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Type: Sternwheel tow boat    Size: 112.3' x 24.2' x 4.6'
    Launched: 1896, in Wabasha, MN
    Destroyed: 1916, April, disamantled 
    Area: 1896 - 1907, Miss, R.; 1907 - , Black Warrior R.
    Captain(s): 1907, Pickley, E. V., Pilot, Nicholes, Charles
    Comments: This information from Jerry Canavit

Name: E.A. OGDEN

1. Name: E.A. OGDEN
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 280.5' X 36' X 6.', 399 tons.
    Launched: 1855, St. Louis, Mo.
    Destroyed: 1860, Feb. 22, Jefferson City, Mo.  Don't know how.
    Area: Mo. R.
        : 1857, Diary of E.F. Beadle has arriving at Omaha June 11, June 30,
                July 19.
		: 1858, Summer, St. Louis - Sioux City 
    Captains: 1855, Hamilton Lee
			: 1858, Wm. Thompson
    Comments: Said to have made enough to pay for herself in first 6 months.

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Type: Snagboat Area:Ohio R. Comments: Notes from The Tribune Telegraph, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. July. 12 1897 Name: E. H. DURFEE Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull poacket. Size: 206' X 35' Power: 16's-6 ft., 3 boilers each 38" X 26'. By John Herbertson, Brownsville, Pa. Launched: 1871, Pittsburgh, Pa. at Eberman and McFall Yard. Destroyed: 1881, May 23. Overloaded. Went down at mouth of Gasconade R. Boat and cargo total loss. Said to have been overloaded. Boat valued at $18.000. Area: Out of Pittsburgh, mostly to U. Mo R. 1876, Aug., took 6 companies of the 5th U.S. Infantry to Indian wars. Under Capt. Keith (below), Lower Missouri R. to St. Louis Owners: Built for Capt. William Coulson and others (The Coulson Line), possibly including Capt. Frank M. Dozier. Later, Capt. George G. Keith and others Comments: In all, made 7 trips to Fort Benton. : Named for one of the owners of the firm of Durfee and Peck, Fur Traders, Levenworth Ks. who donated a fine carpet for the new boat. Name: E. H. FAIRCHILD Launched: 1850s? Area: Ohio R. and Miss. R. and Mo. R. Owner: Lightning Line Name: Name: E.M. RYLAND Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet. Size: 267 tons. Area: MISS. R. Launched: 1857, Brownsville, Pa. Destroyed: 1861, Oct. 8, St. Louis, burned and lost. Owner: E.M. Ryland Comments: From The Diary Of Joseph T. Anderson, shopkeeper, Commerce Mo.(Though the writer refers to this boat by several Initials, "E.M." are the correct ones.) - Wednesday Evening, March 20th, 1861 ". . . .The Ryland landed here 4 o'clock going down. Took 7 cords wood, but put off no freight. . . . " - Friday Evening, March 20th, 1861. " . . . Steamer E. M. Ryland landed here at quarter past ten o'clock last night. Took ten cords of woodand weightd anchor again. . . ." - Tuesday Night, March 26th, 1861 ". . . . The R. E. Ryland landed about 3 o'clock today and put off some goods for H. Brock and Dennings. . . . " - Wednesday Night, March 27th, 1861. "Business has been dull today. . . . The R.E. Ryland landed about 3 o'clock this evening going up; took 10 cords of wood. . . . " - Monday Night, april 1st, 1861. " . . . The E. M. Ryland came up about eight o'clock tonight and took ten cords of wood." - Saturday Night, April 6th, 1861. "Business has been very brisk today. Steamers running pretty briskly. . . . The Dickey and the Ryland both landed at the same time about 4 o'clock. The Ryland took six cords of wood and brike for Columbus. . . . " - Sunday Night April 7th, 1861. " . . . About half past eight o'clock the E. M. Ryland landed and took 11 cords of wood. We sent sixty-five dollars to Berthold Smith & Co. by him. . . . " - Wednesday Night, April 