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    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 215 tons.
    Launched: 1854, Murraysville, W. Va.
    Area: 1856-58, Galena-St. Paul
          Later, Mo. R.
    Captains: 1854, Kennedy Lodwick
              1858, A.T. Champlin 

    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 179' X 35' X 5.', 152 tons.
    Launched: 1855, Paducah, Ky.
    Destroyed: 1864, May 4, Red R. near Snaggy Point, 
                     Was hit by shell from Rebel guns, which burst a boiler.
                     Capt. Tally was thrown into river and escaped to shore.  Nearly
                     all hands were killed, as well as a number of soldiers.
                     Boat was pulled ashore by Rebels and burned.
    Area: 1855 out of Memphis.
          1864, Jan 24, arrived Memphis with 500 sick and wounded U.S. troops.
          1864, March, Louisville-Mamphis
          1864, Red River
    Owners: 1861- end, was in USQMC service
    Captains: 1864, Tally
    Comments: was enroute to Alexandria with an Ohio Regiment when lost.

    Launched: 1860 
    Area: Miss R. 
    Comments: From The Diary Of Joseph T. Anderson, 
             storekeeper, Commerce Mo. 
            - Monday June 24th, 1861.  "Our town was surprised on 
             Saturday night by the arrival of Steamer City of Alton with 
             1200 soldiers.  She landed about half past 11 o'clock at 
             night.  I had not gone to bed on account of a party at 
             J. M. Jehlen's.  It broke up about 11 o'clock and when I 
             came to the store I heard a steamer coming up and I awaited 
             its arrival for I was waiting for the Perry to ship Wm. 
             Burgesses goods and she came up without whistling.  We still 
             Thought it was the Perry.  I went down with my lantern and 
             I saw A.R. Newman come down from his store with a letter 
             to send to St. Louis and behold when she came in, we saw 
             it was a boat loaded with soldiers.  As soon as the planks 
             were put out, they began to crowd off.  Newman and I stood 
             close to the boat all the time they were coming off.  Meanwhile 
             I noticed that two soldiers stood very close to us, one on 
             each side of Newman.  When the horses began to come off, 
             they got so thick that we started to get out of their way. 
             I got up on the wood pile and Newman started to go around 
             the end of the wood pile, and the soldiers just laid their 
             hands on his shoulders and took him on the boat; they had 
             not more than done this when here came four or five 
             soldiers with M. Ellison and more prisoners.  I stayed 
             around the warf until about 1 o'clock and I went home and 
             went to bed.  The soldiers marched out for the camp but 
             found no men.  They began to drop back about 9 o'clock 
             Sunday Night and about 10 o'clock  on Monday they all got 
             in.  They stayed asround till 12 o'clock awaiting dinner, 
             as they had no provisions on the boat for the reason that 
             they called away from Cairo on very short notice and only 
             brought provisions for about one day, thinking that they 
             could go in and take the Southern people that had formed 
             the company at Benton and get back in a day.  A little 
             after 12 they all got on the boat and left for up the 
             river to meet a company of men that went up the river to 
             take a disunion flag that had been raised in the hills. 
             About morning they bid us adieu by firing a cannon three 
             times and playing fifes and drums, but before they left 
             their musicians went all around town and serenaded the 
             people at their houses that had been so kind as to feed 
             them.  They praised the people of Commerce greatly and 
             particularly the ladies. 
            - Friday, July 12th, 1861.  " . . . Soon after having 
             landed a regiment of troops at Cape Girardeau, the 
             City of Alton passed down this morning loaded with 
            - December, Sunday, 1861.  " . . . About 2 o'clock this 
             evening I was sitting in the store when a Negro came 
             to the door and said 'the town is full of Seccessionists'. 
             I ran to the door when who should I see but Jeff Thompson 
             and about thrity or forty men.  He immediately came into 
             the store and not waiting to be dinied commenced taking 
             all that was in shape of clothing, boots, etc., to the 
             amount of $300.00 and then said to his men to go into the 
             other store and take the ballance from him.  They stayed 
             here about an hour when a boat came in sight, The "City of 
             Alton".  They immediately hid themselves till the boat 
             came up and was almost against the shore befor she found 
             that Jeff was here.  Some of the citizens informed her of 
             his presence and she began to back out and then commenced 
             shooting but the boat kept backing and they kept shooting 
             as long as she was in shooting distance.  The boat went 
             back to Max Island and landed.  The secessionists stayed 
             here about half an hour, after and left.  Two or three 
             of the citizens got into a skiff and started for the boat. 
             She took them in and went by to Cape (Giradeau) as hard 
             as she could." 
The only teddy bear still made in America
    Type:                Size: approx. 250' 
    Launched: 1870s? 
    Area: Miss R. 
    Owner: Anchor Line 
    Captain and pilots: Capt. Bixby, Horace; Richie, George, pilot. 

