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Name: HIAWATHA 1856-1863 Name: HIAWATHA 1882-1911 Name: HIAWATHA
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Picture From
Brazoria County Historical Museum, Angleton, TX
On the Brazos River in Brazoria County, Texas
1890-post 1902 Area: Brazos R. Texas Name: HIAWATHA
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The James E. York Post Card Collection
    Type: Sidewhee, wooden hull
    Launched: 1904, St. Paul Minn.
    Destroyed: 1918 still documented
    Area: St. Paul



1. Name: HIBERNIA No. 2
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Site Visitor Dean Thompson
Type: Sidewheeler wooden hull packet Size: 217' X 27' X 5.4' Launched: 1847, Shousetown, Pa. Area: 1847, Pittsburgh - Cincinnati, 1849: Ohio R. 1852 - Missouri R. out of St. Louis Owner: 1847, David Holmes, William Frampton, George R. Massey William Bingham and M. Klinefelter, all of Pittsburgh and Thomas Arbuckle of Brooks County, Va. 1849, Capt. C.W. Batchelor acquired stock Captains: 1847, John Klinefelter, 1849-52, C.W. Batchelor 1852, Herman Price Comments: 1854, Feb. 3, Was in St. Louis ice jam. Do not know if this destroyed her. : From Wheeling Daily Gazett, Feb. 7, 1849 : 1849, made record run Cincinnati - Pittsburg in 46hr., 15min.. Wheeling - Pittsburg 9hr., 29min.. : "This boat figures in the famed Wheeling Bridge case as her stacks were damaged by striking that structure, thereby setting off the fireworks which resulted in a case before the U.S. Supreme Court. Attorney Edwin M. Stanton, later Lincoln's Secretary of War, was aboard at the time the smokestacks were struck and many felt he ordered the collision to produce an actual grievance." : 1849, July, Pittsburgh, Pa, pilot Jesse Klinefelter died aboard as she was landing with cholera aboard. : Mentioned in this Article 1. Name: HIBERNIA Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet. Size: 135' X 25' X 4.' Power: Engines, 12's- 4 1/2', from the J. M. CAMDEN, 2 boilers Launched: 1881, Rock Castle, W. Va. Destroyed: 1899, Oct. 29, after being tied up at mouth of Yazzo Canal, Kleinston, Miss., burned. Area: 1881, Gallipolis-Marietta : 1885, Gallipolis-Parkersburg : Later ran out of Kentucky R. with BLUE WING : Later under Parisot Line, Belzoni trade. : Under Capt. Britton, A few trips on Sunflower R. Owners: Late in her life, Parisot Line. Later still, Capt. James Britton Captains: 1881, Alf Day. Later that year and through 1883, W.A. Maddy : 1885, G.B. McClintock with J.M. Deem as clerk : Later on Kentucky R., Joel Wall and possibly Elmer E. Varian Comments: After 1885 went through several sales until Parisot Line purchased. : Mentioned in this Document and in this Article * Name: HIGHLAND LADDIE Size: 80 tons Power: High pressure Launched: 1924, Cincinnati, Oh.
Posters, fine art, memoribilia and more

    Launched: 1850s?
    Area: Miss. R.
    Owner: United States Mail Line

	Size: 80 tons
	Power: High pressure
	Launched: 1824, Cincinnati, Oh.s

    Launched: 1848
    Destroyed: 1856, late Feb, Torn from docks and swept downstream in
               ice flow during Great Ice Gorge at St. Louis.
               Crushed and sunk.
    Area: U. Miss. and Mo. Rs.
    Captain(s): 1849 - 50 or so, Mark Atchison
    Comments:  Mentioned in this Article
            : 1849, Apr. 9, Arrived at St Paul, Minn.
            : 1850, Apr 19, Arrived at St. Paul, Minn.

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The James E. York Post Card Collection
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet
    Size: 142' X 31' X 5.5'
    Power: Engines, 5.5 condensing by Griggith & Wedge, Zanesville, Oh.
           Scotch Marine Boiler
    Launched: 1894, Harmar Oh. by Knox Yard
    Area: Built for Pittsburgh-Zanesville trade.  Made only on trip that trade.
          1894, summer, went to excursions, Zanesville
    Owners: Capts. William W. Richardson, George Wallace, Dana Scott,
                   Lou Myrick, John rice and Charles S. Beckwith
            1894, Sept. sold to Magdalena R., South America
        Comments: Was towed to South America across the gulf by tug B.D. WOOD
    Size: 120 tons
    Power: High pressure
    Launched: 1829, Pittsburgh
    Area: 1829, Nov. 10th - 17th, ran Ohio R., Cincinnatti - Pittsburg
    Comments: See letter excerpt.

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Photo donated by Ken McCulloch
    Type: sternwheel wooden hull packet
    Area: Coosa R.
    Captains: William M. Elliot
    Comments: Source

Name: HILL CITY Originally the CITY OF MONROE

    Area: Ohio R.
    Comments: From The Tribune Telegraph,
           Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Apr. 28 1897

    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet       Size: 199 tons
    Launched: 1849, Brownsville, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1855, Jan. 28, Ste. Genevieve, Mo., snagged and lost.
    Area: Pittsburgh-St. Louis
    Owner: *1945-52, sometime between, Capt. Hugh Campbell
    Captains: *1945-52, sometime between, Hugh Campbell 
    Comments: * From Campbell family records.