17th 1861. Business tolerable. River on stand. Boats plenty. We received sone good news this morning on the Ryland but Baker did not come back. Considerable confusement about the war newe still coming stating that a fight we are bound to have." - Thursday Night, April 18th 1861. "Business tolerable. River falling. Boats very plentiful. Ryland went up this morning. Perry down. L. Budrgess and John Jehlen got off the Ryland. . . . ." - Sunday Night, April 21st 1861. "I lay down about 10 o'clock and went to sleep and while I was sleeping the Ryland came and began to take wood. She took on about 6 cords before I awoke, took 6 more and started. . . ." - Thursday Night, May 2nd 1861. "Business very good. Weather pretty but cold. River about on a stand. Ryland went up and Perry down today. No mail came. Reason we do not know. - Monday Night, May 7th 1861. "Business dull. Nothing of notice passed during the day. . . . Ryland went up after night. I came from church to her call. She took two families aboard. After she left I went back to church." - July 10th 1861. " . . . The Ryland landed about day break today and took off Savors from New Orleans. . . . " Name: E.O. STANDARD Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull, freight only packet. Size: 260' X 44' X 7.'. Power: Hartupee compound engines, 12's, 24's-5 ft., 3 boilers, each 36" X 25'. Wheel, 18'; dia. with 28' buckets Launched: 1875?, St. Louis Destroyed: 1881, Apr., near Cairo, Ill, sunk in collision Area: St. Louis-New Orleans Owner: Capt. William J. Kountz Captain: C.H. Seaman Comments: Machinery came from CARRIE V. KOUNTZ
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1. Name: E. W. COLE Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet Size: 201' X 31' X 5.4' Power: Engines, 16's- 4-1/2'. Three boileres, each 42" diameter X 26'. Launched: 1879-80 at howard yard, Jeffersonville, Ind. Destroyed: 1891, Jan. 1, Welham's Landing on Miss. R., Snagged & lost Area: 1883, Oct., Memphis-Vicksburg 1886, Came out of Pine Bluff, Ark. with load of cotton. 1890, Running New Orleans-Bayou Lafourch Captains: 1883, Oct., J. Frank Ellison, his first command. 1886, E.W.B. Noland 1890, Max Blanchard Name: E. W. STEVENS Launched: 1847 in Wheeling, W. Va. for Tyler, Ralston & Co of Wellscille, Ohio, by Phillips & Co.. Area: Ohio R. Owner: Tyler, Ralston & Co. of Wellsville, Ohio Captain and pilots: Capt. Comments: Notes from WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA, WHEELING INTELLIGENCER, June 24, 1951 Name: EADS SUBMARINE No. 1 Type: Salvage boat Size: Launched: 1843? Area: Miss. R. Owner: Eads, James Captain and pilots: Capt. Eads, James Comments: First boat salvaged from riverbottom. Name: EADS SUBMARINE No. 2 Type: Salvage boat Size: Launched: 1849 Area: Miss. R.? Owner: Eads, James Name: EAGLE Launched: 1817? Area: Baltimore Owner: Weems Line Captain: Weems, George Comments: Source Name: EAGLE No 1 Launched: 1821?, Cincinnati Area: Ark. R. Comments: 1822, March 17 the EAGLE became the first steamboat to reach Little Rock, Ark.. She carried supplies for Dwight Mission among the Cherokees. Credit Name: EAGLE Type: Stern-wheeler - Ferryboat Size: 125 X 25 ft. Destroyed: 1897, ?Feb 27?. Burnt when gasoline stove exploded at Lexington Mo. Total loss. Wreck was removed by U. S. Snag boat C. R SUTER, June 16, 1897. (Yet the below info suggests she was still active in Aug. 1897???? Were there 2 EAGLES? Area: Ohio R. and (?Mo. R.?) Comments: From The Tribune Telegraph, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Mar. 31 1897 Name: EARLY BIRD Area: 1870s, Sabine, Neches and Trinity Rs., Tex. Owner: 1870s, Capt. Jules