Size: 350', 2,026 tons 
Type: Sidewheeler 
Launched: 1857 
Area: Great Lakes 
Comments: Detailed description in this article 
          She was the last and largest of some 25 Palace Steamers built 
            on the Great Lakes. 
*Name: CITY of CAIRO 
    Type: Sternwheeler, wooden hulled packet    Size: 199 tons
    Launched: 1856, Dyersburg, ky.
    Destroyed: 1858, Apr. 12, Wabash R., Grand Chain, Ill. snagged and lost.
    Area: 1856, Miss. R. New Orleans -Ouachita River to Camden
          also ran Vicksburg-Yazzo R. 
    Captain: 1856-58, Yocum, I.D.
*Source: Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994

*Name: CITY of CAIRO 
"Her captain is Bob Riley And her clerk is Walter Dill Who do their best to please you --And do it with a will!"
Type: Sidewheel, wooden hulled packet Size: 272' on deck X 41 (39' floor) Power: 28's-8ft. 5 boilers. Paddlewheels, 32'dia. w/14'buckets Launched: 1864, hull, Metropolis, Ill.; completed at St Louis Destroyed: 1873, July, 7, Burned at New Orleans. Area: 1864-71, St. Louis - Memphis 1871-73, Apr., St Louis - New Orleans Owner(s): 1864, Memphis Packet Company 1871, Schultz, Capt. Charles S. 1873, June 23 - 1873, July 7, Fagan, W. Captain(s): 1864, Riley, Robert K. Comments: 1873, Apr., attatched by creditors. 1873, June 23, sold to Fagan at N.O. U.S. Marshal's sale for $2,100. *Source: Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994 *Name: CITY of CAIRO Type: Sidewheel wooden hulled packet Size:271' X 44'(41' floor) X 8.5' Power: 26's- 9 ft., 5 boilers. Paddlewheels, 34' dia. 15' buckets Launched: 1882, Jeffersonville, Ind. at Howard Yard. Destroyed: 1896, May 27, in great St. Louis Tornado. Area: 1882 - 1896, usually St. Louis - Vicksburg Owner(s): 1882, Anchor Line Captain(s): 1882-96, Lightner, A.S. Comments: Was awarded roof bell from EMMA C. ELLIOTT Given by Anchor Line for making fastest run. *Source: Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994 *Name: 4th CITY of CAIRO/VICKSBURG Type: Sternwheel, wooden hulled ferry boat Size:117' X 27.4' X 3.4' Power: 10" - 42", 1 boiler. Launched: 1912, Jeffersonville, Ind. by Howard Yard Area: 1912-29, Cairo, Ill. and Paducah. Owner(s): 1912, Miller, C.J. of Vicksburg 1929, Mississippi River Ferry Company Comments: 1925 or 29, Renamed VICKSBURG, probably 1929. *Source: Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994 *Name: 5th CITY of CAIRO Originally the DAVID TIPTON then the URSIE BOYCE 1. Name: CITY OF CHATTANOOGA
Click to enlarge Picture donated by
Ken McCulloch
Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet Size: 144' X 30' Launched: 1892, Chattanooga, Tenn. Destroyed: Ultimately sold to Paducah, Tenn. to become towboat WOODFOLK Area: Chattanooga-St. Louis unproffitably Captains: J.P. Kindrick Comments: 1894, Sept or Oct-Jan.95, stuck high and dry on Tuscumbia Bar : Parts of her came from towboat HERBERT : Also See 1. Name: CITY of CINCINNATI
Click to open Post Card Page From The James E. York Post Card Collection
Type: Side-wheel wooden hull, packet Size: 300' X 38' X 6' Power: 26's X 10 ft. 6 boilers, each 44" X 28' Launched: 1899, Jeffersonville, Ind. at Howard Yard Destroyed: 1918, Jan., crushed by ice at Cincinatti docks. Area: Ohio R., Louisville-Cincinnati trade Owner: 1899, Louisville and Cincinnati Packet Company Captains: 1899, Jack Lindenburn Comments: Sister ship: CITY of LOUISVILLE (below) : first whistle came from TELEGRAPH, but sounded too much like the TELL CITY's. After 1907, was changed to whistle from BONANZA. Name: CITY of CLEAVELAND Comments: Grand Salon Name: CITY OF CLINTON SHOWBOAT
