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Name: LaBarge, Joseph Marie
Boats: 1846, Capt./owner GENERAL BROOKS.
       1863, summer, Capt./owner, ROBERT CAMPBELL and SHREVEPORT?  
       1864, Purchased the EFFIE DEANS
       See Capt. LaBarge for other boats LaBarge was associated with.
       He may or may not have owned part or all of some of them.
Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage

Name: LaCross and Minnesota Packet Company
Area: U. Miss. R.
Organized: 1860, by Davidson, Commodore W. F.
       FAVORITE and the WINONA   
       1862: KEOKUK and Northern Belle were added. 
Comments: 1864, merged with Northern Line Packet Company to form
          the Northwestern Union Packet Company
Comments: Source
The only bear still made in America
Name: Lake Erie Steamboat Company
Comments: Mentioned in this Article

Name: Lafayette County Ferry Company
Area: Mo.R. out of Herman, Mo
Boats: owner 1918 ferryboat LEXINGTON
Captains Associated with: Albert G. Wohlt

Name: Langford, Ed
Area: 1955-60, Memphis, Tenn.
Boats: 1955-60, owner and Capt., MEMPHIS QUEEN II

Name: Leathers, Thomas P.
Boats: 1846 - 1849, NATCHEZ I
       1849 - 1853, NATCHEZ II
       1853 - 1854, NATCHEZ III
       1854 or 55 - 1860, NATCHEZ IV
      1. 1859, Apr. 21 - 1863, Feb.2, in partnership with Henry Streck,
       1860 - 1863, NATCHEZ V
       1869 - 1879, NATCHEZ VI
       1879 - 1889, NATCHEZ VII
       1891 - his death, NATCHEZ VIII        
       189?? - ?? T. P. LEATHERS
       1896 - June: Died after being struck by a bicyclist on St. Charles
              Ave. in New Orleans.  He was 80 yrs. old.
Comments:  One Source
       The Thomas P. Leathers Papers

1. Name: The Lee Line 18?:? - 1914
	Located in Memphis, Tenn.
Officers: at one time or another:
	Capt. James Lee, Founder
	G.F Lee - Vice Pres.
	J.M. Tucker General Agent St. Louis.
Area: Operated out of Memphis, Tenn.
	  Ran Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers.
		1871 - 1879 PHIL ALLIN, dismantled. Engines went to JAMES LEE.
		1876 - 18?92? COAHOMA
		1879 - 1894 JAMES LEE
		1887 - 1892 ROSA LEE  See Post Card
		1883 - 1895 The GAYOSO
		1889 - Built the BAYLESS LEE sold early on to Capt E.W.B. Noland
				and renamed DELTA
		1889 - 1895  LADY LEE
		?    - 1897 CHICKASAW
		1890 - 1902? ROWENA LEE
		1890s - FERD HAROLD
		1891 - 1900 or so ORA LEE afterward became ORLANDO
		1898 - 1918 GEORGIA LEE, Named for the daughter of Capt. James Lee.
		1898 - 1917 JAMES LEE - 1917 converted to excursion and renamed
					DESOTO by the Lee Line. 
		1898 - 1904 ROBERT E. LEE, named not for the General, but for 
					Capt Robert E. Lee of Memphis, Tenn. son of Edir Lee
					who was brother to Jim Lee who was the founder of
					the Lee Line. See 
		1899 -      HARRY LEE, originally the CITY OF WHEELING
		1899 - 1913 PETERS LEE
		1899 - 1906 REES LEE the 1st
		1900 - Christened the ROWENA LEE, this boat was bought by
			St. Louis & TennesseeRiver Packet Co before she left
			the builders and Renamed CITY OF CLIFTON.
		190? - 1914  
		1901 - 1912 SADIE LEE  Sadie Ardinger Lee was daughter of 
								Capt. and Mrs James Lee Jr.
		1901 - 1906 SUN which was launched  1898
		1902 - 1916 STACKER LEE
		1904, sometime after - 1925 ECLIPSE (The 12th one)
				Originally the CITY OF ST. JOSEPH
        1906, REES LEE, see Post Card
		1909 - 1919 or so 	REES LEE the 2nd. Originally the S.S. BROWN
		1911, Jan - JOHN LEE, formerly the H.W. BUTTORFF and later
					the Lee excursion boat PRINCESS.
		1911 or so - past 1916 the ELEONORE 
		1912 - 1913 BOB LEE JR. (Sometimes refered to as the ROBERT E. LEE JR.)
		1915 - ?1921, Jan, ? The second HARRY LEE
		1934 - 1936 JOE CURTIS, formerly the EMILY, the DIXIE B. LINE,
					and the OHIO NO. 2
		192? - 1936 WARSAW  Was sold to Wolf River Trns. ending the Lee Line  
Captains Associated With:
		James Lee, founder
		James Lee, Jr. Son of Founder James Lee
		Robert E. Lee Son of James Lee, Jr.
		Dates below are very loose.
		1882 Stacker Lee
		1887 Joe Fowler
		1901 George Carvell,
		1902 Shep Lightner 		
		1890S John J. Darragh, Milt Harry
		1912 Thomas Staid
		1898, N.B. McNeeely 
		1913 William Stapleton
		1930s Peters Lee
Comments: 	1924, The Delta Line and The Lee Line Consolidated, becoming
			Valley Line Steamers, Capt Peters Lee, Manager;
			Capt. Jeff Hicks, Pres.
		: See personal Lee family letter.
Name: LeFevre Bros.
Area: 1904, Coosa R.
Boats: 1904, ALABAMA