Poitevent, a Trinity R. plantation owner Comments: See source Article Name: EAST ST LOUIS Source Type: Excursion steamer Size: Area: 1920's?, Ohio R. Name: EASTPORT Comments: A confederate Ironclad that was captured. Blown up to avoid recapture when her keel had become wedged on a bed of sunken logs. : See The History and Archaeology of Two Civil War Steamboats: Name:ECHO Launched: 1830's Area: Ohio R. Comments: from Tulane University's web site Norton, N.S., letter, 1838, 1 piece, Manuscripts Collection M910. On board the steamboat Echo , on the Ohio River, Norton describes river travel and financial arrangements of river boats. (from a listing, actual paper is not shown) Name: ECHO NO. 3 Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet Size: 157' X 30' X 2.5' Launched: 1865, California, Pa. Destroyed: 1869 shortly after quarentine, dismantled Area: Allegheny R., Pittsburgh-Oil City Eventually went to Kanawha R. to handle salt Later went to Nashville and St. Louis 1869, Jan., quarentined at mouth of Kanawha R. with smallpox aboard. Owners: James Rees, 2/3 & Benjamin Coursin, 1/3, both of Allegheny County, PA. 1868, James H. Rees purchased entire. Captains: 1865 or so, Ezekiel Gordon 1868, Frederick Ford 1869, William Penn Wright 1. Name:ECLIPSE Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 228' X 30' X 8.', 530 tons. Launched: 1842, Louisville ky. Destroyed: 1850, dismantled. Area: L. Miss. R. Comments: Mentioned in this Article 3. Name:ECLIPSE Launched: 1840's?, LATE? Area: 1840S, late, Sacramento R., Calf. 1. Name: ECLIPSE Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 55 tons Launched 1849, Brownsville, Pa. Destroyed: 1857, off the lists. 1. Name: ECLIPSE Type: sidewheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 350' X 37.4' X 8.4', 1,117 tons Power: 36's-11 ft., 16 boilers, later 8 42" dia X 32'. Wheels: 42' dia. with 15' buckets. Launched; 1852, New Albany, Ind. Cost $375,000 Destroyed: 1860, Feb. 21, New Orleans, blown into channel and dammaged by collision with shiping. A month later her furnishings were auctioned off and her hull given over to be a wharfboat at Memphis. Area: built for New Orleans-Louisville trade 1860, Spring, New Orleans-Vicksburg trade Owners: 1853-57, Principal owner, Capt. Edward T. Sturgeon 1857, Jan-Apr., Capt. Lewis W. Broadwell of New Orleans 1857, Apr.-1858, James M Broadwell 1858- Robert Bell, New Orleans 1860, Capt. Harry I. Spotts Captains: 1852-57 Edward T. Sturgeon of Louisville, Ky. 1857, Jan. Capt. Lewis W. Broadwell of New Orleans Then James M Broadwell 1860, Harry I. Spotts Comments: extremely elegant. 1853 broke record for run from N.O. to Louisville. Did it in 4 days, 9 hr. and 31 min. Raced A.L.SHOTWELL in '50s Made run N.O. - Louisville 1852, 4days 19hr. 0min. Made run N.O. - Louisville 1853, 4/9/30 Made run N.O. to Natchez, 1853, 0/19/47 Made run N.O. - Donaldsville 1853, 09/5/42 1. Name: ECLIPSE Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 216 tons. Launched: 1853, Belle Vernon, Pa. Destroyed: 1860, off the lists. Area: went to Brownsville, Tx. Brazos R. 1. Name: ECLIPSE
From Olden Times.com
The Daily Advocate - Baton Rouge, Louisiana
November 21, 1856
    Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet.  Size: 150' X 27' X 4.', 156 tons.
    Launched: 1854, California, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1860, off the lists.
    Owners: 1854, Built for Capt. George D. Moore, Basil Coyle, And William Akley.
            Later, Cox, Brainard and Co., Mobile ala.
    Captains: for C.B. & Co., H.W. Buckley.
			  1856, Lewis W. Broadwell (Source above ad)
             See Coulson Line

