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Mother of Rivers She’s the mother of rivers, I’ve oft,heard it said, Peaceful and tranquil, as she flows through her bed. She inspires the poet, And the spinner of tales, And beckons the boatmen, Whose calloused as nails. Nurturing the nation, In various ways, The star attraction, In numerous plays, She accents the fields, A sight too behold, Enticing the artist, Her scenery so bold, Luring the tourist, From coast to coast, Like a reigning Queen, Purposing a toast, Cool waters run deep, As the muse of a sage, Spellbinding, awesome, At the height of her rage, When the ice and snow, Thaws in the spring, Unleashing her fury, Making steel cables sing, Inundating the lowlands, when she starts to unwind, Cutting new channels, When she has a mind, Efforts to control her, Are futile Indeed, Too tame her completely, We’ll never succeed” So let’s enjoy her presence, With the greatest of care, From St. Paul to New Orleans, She’s so very rare,
Ron Miner
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Name: BIG HATCHIE Destroyed: 1845, (possibly 1842) blew up near Herman Mo. killing 35 and wounding many more Name: BIG HORN Launched: 1860s? Destroyed: Stranded Area: U. Mo. R. Name: BIG SANDY Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet. Launched: 1899 Owners: 1901 purchased in part by Capt. Steven Thompson Name: BILOXI Area: 1858, made a trip up the Sabine R. from Beloxi, Miss. Comments: The landing where it off loaded its cargo of slaves became known as Beloxi, Tex. The town is long since deserted and gone. : See source Article Name: BIRDIE BRENT Type: FERRY BOAT Size: Launched: 1871 Destroyed: 1887 Area: Mo. R. Boonville, Mo. Owner: Porter, Capt. John Captains: Porter, Capt. John, Wilson, R. C. Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly. Name: BLACK DIAMOND Area: 1870s, possibly Osage R., Mo. Owners: *possibly Charles F. Lohman and his son Capt. Louis Charles Lohman, Jefferson City, Mo. : This listing from family records of Lee Lohman, GGG grandaughter of Charles F. Name: BLACK DRAGON The nick name given the 1851 PITTSBURGH Name: BLACK HAWK Launched: 1830s? Area: U. Miss. R. Comments: Mentioned in this Article
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 135' X 27.5' X 4.5'
    Power: 14's-4 1/2 ft., 2 boilers each 42" X 21'.
    Launched: 1877, California Pa.
    Destroyed: 1884, Mar. 28, After wintering at Bismarck, was cut down by ice
    Area: Mo. R. and Yellowstone R.
          Spent some time on Osage R., Mo.
    Owners: 1/2-Timothy B. Burleigh, 1/4-James C. McVay, 1/4- Thomas M. Rees
    Captains: First master, Timothy B. Burleigh, Yankton, Dakota Terr.; pilots,
              William Gordon and Jim Witten
            : 1881, July 23, Capt. Robt. F. Wright
    Companies associated with: 1877, Benton "P" Line  
    Comments: 1881, July 23, took on 10 cords of wood at Crittenden's
              Island at $4 a cord.
            : Machinery and cabin came from SILVER CRESENT

    Type: Recessed Wheel ferryboat, wooden hull.  Size: 106 tons
    Launched: 1847, Jeffersonville, Ind.
    Destroyed: 1866-67 winter, ice.
    Area: operated, Louisville-Jeffersonville
    Owners: John Shallcross, James J. Thompson, Charles Strader and Athanasius

    Type: Sternwheeler                Size:
    Launched: 1900s early?
    Destroyed: fate unknowen
    Area: Skagit R., Pugeot Sound area, Wash. state
    Captain: Albert Manwarren Galligan (8/14/1887 - 2/13/1973)

