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3. Name: CHARLES and EDWARD Launched: 1840s? late? Area: 1850s, early, U. Sacramento R., Calf. Name: CHAS. C. CARROLL originally JOHN L. RHOADS 1875-86 1. Name: CHARLES B. PEARCE Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet Size: 145' X 33.3' X 5.4' Power: Engines, 12's- 4' 2". Two boilers, each 38" X 18 ft. Launched: Augusta, Ky. for Capt. Edgington, below. Destroyed: 1918, Feb. while moored at Pt. Pleasant at Enterprise docks was used as storage boat she turned over on her side and was lost. Area: Briefly, Cincinnati-Portsmouth Under Capt. Bauer ran Paducah-Golconda for a while. Later went to towing showboats for some years. *One was French's New Sensation. Owners: Capt. George B. Edgington of Agusta. 1903, June, sold to Capt. John Carnes and Capt Otto Bauer Capt. Carnes died just after the purchase. Comments:Capt. Edgington used parts of FALL CITY in building her. Name: CHARLES BROWN
Click to enlarge From The James E. York Post Card Collection
Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet Comments: Above photo is source for this listing 1. Name: CHARLES CHEAVER Often called Charlie Cheaver in news accounts Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 116.60 tons Launched: 1864, Brownsville, Pa. Area: 1872, home port was Savanna Ill. Comments: 1887, lenghtened to 230' 1. Name: CHARLES E. CESSNA/JULIA BELLE SWAIN Launched: 1913, Santa Rosa, Fla. by the Swains for Dr. Charles E. Cessna of Chicago Destroyed: 1931, Dec. burned in her winter quarters on Monongahela R. Size: 169.1' X 34.4' X 5.5' Power: Swain compound ocsillating engines, 12's 24's- 7ft. Area: 1913, Santa Rosa, Fla - Pensacola, Fla. 1914, Sept., moved to Mobile, Ala. for excursion business 1917, Ill. R., was in excursion and packet trade out of La Salle, Ill. 1924, Excursions Owners: 1913-1916, Dr. Charles E. Cessna 1916 - The Swains 1924, April, sold to Edward M. Cody & Capt. Oscar A. Moore (Penn Excursions Co.), Pittsburg. Captains: 1916, Percy Swain Comments: Dr. Cessna had a land colonization project in Florida. There were no roads to this project, hence this boat was built to convey people and supplies to and from the project. : 1917, renamed JULIA BELLE SWAIN after being repossesed by the Swains in 1916. Julia Belle was the daughter of Capt. Percy Swain. : Also See JULIA BELLE SWAIN Name: CHARLES H. GREEN Launched: 1830s? Destroyed: 1840, Mo. R. near Boonville, Mo. Area: Mo. R. Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Name: CHARLES H. ORGAN
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Type: Sternwheel, steel hull ferry Size: 135.3' X 30' X 5.' Power: Engines, 13's- 6 ft. Two boilers, each 42" X 20'. Launched: 1897, Dubuque, Iowa Owners: West Memphis Ferry Co. 1918, purchased by Patton-Tully Transportation Co., Memphis, Tenn. Captains: John C. Wykoff Comments: 1918, converted to towboat and renamed DAN QUINN
    Type: Sternwheel, iron hull packet.
	Size: When built, 246' or so. 	Built on hull from CARONDELET
		  1878, hauled at Carondelet. Mo. marine ways and
				lenghtened 50' to be 296.7' X 54' X 7.6'
	Power: 1878, 22's - 8ft.   Given 4 new boilers in 1878.
    Launched: built from burned out CARONDELET in 1877
	Destroyed: 1887, Nov. 22, Sunflower Landing below St. Louis, burned.
	Area: 1878, Memphis-New Orleans.
	Owners: 1877-87  Capt. W.H. Thorwegan
	Captain: W.H. Thorwegan
    Comments: one of first boats seen at St. Louis with electric lights.
			: 1878, became the longest sternwheel packet on rivers.
			: 1878, took 8,841 bales of cotton to New Orleans, second
					to record of HENRY FRANK.
			: 1881, Under Capt. Thorwegan, delivered 76,950 bales,
					all time record for one boat in a single season.

    Launched: 1890'S?
    Area: Ohio River
    Comments: Notes from The Tribune Telegraph,
           Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Aug. 18 1897

    Area: Monongahela R.

    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull ferryboat.
    Power: 10's - 4ft.
    Launched: 1888, Brownsville, Pa., Axton yard.  Size: 102' X 26.5' X 3.5'.
    Destroyed: 1901, Dec. 18, 7:30 AM, 8-mile Island above Pt. Pleasant, Oh.,
                     sprung leak, turned turtle and sank. 
    Area: 1888-98, or so, Pt. Pleasant-Kabauga
    Owners: J.H. and C.D. Stone
    Captains: 1901, Dec. 18, Master, Charles Stone; pilot, Clark DeWolf.
    Comments: Wreck bought by Sandy Suiter, Manchester, Oh.
              1903, Some of her parts were used to build towboat KATIE MAC.

	Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet.  Size: 138' X 25' X 4' 8"
	Power: 16's- 4-1/2', 3 boilers.
	Launched: 1856, California, Pa. at Ben Coursin yard.
	Destroyed:  1869, off the lists.
	Area: 1856-58, Nov., Parkersburgh-Zanesville
		  1858, Nov - went to Evansville-Paduka trade
		  1866, May 6, was at Pittsburgh with Thayer&Noyes circus aboard.
		  1867, went to towing coal from Kanawha R.
	Owners: When new, principal owner, Capt. Henry T. Dexter, Parkersburg, Pa. 
 		    After C. War, sold to W.C. Graham, New Orleans.
			1866, Jan. sold to Capt. James T. Thayer and others
		    1867, Owned by Capt. Frank Ford, Pt. Pleasant, W. Va. and others
	Comments: Flew American flag during C. War. Had 4 pound cannon on board.
			: While owned by Capt Thayer her sole purpose was to transport the circus about.
			: Mentioned in this Article

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