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Olden Times.com
The Denison Daily News
Denison, Texas
August 27, 1873


	Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet.  Size:198' X 37.5' X 5.7'
	Power: Engines, 17-1/2's- 6 ft., 3 boilers, each 38" X 26 ft.
			Machinery from the CITY OF PEKIN
	Area: Built for Ill. R. trade. Ran Ill. R.-St. Louis
			Also ran St. Louis-Shreveport.
	Launched: 1872, Madison, Ind. for Illinois Packet Company
	Destroyed: 1873, St. Francis Island, near Helena, Ark.
				Way's claims 12 lives lost.
				Newspaper article above claims only one lost, or could
				the newspaper have a typographical error in the word "and"?
				Should that word have been "all"?
				Also see Comments, below:
			   1874, May 2, Bowling Green Bend at Babbler's Wood Yard,
				Snagged and lost for good.
	Captains: St. Louis-Shreveport, Lloyd T. Belt
			  1874, May 2, when snagged and lost, William W. Crapster was master.
	Comments: Named for Claiborne Green Wolff.
			  His Name wasn't George, but that's what he was called.
			: After boiler explossion, the hulk was towed to Memphis and rebuilt.
			: Captain  Henry S. Carter was aboard and taken to Memphis aboard the JULIA.
				I am not certain whether he was an officer on the Wolff or a passenger. D.

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Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet Size: 140 X 26' X 4.5' Power: Engined, 14's- 4-1/2 ft. Two boilers. Launched: 1904, Metropolis, Ill. Destroyed: 1927-28, winter, Mouth of Green R., while being moved to Green R., ice cut her seams. Lost. Area: Paducah-Metropolis 1921, went to Paducah-Gonconda trade 1923 went to Louisville-Stephensport trade Later to Paducah-Evansville trade Owners: when new, Capt. E.J. Cowling Later was sold to Miss Annie I. Baker, Paducah, Ky. 1921, Mar. sold to Capt. George Street 1923, Sold to Williams Bros., Evansville, Ind. and renamed ALTON Comments: Whistle came from the DICK FOWLER : Named after Captain E.J. Cowling's father. : A tidbit about this boat Name: GEORGE E. STAR Type: Side-wheeler Size: Launched: 1880s? Area: Columbia R.. Seattle to Bellingham? Comments: A slow boat. 3. Name: GEORGE E. WASHINGTON Launched: 1840s? LATE? Area: 1850s, early, Sacramento R., Calf.
	Launched: 1850s?
    Destroyed: Sank in gale with $280,000,000 in gold from Panama
    Owner: George "Liveoak" Law
    Captain and pilots: Capt. George Law
    Comments: Ran Panama to East Coast trade

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From Site Visitor
Doug King
Type: sternwheel, woodenhull packet Area: Unknown Comments: Above picture is source of this listing Name: GEORGE PRINCE/OUACHITA Type: Sternwheel steel hull packet. Size: 144' X 29.5' X 6.2'. Power: Cross compounding condensing engines. 12" . 24"- 7ft. Launched: 1822, Nashville, Tenn. by Nashville Bridge Co. Destroyed: 1940, Jan., Dismantled Owners: Royal House Route Company, Vicksburg, Miss. Later, Capt. L.V. Cooley, New Orleans Captains: Under Royal House, George Prince Comments: Capt. Cooley changed the name to OUACHITA : Machinery came from PERCY SWAIN Name: GEO. S. WEEKS Launched: 1850s or 60s? Area: U. Miss. R. Comments: Mentioned in this Article 1. Name: GEORGE SPANGLER Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet Size: 124' X 25' X 4.2' Power: Engines, 10-1/2's - 3 ft. One boiler. Launched: 1873, Madison, Ind. Area: 1877, New Orleans-St. Martinsville 1879, Mo. R. Spent some time on Osage R., in Mo. Owners: built for Capt. Nat Williams Captains: 1877, W.C. Smith 1. Name: GEORGE STRECKER
Click to enlarge Picture From Dave Strecker
Great grand nephew to Geo.
Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 127.6' X 23.8' X 3.9' Launched: 1880, Long Reach W. Va. Destroyed: 1887, Beverly, burned Area: 1885-86, Marietta-Middleport Owner: 1885-86 capt. Sheldon S. Stowe Captains: Possibly at one time W.D. Crammond, Hawesville, Ky. Comments: Whistle went to BEN HUR and others. : Named for George (Gottlieb) Strecker, owner boilerworks on Harmer side of Muskingum R., Marietta, Ga. Name: GEO. W. MORE?? Name: GEO. W. KENDALL (Named after George Wilkins Kendall) Size: 182'X 33'X 8 1/2', light draft: 3' Launched: 1849, Oct 10, Wheeling, W. Va., by M'Lure and Dunlavy Area: Ohio and Miss. Rivers. Owner: Partly, Capt. Norton Captain(s): Norton Comments: First run: 1849, Nov. 13, Wheeling to Pittsburgh. Engines by Phillips Foundry, Wheeling Comments: Source: Articles from Daily Wheeling Gazette, 1848 : Named for George Wilkins Kendall * Name: GEORGE WASHINGTON Size: 360 tons Power: High pressure Launched: 1825, Cincinnati, Oh.
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