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1. Name: Railroad Line
Boats: 1856-C. War, J.C. SWON
Captains associated with: 1856-C. War, I. H. Jones

1. Name: Rea, Capt. Ben C.
Area: 1898 - 190?1?, Red R. Above Shreveport
Boats: 1898 - 190?1?, GEM

Name: Rector, Elias
Area: Mo. R.
Boat(s): 1819, INDEPENDENCE
Comments: From the Boone's Lick Heritage Quarterly

Name: Red Collar Line out of Winona
Boats: 1865, IMPERIAL
    * From an article by William Petersen in The Palimpsest 

Name: The Red River and Coast Line
Principals: Charles P. Truslow, pres. and Charles W. Drown, secretary
            N.M. Wood, Superintendent.
Incorporated: 1878.July 31
Boats: 1878, SILVER CITY


1. Name: Red River Packet Company (New Orleans and Red River Packet (Transportation)Company) 
Officers: 1868, Pres., G.L. Kouns; 
          190?1?, Pres. Charles P. Truslow; Traffic Manager, Charles W. Drown
Area: Red River
Boats: 1867-69, Feb. 25, ERA No. 8
       1895 - 190?3?, W.T. SCOVELL
       1897- 190?4?, ELECTRA
       190?1?-??, Nov. 23, GEM
       RED RIVER
Comments: 1905 or so, the Red River Line failed.
Name: Reed, Thomas

Name: Rees Thomas M.
Area: Mo. and Yellowstone Rs.
Boats: 1877, 1/4 of BLACK HILLS 

Name: Richtman, Jacob

* Name: Riley, Robert K.
Born: 1830, Oct. 11, Bridgeport, (Monongahela) Pa.
Died: 1883, Aug., New York City, leaving wife and 4 daughters.
Area: L. Miss. R.
Boats: 1864, CITY of CAIRO

Name: River and Railway Transportation Co
Owners: McPherson, Henry, Joseph H. Stevens and C. W. Sombart
Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly.

Name: Rock Island-Davenport Ferry Compamy
Boats: 1904-24, Owned DAVENPORT
Captains Associated With: 1911-24,  Capt. Harry F. Young
Comments: Source
1. Name: Roe, Capt. William E.
Area: u. Miss. and Ohio Rs.
Boat(s): 1907-??, Aug. 21, equal parts of AVALON with
         Noll, Capt. Martin F. and Pope, Capt. Ben S.

Name: Roosevelt, Nicholas
Comments: from Boone's Lick Heritage Quarterly

Name: Rose, D.B.G. of Louisville, Ky.
Boats: 1927, Mar. Purchased ROSE ISLAND

Name: Rose, D.M.
Boats: 1891, With others built the ONEGA
Area: Knoxville-Chattanooga

Name: Rose Island (?Packet?) Company
Area: ?Out of Louisville, Ky..?
Boats: 1931, Chartered the IDLEWILD
Comments: One Source

Name: Royal Route Company, Vicksburg, Miss.
Boats: 1913, purchased the Percy Swain

Name: Ruff Brothers, Otto and Charles H.
Area: Sabine R. Tex.
Boats: 1862 or so, Mary Falvey and Uncle Ben

Name:Russel, William H.
Area: Mo. R. out of West Port, Mo.

1. Name:Ryman Line, Nashville, Tenn. -  1864? through 1910 when it failed
Area: Cumberland and Tennessee Rs.
Owner: Capt Thomas Ryman
Boats: 1864, Capt. Ryman purchased ALPHA (the 1st one)
       1873, Capt. Ryman had built the SHIPPER'S OWN which on June 14, 1876
             sank in collision with GRAND TOWER
       1876-82, C.W. ANDERSON
       1876, had built, the E.B. STAHLMAN. 1878, this boat went to Marshal's sale,
       1878, had built, the B.S. RHEA
       1881-86, SAM P.JONES
       1881-91 or so, J.P. DROUILLARD
       1882, had built, the J.H. HILLMAN
       1886, had built, B.S. RHEA (the 2nd one)
       1888-95, Apr.6, when blown into a bluff and sunk, I.T. RHEA 
       1890, acquired the L.T. ARMSTRONG, sold her late fall that year
       1891, had built the ALEX PERRY 
       1897, acquired W.K. PHILLIPS and ran her for brief time until burned Dec. 17, '97, 
       1892-97, had built, the ASHLAND CITY.  Sold her, Nov. 1897
       1895, had built, the R. DUNBAR.  Sold at forced sale when line failed.
       1896-1911, H.W. BUTTORFF
       1897, Apr.- Nov., P.D. STAGGS
       1897-1914, BOB DUDLEY
       1898, had built J.B. RICHARDSON.  1910 Cumberland River Steamboat Co. acquired this boat.
       1910, had built the ROBERT RHEA
       1910, acquired the ED MYER
       At one time, the HENRY HARLEY
Captains associated with: W.R. Gracey, pilot James Collins, pilot H.W. Thompson
Comments;  1916, Sept. took bankruptcy
Comments: "Capt. Tom Ryman took religion, having been exposed to revivalist
          Sam Jones, and there were serious Biblical incriptions in the
          boat's (R. DUNBAR) cabin and a large picture of Christ in the
          ladies' cabin." From R&D Reflector, June, 1972, Pg. 5.
        : Following the death of Capt. Tom Ryman, Dec. 23, 1904, son Tom Jr.
          ran the line until he was shot and died aboard the JO HORTON FALL.
        : Ryman holdings went to forced sale.
        : In 1889 Tom Ryman, Sr. built the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville,Tenn. to accomodate
          the large following of evangelist Sam Jones.  For years this building was 
          the home of country and western music's Grand Ol' Opry.  
        : More on Capt. Ryman  

1. Source: Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994

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