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Name: Jefferson County, Kentucky (Louisville)
  Boats: 1995-present, SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON
       1962-present, BELLE of LOUISVILLE

1. Name: Johnson, Capt. T.T.
  Area: 1870-88 or so, Ohio R.
  Boats: 1880-88, Part owner GRANITE STATE

1. Name: Jones, N.M., Memphis coal dealer
Boats: 1902, for a few months, LIBERTY (the 3rd one)
Comments: was part owner of Greenville and New Orleans Packet Company, which
           built and operated the J.M. WHITE
Name: Jordan, David S.
  Boats: 1850s - 1880s, BUENA VISTA, SAMUEL J. TILDEN
  Area: Mobile, Alabama and the river systems to the north of that city.
      Tombigbee River in Clarke County, (?AL?) during the 1850s-1880's.
  Comments:  This info from his GGG Grandson, David Upton:
          "I am looking
          for imformation on my familys history. My great great great
          grandfather, David S. Jordan, owned a river boat company.
          He shipped produce and items between Mobile Alabama and the
          river systems to the north of that city. His base of
          operations was on the Tombigbee River in Clarke County during
          the 1850s-1880's. He started with flatbottom river boats and
          eventually steam powered boats. I only have two names of the
          boats he owned. They were the Buenavista and the Samual J. Tilden.
          He did not have a pilots licence and he had to hire his crews
          instead of using his own family to run the boats."

1. Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994
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