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Western River Steamboats and Post Card Collecting
James E. York

Pg. 5
.....Since my separation from active service with the U.S. Navy, my interest in actively collecting steamboat post cards and photographs has been renewed on a much larger scale. I have contacted many of the larger dealers and collectors, and my collection is growing much more rapidly. I now have a collection of about 290 different views, many of which are photo post cards.
.....It is realized that this article has mentioned the beginning of the passenger packet, and has gone into detail to explain what, if anything, remains of it upon western rivers, but that very little has been said about the heyday of the packet boat. It is hoped that the following list of the more interesting views in my collection will in some small way correct this mistake:
.....1. .The stern-wheel REVELSTOKE in Columbia River Canyon, British Columbia.
.....2. .HENRY FRANK on record cotton trip in 1881, when she brought 9,226 bales of cotton to New Orleans, thereby establishing an all time record.
.....3. .A replica of the NEW ORLEANS, which was the first steamboat on the Ohio River in 1811. This replica was built at Pittsburgh one hundred years later, and duplicated the trip of the first NEW ORLEANS to the city of the same name amid great celebration.
.....4. .CHAMPION No. 2 a sternwheeler propelled floating sawmill. This type of craft was fairly common in the old days on the upper Ohio, going from town to town sawing logs under contract.

Pg. 6
.....5..VICTORY an armed packet of the Civil War period.
.....6..U.S. RAM SWITZERLAND one of the packet boats converted and commanded by Colonel Charles Ellet, Jr., during the Civil War, which operated with a fleet of ironclad gunboats on the Mississippi River.
.....7..Low water (2 feet) in Ohio River, (1893) at Ironton, Ohio showing the Bay Line steamers CHEVALIER, B. T. ENOS, LOUISE, and HENRY M. STANLEY. This is a double length "Mail Card", designed to be folded, and a rubber band placed around the card.
.....8..The Knox Boat Yard at Marietta, Ohio in 1891, showing the LOUIS A SHERLEY, SHERLEY, TELEGRAPH (second), with TELEGRAPH (third) building.
.....9..Horse Ferry - a side-wheel craft, which had one horse operating a treadmill to furnish motive power to each wheel.
....10..The Race between the NATCHEZ and the ROBT. E. LEE, (a photo post card from the Currier and Ives print) which attracted much national interest in 1870. The ROBT. E. LEE's time made during this race between New Orleans and St. Louis has never been beaten.
....11..The towboat (not generally included in this collection) F. J. O'CONNELL with the barge RAMBLER in tow. Aboard the barge is General Fry's Division of Coxey's Army. Picture taken in 1894.
....12..The SULTANA at Helena, Arkansas with 1,886 soldiers aboard at the conclusion of the Civil War. This steamer

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