    Launched: 1830s?
    Area: u. Miss. R. 
    Comments: Mentioned in this Article

    Launched: ?1900-1911?
    Area: California Delta

1.  Name: BLUE RIDGE
    Type: sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 138 tons.
    Launched: 1844, Cincinnati, Oh.
    Destroyed: 1848, Jan. 9, 1:00 A.M., Racoon Island below Gallipolis,
                     downbound in snow storm, blew boilers.  Killed 15.
    Area: 1845, March, advertised in Cincinnati Daily Atlas,
                       Cincinnati-Louisville and Kanawa R. trade.
    Owners: 1844, when built, Warth and English
            1845, went to a Capt. James A. Payne and others.
    Captains: 1845, Master, William Summers
              1848, master, William Penn Wright
    Comments: Mentioned in this Article
              Also see CRUSADER

    Type: Side-wheeler, Fictional
    Size: 300 ton; 200 passenger.  Draft, 3'.
    Owner: Michael Riley
    Captain(s): Capt. Michael Riley
    Comments:  In book "The River Witch" by Marjorie McIntyre, 1955

Name: BOAZ
    Type: Stern-wheeler               Size:
    Area: 1897, OHIO R.
    Comments: From The Tribune Telegraph,
              Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Mar. 31 1897

	Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet    Size: 130' X 26.2' X 4'
	Power: Engines, 13's - 5ft.,  3 boilers, each 38" X 20'.
			All from the BOONE
	Launched: 1890, Mason City W. Va.
	Destroyed: 1909, Dec. 10, Coal Haven above Ironton, Oh., sank and lost. 
	Area: At first, Gallipolis - Marietta
	      Later also ran Louisville-Kentucky R. trade.
	Owners: Toward end, after conversion to towboat,
		Capt. Frank Morgan, Ironstown, Oh.
	Captains: At first, Elmer E. Varian (Gallipolis - Marietta trade)
		 Later, C.H. Varian (Louisville-Kentucky R. trade)
    Type: tugboat               Size:

    Launched: 1880?
    Destroyed: 1890'S?
    Area: Ohio R.
    Comments: Her whistle went to the H. R. BEDFORD
             From The Tribune Telegraph, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio.

    Launched: 1831, Wheeling W. Va. by either the Bell Yard or the Patton Yard.
    Area: Ohio R.
    Comments:  Engines and machinery probably made by T. Sweeney & Sons at
            : Mentioned in this article

    Destroyed: 1856, late Feb, Torn from docks and swept downstream in
               ice flow during Great Ice Gorge at St. Louis. Crushed
               and sunk.

	Type: sidewheel wooden hull packet.  Size: Large
	Distroyed: Sunk near N.O. by collision in which a
               large number of lives were lost.
	Area: St. Louis - New Orleans trade
	Owner(s): Capt. John Simonds, Jr.

1. Name: BONANZA
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 267.5' X 42.8' X 6.7'
    Power: Engines, 22's- 7-1/2 ft.  Three boilers each 48" X 30'.
    Launched: 1885, Jan. 17, Cincinnati, Oh. at Mack's Yard
    Owners: White Collar Line ran her Cincinnati-Portsmouth and later on to Pomeroy 
    Captains: 1887, Nov. 2 through  Jan. 1888, bills of lading show E.E. Moore was master.
              1891, Capt. J.T. Campbell was master.
    Comments: Notes from The Tribune Telegraph,
           Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Aug. 18 1897

	Type: Sternwheel excursion boat
	Power: Originally designed as steam driven sternwheeler
	Launched: 1969
	Areas: 1969, Ohio R.
			Later as BONNIE BELLE out of Madison Ind.
			Later as NORTHERN STAR and subsuquently as ARAWANNA BELLE
				out of Toledo, Oh.
			Later as COCOA BELLE, out of Cocoa Beach, Fl.
			Now (2006) As MAGNOLIA BELLE, out of New Orleans North shore.
	Comments: Featured in the 1993 Disney film "The Adventures of Huck Finn".

Name: BOREAS No 3
    Launched: 1840s
    Destroyed: 1849, May 17, fire at St, Louis docks.