    Launched: 1830s, late?
    Destroyed: 1840, Friday, May 8, by tornado in Natchez
    Area: Miss. R.
    Comments: Source Article


    Launched: 1830s early.
    Owners: said to have been purchased by Cherokee businessman
             Joe Vann of Webber Falls on upper Ark. R. who
             changed the name to KINGSTON
    Comments: Said to have been used by John Ross During the
              "Trail of Tears".

1. Name: HOLSTON
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 89 tons.
    Launched: 1864, Kingston, Tenn. For U.S.Q.M.D.
    Destroyed: 1870, Dec. 10, Luna Landing, Ark., sank in 40' of water.
    Owners: 1863-66, Apr., United States Quartermaster Division
            1866, Apr., purchased by John L. Doss & Co.
            1870, when she sank, owned by Muscatine, Iowa interest. 

    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 86.8' X 18.5' X 3.4'.
    Power: 7"- 3 1/2 ft., 1 boiler
    Launched: 1920, Tuscumbia,Mo.
    Destroyed, 1827, Foot of Rutger st. St. Louis, Mo., sank.
    Area: Mo. R.,  Osage R., Mo.
    Owners: Union Electric Co., St. Louis
            later, New St. Louis and Calhoun Packet Company.
    Comments:  The Union Electric Company built Bagnal Dam on Osage R. in Mo.,
               creating a power plant as well as the nearly one-hundred mile
               recreational Lake of the Ozarks.  This boat is said to have done
               ferry service for this company.  (Dave)
            : Mentioned in this Article.

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The James E. York Post Card Collection
    Type: Sternwheel wooden hull ecxursion boat
    Size: 235' X 40' X 5.9'
    Power: compound non-condensing engines, 16's, 32's- 8ft.
    Launched: 1914, Jeffersonville, Ind bu Howard Yard. 
    Destroyed: 1931, Apr., Pittsburgh, burned
    Area: 1915 excursions on lower Ohio.
               Also tried Louisville-Cincinnati trade
          1916, ran a New Orleans Mardi Gras trip
                Also ran an Easter cruise, Pittsburgh-New Orleans
          1916 - 1928, Ohio R., Pittsburgh and/or Point Pleasant, Oh..
              Later, became a regular excursion boat out of Pittsburgh.
          1924, excursions out of Pittsburgh
    Owners: Built for the Security Steamboat Company. Point Pleasant, W. Va.
            1928, purchased by Pittsburgh Amusement Company.  Renamed the GREATER PITTSBURGH
    Captains: 1915, Peter Holloway. Capt. Henry Holloway was pilot until 1924 when she was sold.
              1916, W.C. Lepper, Jr.
              Later, Jack Smith , son of Homer Smith, was master
    Comments: 1928, sold to Pittsburgh and renamed. 
            : 1,800 LB. roof bell came from GUIDING STAR.
            : Watchmen was jailed for arson in her burning.  Not proven.  He was released.
Name: HOPE
    Launched: 1810?
    Destroyed: 1810? Broken up after legal battle.
    Area: U. Hudson R.
    Owner: City of Albany, N. Y.'s merchants.

*Name: HOPE
    Launched: 1810s, late?
    Destroyed:  1824 Bankruptcy records state the HOPE sank in the
                Mississippi River near New Orleans, possibly exploded.
                  (Lexington, KY newspaper report)
    Area: Miss. R., probably Nashville-New Orleans 
    Owner: Capt. Collin Bosworth. (1820 New Orleans Census) 
    Captains: Probably Collin Bosworth
        : *Information from Ella R. Hauser, Mich..

Name: HOPE
    Area: 1840s, out of Zanesville, Oh.
    Captain: Reeves
    Comments: built by Capt Reeves said to be the first steamboat built at
              Zanesville, Oh.
            : Mentioned in this Article

1. Name: HOPE
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 107' X 20' X 3.5'
    Power: 10 1/4's-3 1/2', 1 boiler, 42" X 22'.
    Launched: 1877, New Albany Ind.
    Area: later, under Capts. August Wohlt and Wm. L. Heckman, Mo.R. out of
                 Hermann, Mo.
    Owners: New Albany, purchased by Hermann Ferry and Packet Co.
            Later sold to Memphis area, still there in 1892.

