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Name: St. Louis and Arkansas Riverboat Packet Co.
Boats: 1869 or so, UTAH
       1871, Feb., SIOUX CITY
Area: Ohio R.
Comments: From Way's Packet Directory
        : Possibly the St. Louis, Arkansas, and White River Packet Company

Name: St. Louis, Cairo and New Orleans Railroad Line (Railroad Line)
Owners: Capt. John S. Klinefelter and others.
Boats:  1858,  PENNSYLVANIA
Captains Associated With: Capt. John S.Klinefelter
Comments: Formed By Klinefelter and owners of 9 other boats to contract
          with railroad companies at St. Louis and Cairo to handle
          passengers and freight to and from N.O. and Cairo.
Source: Mark Twain Journal, Spring, 1990

 1.Name: St. Louis and Calhoun Packet Company
Area: out of Hardin, Ill.
Boat(s): 1905 owned BELLE OF CALHOUN
         1928, IDLEWILD
      1925-29, ILLINOIS
Comments:  Source

 1. Name: St. Louis & Chester Packet Company
Boats: cir 1897, purchased the CHEROKEE and renamed her CHESTER

1. Name: St Louis and Keokuk Packet Line
Boats: 1852-60, JEANIE DEANS
       *1873: JOSIE
        1880s ROB ROY See Post Card
Captains associated with: 1850s sometime in, John W. Malin*
				1873, Capt. John S. McCune
* From an article by William Petersen in The Palimpsest 

1. Name: St. Louis and Memphis Packet Company/Memphis Packet Company
Area: L. Miss. R.
Boats:  CITY of CAIRO
        *, 18?58?-JOHN D. PERRY
Captains Associated With: *1863-65, Jones Warden on the JOHN D. PERRY
         *1864, Riley, Robert K.
Comments: Some references refer to the Memphis Packet Company, others to the
          St.Louis and Memphis Packet Company (see).  I suspect they were one
          and the same.
    *Jones Worden's Steamboats and Steamboating Career by Frederick J. Worden

Name: St. Louis and New Orleans Packet Company
President; 1869, Capt. John N. Bofinger
Boats: 1867,  LUMINARY
       1869, May, PAULINE CARROLL
       1869-70, Jan 17, LADY GAY

Name: St. Louis and Omaha Packet Company
Boats: the 1862 GLASGOW 
Officers: 1869, Pres.: Capt. Joseph S. Nanson
Captains associated with: 1867, William P. Lamothe, owner of GLASGOW
The only teddy bear still made in America
Name: St. Louis and St. Joseph Union Packet Line
Boat(s): 1858, HESPERIAN
         MORING STAR
Area: Mo. R.; Ohio R.; Miss. R.
Captains associated with: 1858, F.B. Kercheval and Grant Marsh

Name: St Louis and St. Paul Packet Company, called the White Collar Line
Organized by; Capts. W.F. Davidson and A. M. Hutchinson
Area: out of St. Louis, St. Louis-St. Paul
Boats: 1876-84,  GRAND PACIFIC
       1881-83, GEM CITY,
Captains and Pilots associated with: 1881, GEM CITY's first captain
      A.M. Hutchinson
      1882? - 83 or so, On GEM CITY, Capt. Wm. Thompson,
            Pilots Campbel Hunt and Hi Beedle,
     Later on GEM CITY, Capt. George W. Jakes,
            Pilots, Douglas Roberts and Mills Purdy

*Name: Schultz, Charles H.
Boats: 1871-73, CITY of CAIRO

Name: Security Steamboat Company, Pt. Pleasant, W. Va.
Principals: Homer Smith, John Samuel (Sam) Spencer, C.C. Bowyer, and others.
Boats: 1914, had built, the HOMER SMITH
Captains: W.C. Lepper, Henry Holloway, Jack Smith

Name: Shreve, Henry M.
      1814, Capt./Co-owner of ENTERPRISE
      1816 - 20, Capt./owner of WASHINGTON
      1820s? HELIOPOLIS; 
Comments: Early 1910s, Co-owner with French, Daniel of
                       Monongahela Steam Navigation Co.
        : The city of Shreveport was named after this captain. 
Comments: Notes from WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA,
              WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER,  June 24, 1951.
Comments: Notes from WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA,
          WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER,  June 24, 1951
          Many details of WASHINGTON'S life.
Comments: Another mention in this article

Name: Shunk, John M.
Area: 1876, Cincinnati-St. Louis
Boats: 1876, MARY MILLER

Name: Sims, Thomas B.
Area: Mo. R. Out of St. Louis
Boat(s): 1889, BENTON
       : *1898-1900, HILL CITY
Name: Sites, Lee Thomas
Born: 1842, in Lamine township, Cooper County, Mo.
Boats: 1897-early 1900s, NADINE with Moehle, Gustave
Area: Mo. and Lamine Rs. in Mo.
Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly.

