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Name: BELLE Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet Size: 155' X 29' X 4-1/2', 262 tons. Power: engines, 10's-5-1/2 ft., Three boilers. Launched: 1865, March, Monongahela City, Pa. (hull by Latta yard) Machinery by A. Hartupee, Pittsbutgh. Destroyed: 1871, fall, broke cylinder timber and was towed to Pittsburgh by FEARLESS to be dismantled. Area: 1865, Pittsburgh - Oil City trade 1867, Pittsburgh - Cincinnati 1868, winter, towed circus to southern waters 1870, spring, Pittsbutgh - Parkersburg 1870, June, J.P. Smith 1871, St. Louis - Pittsburgh on iron ore runs. Allegheny R. Also, during low water, ran Ohio R. trade. Owners: 1865-1871?, 1/2 each, Capt. T.W. Laughrey with Capt. James Kennedy 1871, purchased by Capt. Marsh McDonald and others 1860s at one time, Northwestern Union Packet Company Captains: 1865, T.W. Laughrey 1867, summer, James Kennedy, Capt., pilots J.D. Reno and Jerry Witten 1868, summer, Parkersburg - Gallipolis 1868, winter, Laughrey to southern waters with circus 1870, spring, John Ritchey 1870, june, Pittsburgh - Geneva trade 1871, William McClintock Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: BELLE ANN MARIE Type" Sternwheel, steel hull excursion boat. Size 70' Power: originally steam. Refitted with diesel. Launched: 1925 Area: 1925-58, Ohio and Miss Rs. Owners: current is Dixieland Riverboat Tours, Jersey City, NJ * Name: BELLE CREOLE Size: 122 tons Power: Low pressure Launched: 1823, Cincinnati, Oh. Name: BELLE CREOLE Type: Sidewheel Wooden hull packet Size:447 tons Launched: 1845, Cincinnati, Oh. Destroyed: 1852, off the lists Area: Miss. R., New Orleans - Vicksburg Captains: 1846, Champromere ; 1850, J. M. White Comments: 1849, Nov. 16, near N.O., burst boiler seam. Killed 5 Source: Way's Packet Directory, 1884 - 1994 1. Name: BELLE CREOLE Type: Sternwheel, wooden hulled packet Size: 190 X 33' X 7.5' Launched: 1856, Moundsbille, Va. Destroyed: 1864, Feb. 1, Plum Point, Tenn., snagged and lost. 1 life lost. Area: Miss. R., 1856 - 1861, New Orleans - Red River. Captain: Kusk, W.J. Comments: From The Diary Of Joseph T. Anderson, shopkeeper, Commerce Mo. - Tuesday Night, April 16th 1861. "Business dull. River on stand. Boats plenty. Intelligence came this morning on the (steamer) Dickey that it was a mistake about Anderson being killed, but true that Fort Sumpter had been taken and its inmates taken prisoners. Nothing of note took place the balance of the day. The Bell Creole landed about sunset and took the Burgess boat in tow." 1. Name: BELLE CREOLE Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 250' X 36' X 7' Destroyed: 1864, May 28, reported burned in wharf fire, New Orleans. 9 boats were lost. Comments: was with Porter on Red River. 1. Name: BELLE CREOLE Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet. Launched: 1862, New Albany, Ind. Destroyed: 1863-64, winter, near West Colunbia, W. Va., sunk and lost. Area: built for Louisville - Pittsburgh landing trade. Owners: Capt H. McDougal and Capt. J.B. Ford of New Albany had a hand in her. Name: BELLE ISLE Launched: 1840s? Destroyed: 1849, May 17, Fire at St. Louis docks Area: Miss. R.
Show you care, send a Bear!
Belle Lee, Belle Lee, tell me, ole gal, Is you thinkin' o' me When steamin' along? Belle Lee, Belle Lee, Lis'n to mah song. Kaze you's all mine-- Belle Lee, Belle Lee Song writer Will S. Hays
Type: Sidewheel, woodhulled packet Size: 291'X 42.4' X 8.4', 1,284 tons Power: 34-1/2's- 9 ft., 8 boilers built at Barmore yard Launched: 1868, Jeffersonville, Ind. Destroyed: See comment below Area: Miss, R. Area: 1868, winter, New Orleans - Vicksburg 1869, Louisville - New Orleans trade Owners: 1868, came out under charter to Capt. John W. Cannon 1869, June, Capt. John Smoker purchased at Louisville courthouse auction. 1869, Nov. 12, went to Capt. John C. Sinnott, 1/2; John W. Tobin, 1/4; Capt. John W. Cannon, 1/4. 1874, a New Orleans group plus Capt J. Frank Hicks and Martin Walt of Memphis Captains: 1868, John W. Cannon 1869, Master, Anson McGill; Pilots, James Ostrander and William Underwood 1869, under owner Smoker, J. M. White Comments: Boat was named for the daughter of James Bridgeford, Esq., Louisville : 1876, summer, was enlarged and renamed MARY BELL. Name: BELL OF ?ATTARAPU or ATTORAPU? See 1. Name: BELL OF CALHOUN/JULIA/BELLE OF CALHOUN
	Bell of Calhoun from The James E. York Steamboat Postcard Collection
	Photo From
The James E. York Steamboat Postcard Collection
	Type: Sternwheel wooden hull packet
	Size: 180.9' X 36.4' X 4.7'
	Power: Engines 15's- 6 ft..  Two boilers, each 44" X 26'.
	Launched: 1895, St Louis, Mo
	Destroyed: 1930-31, winter, Alton Slough, burned
	Owners: 1899, sold to Memphis & Vicksburg Packt Corporation.  Renamed JULIA
           1905, owned by St. Louis and Calhoun Packet Company.  Got back original name.
	Captains: on maiden trip, Aaron Hall
	Comments: Boat was named for Miss Anna Wood who was chosen as the
              Bell of Callhoun County, Ill in a contest run by the Hardin Journal.
            : 1896, May 27, badly damaged by the Great St> Louis Tornado.
			      Raised and repaired
            : 1914, Oct. 4mi. above Alton, sank with bow on shore. Raised and repaired
            : 1929, some 3mi. above Hannibal, Mo., sank and raised.

