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Photo from
Mark Frazier
Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull, gasoline powered ferryboat Area: 1920- ,Yankton, S.D. Owners: 1920, purchased by Yankton Chamber of Commerce and Capt. Joseph Giesler. Captain: 1920-?, W.B. Wait Comments: replaced JOSIE L.K. as ferry at Yankton, S.D. Information from Burle County, S.D. Historical Society Name:B.F. JONES, Jr. Type: Sternwheeler Comments: Seen in old photo in Cincinnati Inquirer, Sunday Oct. 10, 1999, Tallstacks 99 Suppliment entitled "Great River Parade" of 1929. 1. Name: B.S. RHEA Type Sternwheel, wooden hull packet Size: 162.3' X 31.9' X 4.5' Area: Cumberland R., out of Nashville, Tenn. Launched: 1878 for Capt. Thomas G. Ryman Destroyed: 1886?, probably as the next B.S. RHEA was being built. Comments: Hull became a wharfboat at Ghent, Ky. : Named for B.S. Rhea, Esq., the "Corn King of Tennessee." 1. Name: B.S. RHEA
Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet Size: 165' X 27.1' X 4.6' Power: Engines 14's- 1-1/2 ft. Launched: 1886, Jeffersonville, Ind. by Howard Yard for Ryman Line Destroyed: 1895, Nov. 5, Cincinnati, during a low water lay up, burned with SCOTIA and towboat SYDNEY DILLON Area: Under Ryman Line, Upper Cumberland R., Nashville-Paduucah Under Capt. Barrett, Louisville- Cincinnati trade Owner: The Ryman Line 1894, purchased by Capt. John Barrett, Cincinnati. Captains: 1886, J.S. Tyner for Ryman Line Name: BADGER STATE Comments: 1856, late Feb, Torn from docks and swept downstream in ice flow during Great Ice Gorge at St. Louis. Forced ashore slightly only damaged.
Name: BAILEY GATZERT  See Article
    Bailey Gazert from the James E. York Collection
Photo from
The James E. York Post Card Collection
    Type: Sternwheel packet
    Launched: 1890: Seattle, Wash.
    Destroyed: 1923
    Area: 1912, Sept 12: Photographed at Cascade Locks, Oregon
	Comments:  Said to be the fastest Columbia riverboat
            : See R/C model
    Launched: 1850s?
    Area: Ohio R. and Miss. R. and Mo. R.

	Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet.  Size: 275' X 38' X 7.'
	Power: Engines by H.W. Phillips, 30's- 9ft. with 4 boilers, each 46' X 30'
			with 5, 10" flues.  Wheels, 36' dia. with 10' buckets.
    Launched: 1853, Wheeliong W. Va. by the H. W. Phillips Yard, Wheeling W. Va.
	Destroyed: 1859, Dec. 13, Snagged and lost at Chain of Rocks above St. Louis.
    Area: 1853, Wheeling-Louisville.
		  Soon went Louisville-St. Louis and Louisville-New Orleans.
    Owner: 1853, Wheeling Louisville Union Packet Line 
1856, June 12, sold at public auction The Alton & St. Louis Packet Company bought her Captain and pilots: Capt. Comments: Her Bell spent some years in a church in Shipman, Ill. After 1900, bell went to the FRED A. BLANKS : See notes from WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA, WHEELING INTELLIGENCER, June 24, 1951 Name: BANNER Area: 1833, Pittsburgh to Cincinatti Comments:Info in this entry is from the diary of an ancestor of web site visitor Kathryn Grogman. 1. Name: BANNER STATE Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet Size: 254 tons Power: 20's-6 ft., 3 boilers Launched: 1851, Brownsville, Pa. Destroyed: 1855, April 11, Mo. R., Brickhouse Bend, snagged and lost. Area: Mo. R. Owner: 1855, Nanson, Joseph S. with Capt. Josh B. Holland Captain(s):Nanson, Joseph S. Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly. 1. Name: BANNOCK CITY Type: Stern-wheeler, wooden hull, towboat/packet Size: 150' X 28' X 5' Power: Engines 13's 4 ft., two boilers. Launched: 1866, LeClaire, Iowa Destroyed: 1877, mouth of Kentucky R., ice Area: 1866, Keokuk; 1873, New Orleans; 1876, Cincinnati-Vevay 1869, towing grain for DJL 1870, June, Cassville-Dubuque Owner: *1869, chartered to Diamond Jo Line 1873, W.H. Kirby and others of Warsaw, Kentucky. Captain: *1865, Erastus Carleton *1871, Jerry Wood 1873-'77, sometime between, Blanks, Fred A. Comments: * From an article by William Petersen in The Palimpsest
Show you care, send a Bear!
Name: BARKMAN Launched: 1860S early? Destroyed: 18?64 or 5?, Burned Area: 1864-5, Ouachita and Little River carring troops, corn and other supplies for the Confederacy. Comments: Source 1. Name: BATESVILLE Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet. Size: 178 tons. Launched: 1844, Cincinnati, Oh. Destroyed: 1849, dismantled Area: Ark. and White Rs. Also during off season, New Orleans-Alexandria up Red R. Captains: S.T. Smith on Red. R. Name: BATESVILLE Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet. Size: 120' X 26' X 4', 173 tons. Launched: probably 1869 for Capt. Charles Coles Area: 1869, entered White R. trade running to Marion County. 1871-2, Frequent trips to Marion County landings. 1873, Mar. was running Memphis-White R. 1876, late, with Capt. Will C. Shipp as pilot, Smith took boat over stubborn shoals to mouth of Bull Creek and brought out 2,000 bushels of wheat. Later Capt. Shipp took her to mouth of James R. Owners: 1869-71, Capt. Charles Coles 1872, Capt. Albert B. Smith Captains: 1869, Charles Coles 1873, Mar., Albert B. Smith 1876, William C. Shipp Comments: See Article Name: BARRETT Launched: 1870s? Area: Miss. R. Name: BARRY K
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The James E. York Post Card Collection
Comments: I know nothing about this boat 1. Name: BASTROP Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull, packet Size: 285 tons Launched: 1873, Madison Ind. Destroyed: 1879, Apr. 24, Sank in Bayou Bartholomew. Area: 1877, N.O, - Monroe, La. Owner: 1873, New Orleans and Ouachita Transportation Company Captain: 1873, master, Blanks, Fred A., Name: BAY CITY Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull Size: 247'X 66'X 15', 1,283 tons Power: Vertical beam engine, 52" X 144", 860 hp. Launched: 1878, San Francisco, William Collyer Destroyed: 1929, dismantled Area: California Delta Owner: South Pacific Coast and Southern Pacific R.R.s Name: BAYOU CITY Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 165' X 28' X 5' Launched: Jeffersonville, Ind. Area: 1859, Galveston - Houston Owner: When launched, J.H. Sterrett Comments: 1864?, Was Gunboat on Sabine R. Tex. 1. Name: BAXTER/ORIOLE Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull, packet Size: 121' X 22.4' X 3.6' Power: 9"-30", 1 boiler, 40" X 16' Launched: 1901, Pt. Pleasant, W. Va. for Carr Line which soled her imediately Destroyed: 1915, Mar. 27, 9th Street, Pittsburg in Allegheny R., Burned. Area: 1901 Parkersville-Waverly then Marrietta-Parkersburg trade. 1902, Kanawha R. 1910, Frankfort, Ky., excursions 1912, local trades above Marietta. Owner: 1901 sold to Capt. Richie, Parkersburg. 1902, Feb. Sold to Capt. E.A. Calvert, Charleston, W. Va. 1907-12, Huntington and Point Pleasant Packet Company 1912, May, sold to Beaver Family, St. Marys and Matamoras 1912, Aug. 1/2 owner, Clermont C. Green, St. Marys 1913, sold to Capt. David Boyles and Charles N. Buckley, Parkersburg 1915, Mar., Sold to Capt. William F. (Buck) muller, Ambridge, A week later sold to C.P. Krantz, Pittsburg Captains: 1901, William Hall 1902, E.A. Calvert 1907, William D, Kimble 1912. George S. Beaver? Comments: much of her equipment came from the LEXINGTON. : 1907, Dec. 2, renamed ORIOLE : 1914, given new hull and converted to towboat
1. Name: BAYARD
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 354 tons.
    Launched: 1864, Monongahela City, Pa.
    Destroyed: 1876, Dec. 13, St. Louis, cut down by ice
    Area: 1864, Monongahela R., Pittsbutgh-Elizabeth
          1864, Dec. went to Pittsburgh-Parkersburg trade till 1869 
    Owners: 1864, Dec. sold to Capts. William J. Kountz and J.C. Saint 
             1865, Mar., Capt. George D. Moore purchased control
             1869, Apr., sold to st. Louis & Leokuk Packet Company.
             1874, was in Keokuk Northern Line
    Captains: 1864, Master, Joel C. Peebles
              1864, Dec. J.C. Saint, master; Capt. George D. Moore clerk.
              1865, Mar., George D. Moore assumed command.

Name: BEAR
    Launched: 1890s?
    Area: West coast
    Owner: U. S. Government

    Comments: Coast Guard?

* Name: BEAVER
	Size: 148 tons
	Power: Mongrel
	Launched: 1827, Cincinnati, Oh.