1. Name: ECLIPSE
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 223 tons.
    Launched: 1862, Elizabeth, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1865, Jan. 27, Johnsonville, Tenn., boilers exploded.  27 killed.
    Owners: Built for Capt. George D. Moore and others, see Coulson Line
            Bought by Capt. James L. wise, Cincinnati
            went to USQMD during C. War
    Captains: For USQMD, William G Vohris

1. Name: ECLIPSE
    Type: Sidewheel ferry boat.  Size: 60' X 14' X 3.5', 27 tons. 
    Launched: 1863, Ormo, Wiss. 

1. Name: ECLIPSE
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 180' X 31' X 4.'
    Power: 13's-4 ft., 2 boilers, each 40" X 26'
           Wheel, iron, 16" dia. with 22' buckets.
    Launched: 1878, California, Pa., Ebberman and McFall Yard.
    Destroyed: 1887, Sept. 3. 15 mi. below Sioux City Iowa, snagged. Boat and
               cargo total loss.  No lives lost.
    Area: Mo. R.  Ft. Benton Trade.
    Owner: 1878, A.B. Sheperd, Wellsville, Oh. with Alex V. Caughey, Frank S. Moore
                 and John D. Biggert, all of Allegheny County, Pa. 
           1887 or so, Last owner, Montana Transportation Company,
                      ?Coulson Packet Line?
                      [Way's listing calls this the Montana Transportation Company,
                       leaving some questions, but I would guess it was the Coulson
    Captains: 1878, master, George D. Moore
              1870s?, There is some indication that Grant Marsh was once
                      her captain.
              1870's, late? Isaac P. Baker
    Comments: 1878-87, made 11 trips to Ft. Benton.
              1881, made trips carring Indians from The Yellowstone R. to agencies
                    in the Dakotas.

1. Name: ECLIPSE
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 90' X 24' X 2.5'.
    Launched: 1880, Madison, Ind.
    Destroyed:  last documented 1866, Louisville, Ky.

1. Name: ECLIPSE
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 124.9' X 24.6' X 4.1'.
    Launched: 1882, LeClaire, Iowa.
    Destroyed: 1917, Dec. 8, Neville Island, Ohio r., struck dyke and burned
               and sank.
1. Name:ECLIPSE, originally the CITY of ST. JOSEPH
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size:
    Launched: 1903
    Destroyed: 1925, Sept. 12, opposite Oceola, Ark. Snagged. 
1. Name: ECLIPSE
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 100' X 21.2' X 3.'.
    Launched: 1901, St. Joseph, Mo.

1. Name: ECOMOMY
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 155' X 30.5' X 4.5'
    Launched: 1858, Shousetown, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1862, Oct. 17, 
    Area: Upper Ohio R. principally.
          1861, Mar. running Pittsburgh - Cincinnati
    Owners: Capt. M.W. Beltzhoover with Samuel C. Young and
            Clark & Thaw, Pittsburgh
    Captains: 1858, M.C. Beltzhoover
    Comments:  1862, Jan. transported U.S. troops, Pittsburgh - Louisville.
              *1862, Feb. 25, Out of Ciaro, bound for Ft. Donnalelson, carring Co. K, 14th
                     Illinois Volunteers struck a floating log and knocked a hole in her bow.
                     Was beached. 
              * from letter of Pvt. Duncan McArthur,Co. K, 14th Illinois Volunteers:

	Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet.  Size: 210' X 30' X 5.', 393 tons.
	Launched: 1865, Louisville, Ky.
	Destroyed: 1873, summer, dismantled.
	Area: 1865, Wheeling - Cincinnati
		  Later, Pittsburgh-Cincinnati
		  1871: Loaded out for Red R. from Cincinnati.
		  Later, ran Lower Ohio-Arkansas R.
	Owners: Built for Capt. Steve Thompson and others.
			1870, Feb., sold to Capt. F.Y. Bachelor and others
			1771, Jan. 15, Sold to Capt. W.W. Fenton
			Later, Sold again
	Captains: At first, I.L. Thompson, master with G.W. Thompson, clerk
			  1870, Sept. J.L. Carter
	Comments: 1870, Sept., Isl. 40, Miss. R. sank
			: 1873, May 1st., 40mi. below Pine Bluff, Ark., sank
			: Mentioned in this Article

    Area: Mo. R.
    Captain and pilots: Capt. Garrett.
    Comments: Plied trade from St. Louis to Nebraska City, Council
              Bluffs and Omaha.

    Type: Stern-wheeler?   Size:
    Destroyed: 1884, Mar. 26.Ice. Near Omaha, Neb.  Valued at $3,500,
               insured for $2,000.
    Area: Mo. R. Trade

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    Type: Sidewheeler               Size: 227 tons
    Launched: 1824, Charleston
    Destroyed: 1835, reportedly sank at Burton's Ferry on Savannah R..
    Area: Savannah R.
    Owner: Steamboat Company of Georgia
    Captain:1823 - 1834, sometime between,  Swymer, John
    Comments: Source

    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 283 tons.
    Launched: 1854, Brownsville, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1859, May 15, Bloody Island near St. Louis, burned.
    Area: Mo. R..  Also made runs to New Orleans and 1 run up Red R.
                   in late '50s.
         : 1857, The Diary of E.F. Beadle has in Omaha, June 6, June 27,
                 July 16, and Aug. 11, stopping at Omaha at night.
    Captains: 1856, Dan Able.

	Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet.  Size: 210' X 30' X 5.', 393 tons.
	Launched: 1865, Louisville, Ky.
	Destroyed: 1873, summer, dismantled.
	Area: When new, Wheeling-Cincinnati
		: Later Pittsburg-Cincinnati
		: 1871, went to Red R.
		  Later, Lower Ohio R.-Ark. R.
	Owners: when new, Capt Steve Thompson and others.
			1870, Feb., sold to Capt. F.Y. Bachelor and others.
			1871, Jan 15, sold to Capt W.W. Fenton
			Later, sold again
	Captains: When running Pittsburgh-Cincinnati, I.L. Thompson
			  1870, Sept., master was J.L. Carter
	Comments: 1870, Sept, Island 40, Miss. R., sank.  Was refloated.
			: 1873, May 1, 40 mi. below Pine Bluff, Ark., sank.

Name: EDNA
    Type: Side-wheeler - Glsasgow Packet.  Size:
    Destroyed: 1842, July 3. Blew up near Green Island at the mouth of
               Mo. R.   Scalded 55 German immigrants to death when
               boiler flues collapsed from overheating.
    Owner: McCord
    Captain and pilots: Capt. McCord
    Comments: Named for one of Captain's daughters.

Name: EDNA
Area: 1870s, possibly Osage R., Mo.
Owners: *possibly Charles F. Lohman and his son Capt. Louis Charles
            Lohman, Jefferson City, Mo.
          : This listing from family records of Lee Lohman, GGG grandaughter
            of Charles F.

    Launched: 1840s?
    Destroyed: 1849, May 17, Fire at St. Louis docks
    Area: Miss. R.

    Launched: 1850s?
    Captain and pilots: Clemens, Samuel

1. Name: EDWARD J. GAY
    Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet
    Size: 177' X 39' X 8.5'
    Lsunched: 1859, St. Louis, Mo.
    Destroyed: 1863, July 17, taken up Yalonusha R. and burned to prevent capture.
    Area: St Louis-New Orleans
    Captains: John Brooks