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Picture donated by
Ken McCulloch
Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet Launched, 1899, Gadsden, Ala. Size: small Area: Coosa R. Comments: Source 1. Name: CITY OF IRONTON/ISSAQUENA
Click to enlarge From The James E. York Post Card Collection
Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet Power: engines, 16's- 5 ft. from towboat KANAWHA Launched: 1879, Ironton, Oh. Area: Portsmouth-Huntington Later, Cincinnati-Maysville Then Cincinnati-Vanceburg under Morgan and Shedd Owners: The Bay Line Later, sold to Capts. Frank Morgan and Watt Shedd 1882, June sold to Vicksburgh & Greensville Packet Company and renamed ISSAQUENA Comments: Until renamed this boat had no Texas deck. 1. Name: CITY OF JEFFERSONVILLE
Click to enlarge From The James E. York Post Card Collection
Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull ferry boat Size: 150' X 34' X 6.3' Power: engines, 20-1/2's- 6 ft. Two boilers, each 44" X 26', from the Z.M. SHERLEY Launched: 1891, Jeffersonville, Ind. by the Howard Yard Destroyed: 1914, off the lists Owners: Louisville and Jeffersonville Ferry Company. Captains: 1901, Nick Durand Name: CITY of KEITHSBURG Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet Launched: 1864, Port Byron, Ill. Built by Kahlke Bros, and John Theissen and designed for Fort Madison-Rock Island trade. Destroyed: 1872, Nov. 25, above St. Louis, snagged and lost. Area: 1864 - ?, Fort Madison-Rock Island Owners: 1864 season, B.H Campbell of Galena and Capt. B.W. Davis of Rock Island 1864, at end of season was purchased along with the NEW BOSTON by The Northern Line Which kept both boats in same service. Captains: 1864 season, B.W. Davis Comments: In Fort Madison-Rock Island trade this boat was partnered with the NEW BOSTON.
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    Type: Sidewheeler 
    Area: Potomic R. 
    Comments: From Site Visitor: "Looking for information on paddlewheelers 
              on the Patomac River and information on the sidewheeler 
              City of Key West"  Zeke Miller
	Type: sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 122' X 22' X 3'
	Launched: 1854, California, Pa. 
	Area: 1859 or so, White R., primarilly a mail packet from Jacksonport to Pocahontas.
	Owners: When new, Tennessee & Georgia railboat Company
		  : later, Jean Webre, Ogene Dugas and A. Dugas
		  : 1859. Capt. James Timms
	Captains: 1st was Joseph Jaques
			: later, W.D. Terrybonne
			: James Timms
	Comments: Mentioned in this Article

1. Name: CITY of LOUISVILLE   See Post Card Pictures
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From The Gallery
Michael Blaser
    Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet
    Size: 301' X 42.7' X 7.'.
    Power: Engines, 30's- 10 ft.  Eight Boilers, each 42" X 26'.  Later only 7 boilers. 
    Launched: 1894, Jeffersonville, Ind. by Howard Yard 
    Destroyed: 1918, Jan. 18, Cincinnati at L&C wharf boat by ice 
    Area:  Cincinnati-Louisville trade 
    Owner: Louisville & Cincinnati Packet Company 
    Captain: John Brennan then James Martin for 20 yrs. and finally Clarence McElfresh 
    Comments: Had 72 staterooms.  Her sinking closed 87 years of 
              river trade between. 
              Sistership: CITY of CINCINNATI (above)

    Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet          Size: 301' X 36' X 8'
    Power: 32 1/2's-8 ft.. Six boilers, each 45" X 30 ft.
    Launched: 1857, Monongahela, Pa. Hull by George Cunningham
    Area: 1857, New Orleans - St. Louis
          1862, New Orleans - St. Louis
    Owners: 1857, Kountz, Capt. William J. 
            1862, Nov., Bofinger, Capt. John and others.
            *At one time was under Atlantic and Mississippi Steamship Company banner. 
    Captains: 1857, Kountz, William J.
              1860, Montgomery, J, Ed
              1863, Nov., Bofinger, Capt. John and others.
    Comments: Most of her cabin works were salvaged from the CHRYSTAL PALACE.
              1864, spring, renamed CONSTITUTION, but change was dissalowed by U.S.
                    Customs and she reverted to being the CITY OF MEMPHIS.
    Comments: At time Ft. Sumter was first fired on, she was laid up at
                    Mound City, Ill..
              1862, April, became a hospital boat.  See
            :*From site visitor Lynn Cunningham
            : See letter from Union soldier

Name: CITY of MEMPHIS - Originally the VERNE SWAIN 
    Launched: 1913 as the VERNE SWAIN 

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At Montgomery Wharf
Photo Donated by Ken McCulloch
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet
    Size: 176' X 34' X 4.2'
    Power: Engines, 13's- 15-1/2, two boilers, each 44" X 26'
    Launched: 1898, Mobile, Ala.
    Destroyed: 1916, July, Mobile, Ala. wrecked in huricane then dismantled
    Area: Coosa R.
    Owners: Operated under the Peoples Line
    Captains: G. W. Quaries

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The James E. York Post Card Collection
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hulled packet. Later an excursion boat.
    Size: 275' X 45' 8'
    Power: 26's- 9ft., 5 boilers.  Paddlewheels, 33' dia. 
    Launched: 1887, Howard Yard, Jeffersonville, Ind.
    Destroyed: 1905, Oct. 12, above Jefferson Barracks, Mo., burned
    Area: Miss R.
    Owner: 1887, Anchor Line 
         : 1898, Feb. 7, Sims, Capt. T.B.
         : 1904, World's Fair Navigation Company 
    Captain(s): 1896, Howard, Ben 
                1898, Feb. 7 - Sims, Capt. T.B., Pilots
                     Grasty, Jim and Wadlington, T.B. (Trim)
                1904, Brolaski, Harry
    Comments: 1889, May 27, badly dammaged in Great St. Louis Tornado
                   Was rebuilt and renamed HILL CITY
              1898, Feb. 7, went to U.S. Marshal's sale, bought by
                    Capt. Simms 
              1900, Nov., Sank below Memphis.  Raised
              1903, remodeled into excrusion boat, renamed CORWIN H. SPENCER

    Size: 125' 
    Launched: 1908, July, by Howard Yard.  Cost, $15,000 
    Area: Ark.R. 
    Owner: 1908, Arkansas Navigation Company 
    Captain and pilots: Sam Clemens was pilot at one time. 
    Comments: Credit 
			: 1918, renamed LORAINE