1. Name: BELLE of the BENDS 
Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Detroit Publishing Company Collection. Click on picture to enlarge
Also See Post cards from
James E. York Collection
Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet Size: 210' X 32.6' X 7.4' Power: 18's-8 ft., 3 boilers, each 44" X 28' Launched: 1898, Jeffersonvile, Ind. by the Howard Yard Destroyed; 1919, Oct. dismantled by John F. Klein Area: Ohio R. Greenville-Vicksburg 1910-11, winter, New Orleans, excursions 1918-19, Cairo, Ill., excursions Owners: 1898- Vicksburg And Greenville Packet Company 1910-or so, purchased by Capt Morrissy Captains: 1900, Master, A. F. Nimtz 1901, Pilots, Billy Newbill and Joe Delahunt 1910, Morrissy At one time, Joe Ballard, Vicksburg to Greenville, Miss. Comments: 1909, Sept., 40 mi. below Viskburg, sank and was raised. 1910, Fitler's Landing, 20 mi. below Lake Providence, sank. Raised. 1910, or between 1918-19, renamed LIBERTY 1940, her bell was at Altheimer Plantation near Pine Bluff Ark. Name: BELLE of CINCINNATI Originally the EMERALD LADY Name: BELLE of JEFFERSON Destroyed: 1874, blew up. Comments: Had new system that blew explosion harmlessly upward. Don't know if this explosion destroyed boat. Name: BELLE of the LAKES/SPIRIT of CINCINNATI Type: Sternwheel excursion boat Size: 77', 120 passenger. Launched: 1967, Ottawa, Ill. Area: 1999, Cincinnati, Oh. Owner: Queen City Riverboats, Cincinnati. Captains: 1999, Robert Nolan, Jr. Comments: 1999 was her 4th appearance at the Tall Stacks Festival Name: BELLE of LaCROSS Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 232' X 37.8' X 37.8' Power: 22's-7 ft., from ITASCA, 3 boilers, each 41" x 26', 5 Flues Wheels, 28" dia. w/ 20' buckets. Launched: 1870, Paducah, Ky., completed, St. Louis, Mo. Destroyed: 1882, July 12, 4PM St. Louis at foot of Alma St. Burned Set fire to NORTH WESTERN which also burned. Area: 1864, U. Miss. R. Owner: Northwestern Union Packet Company Captains: *At one time piloted by Oscar M. Ruby Comments: Mentioned in this Article : Later got engines from KEY CITY
    Size: 120'
    Area: 1875-6, Mo. R., replaced the YANKTON as ferry from Yankton, S.D.
                to Green Island, Neb.
    Comments: This info from Bob Karolevitz's column The Way It Was,
              believed to have been in a Yankton. S.D.. newspaper. 


Name: BELLE of the WEST
    Comments: Made run N. O. to Natchez 1842. 1/18/0 
    Made run N. O. - Louisville 1842, 6/14/0 
    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size:180' X 32'.
    Power: 15's- 6 ft., 2 boilers.
    Launched: 1859, Monongahela, Pa.
    Destroyed:   Spring, 1865, ?Mo. R.? (see below), wrecked by ice. 
    Area: 1859, St Louis-Peoria
          1860, running Ill. R.
          1862, Cumberland R., in U.S service as supply boat. 
          1863, Nov., Ill. R.
          1864, Spring, Mo. R. to Ft. Benton
    Owners: 1864-5, possibly earlier, Capt. William H. Reid
    Captains: *William H. Reid
    Comments: 1860, Mar. 11, Sharp's Landing, Ill. R., burned and rebuilt.
              1864, Oct. near Acrow's Trading Post, 5 mi. above Cheynne R.
                    ran onto bar and lay there all winter.
            :* info on Capt. Reid from family research by Caroline Villier,
               Capt. Reid's great grandaughter

	Type: Probably a towboat
	Captains: 1882, William (Billy) Prince
	Comments: Mentioned in this Document and Here

    Type: Sternwheel, wooden hull packet.  Size: 128 tons.
    Launched: 1844, Zanesville, Oh. (*California boat yard on the Monongahela river)
    Destroyed: 1845, Dec. 19, 12 miles below White R., snagged and turned
                     bottom side up.   40 lives lost.
    Area: 1845, ran Zanesville-Marietta-Cincinnati
          1845, Dec., loaded out for New Orleans 
    Captains: 1945, when running Zanesville-Marietta-Cincinnati, Cogswell
              Master at time of sinking, John Brazure, of Cincinnati
    Comments: Many of the lost were buried along the river bank. 
            : See account of her sinking Here

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1. Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994

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