James E. York
Packet Boat Postcard Collection
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Upon the death of James E. York his son, James E. York III, found an extensive collection of post cards relating to riverboats which he generously donated to this site.

Among the cards was a hand typed document by Mr. York entilted,
Western River Steamboats and Post Card Collecting.
This document explains the why and wherefore of his packet boat post card collection.

Western River Steamboats and Post Card Collecting
By James E. York

The Packet Boat Post Card Collection
A work in progress

Also among the cards there were a few envelopes addressed to
Lieut. James E. York, U.S.N.R.
U. S. S. Colusa (APA-74)
c/o Fleet Post Office,
San Francisco, Calif.

Return Address
Howard P. York,
1102 - 23rd. St.,
Portsmouth, Ohio.

These envelopes were postmarked Portsmouth, Ohio, Feb. 1945

These post cards are available by e-mail attachment at no charge to researchers, schools and other non-profit entities needing a full size copy for non-comercial or fund raising use.

They are typically 1090 X 690 pixels and between 300,000 and 500,000 Bytes.
Yup, it'll take a while to download that e-mail.

Contact Riverboat Dave with request.


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