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Name: I. G. Baker and Company
Boat(s): BENTON
Comments:  Owned the BENTON with T. C. Power and Bros.

Name: Illinois Packet Company
Officers: President, Daniel Jones Hancock 
Boats: 1876, Apr., purchased MARY BOYD

Name: Illinois & St. Louis Packet Company
Boats: 1874, LADY LEE

Name: Indianapolis and White River Steamboat Company
Area: 1865-66, White R.
Boat: 1865-66, Aug. 6, GOVERNOR MORTON
Captains Associated With: 1865-66, Aug. 6, Socwell, Henry A.
Pilots: 1865-66, Aug. 6, Michael R Scudder, Hiram Minick

Name: Inglebright,   Source
Boat(S) 1882, JOHN LOMAS, owner.
Area: 1882: Ohio R.
Great American Products
Name: Iowa and Minnesota Navigation Company
Stockholders: 19o6 or so, Capt. Elmer McCraney, Capt. Van Sant,M.J. Scandrett
Boats: 1906 or so, NORTH STAR	
Source:* From an article by William Petersen in The Palimpsest 

Name: Iron Line, See Gray's Iron Line

Name: Iron Steamboat Company
Area: Hudson R. - Excursions, New York City to Coney Island
Comments: See

1. Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994
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