1. Name: EDWARD J. GAY

The James E. York Post Card Collection
    Type: sidewheel, wooden hull packet
    Size: 251.3' X 41' X 7.6'
    Launched: 1878, Cincinnati, Oh.
    Destroyed: 1888, July 30, First Street, New Orleans, burned.
    Area: designed for New Orleans-Bayou Sara trade
    Owners: 1884, wAS Managed by Capt. T.P. Leathers
    Captains: In Bayou Sara trade, J.J. Brown
              1884, S.S. Streck
    Comments: Machinery came from the GOVERNOR ALLEN
            : Roof bell came from the 1850 BRILLIANT

    Launched: 1840, after.
    Comments: Made run N.O. to Nathez 1840, 1day 8hrs. 0min.
              Made run N.O. - Louisville 1840, 5/14/0

    Destroyed: 1856, June.  Crashed into Rock Island Railroad bridge
               at Davenport IO. Burned when boat's galley tipped over.
               Burned the bridge, too.

    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet    Size:157.6 X 33.9 X 5.3' 
    Launched: 1863, Madison, Ind. 
    Destroyed: 1866, Apr. 7, burned.to the waterline at levee in St. Louis
    Area: Mo. R.
    Owner: 1865, 1/2 Keokuk Packet Company, the rest Capt. Joseph LaBarge
            and others
            1864, La Barge, Joseph, purchased 3/4 of her.
    Captains: Capt. La Barge, Joseph
    Comments: boat was named for Sir Walter Scott's character in
              Heart of Mid-Lothian

3. Name: EL DORADO
    Type: Sidewheeler               Size: 153 tons.
    Launched: 1840s, late?
    Area:  1840s, late Sacramento R. Calf.
           1850, early, San Joaquine R., Calif. to Stockton
    Captain: 1850, early, Warren

1. Name: ELAINE
	Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet
	Launched: 1882, Clarington, Oh./Wheeling, W. Va.
	Destroyed: 1898, dismantled
	Area: Pittsburgh-Wheeling and Pittsburgh-Parkersburg
	Size: 124.5' X 25' X 3.4'
	Power: Engines, 12's- 14-1/2 ft. 2 boilers.
	Owners: Capt G. W. Conant and others
	Captains: When new, Fred Kimple, Jr.
	Comments: Machenery went to AVALON
			: Mentioned several times in this Document

3. Name:ELBE
    Launched: 1840's?, LATE?
    Area: 1840S, late, Sacramento R., Calf.


The James E. York Post Card Collection
1. Name: ELECTRA/the 2nd SUNNY SOUTH

The James E. York Post Card Collection
    Type: Sternwheel wood hull packet
    Size: 170' X 35' X 5.5'
    Power: 14's-5 ft., Two 44" X 26' boilers
    Launched: 1897, Jeffersonville, Ind. by Howard Yard
    Destroyed: 1916, Apr. 20, 6;30AM, about 25mi. out of Mobile, capsized
    Area: 1897 - N.O.-Shreveport
          1905-14, Cumberland R.
          1907-11, St. Louis-Missouri R. trade.
          1911 Mobile-Montgomery trade
          1912, made a trip to Columbus, Miss.
    Owner: 1897 - 1905, Red River Line
           1905-06, Cumberland River Packet Company
           1912, May, Bought by Burk, Capt. Owen. 
           1914, as SUNNY SOUTH, Burke interests.  Later by N.O. parties
    Captains: 1897, White, Capt. George L.
              1912-16, Jackson, Capt. Matt T.
    Comments: 1914, Renamed SUNNY SOUTH.

Name: ELFIN  
    Type: Gunboat
    Size: small
    Comments: See Raising the Gunboats for ongoing raising efforts.

Name: ELK
    Type: Single engine side-wheeler  Size: small
    Destroyed: 1838. Burned? at Massie's wood yard 5 mi. below Herman
               Mo.  Capt. La Barge took passengers onto steamer
    Area: Mo. R. Trade.

    Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet
    Launched: 1852, New Albany, Ind.     Size: 316 tons.
    Destroyed: 1858, March 1, Kemps Landing, Tombigbee R.
    Captains: 1858, When burned, Stone
    Comments:  Way's Indicate that 29 persons ost their lives when this boat burned.
               Other accounts indicate as many as 80 may have died. 