    Area: Ohio R.
    Captain(s): Pownall H. C.
    Comments:From: Notes from The Tribune Telegraph,

    Type:  Side-wheeler, tug-boat
    Launched: 1835
    Destroyed: 1888, hit rocks
    Area: Columbia R.; Puget Sound
    Owner: Hudson Bay Co.; Tolmie, D.
    Comments: Was sailed as brig to Columbia R.
1. Name: BEAVER
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 100 tons
    Launched: 1847, Shousetown, Pa.
    Destroyed: Way's Packet Dir. says she burned at the foot of West Street,
                 Pittsburgh, hitched to a tow and ready to depart.
               Lytle-Hod-ldcamper says she was lost in collision with the
               L.M. KENNET, 1854, Apr. 28, 1854, Ste. Genevieve, Mo.
    Area: Upper Ill. R.  Out of Pittsburgh.
    Captains: 1847, Sharp Hemphill
    Comments: Machinery went to J.W. HAILMAN

Name: BEE
    Type:  Snagboat              Size:
    Launched: 1880's
    Area: Ohio R.
    Comments: From The Tribune Telegraph,
           Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. May. 12 1897

From Franz Neumeier's Steamboat Gallery Click on picture to enlarge
Type: Sternwheeler Size: approx 200'? Launched: 1926 Area: U. Miss, R. Owner: 1926 - 1961: U.S. Army Corp of Engeneers 1963 - 1964: Tourist attraction in hannibal Mo. 1964 - 1975: St. Louis Mo., Renamed to BECKY THATCHER and opperated as a resraurant, museum, gift shop and bar. 1975 - : Moved to Marietta Ohio (at the confluence of the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers where she is a restaurant and showboat theater. 1984, March. Sank but was raised and restored. 1998, Still in opperation. Captain and pilots: Capt. Comments: Shown as a Resturant Bar Museum docked in St louis in print by Misselhorn, Rosco from 19?? Presently: "The Becky Thatcher is a romantic, old-style showboat on the Muskingum River in Marietta. Melodrams and revues are shown here and there also is a restaurant and a lounge inside the boat. The 200-feet long Becky Thatcher was built in 1926 for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The Becky Thatcher is listed in the National Register of Historic Landmarks." © Copyright by Franz Neumeier Name: BELL KEY Launched: 1840, after Comments: Made run N.o. - Louisville 1851, 4/23/0
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Name: BELLONA Launched: 1820s? Area: Elizabethtown to New ? Owner: Gibbons, Thomas Captain and pilots: Capt. Vanderbilt, Cornelius 1. Name: BELVIDERE Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 46 tons. Launched: 1859, Covington, Ky. Area: 1860, White R., Marion County landings Owners: 1860, Capt. N. C. Shipp Comments: Mentioned in this Article

To boats whose name begin with the name BEN


Name: BENTON,  Orininally SUBMARINE NO. 7

Name: BENTON (the 2nd one), originally christened INTREPID

Name: BENTON (The 3rd one)
Type: Sidewheel wooden hull ferryboat      Size: 88 tons
Launched: 1865, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Dismantled; 1870

From the Gallery of Gary R. Lucy Click on picture to enlarge
Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet Size: 197' X 33' X 5.' Power: Engines by James Rees, 15's-5 ft. Three boilers, each 38" X 24' Launched: 1875; Pittsburgh, Pa. Destroyed: 1897, July 18th.: under the command of Capt. James P. Boland, boat became sideways when stopping for drawbridge at Souix City. Backed into piling, holing hull. Out of control, she plunged under the unraised drawbridge, destroying her upper works. She was wrecked. Area: Mo. R., Ohio R. and Miss. R. Owner(s): 1875: T. C. Power & Bros. and I.G. Baker & Co. 1889: Sold to Capts. James T. Boland and Thomas B. Sims 1897: Capt.Thomas B.Simms of St Louis. Captain(s): 1875: James McGarry : * 1877, Sept., Grant Marsh : 1889, Sept. 15 Asa P Boland. : 1896, James P. Boland Comments: Much more info : Gary Lucy artwork and comments Comments: * 1877, Sept., was involved in the Nez Perce conflict at Crow Island on U. Mo. R. : 1889, Sept. 15, 5 miles above Washington, Mo., snagged, sunk and raised. Pilot at the time was George G. Keith : 1895, July 31, a tiller line parted. She swerved into a snag and sank. Was raised. See Map 1. Name: BENTON McMILLIN/D.H. PIKE Type: Sternwheel woodenhull packet. Size: as McMILLIN, 155' X 33' X 5.5'; As PIKE, 199.6' X 33.5' X 5.5' Power: Engines, 14-1/2's- 5 ft., 3 boilers, each 40" X 18' Launched: 1883, Jeffersonville, Ind. by Howard yard Destroyed: 1898, dismantled. Parts went to BALD EAGLE Area: ran on Cumberland R. for several years 1886, summer, entered Pittsburgh-Cincinnati trade. 1890S, St. Louis-Peoria cir. 1890s, took load of groceries up Red R. to Knox's Point Owners: 1886, summer- 1888, FALL, Capt. Hod Knowles, Capt. Ira B. Huntington and others 1888 March, sold to Eagle Packet Company. Captains: 1886, summer- 1888, FALL, Hod Knowles with Capt. Huntington as 1st. clerk, Will Brookhart and Aaron McLaughlin pilots. Comments: Capt. Huntington recalled she was first boat lighted throughout by electricity. : Eagle Packet lengthened her at Cincinnati and renamed her D.H. PIKE Name: BERKSHIRE
    Area: Sabine and Neches Rs., Tex.
    Destroyed: Late 1800s,north of Orange, Tex.,
               at Kansas City Southern R.R. crossing, burned.
    Captains: *at various times, Peter D. Stockholm
    Comments: See source Article

