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1. Name: Eagle Packet Co. of St. Louis
Principals: 1862, Henry Leyhe, William H. (Buck) Leyhe, Albert Wempner, J.W. Bishop, G.R. Smith
			1875-84, Capt. John Reid Williams, Pres.
Area: U. Miss R., Mo. R.
Boat(s): 1861, YOUNG EAGLE
		 1880, purchased JOSIE from Diamond Jo Line.
         1881, bought IMPERIAL and dismantled her for machinery
               GRAY EAGLE, JOSIE
		 1888, March, purchased the BENTON McMILLIN, lenghtened her and renamed her D.H. PIKE
         1899?-1910, WAR EAGLE/CAPE GIRARDEAU
         1901, purchased the R.C. GUNTER
         1906-18, ALTON
         1918, Purchased the WM. CARIG.  Rebuilt and renamed her GOLDEN EAGLE
         1923-35, CAPE GIRARDEAU
Owner(s): One or both: Harris, Capt. Daniel Smith and Harris, Capt. Robert Scribe ,
Captains associated with: William Raymond Massie, George G. Keith, 
		 1901-10, Buck Leyhe,
Comments: 1946, Leyhe management of Eagle Packet Company ended with sale of GOLDEN EAGLE
                along with operating rights to Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Miller and Mr. and Mrs. E. Willers
           The Captains Harris are mentioned in these: Article and Article

Name: Ealer, Henry A.
Boat(s): 1856 - ?1861?PLANET

Name: Eanes and Jackson
Area: 1902, Nov.-1906, Sept.,Mobil-Demopolis trade in Ala. 
Boat: 1902, Nov.-1906, Sept., LIBERTY the 3rd one)

Name: Eastman
    This listing is prompted by site visitor who asks,
      "Do you have any information on the Steamboat Monmouth which sank in the 
      Mississippi in 1837? The owner's name was Mr. Eastman. I'm including this 
      boat in a book I'm writing and having difficulty in digging up info on it."
           Denise Fleischer

Name: Eckert, Thomas F. of Cincinati
Boats: 1845 - 1848, PAUL JONES
Source:  Way's Packet Directory, 1884 - 1994

Name: Evansville and Boling Green Packet Company
Officers: 1912, Lee Howell, pres.; T.A. Williams, superintendent;
                Jeff Williams, agent at Evansville;
                Lucian Graham, agent at Boling Green
Boats: 1906, EVANSVILLE

1. Name: Evansville and Memphis Packet Company
Officers: 1871, Mar 4, Pres., W.S. Nisbet]
Boats:1871, Mar. 4 - 1871, June, MARY MILLER
      1877 - Jan. 1880, SILVERTHORN

1. Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994

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