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1. Name: Kanawha Valley Packet Company
Principals: Captain James B. Dudding, *owner.
Boats: 1878, Dec. sold WEST VIRGINIA
       1878, Dec., purchased the TELEPHONE

Name: Kanawha Navigation Company
Formed: 1899, May 18.
Officers: John A. Carr, Charleston, Pres.

Name:  Kansas City, Missouri River Navigation Company
			(Kansas City Packet Company)
Principals: Walter S. Dickey. Pres. when purchased the CHESTER At one time, William Volker was a principal Area: Mo. R. Formed: 1800s, late? Owners: Kansas Citians and Stockholders Boats: 1872 - ? JOE KINNEY 18??- at least 1933?, CHESTER 1907 or so, pruchased the TENNESSEE Captains Associated With: George G. Keith Comments: see Source 1. Name: Keeling, Franklin Boat(s): 1858 - 1863, PAUL JONES 1. Name: Keiser, John P. Boats: 1863, FANNIE OGDEN, 1865, TWILIGHT Area: St. Louis, Mo. Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly. 1. Name: Kerr, Wash H. of Irontown, Oh. Died; 1880 Area: Ohio R. Boats: 1850, LADY BYRON; 1862, J. B. FORD; 1851, part owner, TIBER 1855, pilot, MESSENGER; 1863-4, owner, CITIZEN; 1864, part owner, GOLDEN ERA; 1865, clerk, REVENUE; 1866-8, owner, ROBERT MOORE; 1868-9, capt., KENTON; 1870-2, GRANITE STATE, the 2nd one; 1878, Capt. and Part owner, BUCKEYE STATE 1879-80, owner, GRANITE STATE the 3rd one. Name: Keokuk Northern Line Principals: Capt. William F. Davidson, pres.; P.S. Davidson, Superintendent; Capt. Isaac M. Mason, freight agent. Boats: 1866, ANDY JOHNSON 1870-?82?, NORTH WESTERN 1870, had built, RED WING At one time, DUBUQUE, ROB ROY, MINNEAPOLIS, LAKE SUPERIOR, ALEX MITCHELL, CLINTON, NORTH WESTRN, DUBUQUE, RED WING, BELLE OF LA CROSS, J.H. JOHNSON, MINNESOTA Captains associated with: 1870-?75? Thomas L. Davidson, Capt. Adam Jacobs 1882, Al Haycock *At one time Oscar M. Ruby, D.R. Ashbury, Lee Comments: 1881, when in financial trouble, started hull of boat that would become the GEM CITY, but turned hull over to St. Louis and St. Paul Packet Company
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1. Name: Keokuk Packet Company
Principals: *Capt. Brent was once a first clerk
Boats: 1852, Built the NEW LUCY
             Also ran the JENNIE DEANS and NEW ENGLAND
       1865, owned 1/2 of EFFIE DEANS.  Other part was Capt. Joseph LaBarge
             and others.
       1863,  J.H. JOHNSON

Name: Ketchum, A. R. of Cincinnati, Oh.
Boats: 1880, owned with Jacob Ketchum (below), the CADDO BELLE

*Name: Kimber, Isaac, steamboat engineer, owner and sometimes captain
                          and son of Capt. Abraham Kimber
Area: Ill. R.
Boats: 1. 1854, Nov., purchased interest in 1853 GARDEN CITY from Eli Mills 
       Possibly had interest in 1852 ALLEGHENY
Comments: Retired to his farm some 6 mi. S.E. of Hennepin where he
          lived for 24 more years.
*Source: Article

Name: Kimber, Joseph, steamboat engineer, son of Capt. Abraham Kimber 
Area: Ill. R.  And Mo. R.
Source: Article

1. Name: Kimber, William
Boats: 1870, part owner of R.J. LOCKWOOD

Name: Kimbrough, T. N.
Comments:  With U.S. Government, was part owner and captain of GENERAL
           SHERMAN, then with P.P. Manion who
           Purchased the government's part.  Kimbrough eventually
           bough Manion's part to become full owner.  He then rename the
           boat ELLA KIMBROUGH, after his wife.

1. Name: J. F. KING
Area: Ohio R.
Boat(s): 1875 Owner with J.R. and J.K. King of IRON KING
Comments: One of above mentioned in this Document

Name: King, John
Boats: 1869, with Capt. Joshua Wiley, the THOMAS POWELL
Area: 1869, Out of Vicksburg

Name: Kinney, Joseph
Born: 1810
Died: 1892, Mar. 1
Area: Mo. R., 1869, built home, Rivercene, in Boonville, Mo.
Boats: 1856, Owner and Capt. of WILLIAM H. RUSSELL, his first boat.
       1862, FANNY OGDEN; 1864, KATE KINEY No. 1; 1873, KATE KINNEY No.2;
       1864, CORA KINNEY No. 1; 1865, CORA KINNEY No. 2;
       1870-74, ALICE; 1868-75, ST. LUKE;
       1872-82, JOE KINNEY; 1872-78, W. R. DUGAN
Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly.

Name: Klein, John F., Boat Broker

Name: Klinefelter, John Simpson
Boats: 1854, PENNSYLANIA, with others

Name: Kouns Line
Boats: During Civil War, T.S. CONLEY

Name: Kountz, Capt. William J. of Pittsburgh

1. Name: Kraft, Harry
Area, 1912, with father, Capt. Henry H. Kraft, took LIBERTY (the 3rd one)
            from Mobile, through the Gulf and to Pittsburgh.

1. Name: Kraft, Henry R.
Area, 1912, with son Capt. Harry Kraft, took LIBERTY, from Mobile,
            through the Gulf and to Pittsburgh.
      1901, Wheeling-Parkersburg

Boats: 1901, BESSIE SMITH

1. Source: Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994

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