Name: BERTRAND 1844-50


Click on picture to enlarge
Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet
Size: 161'X 32.9'X 5.2', 251 tons. Launched: 1864, Wheeling W. Va. summer Power: Machinery from the A.J. SWEENEY Destroyed: 1865, ?Apr. 1?. Hit snag and sank at Portage LaFarge, some 20 mi. north of Omaha, Neb.. Deck cargo was salvaged but a large quantity of mecury was unrecoverable and has since beensought many times. Area: Missouri R. Owner: Original owner: J. J. Roe & Co of St. Louis ie: George Feller and Thomas H. Reed, both of Wheeling, West Virgina, and George Laing, Lewis W. Cochran, and Jeremiah Cochran, all of Monroe County, Ohio : 1865: The above men formed the Montana and Idaho Transportation Co. Captain(s):1864, Goodwin, Ben, master, and Yore, James A. 1865, spring, John Jacobs with Horace Bixby as pilot. Comments: Was enrout with supplies for the goldfields in Montana when she sank. Comments: The river changed course. Feb. 1968 the site of wreck was located within the old ox-bow loop some 25 mi. above Omaha. there is a musueum to the preservation of this boat HERE . Comments: from Boone's Lick Heritage Quarterly. Comments: From Wheeling Intelligencer, Nov. 26, 1864. Name: BESSIE

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    Type: Sternwheeler Size: Small
    Area: Rio Grande R.
    Comments: Source Article

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Type: sternwheel wooden hull packet Size: 140' X 26' X 3.5' Built: 1897, Smithsonia and Florence, Ala. Power: Engines, 10's- 3-1/2'. Two boilers, each 36" X 18' Destroyed: 1911, Mar. 20, Parkersburg, burned Area: Built for Tenn. R. Later went to Upper Ohio R. Ran Wheeling-Parkersburg under Kimple and Williamson ownership Owners: purchased by Capts. Fred Hornbrook and Harry Donnally for upper Ohio R. trade. Later sold to Capts. Fred Kimpel and Sam Williamson 1910, purchased entire by Capt. Martin F. Noll After burned, Capt. Harry B. Hulings purchased wreck for machinery. Captains: 1905, Wheeling-Parkersburg, Henry R.Kraft Comments: Originally a scow bow boat, but was later rebuilt with a model bow. : Whistle came from the sternwheeler BEN HUR and was passed onto the LIBERTY. : Machinery went to towboat UNCLE SAM 1. Name: BETSY ANN
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James E. York Postcard Collection
    Type: Sternwheel, iron hull packet
    Size: 165' X 33' X 5.5'
    Power: Cross compound condensing engines, 16" and 32"
           When new, 1 boiler, 72" X 12'
    Launched: 1899, Dubuque, Iowa by Iowa Iron Works
    Destroyed: 1940, dismantled.
    Area: At first mostly Natchez-Bayou Sara trade, U.S. Mail carrier
          1921 Pittsburg-Portsmouth.  Later Pittsburgh-Cincinnati to 1929
          1932 went to towing barges
	Owner: When new, R.F. Learned, Natchez, Miss.
           1921, purchased by D. Grover Gill, Gallipolis, Oh. and others.
           1925, late Fredrick Way, Sr. and Jr. bough stock in her
           1932, spring, sold to John I. Hay
    Captain(s): Fredric Way
    Comments: See working model of the BETSY ANN being built.

Type: sternwheeler
Comments: Seen in old photo in Cincinnati Inquirer, Sunday Oct. 10, 1999,
          Tallstacks 99 Suppliment entitled "Great River Parade" of 1929.

Name: BETTY WRIGHT Source photo 
Click on picture to enlarge
Type: sternwheeler Size: Area: Ohio R., home port was Wheeling, W. Va. Name: BEZALEEL WELLS Launched: Between 1815 and 1820 Area: Ohio R. Comments: Machinery and boilers by Phillips Works. Comments: Notes from WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA, WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER, June 24, 1951
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1. Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994 4. She Takes The Horns, by Fredrick Way, Jr.

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