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Name: Pacific Fur Co. Area: Owner(s): Astor Name: Pacific Railroad Packet Line (Lightning Line) Owners: largely owned by Madison and Indianapolis R.R. Boats: 1854, purchased ALVIN ADAMS *1860? - ANTELOPE Boats associated with: 1856, CATARACT Captains associated with: 1856, E.W. Gould, William Rodney Massie Comments: Mentioned in the Diary of E.F. Beadle. Name: Parkersburg & Ohio River Transportation Company Principals: Capts. William and Charles List 1879, Capt E.P. Chancellor, Pres. and J.N. Williamson, Superintendent Boats: 1873, Apr. purchased the CHESAPEAKE 1875, built the HUDSON 1876, W.P. THOMPSON *1884,REGULAR Capts. Associated with: 1873, Capt. Edmund B. Cooper Comments: * 1884, Oct., passed into United States Marshal's hands Name: Parminter, W.W. Area: Cumberland R. Boats: 1885, clerk on H.K. BEDFORD 1894, owned with W.T. Carroll and Capt. Alex Kendall, the THOMAS PARKER Comments: was principal in the Cumberland River Steamboat Company (The New Ryman Line) *Name: Parson & Stone Area: Headquartered, Parkersburg, Wood County W. Va Boats: *1884, Nov. JIM MONTGOMERY 1. Name: Paul, James Area: 1870, Louisville-Evansville 1871, Nov. Made run Louisville-Cairo 1874-77, Cincinnati-New Orleans trade Boats: 1870-71, early, MOLLIE GRATZ 1871, June-?, MARY MILLER 1874 or 5, 1877 Apr., Owner and Master, ROBT. MITCHELL, 1. Name: Payne, Capt. James A. 1802-80. Originally from Red House W.Va. Area: Cincinnati-Louisville, and Kanawha R. 1853 and for two years, California Delta area. Boats: 1844-45, had the LAUREL built. 1845-48, Jan. 9, Owned with others, BLUE RIDGE 1845-50, Owned the ARK Comments: See Biographical Sketch
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Name: Peck Line See Northwest Transportation Company

Name: Pell, Capt. Charles, of Paducha
Boat: 1853-55, HUNTSVILLE, with Charles W. Harrison and others.

Name: Pell, James, of Paducha
Boat: 1845-54, HUNTSVILLE, with Charles W. Harrison and others.

Name: People's Line
Area: Alabama River
Officers(s): 1865, when formed, headed by Capt. Jessie K. Bell
             1892, Oct. Gen. Mgr., T.H. Moore 
Boats: 1865-66, Nov., WILD WAGONER
	   1878, purchased JOHN S. BRANSFORD	
       1894, TINSIE MOORE, possibly HATTIE B. MOORE       1962, ST. JOHN;
Comments: formed to compete with U.S. Mail Line between Cincinnati and Louisville 

1. Name: Peppers, Capt. Ed
Boat: 1911, July-1912, LIBERTY (the 3rd one)
Companies associated with, Bay Steamship Company

Name: Petaluma and Santa Rosa Rail Road
Area: San Francisco Bay and Petaluma Creek to Petaluma Calif.
Boats: 1911-1914, Mar. 22 when she burned, PETALUMA #1
       1914, when new - 1950 when sold, PETALUMA #2  
       GOLD #1, GOLD #2

Name: Petaluma Transportation Compamy
Area: Petaluma Creek, off San Francisco Bay
Boat: ?1908?-11 when sold, RESOLUTE

Name: Phillips Boat Yard
Area: Wheeling, West Virginia
Comments: Notes from WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA,
              WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER,  June 24, 1951

