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    Launched:1840s, early?
    Destroyed: 1857, fall, burned at Red Wing.
    Area: 1847, U. Miss. R. above Galena.
    Owner: 1854, Galena & Minnesota Packet Company
    Captain(s): 1857, May, Laughton
    Comments: Mentioned several times in this Article
              1857, May 1, arrived at St. Paul, Minn.
            :  1854, May 7, McCartney, Wiss., Collided with DR. FRANKLIN.
                     The latter was lost.

    Launched: ?1900-1911?
    Area: California Delta

    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 400 tons.
    Launched: 1853, Shousetown, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1855, Jan. 14, 35 mi. below Napoleon, Ark, burned.
    Area: Ill. R., round trips, St. Louis-LaSalle
    Owners:  1853, in part, Eli Mills
             *1854, Eli Mills sold his interest to  Isaac Kimber and Herman Price
    Captains: Herman Price,	Isaac Kimber 
    Comments: 1853, Spring, went up St. Louis-La Salle, 302 mi. 00/21/55
            : *Source
            : was a fast boat making round trip St. Louis-LaSalle
              in five days instead of the usual time of one week.
			: Source
Wayside Gardens Fast Growing Screens


	Launched: 1859, Cincinnati, Oh.
	Type: At first a sidewheel wooden hull freighter    Size: 297.84 tons
			1873, St. Louis, or Rock Island Boat Yards, remodled and converted to sternwheeler
	Areas: 1873, was to go to "cotten streams of the south."
				However later info indicates this boat went into the Davenport and St. Louis trade.
Later she was operating between St. Louis, Kansas City, and other Missouri points. Owners: 1874, Thomas B. Cabeene of St. Louis Captains: 1873, Miles (Milo) A. Pruden Comments: See Name: GATE CITY Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 73.8' X 13.8' X 3.5' Power: 7" - 3', 1 boiler, 54" X 18'. Launched: 1900, Winona, Minn. Destroyed: 1913, June 15, Saline R. Area: Came out in Winona-Fountain trade 1906, went south 1907, inspected at Jonesville, La. 1911, went to Arkadelphia, Ark., on U. Ouachita R. Owners: 1906, sold to Capt John A. Armstrong Captains: 1900, A.B. Robins Name: GATEWAY CLIPPER Type: Diesel Size: Launched: contemporary. Area: Pittsburgh Name: GATZ Area: Miss. R. Comments: The Diary Of Joseph T. Anderson storekeeper, Commerce, Mo. - Wednesday Evening, March 20th, 1861. "Business very dull, but boats are plenty. There was a good number of boats passed up today. Amoung the rest was the Memphis with the mail, the new Gatz, Meteor, Imperial Maria. Denning brought Joe Kelly and two boats. The Ryland landed here 4o'clock going down. Took 7 cords wood, but put off no freight." Name: GAZELLE Launched: 1844, Cincinnati, Oh. Size: 30/90 tons Area: enrolled at New Orleans Comments: This info comes from Ship Register and Enrollment of New Orleans, La. prepared by the survey of Federal Archives in Louisiana Service Divison Work Projects Administration, 1841-1850 3. Name: GAZELLE Launched: 1840's late? Size: 8 tons. Area: 1853, Sacramento R. Calif. 1. Name: GEM Type: Sternwheel, Wood hull packet Size: 211' X 35' X 6.8', 298 tons Launched: 1850, Cincinnati, Oh. Destroyed: 1856, Dismantled Area: Miss. R., 1850, N.O. - Memphis Owner: 1850-52, equally by Snap, Capt. Lewis and Hanger, Peter of Little Rock 1852-54, Dyas, Capt. Richard Irwin 1855, : 1852-54, Caldwell, John E. of N.O. Captain(s): 1850-52, Snapp, Lewis 1852-54, Dyas, Capt. Richard Irwin 1. Name: GEM Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet Size: 145 tons Launched: 1863, Wheeling, W. Va. Destroyed: 1869, Nov. 9, Nebraska City, Neb., lost. Area: Miss. R. Owner: Hughes, Capt. Captain(s): Huges, Capt. 1. Name: GEM
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The James E. York Post Card Collection
    Type: Sternheeler, wooden hull, packet      Size: 135' X 21' X 3'
    Power: 3 boilers
    Launched: 1898, Jeffersonville, Ind. by Howard yard
    Destroyed: 1914, Feb. 14, Hahnville Landing, La. Burned killing 5 crew members
    Area: 1898, Red R. above Shreveport
          1910-14, Feb. 14, N.O. - Bayou Sara trade
    Owner: 1898 - 1901, Feb.? Rea, Capt. Ben C.
           1901?-10,  Red River Packet Company
           1910-14, Feb. 14 Comeaux Family
    Captain(s): 1898 - 1901, Rea, Ben C.
                1914, pilots, Comeaux, Eddie, pilot Barre, William E.
    Comments: 1901, Feb., just above Shreveport, Sank with 650 bales cotton aboard.
              1908, Jan. 30, 1 mi. above Browns Landing, Red R. sank.
              1910, Nov. 23, At Elevator #3, N.O. Harbor, sank

