captain and pilots: Capt. 
    Comments: Notes from WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER,
                June 24, 1951

Name: IRONSIDES  Credit and Photo
    Type: Sternwheel towboat                Size:
    Area: 1900: Ohio R., Wheeling, W. Va.

    Launched: 1890's?
    Area: 1897, Ohio R.
    Captain(s): T. T. Johnson
    Comments: From, The Tribune Telegraph,
              Wed., Aug.18 1897. 

    Comments: Became a raft-boat

    Launched: 1850s or 60s?
    Area: U. Miss. R.
    Comments: Mentioned in this Article

    Type: Sternwheel woodenhulled towboat
    Launched: early 1860's, Isaac Hammitt yard, McKeesport, Pa.
    Owner: Victor F. Wilson and/or Capt. William Dunshee,
           owners of a coal mine near McKeesport PA., possibly D.B.A.
           Mississippi Coal Company. 
   Comments: sisterboat, V.F. WILSON

    Type: Side-wheeler      Size: 345 X ?  39 ft. wheels.
    Launched: 1840s?
    Area: Eastern boat
    Owner: Newton, Isaac
    Comments: Advertised as the largest in the new or old world.

    Launched: 1870s?
    Area: Miss. R. ?
A full line of quality suppliments
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet     Size: 175' X 41' X 6.6', 
	Power: 18s-7-1/2 ft.  Two boilers, each 42" X 30'.
	Paddlewheel: 26' dia. with 13' buckets.
	Cabin: by Hart and Story, New Albany, Ind. 
    Launched: 1849, JKeffersonville, Ind. by Howard Yard
	Destroyed: 1860, Feb. 1, burned.
    Area: Went to Mobile
		: 1854, returned to Miss. R. made trips to Louisville
		: 1858, reportedly ran New Orleans - Shreveport. (F.L. Woodrige)
	Owners: when new, Cox and Brainard, Mobile, Ala.
			1854, Capt. Charles E. Marshall
			1854, Oct. after, Capt. Edward Felps
			1855, Capt. Edward Beebe of Selma, Ala.
	Captains: 1854, Charles E. Marshall
			: 1854, Oct. after, Edward Felps
    Comments: Was in Indian Wars?

    Launched: 1865?
    Destroyed: 1868?
    Area: : 1865, Mar. 2, near island # 76,  near Caulk Neck Cut Off, now in
                Lake Whittington, east of Mississippi R..  Helped rescue
                survivors of the JAMES WATSON. 
             Also Mo. R.
    Captain(s): McPherson, Henry
    Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly.

    Comments: 1. Was ISLAND BELLE from 1923 - 1927

    Type: Stern-wheeler               Size:
    Launched: 1850s?
    Destroyed: 1864, Snagged
    Area: U. Mo. R.
    Comments: Was in Indian Wars

Name: ISLAND MAID - originally the G.W. HILL

Name: ISLAND QUEEN, originally the ST. JOSEPH Ultimately renamed MORNING STAR
    Launched: 1893
    Destroyed: 191?3?, burned.

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The James E. York Post Card Collection
Type: Sidewheel wooden hull excursion boat Size:281.4' X 42.6' X 8.5' Power: 20's, 35's-9 ft., 6 boilers, each 42" X 24' Launched: 1896, May 16, Cincinnati, Oh. by Cincinnati Marine Railway Co. Destroyed: 1922, Nov. 4, Burned at Cincinnati along with MORNING STAR, TACOMA and CHRIS GREENE(1st). Area: between Cincinnati and Coney Island Amusment Park some nine to 10 miles upstream on Ohio side. Tramped during off seasons between Cincinnati and New Orleans. Owner: Coney Island Company, Cincinnati Captains: First Master, Sterling McIntyre, then James DuPuy for 28 yrs. After that, Ben I. Pattison 1. Name: ISLAND QUEEN See Post Card Picture Page
Heading For Coney
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From The Gallery
Michael Blaser
    Type: Sidewheel, steel hull excursion boat
    Size: 286.1' X 45.6' X 7.3', 4,100 Passenger;
    Power: noncondensing engines, 22's, 40's-9 ft., boilers heated with fuel oil the O
    Wheels: 30', 16' buckets
    Launched: 1925, Apr. 18, Midland, Pa. by Midland Barge Co.
    Destroyed: 1947, Sept. 9, Welding accident at Pittsburgh dock caused
                     fuel tank explosion that demolished her. 
                     19 crewmembers died.
    Area: Summer: Cincinnati to Ohio's Coney Island.
          Winter: Excursions out of towns from Pittsburgh to New Orleans
    Owner: Coney Island Company
    Captain(s): long time master, Charles N. Hall.  Capt. Harry Doss, pilot
                1947, Mate was Capt. Ernest Wagner

Name: ISLAND QUEEN, official number 656648
    Launched: 1983, Memphis Queen Shipyard, for and by Captain Tom Meanley
    Type: Decorative sternwheel excursion boat
    Size: 85' X 25' X 5.1', 99 tons;  412 passengers
    Power: 800 hp., Twin prop, Main Engines: Detroit Diesel 8V-71
    Area: 1999, out of Memphis, Tenn.
    Captain: 1999, James Gilmer
    Owner: 19??- present (1999), Memphis Queen Line, Memphis, Tenn.

    Launched: 1860s?
    Area:  1860S?, California Delta

Name: ISSAQUENA, originally the CITY OF IRONTON

    Launched: 1860s?
    Area:  1860S?, California Delta

    Type: Side-wheeler     Size:
    Launched: 1850s? Late?
    Area: 1864, U. Miss. R.
    Owner: 1864, Northwestern Union Packet Company
    Captains): Whitten, David
    Comments: Mentioned in this  Mentioned in this Article about 1857 U. Miss. R.
              Mentioned again, same article.
              1858, raced GRAY EAGLE No. 1

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