    Type: Sidewheeler
    Size: Length: 230'; Beam:59'; Speed:21 mph.
    Area: Lake George N.Y.
    Owner: Delaware and Hudson Railroad through The Lake George
           Steam Boat Co. Lake George Steamboat Co. 
Captain and pilots: Capt. Comments: Was either built or purchased by the D&H Railroad, which owned the L.G. Steamboat Co. between 1871 and 1939. Name: HORIZON Launched: 1850'S? Area: Ohio R. Captain(s) 1861, Mate was Peppers, George H. Comments: From The Wheeling Register, Monday, March 31, 1879 Name: HORNBROOK Type: Towboat Size: Area: 1879: Ohio R. Owner: Capt. E. Hornbrook Captains: * 1882, Feb., Newt Flesher Comments: Notes from WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER, June 24, 1951 : Mentioned in this Document Name: HUCK FINN Type: Replica, Diesel Size: Launched: Modern Area: St. Louis Name: HUDSON Comments: ?1832, Made run from White River to Helena (75mi.)in 12 hrs.? Name: HUDSON Launched: 1846 Destroyed: 1851, off the lists. Name: HUDSON Launched: 1857 : 1861 went to Confederate service Name: HUDSON Launched: 1863 Destroyed: 1878, off the lists Name: HUDSON Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet Size: 200' X 33.6' X 6.2' Power: Engines, 19's- 6 ft. Launched: 1875, Murrysville, W. Va./completed at Wheeling Destroyed: cir. 1885, parted out to new HUDSON (below) Area: 1875, Ohio R. Wheeling-Cincinnati 1879, Pittsburgh-Cincinnati Later, Paducah-St, Louis Owner: When new, Parkersburg and Ohio River Transportation Company 1879 sold to Capts. J.N. Williamson and Wash Honshell and others. Later, Capt. J. Frank Ellison Captains: 1879, Phil Anshutz *1885, Tom Hunter Later J. Frank Ellison, Paducah Comments: Notes from WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA, Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: HUDSON Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet Size: 225' X 37' X 6., overall width was 43'. Power: Engines, 20's- 6 ft., 4 boilers Launched: 1886, Freedom Pa./Pittsburgh Destroyed: 1904, June 25, Cincinnati, sank while laid up. Raised and docked. 1905, Feb. 5, burned there while laid up. Area: built for Paducah-St. Louis trade Later went to St. Louis-Grafton, then Pittsburgh-Cincinnati trade Owners: Built for Capt. J. Frank Ellison 1897, *Chartered to Coney Island Packet Co of Cincinnati. Captain(s): 1889, J. Frank Ellison early 1897, Agnew, Robert R. : From May 29, 1897, Sweeney, John : Some info from The Tribune Telegraph, Associated with: 1889 or so, Pittsburgh & Cincinnati Packet Line 1. Name: HUGH MARTIN Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet Launched: Kingston, Tenn., Cabin built at Jeffersonville, Ind Destroyed: 1875, Aug. 14, Washington Landing, boilers exploded killing Capt Fitts and 3 others Area: designed for Kingston-London trade, Tenn. R. Owners: built by Capt Hugh Martin Soon purchased by Allison Bros. Sold to Capt. Jacob Fritts and Col. R.K. Byrd Comments: Allison Bros. managed to put her high and dry on a sandbar. Name: HUGO Area: Osage R., Mo. Owners: 1870s?, possibly by Charles F. Lohman and his son Capt. Louis Charles Lohman, of Jefferson City, Mo : This listing from family records of Lee Lohman, GGG grandaughter of Charles F. Name: HUNGARIAN Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 279 Tons. Launched: 1850, Elizabeth, Pa. Destroyed: 1859, Dismantled. Machinery went to A.O. TYLER Area:Tramp trades, Cincinnati-St. Louis - New Orleans Owners: Owned and operated by Capt. David Collier Comments: Horace E. Bixby got his first pilot job on this boat. Name: HUNTSMAN Type: Stern-wheeler Size: Launched: 1860s? Destroyed: Grounded Area: U. Mo. R. 1. Name: HUNTSVILLE Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 205' X 29' X 6', 344 tons Launched: 1845, New Albany, Ind. Destroyed: 1854, Aug. 21, Ste. Genevieve, Mo., snagged and lost. Area: Mo. R. Owners: 1845, Capt. Charles W. Harrison, James Pell, L.H. Flernoy, (all of Paduka) George P. Frazer, Jefferson County, Ky, and George Warren, Alabama. Captains: Charles Pell 1. Name: HUNTSVILLE No. 2 Type: Stern-wheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 261' X 40' X 9' 898 tons Launched: 1853, New Albany, Ind. Destroyed: 1855, Mar. 24, Hamburg, Tenn.,Tenn. R., burned with 4,000 bales cotton. Area: Miss. R.; 1855, Tenn. R Owners: 1845, Charles W. Harrison, Charles Pell (both of Paduka) George P. Frazer, Jefferson County, Ky, and George Warren, Texas and William McClure of Tuscumbia, Ala. Captains: 1854, Feb. 18, C.W. Harrison 1855, Mar. 24, Pell 1. Name: HUNTSVILLE Type: Stern-wheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 159' X 33' X 4.5', 358 tons Launched: 1864, New Albany, Ind. Destroyed: 1873, Aug. 26, Red River, broke tiller, hit bank, sank w/180 head cattle. Some cattle lost, no people lost. Area: New Orleans-Shreveport Name: HUNTSVILLE
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Photo donated by
Ken McCulloch
Type: Sternwheel packet Area: Tenn. R. Comments: Above picture is source for this listing. Name: HURLBURT Area: At one time Osage R., Mo. Captains: At one time, Robert Melville Marshall Mentioned in this Article.
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1. Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994 
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