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Type: Sternwheel, woodenhull ferry boat Size: 89' X 21' X 3.6' Launched: 1885, Rock Island, Ill. Destroyed: 1943, laid up Area: Nauvoo-Montrose, I for 56 years, a record. Comments: 1. Name: CITY OF NEW ALBANY/NEW IDLEWILD/SPREAD EAGLE/CAPE GIRARDEAU Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 255' X 35' X 6.' Power: 20's-7 ft., 3 boilers, each 42" X 28' Launched: 1892, Jeffersonville, Ind. by Howard Yard. Destroyed: 1916, Oct 21, Fort Gage, below St. Louis, sunk by a storm. Area: 1892, Louisville-Evansville trade 1893- St. Louis-Cape Girardeau trade 1897-1910, St. Louis-Alton-Grafton trade Owners: 1892-93, Louisville & Evansville Packet Company. 1893-94 T.J. Moss Tie Company, 1894-97 Eagle Packet Company Captains: 1894, for Eagle Packet Company, Byrd Burton; pilot, Johm N. Hamilton 1916, when sunk, William H. (Buck) Leyhe Comments: equipment came from the JAMES GUTHRIE : 1893, renamed NEW IDLEWILD : 1897, renamed SPREAD EAGLE : 1910. renamed CAPE GIRARDEAU Name: CITY of NEWARK Article Destroyed: By fire Area: Eastern river Name: CITY OF PARKERSBURG, originally LIBERTY 1. Name: CITY OF PITTSBURGH
Click to enlarge From The James E. Yorl Post Card Collection
Type: sidewheel wooden hulled packet. Size: 292.7' X 48.8'. Overall width, 79' 5" Power: 26s- 10 ft., 3 Sotch boilers, each 166" X 14-1/2 " long. Had nine 3-1/2" return flues. 1900, Boilers were replaced by 6 Western type, ea 44" X 22' long. Wheels: 32' dia. with 14-1/2' buckets Much equepment was from CITY OF NEW ORLEANS Launched: 1899, Harmar, Oh at Knox Yard. Destroyed: 1902, Apr.20, near Kentucky of Ohio R. in the Grand Chain above Dam 53, burned. 60 lives lost including Capt. Sylvester Doss the pilot and cub pilot Tom Smith. Area: First round trip, Pittsburgh-New Orleans. 1899 and 1900, Pittsburgh-Louisville trade. Ran Cincinnati-Louisville briefly. Later ran Cincinnati-Louisville trade. Owners: When new, Capt. John M. Phillips, Pittsburgh; Dana Scott, Zanesville; George Wallace, McConnelsville; Charles Beckwith, Malta and A.L. Brahm, Pittsburgh. Comments: boat had several misshaps befor finally burning. : See article, March 1968 issue S&D Reflector for in depth article on
boat and her demise. : Mentioned in this article 1. Name: CITY OF PLATTSMOUTH/VIENNA Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet. Size: 89.6' X 24' X 2.3', 73 tons.
or 92.6' X 24' X 3.2', Way's has conflicting info Power: Engines, 8's- 14", 1 boiler Launched: 1879, Plattsmouth, Neb. or 1883 at Herman Mo. Way's has conflicting info Destrroyed: 1889, Mo. R., 1/2 mi. below New Haven, Mo. Snagged and lost. Area: Mo. R. Owners: when snagged, E. Schleff and others Pilots: When snagged, Henry Zeiblin Comments: renamed VIENNA a year or so after launch. : Part of cargo was salvaged 1. Name: CITY OF PORTSMOUTH
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The James E. York Post Card Collection
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet
    Launched: 1873, Cincinnati, Oh.
    Area: When new, out of Portsmouth
    Destroyed: 1877? dismantled sometime after being caught in ice-flowing to Cincinnati.
          1874, went to Cincinnati-Augusta-Higginsport trade
    Owners: Built for Capt William Stricklett
            1874, sold to the White Collar Line
    Captains: 1874, S.W. Morgan
     Launched:  1860s? early 
     Area: 1864, U. Miss. R. 
     Owner: 1864, Northwestern Union Packet Company 
     Comments: Mentioned in this Article 

1. Name: CITY OF ST. LOUIS  
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The Post Card Collection Of James E. York
     Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet 
     Size: Length: 300'; Width: 49'; Draft: 8.6' 
     Launched: 1883 at Jeffersonville, Id. by Howard Yard For 
                Anchor Line. 
     Destroyed: 1903, Oct. 29:  Burned at dock at Carondelet, Mo 
     Area: Miss. R. 
     Owner:1883: Anchor Line 
           1898: Throgenan, Capt. W.H. bought her at marshal's auction 
                 in St. Louis for $19,050. 
           ???? - 1899: Columbia Excursion Co. 
           1899 - 1899: James M. Grasty 
           1903:  McGrasty tried to sell her to New York Home Oil Co., but 
                  sale was stopped and the U. S. Marshals sold her to Attorney 
                  T. Marshal Miller for $3,125. 
     Captain: 1883: O'Neal, Capt. James 
     Comments: 1899 - 1903, early: Ran harbor excursions in New Orleans 
               1901, May: Pres. McKinley road aboard her. 
               1903: laid up at Carondelet, MO. where she burned at 
                     the dock. 
               ????: Anchor Line sold her bell to Frank Ellison. 
                     It was placed on the QUEEN CITY. 