    Type:Side wheel, wood hull packet       Size:303' X 36' X 6'
    Power: Engines, 28 1/2's - 7.  Wheels: 28' dia., 15 buckets ea..
    Launched: 1881, St Louis Mo.  Hull built for Keokuk Northern Line.
              which was financially unable to complete the boat.  The
              St. Louis and St. Paul Packet Company finished her under
              the direction of R. H. Medill.
    Destroyed: 1883, Sept. 22, burned at foot of Barton St., St Louis, Mo.
    Area: U. Miss. R. 
           : 1881, Keokuk - St. Louis, 2 round trips.  St Louis - St. Paul,
             4 round trips.
           : 1882-83, St. Louis - St Paul, 14 round trips, several times in
             5 1/2 days.(1,352 mi.)
    Owners: 1881 - 83, St. Louis and St. Paul Packet Company
    Captains and pilots: 1881, Captain, A. M. Hutchinson 
           : 1882 Wm. Thompson, Pilot, Campbell Hunt and Hi Beedle.
           : Later, George W. Jakes, pilots, Douglas Roberts and Mills Purdy. 
   Comments: Some of her machenery came from the ANDY JOHNSON.
           : At one time, under command of Capt Jakes, she hit a rock and sank,
             The GEN. H.F. DEVOL assisted in raising her.

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1. Name: GENEVA

The James E. York Post Card Collection
	Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet    Size 163' X 30' X 5.' 284 tons.
	Launched: 1871, Brownsville, Pa.
	Destroyed: ?
	Area: 1875, Semi-daily service up Monon R.
	      1884-85, winter, New Orleans, excursion trips.
	      1885, Apr., returned to Pittsburg
		  1885, Oct. 7, Ohio R., West Bellevue, Pa., was flagship in
                parade at opening of Davis Island Dam.
	Owners: When new - 1884, Dec., Pittsburgh, Brownsville & Geneva Packet Company.
			1884, William J. Caskey and Capt. Lew N. Clark
			1885, Apr, Capt. Lew N. Clark became sole owner.
	Captains: 1871-84, M.A. Cox
			  1884-85, Lew N. Clark
			  1885, at least during parade, C.W. Batchelor
	Comments:  a pending late 1884 sale mentioned here Here

1. Name: GENOA
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet    Size: 170' X 28' X 5.', 227 tons
    Launched: 1854, California, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1856, Sept. 13, Nebraska City, snagged and lost.
    Area: Mo. R.
    Owner: 1854-56, Sept. 13, Capt. Joseph Throckmorton, Robert Campbell,
                    Joseph E. Gorman, all of St. Louis.
    Captains: *1855, pilot or capt., Henry Jasper King
              1854-56, Sept. 13, Joseph Throckmorton; mate, P.S. Ray
     *King Family Records

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	Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet.  Size: 183 tons
	Power: Engines, 14's- 4 ft., 2 boilers
	Launched: 1852, Line Island, Pa./Pittsburgh
	Destroyed: 1855, May 11, Mo. R., Bellefontaine Bluffs 
	Owners: Capt. Thomas Poe and others, Georgetown, Pa.
	Area: Missouri R.
	Comments: 1853, Oct. 12, Mo. R. sunk by snag, raised.

