River Art Work From
The Gallery Of
Michael Blaser

These pictures are borrowed from the
Gallery of Michael Blaser.
They are of a lesser quality than the ones shown on his site.
To see the best quality click on the artwork to be taken to that picture on his site.
The words are also Mr. Blaser's, with more about each boat on his site.

Steamer ALTON in St. Louis
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The steamer Alton was the pride of the Eagle Packet Company when she was launched in 1906.

AVALON at LaCross, Wiss.
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Avalon is shown coming into Riverside Park in La Crosse on a warm summer evening in 1950.

ISLAND QUEEN At Cincinnati
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This 1940's era scene shows the Covington shore and the Roebling Bridge.


KATE ADAMS & Towboat J.T. Hatfield
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The old cotton packet Kate Adams of Memphis was brought to the Upper Ohio in 1926 to try and get her share of the packet business that was running between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati. Her stay in Pittsburgh was short as she returned to Memphis in the fall of 1926 to take part in the filming of Uncle Tom's Cabin.