1. Name: BOSTONA 
    Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet
    Size: 266' X 34' X 7.5', 468 tons
    Power: engines by Inman, Gault and Co, 26-1/2's - 9', 5 boilers,
           each 42" X 34-1/2 ft., Wheels - 31-1/2'
           Hull by James Murry
    Launched: 1849, Louisville, Ky.
    Destroyed: 1852, nov. 25, At or near Ford's Ferry, Ky., above Cave In Rock,
               stranded and sank, then was cut down by ice.
    Area: 1849, Louisville - New Orleans
    Owner: 1849, Part owner, Capt. E.T. Dustin
    Captains: 1849, Master and part owner, Dustin, E.T.
    Comments: Helped rescue surivors of SULTANA.
         Made run N.O. - Louisville 1849, 5/8/0
    Comments:  from Way's, "Was quite ornate; each of 50 staterooms had
               columns at doors upon which rested porticos richly gilded.
               Had bedsteads and spring mattresses.  Doors glassed with
               many colors divided ladies' and men's sections; tub baths
               connect with men's and ladies' rooms."

    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 355 tons
    Launched: 1854, Cincinnati, Oh.
    Destroyed: 1866, June 2, St. Louis whaie awaiting dismanteling, burned.
    Area: Cincinnati - Portsmouth
    Type: Sidewheel woden hull packet.
    Size: 260' X 40' X 6.7', 816 tons.
    Launched: 1867, Cincinnati, Oh.
    Destroyed: 1877, Feb. 8, Sciotoville, collided with twoboat SAM MILLER.
                     Sunk and raised and given new decks.
		     1879, Dismantled

    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.
    Size: 302.5' X 43.5', 759 tons.
    Power: Engines, 25's- 8 ft. Four boilers, each 47" X 30'.  6 flues, 10" dia.
           Wheels, 27' ea with 16' buckets; 18 arms and 4 flanges on each wheel shaft. 
    Launched: 1879, Cincinnati, Oh.
    Captains: *1881, Issac Brysom
    Comments: This boat carried her own coal for fuel in 24, 50 bushel rail cars on two sets of tracks in the hold.

    Launched: 1850s
    Captain: 1850s, Keeling, Frankin A.
    Source: Obituary, F.A.Keeling
Magic Cabin

	Size: 140 tons
	Power: Mongrel
	Launched: 1827, Cincinnati, Oh

    Launched: 1832, Wheeling W. Va. by either the Bell Yard or the Patton Yard.
    Area: U. Miss.
    Owner: Smith, Orrin, Capt.
    Captain and pilots: Capt. Smith, Orrin
    Comments: Engines and machinery probably made by T. Sweeney & Sons at
    Comments: Notes from WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA,
              WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER,  June 24, 1951

    Area: U. Miss.
    Owner: Smith, Orrin, Capt.
    Captain(s): Capt. Smith, Orrin
    Comments: Designed to be excursion boat with double-bunk cabins
              lining salon with doors leading both into center saloon
              and out onto the deck.

Name: BRAZOS BELLE  Source
    Type:  Sternwheeler              Size:
    Area: Brazos R. Texas

1. Name: BRIDE
    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 295 tons.
    Launched: 1848
    Destroyed: 1853, Apr. 18, Vincennes, Ind. snagged and lost.
    Area: Red R.
          1851, Wabash R.
    Comments: 1851, Cloutierville, La., exploded boilers.
              1853, Feb. 8,  Wabash R., ran aground
            : 1853, while sparring the Captain broke and killed 3 men

    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet
    Size: 140 tons
    Launched: 1852, Cincinnati, Oh.
    Destroyed: 1857, off the lists.
    Area: Cincinnati-New Orleans
    Owners: 1852, built by Richard Henry Stokes, Jr.
            later Capt. Clitus A. Brown, Yazoo City, Miss.
	    1854, sold to Capt William L. Staples, Columbus, Ga.
    Captains: Clitus A. Brown
              William L. Staples
    Comments: See Querie