Name: Pittsburgh and Cincinnati Packet Line
Principals: 1853, Capt. John Klinefelter, Clark and Thaw,
            Capt. M. W. Beltzhoover, Hays and Black, R. S. Hays, Albert Clbertson
            and William Bingham.
Boats: 1847, BRILLIANT, the 1850 CINCINNATI, 1851 PITTSBURGH
     : 1849, MESSENGER No. 2
       1850, 4. 1850 BUCKEYE STATE, NEW ENGLAND NO. 2
	 : 1853, ALLEGHENY
       others, KEYSTONE STATE, CRYSTAL PALACE,        
Area: Ohio R.
Captains Associated With: 4. 1850, Samuel J. Reno of 1850 BUCKEYE STATE.
                          1850, Mar - , Samuel Dean
                          1850 - William J. Kountz of the 1850 CINCINNATI
                          Later, John Birmingham of 1850 CINCINNATI
                          Later yet, Hiram Kountz of same.
                                 M.W. Beltzhoover of the BUCKEYE STATE
                                 D.H. Stone of the KEYSTONE STATE
                                 George C. McLain of the  ALLEGHENY
                                 William J. Kountz of the CRYSTAL PALACE
                                 Redmund J. Grace of the BRILLIANT
                                 Hugh Campbell of the PITTSBURGH
                                 John Klinefelter of the MESSINGER No.2  
Comments: From TheWheeling Register, Monday, March 31, 1879

1. Pittsburgh & Cincinnati Packet Line
Formed: 1878, Nov.
Principals: Capt. J.T. Stockdale, Mgr. at Pittsburgh, J.N. Williamson Mgr. at Cincinnati.
            1889, Capt. J. Frank Ellison became superintendent at Cincinnati
Area: Pittsburgh - Cincinnati.
		and the EMMA GRAHAM.
     : 1889, HUDSON 
	 : 1895 or so, purchased C.W. BACHELOR
     : 1897, QUEEN CITY, VIRGINIA,
Name: Pittsburgh & St. Louis Packet Company
Boats: 1879, CLIFTON

1. Name: Pittsburgh, Wheeling & Cincinnati Packet Company
Principals: 1924, Capt. Fred Hornbrook and Fred Hoyt had parts they sold in early 1927
                 To William S. Pollock and Capt. Fred Way.
Boats: 1924, purchased the GENERAL WOOD from the folding Liberty Packet Company

1. Name: Poe, Adam
Area: 1852, Ohio R.
Boat(s): 1845-46 Part owner of 1st FINANCIER  
         1848 or so, part owner of CINDERELLA;
         1850 Part owner of 2nd FINANCIER
         1852, part owner of ROYAL ARCH      1854, part owner, of ELLA
         1857, part owner of BELFAST
         1857-61, with his 3 brothers, part owner of NEPTUNE        
         1875, part owner BIG FOOT

Name: Pomeroy Packet Company
Area: Maysville-Cincinnati trade
Boats: 1886, chartered the BENTON McMILLAN
Credit: This entry is in whole from this Article

1. Name: Pope, Ben S.
Area: 1907, U. Miss. R.
Boats: owned equal part of AVALON with
         Capt William E. Roe and Capt. Martin F. Noll

Name: Porter, Capt. John
Boats: 1871-87, BIRDIE BRENT; 1887-1909, JOSEPH L. STEPHENS; 1909, DORTHY
Area: Boonville, Mo. on Mo. R.
Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly.

Name: Portsmouth & Big Sandy Packet Company
Boats: 1870, acquired MOUNTAIN BELLE

Name: Portsmouth & Pomeroy Packet Company
Formed: 1876, by Capt. John McAllister's widow
        and the Bay Line combining their interests.
Boats: 1876, FANNIE DUGAN

Name: Powers Packet Line
Owner(s) Powers, Capt. Thomas C.
Boats: 1880s?, HELENA

Name: Power Line (Sioux City and Northern Packet Company also known as the Benton Line)
Boats: Area: Out of Bismarck, Mont. Owners: Officers: 1890's, President of line, Capt. Thomas C. Powers Comments: from, The Tribune Telegraph, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio Name: Powers and Raker Line Boat(s): Captain(s): James McGarry, John Christie Barr, Andy Johnson Area: Miss. R. Name: Prince, Capt, William (Billy) Boats: 1870, IRON VALLEY Area: Ohio R. Comments: Notes from WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER, June 24, 1951 1. Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994 4. She Takes The Horns, by Fredrick Way, Jr.

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