1. Name: Lenaillier, Capt G.E.
Area: 1860-69, Red River-New Orleans
Boats: 1960-?69?, Owner, with others of NINA SIMMES

3. Name: Leidesdorff, Capt. William A.
Area: San Francisco-Sacramento, Calf.
Boats: 1847, SITKA

Name: Leslie Salt Company
Area: 1924 or so - 1946 or so, San Francisco Bay area
Boats: 1924-46, PYRAMID

Name: Liberty Transit (Packet) Company, Wheeling, W. Va.
Area: Upper Ohio R.
Officers: Sec. and Treas., Frank Humphrey, of Clarington, Oh.
Boats: 1909, purchased ROYAL, renamed her LIBERTY (the 4th one)
       1918, purchased the 	S.L. ELAM.  Changed name to GENERAL WOOD.
       1918, purchased the OMAHA
       1918, fall, purchased the R. DUMBAR. Changed name to GENERAL CROWDER
Capts. asso. with: 1918, May, Fred Ketchum
Comments: This company folded in 1923.

1. Name: Lightning Line - see
           Pacific Railroad Packet Line

3. Name: Ling Bros.
Area: 1860-?85?, U. San Joaquin and Tuolumne Rs., Calf.
Boat: 1860-?85?, CHRISTIANA

Name: *Little Kanawha Navigation Company

Name: Louisville and Cincinnati Packet Company
Click to see packet boat CITY OF CINCINNATI
The James E. York Post Card Collection
Formed: late 1860s? by Capt Fred A. Laidly 
Boats: 1812-31, ALABAMA
       1917, AMERICA
       1899, launched the CITY OF CINCINNATI
       1924-33, Operated CINCINNATI for John W. Hubbard
Comments: 1933, ran on hard times ?and shut down?

Name: Louisville and Arkansas Packet Company
Boats: 1874, R.C. GRAY

Name: Louisville & Cincinnati Packet Company
Principals: Commodore Laidley
Boats: 1903 or so acquired the HELLEN M. GOULD 
            1910, rebuilt and renamed her LOUCINDA

Name: Louisville, Evansville and Henderson Mail Company
From Olden Times.com
The Louisville Post, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky
September 22, 1881
Ad from Olden Times .com
Principals: 1978, W.C. Hite, Pres., Capt. A.T. Gillmore, Superintendent,
			W.W. Hite, Sec. and Treasurer
Boats: 1859-c.1863, HETTIE GILMORE, named for A.T.'s daughter
       1863- TARASCON
       1875-78 JOHN S. BRANSFORD
       1877- post 1881, JAMES GUTHRIE, RAINBOW
	   1871, GREY EAGLE
       1889, Had built the TELL CITY
	   1892-93, CITY OF NEW ALBANY
Captains Associated with: 1881, David L. Penny, A.T. Gilmore, J.G. Berry
Comments: 1902 was reorganized into the Louisville and Evansville Packet Company

Name: Louisville and Evansville Packet Company
    See Louisville, Evansville and Henderson Mail Company, above.

Name: Lovell Line
Area: Cumberland R.
Boats: 1887-91, MATT F. ALLEN

1. Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994
3. Steamboats in the Valley

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