Name: CITY of ST. PAUL, originally the MOSES McLELLAN

1. Name: CITY of SAVANAH
     Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet    Size: 186' X 31' X 5.'
     Power: 16's -6 ft. 3 boilers, each 42" X 22'.  Paddlewheel, 20'
     Launched: 1889, Jeffersonville, Ind. Howard Yard.
     Destroyed: 1898, Mar. 9, Memphis warf, burned.
     Owners: St Louis and Tennessee River Packet Company
     Chartered to: 1895, Sept., Lee Line, out of Memphis
     Captains: Acquired by Capts. A.E. & L.P. Cummings to run Memphis-Vicksburg. 
               At one time, possibly, Moses Kirkpatrick.
     Comments: 1897, Sept. 18, Shiloh Landing, 60 mi. above Vicksburg. Was Raised.

1. Name: CITY of SAVANAH
Click to enlarge From The James E. York Post Card Collection Also see
Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet Size: 200' X 36' X 6.' Power: 17'S -7ft., 3 Boilers, each 44" x 22' Launched: 1902, Jeffersonville, by Howard Yard. Destroyed: 1911, Dec. 5, Dog Tooth Bend, Miss. R., sank. Some 22 mi. above Cairo, Ill.. Owners: St Louis and Tennessee River Packet Company Name: CITY of SAVANAH Photo of one of the above boats Name: CITY of VICKSBURG Type: Side-wheeler Size: 300'? Launched: Howard shipyard of Jeffersonville, Ind. Name: CITY of WHEELING Launched: 1853, at Wheeling, W. Va by the Phillips Works (H.W. Phillips) Destroyed: Area: Ohio R. Owner: Built by Capt. John McLure, Jr. Captain(s): 1853 or so, Mate, Peppers, George H. Companies Associated With: Union Line Comments: Poster/Flyer Comments: From WHEELING INTELLIGENCER, June 24, 1951 Comments: From The Wheeling Register, Monday, March 31, 1879 1. Name: CITY of WHEELING/HARRY LEE Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet. Size: 169.3' x 34.4' x 4.8' Launched: 1899, Claringron, Ohio at the Mozena Yard completed at Wheeling. Destroyed: 1914, Mar. 19, Memphis, burned. Power: Engines, 16s - 6ft., 3 boilers, each 42" X 22ft. Engines and Boilers came from CITY OF SAVANNAH. Area: Constructed for short trade out of Wheeling, however - Owners: was soon purchased by Lee Line Steamers and Renamed HARRY LEE. Name: CITY OF WINONA/W. W. See Post Card Page Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet Size: 137' X 29.1' X 4.' Power: Engines, 13's- 5 ft. Launched: 1882, Dubuque, Iowa Destroyed: 1922, spring, Brush Creek Island, Ohio R. broadsided by high swells, sank Area: After rename, Davenport-Clinton trade for a while While with Streckfus, U. Miss. R. 1917, excursions, Nashville, Tenn. 1920 under Klein, barging pipe , U. Ohio R.-Lower Miss. R. 1921 towing Owners: at first, Youmans Bros., and Hodgins, Winona, Minn. 1905, Capt. John Streckfus 1917, purchased by Capt Frank T. Rounds, Owensboro, Ky. 1920, Boat broker John F. Klein 1921, spring, purchased by Capt Ralph Emmerson Gaches Comments: built as a raft boat by Youmans Bros., and Hodgins, Winona, Minn. 1905, Streckfus rebuilt and renamed her W.W. after Capt. Walter Wisherd Name: CITY of WORCHESTER Launched: 1880s? Area: Miss. R. 1. Source: Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994
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