    Launched: 1880s?
    Area: 1883, Mo. R.
    Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage 


From the Gallery of Gary R. Lucy Click on picture to enlarge
Type: Sternwheel ferryboat Size: Area: 1873, Mo. R., Washington, Mo. Comments: Gary Lucy Artwork and some info on boat Name: BRILLIANCE Type: Side-wheeler Size: Destroyed: Rammed by JOHN RANDOLPH. Sank Name: BRILLIANT Launched: 1842 Area: Ohio R. Owner: 1847, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati Steamboat Line Comments: From The Wheeling Register, Monday, March 31, 1879 Name: BRISTOL Launched: 186? Area: Hudson R. Owner: Fall River Line; Jim Fis??? Name: BRONX Name: BROOKLYN Name: BROTHER JONATHAN/COMMODORE Type: Three masted Sidewheeler Size: Launched: 1850 or 51, Perrine, New York by Pattreson and Stack, for Long island Trade, but upon completion was sold to West Coast interests. Destroyed: 1865, July 27: Left SanFrancisco under the command of Capt. de Wolf. Struck a large rock in a heavy sea off Crecent City and was lost. Area: West coast, Columbia R. Owner: Vanderbuilt-Nicaragua Line, John T. Wright who renamed her COMMODORE, 1856, California Steam Navigation Co. Captain(s):1851, Baldwin, C. H. who took her around Cape Horn; 1865 de Wolf Comments: This information from Jerry Canavit Name: BRUNETTE Comments: 1856, late Feb, Torn from docks and swept downstream in ice flow during Great Ice Gorge at St. Louis. Don't know if was destroyed by this. Name: BRYANT'S NEW SHOWBOAT Name: BUCK ELK Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 100.7' X 18.3' X 3.' Launched: 1900, Herman, Mo. Area: 1901 or so, White R. (Source) 1908, Yazoo R. 1 Name: BUCKEYE BELLE Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet. Size: 151' X 22' X 5' Power: Engines, 17's - 6ft. 2 boilers, each 42" X 20'. 2 flues. Launched: 1852, Marietta, Oh. Destroyed: 1857, Nov. 26, Columbus Ky, Boilers exploded, no lives lost. Area: 1852, Muskingum R. - St. Marys, Va. to Newport, Oh. and Zanesville, Oh. Ran U.S. Mail, freight and passengers until boiler explosion. See Comments, below. 1854, Pittsburgh - Portsmouth 1857, Mound City-Cairo-Hickman Captains: 1852, James T. Hahn, Pilot: Calvin R. Stull 1854, Spring, Capt. Smith 1857, J.W. Brown Comments: 1852, Nov. 2, near Beverly, Oh. upbound shortly after 5PM. Boilers Exploded. 20 died, 14 were injured. 13 were buried the Beverly Cemetary in a common box of unidentified body parts. Was rebuilt. : See Article by site visitor Debbie Noland Nitsche. Name: BUCKEYE STATE
With pitch, lard, tar, coal and wood The BUCKEYE'S time was very good; But faster she will have to kite To catch the SWANN OR DAVID WHITE
Type: Sidewheel, woodenhull packet. Size: 260' X 29.4' X 6.6' Power: 29-1/2's- 8 ft., Nelson built. 5 boilers Wheels; 31' 8" dia., 12' buckets with 36" dip. 20 arms ea. Launched: 1850, hull, Shousetown, Pa., Completed, Pittsburgh 1850, Feb. 17, maiden trip. Destroyed: 1857, dismantled. Area: 1857, Pittsburgh-Cincinnati Owners: Original stockholders, David Holmes, Thomas S. Clarke, William Bingham, Robert S. Hays and Capt. Samuel J Reno. Companies Associated with: came out under Pittsburgh and Cincinnati Packet Line colors. Captains: 1850, Feb. 17 - Mar. 28, Samuel J. Reno 1850, Mar.- Master, Samuel Dean; pilots, William Clark and Thomas Witten. Later years, Master, M.W. Beltzhoover Comments: Made run Cincinnati - Pittsburgh in 1851, May, in 43 hrs. a record that still stands amoung steamboats. : Notes from WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA, WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER, June 24, 1951
    Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet
    Size: 235' X 36' X 5'
    Launched: 1878
    Area: Ohio R.,  1879: Ohio R.. Was docking at The "People's Warf Boat" in
                Wheeling W. Va.
    Captains: 1878, Kerr, Wash H.
	Companies Associated with: Pittsburgh & Cincinnati Packet Line