    Launched: never
    Comments: Was only a picture on the cover of the Howe Sewing
              Machine Co. catalog. Not a real boat.

    Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet
    Size: 169 tons
    Launched: 1847, St. Louis Mo.
    Destroyed: 1849, May 17, Fire at St. Louis docks.
    Area: 1848, St. Louis-Galena
          1848, also made trips up Mo. R.
          1849, fall, St. Louis-Keokuk
    Captains: 1848, William Eads was master
              1848, on Miss. R., William Hight, acting master
              1848, on Mo. R., H. McGee
    Owners: 1848, Capt. William Eads

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Type: sidewheel, wooden hull, excursion packet Name: ELIZABETH LOUISE Type: Sternwheel Excursion Steamer Size: 149' Launched: 1981, Jan. 29 Area: California Delta, Sacremento Calf. Sacremento R. Owner: Hal Wilmunder Captain and pilots: Capt. Comments: from current owners THE ELIZABETH LOUISE "The steam engines on the Elizabeth Louise which drive the paddle wheel were built in 1884, and were originally installed for the primary propulsion on the floating sawmill RAY. Later, the engines spent many years powering the paddlewheel freighter WILLIAM SMITH The third steamboat which used these engines was named the COPPERTORY, which was later re-named the DETROITER. After lying in scrap yard, the engines were purchased for the Elizabeth Louise in 1975. Construction of the ELIZABETH LOUISE was started in 1975. The hull as built in Rancho Cordova, California, approximately 21 miles from the launch point in the Sacramento River near Elkhorn, California. The Elizabeth Louise was launched on January 29, 1981. It was then Outfitted, and the engines were refurbished and installed. It was placed into initial operation in the summer of 1984. Further changes and additions, such as the addition of a bow thruster, were made during the following year and before the boat began its commercial passenger service on September 13, 1985." 1. Name: ELLA HUGHES Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet Size: 212 tons Launched: 1867, Paducah, Ky. Destroyed: 1880, Mar. 17, near New Orleans, sank ahd lost Area: 1st years, on Cumberland R. Captains: On Cumberland R., William Dix Owners: 1876, pruchased by the Cole Circus Co. 1877, sold to Capt. Wm. Wenzel and others for Ouachita R. Comments: Her passenger cabins were in fact only wooden bunks with curtains for privacy. Name: ELLA KIMBROUGH, see the GENERAL SHERMAN Name: EL PASO Type: 1. Sidewheel wooden hull packet Size:180' X 28' approx. Power: 1. 18 1/2's-6 1/2 ft., 3 boilers, each 22" X 38'. Launched: 1. 1850, St. Louis Destroyed: 1. 1855, Apr. 10, Franklin island, White's Landing near Boonville, Mo., snagged and lost. Area: Mo. and Platte Rs. Owner: *1850, Mar. 4, #30 T. H. Barnney (new) *1851, May 27, #48 I.B. Holland/A. Wineland etc. *1852, Feb. 2, #5 A. Wineland. *1852, Sept. 1, #86 A. Wineland & A. Wineland etc. *1854, Feb. 28, #11 Harry, Thornburgh & A. Wineland etc. *1854, May 25, #67 H. L Weleny & A. Wineland *1854, Oct. 10, #104 W. C. Easter *1855, Apr. 10, Bennet, Itzen, Capt. Andrew Wineland *1855, Feb. 19, # 6 T. Edds" At one time, Capt. Terrell, Bill Captains: *John Durack 1850, Andrew Wineland 1852, 1853, 1855 1854, William Eads 1. 1855, Apr. 10, When lost, Master, Wineland, Andrew, pilot, Capt. William Massie; mate or pilot, P.S. Ray Comments: See much more info HERE : * from St. Louis Registrations list. Comments: 1853, was first steamer to reach Milk R. Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage
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