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Name: Mail Line, see U.S. Mail Line  

Name: Manion, P. P.
Comments: Purchased part-ownership in GENERAL SHERMAN from U.S. Government,
          which owned her with Capt T.N. Kimbrough.
          Manion later sold his portion of boat to Kimbrough,
          who renamed her the ELLA KIMBROUGH.

Name: Marsh, Grant
Boats: 1830s? JOSEPHINE

1. Name: Martin, Walt & Company
Boats: 1867, July, Purchased the MOLLIE ABLE for $35,000.

1. Name: Maysville and Vanceburg Packet Company  See Ad
Principals: In 1883, David Gibson, Pres; Capt.Bruce Redden, Sec.; L. Redden, Superintendent
Area: Ohio R. 
Boats: 1883, HANDY No.2

3. Name: McKee, William
Area: California R. Delta
Boat(s): 1850, UNIT

Name: McPherson, Henry
Boats: 1856-59 Capt. of MORNING STAR; 1862?-65, MARS; 1858-59, S. W. SOMBART;
       1859?-61?, CARRIER; 1869, JENNIE LEWIS; 1865, TWILIGHT, with
       C. W. Sombart and John P. Keiser; ISABELLA;
       1878, HEADLIGHT; 1882?, MARTHA STEPHENS; 1884? ROB ROY
Area: Mo. R.
Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage 
           The boats above were associated with the captain.  I do not know
           which he actually owned and which he merely captained.

1.  Name: McVay, Capt. James C.
Area: Mo. and Yellowstone Rs.
Boats: 1864, purchased with others, PILGRIM
       1873, Had Built, with others, JOSEPHENE
       1877, 1/4 owner, BLACK HILLS; owner with others, ROSE BUD
Companies Associated With: Coulson Line
          1877, also with Block "P" Line

Name: Meanley, Capt. Tom
Died: 1996, Memphis,Tenn.
Area: Memphis Tenn.
Boats: 1955-96, MEMPHIS QUEEN II
       1964-96, MEMPHIS SHOWBOAT
       1967-??, BELLE CAROL 
       Around 1970, Harbor tug  CAPTAIN JAKE
       1983-96, ISLAND QUEEN
       1979-96, MEMPHIS QUEEN III,
The only bear still made in America

1. Name: Memphis Packet Company  See St. Louis and Memphis Packet Company
Comments: Some references refer to the Memphis Packet Company, others to the
          St.Louis and Memphis Packet Company (see).  I suspect they were one
          and the same.

1. Name: Memphis and Arkansas River Packet Company
President: 1870, Major John D. Adams
Boats: 1870-72, R.P. WALT
		1881, PLOW BOY
		1898 - 1910, May LUCILLE NOWLAND
Captains Associated With:
		1884 E.B. Smith
		1901, Downs, Matt, Hodge, Clarence, Downs, Rees V. 

1. Name: Memphis and Cincinnati Packet Company
Boats: 1880s, mid to late, GRANITE STATE the 3rd one.
Pilots Associated with: 1880s, mid to late, Marr, Don 

Name: Memphis and New Orleans Packet Company
Boats: 1854, Launched INGOMAR

Name: Memphis & Ohio River Packet Company
Boats: 1872-82, JAMES D. PARKER

1.Name: Memphis and Vicksburg Packet Company
Boats: 1889, owned the BELLE OF CALHOUN

Name: Memphis Queen Line, excursions, Web Site
Area: Memphis Tenn.
Officers: 1960-82 or 3, Owner and/or Chief officer, Capt. Tom Meanley
          1963-88 Son Jake and daughter Dale and her husband,
                  John H. Lozier, Jr. 
          1988- ?? when John H. Lozier, Jr. died, Jake and Dale, Dale's two
                   sons, John T. Lozier and William Lozier. 
          Present (1999), President, Capt. Dale Meanley Lozier with help
                  from her 2nd husband, Ralph W. Bagwell III
Boats: 1955-Present (1999), MEMPHIS QUEEN II
       1964-Present (1999), MEMPHIS SHOWBOAT
       1967-??, BELLE CAROL 
       Around 1970, Harbor tug  CAPTAIN JAKE
       1983-Present (1999), ISLAND QUEEN
       1979-Present (1999), MEMPHIS QUEEN III,
Captains associated with: Presently, Gilmer, James; Gilmer, Charles