    Type: Sidewheeler               Size: 138 ton
    Launched: 1817
    Area: Savannah R.
    Owner: Steamboat Company of Georgia
    Captain:1823 - 1834, sometime between,  Swymer, John
    Comments: Source

    Type: Probably a sternwheel wooden hull packet
    Launched: 1851
    Area Coosa R.
    Comments: Source 

    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet
    Size: 178' X 33' X 5.'
    Power: Engines, 18's- 8ft. Three boilers each 44" X 32'
    Launched: 1898, Jeffersonville, Ind, by Howard Yard
    Destroyed: 1918, Jan., Memphis, lost in ice.
    Area: maiden trip and after Memphis-Cairo trade
          Last until 1917 when Lee Line abandoned the trade, Memphis-Cincinnati
    Owners: The Lee Line, Memphis
    Captains: Maiden trip N.B. McNeely
    Comments: Named for the daughter of Capt. James Lee

    Type: sternwheeler    Size: 30 TON
    Destroyed: 1850s, early
    Area: 1850s, upper San Joaquine R., Calif.

    Type: sidewheele, wooden hull packet
    Size: drew only about 15" of water
    Launched: 1980, pre
    Area 1880, said to be on Osage R. in Missouri.
    Captains: 1880, Henry Baker

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The James E. York Post Card Collection
    Type: sternwheeler
    Area: ?St. Joe R.?
    Comments: ?Any relation to George "Live Oaks" above at GEORGE LAW?

    Launched: 1830s? late?
    Area: 1840, U. Miss. R.
    Comments: Mentioned in this Article

    Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet.  Size: 49 tons.
    Launched: 1845, Louisville, Ky.
    Destroyed: 1851, off the lists.

    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 208' X 34.5' X 5.', 340 tons
    Power: 22's-7 ft., 3 boilers.  Wheels: 27' dia, 11 buckets.
    Launched: 1863, New Albany, Ind
    Destroyed: 1873, Prudhomme Bend on Red R., hit wreck of MONSOON and sank.
    Area: 1867, principally Mo. R.
          1873, St Louis- Shreveport
        : one season ran New Orleans-Ouachita R.  
    Companies associated with: 1867, St. Louis and Omaha Packet Company
    Owners: 1864: Capt, William P. Lamothe
            1873, Carter's Red River Line
    Captains: 1867, William P. Lamothe
              New Orleans-Ouachita R. season, Jack Brinker    
    Comments: This boat was severly damaged in the 1864, July 15th, St. Louis
              boat fire.  Board of Underwriters auctioned off burned boats.
              GLASGOW went to Capt. Lamothe for $6.200

1. Name: GLASGOW
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 156' X 33' X 5.', 443 tons.
    Power: 16's-4 1/2 ft..  3 boilers, each 28" X 24'
    Launched: 1866, Brownsville, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1876, Nov. 9, Louisville, ran into shore at foot of falls.  Sank
                     then dismantled.
    Area: 1866, built for Pittsburgh-Cincinnasti trade.  Also made
                Missouri R. trip that season.
          1870, Pittsburgh-Nashville 
          1873, early Cairo-St. Louis
          1873, spring, Evansville-Cincinnati
    Owners: when lost, equal shares held by Memphis and Ohio River Packet
            Company, Louisville and Henderson Mail Line and U.S. Mail Line.
    Captains: 1866, came out with George Johnson, master.
              1870, A. Robinson
              1876, Andy Robinson, Jr.
              1876, spring, Thomas Boluss
              1876, fall, Master, H.A. Lozier

	Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 165' X 30', 322 tons.
	Launched: 1865, Pittsburgh, Pa.
	Destroyed:  1869, off the list.
	Area: 1865, Memphis to Ark. R. 
	Owners: 1865, purchased by Capts. Dan Able and Richard C. Gray and others.
	Comments: Bound for Memphis, snagged 12 mi. below Pine Bluff, Ark.  Raised.

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    Type: Towboat
1. Name: GLOBE
    Type: Sternwheeler, wooden hull packet       Size: 54 tons
    Launched: 1849, Brownsville, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1856, off lists

1. Name: GLOBE
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet      Size: 241 tons
    Launched: 1849, Paducah, Ky.
    Destroyed: 1856, off the lists. 
    Area: U. Miss. R., *Mo. R.
          1854-56, Minnesota R.
    Owners: Capt. Louis Roberts; *Capt Andrew Wineland    Captain: 1855, Bell, Edwin 
    Comments: *information from HERE
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