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Name: Gadsden Cooperage Company
Area: Coosa R.
Captains Associated With: James L. Robertson
Comments: Source

Name: Gadsden Steamboat Company
Principals: Owned by Capt. James Elliot, Sr. and Col. R.B. Kyle
Area: Coosa R.
Boats: 1878, COOSAWATTEE
      1899, CITY OF GADSDEN
      At one time, SYDNEY P. SMITH

Due, I believe, to the common use of shortened names these next three companies become
somewhat mixed up in dates, boats and ownership.  The last of them was formed in
1856 after fierce competition between the Galena interests and the Dubuque interests.
It was made up of the boats and principals of both cities with Daniel S. Harris and
Jones Worden acting as the leading officers.  Just to stir the confusion, the
first and/or second of the companies was sometimes refered to simply as the
Minnesota Packet Company. - - D.

Name:  Galena and Minnesota Packet Company 
Area: U. Mis. R. above Galena 
Formed: 1854 or earlier 
Stockholders: Orrin Smith, the Harris brothers, James Carter,
              H. Corwith, Ben H. Campbell, D. B. Morehouse, H. M. Rice,
              H.L.Dousman, H.H. Sibley and Russell Blakeley
Boats associated with: 1854-?58?, ROYAL ARCH
             : 1856 or so, NORTHERN BELLE
Captains associated with: 1854-?58?, Gleim, E.H.

1. Name: Galena, Dunleith and Minnisota Packet Company
Officers: Capt. Daniel S. Harris
Area: Pittsburgh-St. Louis
Boats: 1854, ALHAMBRA; 1856, GRANITE STATE
       At one time, briefly,  DIAMOND JO
Captains Associated With: 1854, W.H. Gabbert
       1856, Jesse Y. Hurd
*Name: Galena, Dubuque, Dunleith and Minnesota Packet Company
Area: 1856, U. Miss. R.
      1858, Dubuque-Dunleith,-St. Paul
Officers: 1856, Capts. Daniel S. Harris and Jones Worden
          1858, President, Capt. Orrin Smith; J.R. Jones, Secretary; S.E. Porter,
                Agent, Galena; J. Brenenian, agent, Dubuque.
Formed: 1856, from Galena, Dunleith and Minnesota Packet Company and
          Dubuque interests. 
Boats: 1856, FANNIE HARRIS and others from above company.
       1856-, NORTHERN BELLE, Capt. Jesse Y. Hurd
        **1858, NORTHERN LIGHT, Capt. Preston Lodwick; GALENA, Capt. W.H. Laughton; WAR EAGLE,
               Capt. W.H. Gabbert;
             KEY CITY, Capt. Jones Worden; GREY EAGLE, Capt. Daniel S. Harris
             FANNIE HARRIS, Capt. N.F. Webb; KATE CASSELL, Capt. Samuel Gray
Captains associated with: 1856, Jones Worden, Daniel S. Harris, and others, above.
    *Jones Worden's Steamboats and Steamboating Career by Frederick J. Worden
    ** from Galena Gazette and Advertiser, 1858.

Name: Gamble, Mack
Boat(s): 1897, Mar, W. J. CUMMINS
         1897, June, W R. CUMMINGS
         1906, May 1 - 1910, May 31, owner and Capt. of the 5th RUTH 
Area: Ohio R.
Comments: From The Tribune Telegraph,
           Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Mar. 31 1897

Name: Gateway Clipper Fleet, A contemporary company.
Area: Pittsburgh, Pa.
Boats: 1976 - Present (1999, Sept.), LIBERTY BELL
       1978 - Present (1999, Sept.), RIVER BELL
       1987 - Present (1999, Sept.), MAJESTIC

Name: Green, Arch P., of Jackson and Overton Counties in Tenn.
Boats: 1886, With Alex Kendall, had the JOHN FOWLER built. 
Comments: ARCHIE P. GREEN was probably named for this man.
		: Was a senator (?State or U.S.?)

Name: Gray's Iron Line
Principal: Capt. Richard C. Gray 

Name: Green River Navigation Company
Formed: 1906 or early 1907
Area: Green River In Colorado and Utah
Boat: 1907, COMET
Captains Associated With: H. Larsen
Comments: Source
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1. Name: Greene Line Steamers Inc., Cincinnati, Oh.
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The Gallery of Michael Blaser
The Green Line Wharf Boat Pictures of The Green Line Steamers
Officers: 1990, Pres., Capt. Gordon C. Greene
          1946 give and/or take years, Pres., Capt. Tom R. Greene
Boats: 1890-97, H.K. BEDFORD
       1896-98, Oct. ARGAND
       1898-1925, GREENWOOD
       1902-1916, EVERGREENE
       1903-18, GREENLAND
       1904-07, Sept. 3, purchased the HENRY M. STANLEY
       1904, TACOMA
       1904-18 COURIER (the 5th one), with others:
       1904-28, Nov. 18, M.P. WELLS/CHILO
       1908-19, LEROY
       1909-21, Feb., GREENDALE
       1915-22, CHRIS GREENE,
       1923-50, Nov. 1, TOM GREENE  Post Card of main salon
       1923-67, GORDON C. GREENE
       1925-47, Feb., CHRIS GREENE (the 2nd one)
       1930-48, Purchased the KIWANIS and in 1936 renamed her EVERGREENE(the 2nd one)
       1932- , JOHN W. HUBBARD, which they never operated.
       1935, Pruchased the CAPE GIRARDEAU and renamed her the GORDON C. GREEN
       1936, Nov- 1940, OUACHITA
       1936, Nov., purchased CARY BIRD from Ohio River Transit Company
       1946, Dec. 17,- 1976.  In '46, for $46,250, Capt. Tom R. Greene
             purchased DELTA QUEEN at public sale.
Captains associated with: 1925, White, Volney (Stogey) E., Criss Greene, 

1. Name: Greenville and New Orleans Packet Company
Boats: 1878-86, Dec. 13 J.M. WHITE
1. Name: Gegory, Sam
Area: 1912-23, boat tramped New Orleans - Pittsburgh
Boat(s): owned half of G.W. HILL with Wisherd, D.W.

1. Source: Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994

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