1. Name: Miller, J.C., of Vicksburg
Boats: 1912 -1929, CITY of CAIRO (the 4th one)

*Name: Mills, Eli R.
Died: 1855, Aug., at home near Magnolia, Ill
Wife: Elizabeth Kimber Mills, daughter of Capt. Abraham Kimber Area: 1870s, Ill. R. Boats: 1835, owner with Capt. Herman Price, DELAWARE 1840, owner with Capt. Herman Price, MAYFLOWER 1846-48, owner with Capt. Herman Price, ANGLO-SAXON 1. 1854, Nov., sold interest in GARDEN CITY to Isaac Kimber. Comments: son-in-law to Capt Abraham Kimber : After settling his interests in GARDEN CITY this owner went off the river a very sick man and died Aug. 1855. Source: *Article Name: Minnesota Packet Company See Galena, Dunleith and Minnesota Packet Company Comments: *Was absorbed by Northwestern Union Packet Company Source:* From an article by William Petersen in The Palimpsest 1. Name: Mississippi River Ferry Company, of Vicksburgs, Miss. Boats: 1929-??, VICKSBURGH(the 4th one) Name: Missouri River Packet Company Principals: Hugh F. Koch, Pres. Boats: 1906, purchased the THOMAS H. BENTON 1. Name: Missouri River Transportation Company (called the Coulson Line) Area: Mo. R. Officers: William W., John S., Martin (Mart) and Sanford (Sallie) B. Coulson (Bros.) James C. McVay, and Fanny Maratta. 1873, Capt. Grant Marsh was also instrumental in formally forming this packet company. Period: 1870s and 80s Boats: 1863, Sallie B. Coulson owned with others the 1863 URILDA 1863-65, JULIA, Captained by William Coulson 1865-72, JULIA No. 2, built for William Coulson and others. 1870, Capt. Sallie B. Coulson had built, FAR WEST 1871, Capt. William W. Coulson had built, E.H. DURFEE, FANNIE MALONE 1872, Capt. Sallie B. Coulton master of WESTERN 1873-80s, mid, JOSEPHINE, purchased by J.S. Coulson, Sallie B. Coulson, James McVay, and Fanny Maratta. 1873, sometime after,-82, KEY WEST Purchased by Sanford S. Coulson, William Evans and David s. Gilmore. 1877-84 or 5, 1877, S.B. Coulson, William S. Evans, D.H.S. Gilmore, D.W. Maratta and Capt. James McVay purchased ROSE BUD 1878, ECLIPSE Owned by A.B. Shephard, Alex V. Caughey, Frank S. Moore and John D. Biggert. 1878 or so-86. Sept. 15, CHAS. C. CARROLL 1879-89 or so, DACOTAH 1879, MONTANA WYOMING, William W. Coulson was master. Sanford S. Coulson was Clerk, Ran to Fort Benton Captains Associated With: 1873, Marsh, Grant, Josephus Todd, George G. Keith, William Raymond Massie, Frank M Dozier 18??-86, Sept. 15, David Silver Comments: See This Document
Great American Products
Name: Moehle, Gustave
Born: in Lamine township, Cooper County, Mo.?
Boats: 1897-early 1900s, NADINE with Sites, Lee Thomas
Area: Mo. and Lamine Rs. in Mo.
Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly.

3. Name: Mokelumne River Steam Navigation Company
Owner: Dr. D. J. Loche 
Area: 1862-64, San Joaquine and Mokelumne Rs., Calf., to Lockeford, Calf..
Boats: 1862-64, PERT; O.K., MARY ELLEN

Name: Monongahela Navigation Company
Comments: Mentioned in this Article

Name: Monongahela Steam Navagation Co.
Boat(s): 1813, ENTERPRISE
Area: Miss R.
Owner(s): French, Daniel and Shreve, Henry

Name: Montana and Idaho Transportation Co.
Principals: J.J. Roe and Co., St. Louis, Mo. Boat(s): 1860's, BERTRAND Comments: This co. was put together by J.J. Roe and Co. to take supplies up the Missouri River to Ft. Benton in Montana Territory, only just created in 1864.
1. Name: Montgomery Barge Line Area: 190?6?-1911, July, Mobile-Montgomery Boat: 190?6?-1911, July, LIBERTY (the 3rd one) Name: Montgomery & Gallipolis Packet Company Officers: Howard Donnally, Charleston, Pres. Boats: 1902, June - 1904, Mar., COLUMBIA *Name: Montgomery, J.Ed. Boat: 1. 1860, CITY of MEMPHIS *Comments: When Montgomery was a pilot, Sam Clemens was his steersman on two boats. *Source: Mark Twain Journal, Spring, 1990 1. Name: Montgomery, Nathaniel, of Kentucky Boats: 1843 - 1848, PAUL JONES Name: Jesse Mooney, Marion County, Ark Boats: 1856, owner of THOMAS P. RAY with Captain Captain Francis A. Maffatt Comments: see Source 1. Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994 3. Steamboats in the Valley

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