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*Name: Ohio River Company
Area:  1940s-50's Ohio R., from the mines in West Virginia up river to Pittsburgh
                 and down river to Cairo, IL.  Barges were loaded at Huntington, WV.
Owner: West Virginia Coal and Coke Co.
Boats: 1940s and 50s: Paddlewheel towboats, KENNA, OMAR
Comments:  *This information from site visitor David Rayburn
            "My step-father was a vice-president in charge of river transportation
            at Huntington, WV.  His name was H.J. "Bill" Long.  His brother,
            Arch Long, was also a VP with the company in charge of operations
            and engineering in Cincinnati.
            My step brother worked on both the Kenna and the Omar.

Name: Ohio Steamboat Navigation Company
Area: Mosly Lower Miss. R.
Owner(s) Robert Fulton and Robert Livingston

3. Name: Ohio and West Virginia Transportation Company
Area: Ohio R.
Formed: 1904, Oct., Marietta, Oh
Principals: Capts. Martin F. Noll and William E. Roe
           Associates: W.R. Grimes, George W. Horne and A.D. Barless
Boats: 1904, Oct. T.N. BARNSDALL, Owned for two weeks in Oct.
       1904, Oct., Swapped BARNSDALL for LEROY
Comments: 1904, Oct., Company was capitalized at $25,000 

Name: O'Neal, George  See Capt. O'Neal
    Area: Ohio R.
    Boat(s): 1879 - 1882+ ABNER O'NEAL
    Comments: Notes from WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER, June 24, 1951
    Comments: from the Wheeling Intelligencer, July 6, 1882,
Name: Oneida Transportation Company
Comments: Mentioned once in this Document

1. Name: Osage and Missouri River Packet Company, Tuscumbia, Mo.
Officers: Capt. William H. Hauenstein, Jr., Capt Robert. M. Marshall, *manager and Pres.
          till 1898; *Capt. Henry Costrop in the office; *Capt. F.G. Schonen was
Area: Osage R., Missouri.
Boats: *1870-ALICE GRAY
       187?9?-1900, JOHN R. HUGO
       1883-89, FREDERICK
       1897-1909, JOHN R. WELLS
       1900-09, OSAGE
Captains associated with: William L. Thompson, 
Comments: *Information from site visitor Kelly Hokkanen

1. Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994
3. Steamboats in the Valley

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