*Name: Smith, Arthur B.
Wife: Ida
Boats: 1884, IDA SMITH
Comments: There was a Capt. Albert B. Smith.  It might be
          that my source for this listing was incorrect in
          naming this man Arthur B. Smith.  Way's Packet
          Directory Lists only an A.B. Smith, not much help there.

1. Snapp, Capt. Lewis
Boats: 1850-52, Owned 1/2 of the 1st GEM

Name:Sombart, C. W.
Boats: 1856-65, C.W. SOMBART, 1865, TWILIGHT; 1878, HEADLIGHT
Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly.

Name: Star Line
Boats: 1882, Ran LADY LEE St. Louis-Mo. R.
Captains associated with: 1882, Bill Ball on LADY LEE
         1868, sometime just after, John W. Malin

Name: Steamer Avalon Inc.
Company formed: 1947 or '48?
Owner: E.A. Meyer of Cincinnati.
              : February 1962, Steamer Avalon Inc., filed for bankruptcy
Boat: AVALON Previously the IDLEWILD, 
      later, the BELLE OF LOUISVILLE.
Area: Steamer tramped many rivers off the Miss. R.

name: Steamboat Company of Georgia
Formed: 1817 by Samuel and Charles Howard
Area: Georgia rivers
Boats: 1816, ENTERPRISE
       1817, GEORGIA #1 and ALTAMAHA #1
       1819, SAMUEL HOWARD; 1824,EDGEFIELD; 1828, SAVANNAH
Captains Associated With: 1819, Talmadge; 1817- ?35?, John Swymer
Comments: See Steamboat Co. of Georgia
Comments: from site visitor: "Have any idea on how to get more info on
          the Steamboat Company of Georgia, formed in 1817?
          Thanks!  Dee Swymer"

Name: Stevens, John
Boat: 1808, PHOENIX

Name: Stevens, Joseph L.
Boat(s): 1865, HEADLIGHT
Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly.

Name; Steiner, John and F.
Boats: 1851, JUSTICE
Outdoor 12
*Name: Stout, Jane of Frankfort, Ky..
Boats: 1857 - 1859, Apr. 21, owned 1/2 of the 1st VICKSBURG
     : 1859, 1/4 of GENERAL QUITMAN; after Civil War Capt. John W. Cannon
       owned 3/4 of the GENERAL QUITMAN through this lady.
     : 1868, May 30, 1/2 of QUITMAN, the other half belonging to
             Capt. Thomas P. Leathers.

Name: Strader, Capt. Jacob - 1795-1860.
Boats: 1826-32, Part owner and master, 1826 BEN FRANKLIN
Companies associated with: One of the founders of United States Mail Line.
comments: the JACOB STRADER was named after this owner.

Name: Streckfus Line

Name: Streckfus Steamers, Inc., of St. Louis, Mo.
Boats: 1889, purchased the VERNE SWAIN
       1905: renamed the CITY OF WINONA as the W.W. after Capt. Walter Wisherd
       1911-Winter 39-39, J.S.
       1911 - ????, ST. PAUL
       1911-1945, spring, CAPITOL, ?IDLEWILD?
       1930 or so purchased GREATER NEW ORLEANS and dismantled her for her boilers
       1937 or so purchased the ALBATROSS
            and eventually turned her hull into the ADMIRAL
       1942, July, PRESIDENT
       1963-70, MARK TWAIN
Comments:  One Source 
        :  Another Source

1. Name: Strecker, George
Boats: 1881, purchased with the Rodick bros. the ice dammaged MALLIE RAGON for her engines
       1882, had built with the Rodick Bros. the OLIVETTE
       1882-87, owner of the SUCCESS
Comments: George Strecker ran a boiler works in Harmer on Gilman St. above Lancaster

Name: Stricklett & Bagby
Formed: Around 1868
Principals: Willis E. Bagby and Capt. Willian R. Stricklett
Boats: 1877 purchased the J.M. KERR

Name: Swain, Capt. David
Died: 1918, July 3
Boats: See Capt. David M. Swain
Comments: Capt. David Swain was the proprietor of the Marine Engine Works, Stillwater Minn.
          This company built some 268 steamboats.
	  He held many patents on steamboats and on steamboat machinery.
	  David Swain adapted the compound condensing steam engine to steamboats and sawmills.
	  and developed the Swain oscillating steam engine.
        : His sons, Percy Swain and Verne Swain, both of Peoria Ill. and Fred Swain of Ohio, Ill.
	  were all steamboat captains. 

1. Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994
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