   Area: 1850s - 80s Tombigbee River in Clarke County, Ala.
    Owner: Jordan, David S.
    Captain and pilots: Capt. 
    Comments: From David Upton:  "I am looking for imformation on my
              familys history. My great great great grandfather, David
              S. Jordan, owned a river boat company.  He shipped produce
              and items between Mobile Alabama and the river systems to
              the north of that city. His base of operations was on the
              Tombigbee River in Clarke County during the 1850s-1880's.
              He started with flatbottom river boats and eventually
              steam powered boats. I only have two names of the boats
              he owned. They were the Buenavista and the Samual J.Tilden.
              He did not have a pilots licence and he had
              to hire his crews instead of using his own family to
              run the boats."


    Comments: From The Diary Of Joseph T. Anderson, shopkeeper,
             Commerce Mo.
            - Tuesday Night, April 16th 1861.  "Business dull.  River
             on stand.  Boats plenty.  Intelligence came this morning
             on the (steamer) Dickey that it was a mistake about Anderson
             being killed, but true that Fort Sumpter had been taken and
             its inmates taken prisoners.  Nothing of note took place
             the balance of the day.  The Bell Creole landed about sunset
             and took the Burgess boat in tow."

	Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.  Soze: 210' X 35' X 5.5'
	Launched: 1864, Cincinnati, Oh., Capt. R.C. Gray superindended construction.
	Destroyed: 1867, Sept. 7, 1 mi. above Wabasha, Minn., Snagged and lost
	Area: U. Miss. R.
	Owners: Northern Line Packet Company
	Captains: 1864, J.J. Robinson
			  1866, J.B. Rhodes

    Launched: 1880s?
    Area: 1883, U. Miss. R.
    Comments: Mentioned in this Article

    Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet.   Size: 248 tons.
    Launched: 1864, Bridgeport, Ala. for U.S.Q.M.D.
    Destroyed: 1869, June 8, Skunk R. near Burlington, Iowa, Snagged and lost.
    Power: 16 1/2's- 5 ft., 3 boilers.
    Owners: originally USQMD as BURNSIDE
            1866, June 7, sold to private hands. Renamed MINER. 
    Comments: when lost was carrying load for contractors working on
              C.B. & O. R.R. bridge.

MARK TWAIN shiping bill
Memphis and Dyersburg Weekly Packet Shipping Bill, April 23, 1882 Click on picture to enlarge
Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 1872, 70 tons. 1876, Nov. Covington, Ky., lengthened to 111' X 20.4' X 4.'. Launched: 1872, Jeffersonville, Ind. Destroyed: 1885, Mar. 27, exploded boiler. 6 lives lost. Refloated and renamed ALICE. 1892, ALICE was still listed at Memphis Area: 1872-76, Around Evansville 1877, Memphis - St. Francis R. 1882, after, served as ferry, Mound City, Ark. Owners: 1882, after, Capt. Fogleman Captains: 1877, J.L Randall 1877, W. P. Hill (?Hall?) Later, Fogleman Comments: Boats hull was refloated after boiler explosion and renamed ALICE Name: BUZZARD Destroyed: Ran aground and sank
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1. Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994 4. She Takes The Horns, by Fredrick Way, Jr.

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