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1. Name: W.E. Gibson and Company
Area: 1864-69, Ohio R.
Boats: 1864-69, HAVANA
Captains associated with: 1864-69, Malin, Ira

1. Name: Waggoner, John W.
Boat: 1865, Aug. 17, Purchased PEOSTA
Comments: *Possibly father of a Isaac Newton Waggoner 

1. Name: Warth and English, of Cincinnati, Oh.
Boats: 1844, had BLUE RIDGE built.  Soon sold her to a Capt. Payne and others.
Comments:  There was a Robert Warth who partnered with a Hereford to build
           the CRUSADER

Name: Weems Line
Area: out of Baltimore Oh.
Boats: 1817, SURPRISE; later, EAGLE and PATUXENT
Owner: Capt. George Weems
Comments: Source

Name: West Memphis Packet Company
Boats: 1915, IDLEWILD Later renamed AVALON then BELLE OF
Area: Miss. R., Memphis to Hopefield Point, Arkansas
Comments: Please see the IDLEWILD for important history on one of the
          two last of operational steam powered paddlewheelers.

Name: Wells, Charles V.          
Boat(s): 1860-63, PLANTER
Area: Miss. R.
Comments: Credit

Name: Wheeling & Cincinnati Packet Company
Principals: 1877, David Gibson, pres.,Martin F. Noll, sec.,
Capt. Charles Muhleman, supt. Boats: 1877 - , ANDES Name: Wheeling & Parkersburg Packet Company Boats: 1870, COURIER Name: Wheeling, Parkersburg and Cincinnati Transportation Company Owner(s): 1882, Pres. of Co., Capt. Charles H. Booth Principals: 1884, Sept. Henry Schmulbach was elected President,
Superintendent and Treasurer. Area: Ohio R. Boats: 1882, March, pruchased the SCIOTO 1884, Diurnal Comments: Financial problems dur to SCIOTO disaster, See 1. Name: Wheeling & Sun Fish Packet Company Principals: Capt. Steve Thompson and others Area: Wheeling-Clarington Boats: 1866-76, JAMES REES Name: Wheeling Union Packet Line
With pitch, lard, tar, coal and wood The BUCKEYE'S time was very good; But faster she will have to kite To catch the SWANN OR DAVID WHITE
Area: daily service between Wheeling and Louisville Owner(s) Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and/or Capt. Tom Brieily Boats Associated with: ALVIN ADAMS, 1853 VIRGINIA, FOREST CITY 1853, THOMAS SWANN, BALTIMORE, CITY OF WHEELING, MORNING STAR, EVENING STAR, POLAR STAR, DAVID WHITE FALLS CITY, PERSIA, JOHN C. FREEMONT Captains Associated with: 1853, George W. Norton of ALVIN ADAMS Charles V. Wells of VIRGINIA Sam Mason of FALLS CITY John McLure Jr. of THOMAS SWANN A. Murdoch of FOREST CITY William McClain of DAVID WHITE William Clarke of BALTIMORE Comments: Notes from Wheeling, West Virginia, WHEELING INTELLIGENCER, June 24, 1951 : The owners of this line were dedicated to building a solid South. Notes from the The Wheeling Register, Monday, March 31, 1879.
Show you care, send a Bear!
Name: White Collar Line
		See Cincinnati, Portsmouth, Big Sandy & Pomeroy Packet Company

*Name: White, Capt. J. M.
Born: 1823   Died: 1880
Boats owned in part,
      : 1859 - 1864, Feb. 15, J.M. SHARP owned 1/3 of her.
      : 1866 - 1870, Dec. 19, GLENDY BURKE owned 1/4 of her.
      : 1878 - 1886, Dec. 13, J.M. WHITE No. 3, along with 6 others as
             Greenville and New Orleans Packet Company
Source:  Way's Packet Directory, 1884 - 1994

*Name: White, J. M., Merchant
born:          Died: 1846, Sept. 26, St. Louis, Mo.
Boats: 1842 - 1843, Mar. 28, J.M. WHITE
     : 1844 - 1846, Sept. 26, J.M. WHITE
Name: White Collar Line, See

Name: Whitesides, Jonathan
Area: 1852, Upper White R., Ark.
Boats: 1852, owned with Captain Silas Daugherty, the MARY L. DAUGHERTY
Comments: Source

1. Name: Wisherd, Capt. D.W.
Area: 1912-23, his boat tramped New Orleans - Pittsburgh
Boat(s): co-owned G.W. HILL with Gregory, Sam

1. Name: Witherington, A.J.
Area: Miss. and White Rs.
Boat: 1861, DR. BUFFINGTON
    : 1862, with Capt. Robert L. Withers, part owner of MORGAN NELSON.
Comments: More on Capt. Witherington

Name: Withers, Robert L. of Longview Ark. on Saline R.
Burried: Longview, Ark. in Withers plot in Prarie Chappel Cemetery 
Area: 1862, May - 1865, June, hauled supplies up river for the Confederate
            States of America Army to various points on the Mississippi,
            Black, Red, Ouachita and Saline Rivers
      1866, New Orleans - Red R.
Boats: 1862-65 MORGAN NELSON, with Capt. A.L. Witherington
       1866, Purchased CARRIE POOL and operated for several years
       1866, sometinme after, operated a ferry on the Saline River near
             Longview at Cavaness Landing
Comments:  Source

1. White Collar Line
         See Cincinnati, Portsmouth, Big Sandy & Pomeroy Packet Company

Name: Williams, Justinian
Boat(s): FAR WEST
Area: 1834-36, Mo R.
Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage

Name: Wilmunder, Hal
Area: California Delta
Boat: Elizabeth Louise
Comments: Built the ELIZABETH LOUISE in his back yard.

Name: Witt, John
Boats: 1929-42, W.J. QUILAN
Source: See

Name: Work, George P., of New Orleans
Boats: 1868, Feb. VICKSBURG which started as the
       3rd boat named LOUISVILLE then was renamed OUACHITA then VICKSBURG.

*Name: Worlds Fair Navigation Company
Boats: 1903, 1898-1900, CORWIN H. SPENCER

Name: Wright, John T.
Area: West Coast

1. Source: Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994

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