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Name: Davidson Line,
Principals: , Commodore W. F. (Fuce)Davidson, Payton (Pate) Davidson
Area: 1856, U. Miss. R.; 1857, added the Minnesota R.
Boats: ?1855-64?, WINONA
       1856, JACOB TRADER
       1857, Added the FRANK STEEL
       1859, Added the OLIAN, FAVORITE and WINONA
       1860, organized the LaCross and Minnesota Packet Company
             with five boats above.
       1862, added KEOKUK AND NORTHERN BELLE
       1876, built the GOLDEN EAGLE
Comments: In 1864 the LaCross and Minnesota Packet Company merged with
          Northern Line Packet Company
          to form Norwestern Union Packet Company. 
    Comments: Source: This Article

Name: Dean, Thompson/The Dean Line
Boats, 1863, the 1863 ALICE DEAN
       1864, the 1864 ALICE DEAN
	   1865-67, HARRY DEAN
       1869, THOMPSON DEAN
       1864, purchased the GOLDEN EAGLE from Capt Wm. B. Thompson and others

Name: Delta Queen Steamboat Company. New Orleans, La.
		- 2005 DELTA QUEEN

Name: DeVenny, Alexander
Area: Ohio R.
Comments: Owned the WINFIELD SCOTT in partnership with his brother,
          Lafayette DeVenny. 

Name: Diamond Joe Line (Popular name used in company's diamond shaped logo)
        1867, called Chicago, Fulton and River Line, Headqtrs. Fulton, Ill.
        1874, Headquarters moved to Dubuque, 
Owner: Joseph Reynolds
Officers: 1880, shortly after superintendent, Capt. John Killeen
Boats: 1864, LANSING
       1864-83, DIAMOND JO.  At one point she was sold to competitor, then in
                1868, repurchased.
       1867, JOHN C. GUALT, propeller driven towboat. [Who is John Gault?  D.]
       1867-84, IDA FULTON
       186?9?, early spring?,-72, LADY PIKE
       1869, July, Chartered STERLING to help with enormous work load.
       1867-73, Sometime between the line added a boat named IMPERIAL
       1867-70, Sometime between, the JEANETTE ROBERTS
       1871,  Chartered briefly, BANNOCK CITY
       1871, Aug.-78, ARKANSAS
       1872-77, TIDAL WAVE
       1873-81, IMPERIAL a powerful towboat
       1873, Built and operated JOSIE.
       1878-99, Built and operated JOSEPHINE
       1879, LIBBY CONGER, passengers and freight only
       1880-87, Built and operated MARY MORTON
       1883-86, ST. PAUL
       189?-1901 WASHINGTON
       1896-1901, DUBUQUE
       1896-1911, QUINCY
Captains associated with: 1869-71 Abe Mitchell, Stephen Hanks
                          1871, Jerry Wood of BANNOCK CITY.
                          1873, Alexanbder Lamont and Abe Mitchell
                          1880-99, sometime between, Al Dawley , captained the JOSEPHINE                          1997, Milt Harry
                        : 1896, John Killeen
						: H.S. Ruby
Comments: The line was formed mainly for grain towing, passengers were secondary
          until the grain trade declined then the company engaged more and more
          in passenger and general frieght traffic.
          1911, Diamond Jo Line was sold to The Streckfus company
Comments: "Diamond Jo Reynolds was buried in Mount Hope Cemetery in Chicago, Ill.
           In life as in death Joseph Reynolds left imperishable vignettes in the
           hearts and minds of those he met.  For a score of years after his passing
           the colorful fleet of the Diamond Jo Line reminded Iowans of the industry
           and imagination that had brought this nationally famous line into
           existence."  William J. Petersen
Source: Many facts in this listing are from an article by William Petersen in
        The Palimpsest 
Name: Donnally, Harry
Boat(s): LIBERTY
Area: Ohio R.

1. Name: Doyle, Simeon, of Cincinnati
boat(s): 1845 - 1848, PAUL JONES

1. Name: Dozier, Frank M.
Area: 1848-66, Mo. R.
      1870's, N.O. - Ouachita R. 
Boats: 1848, the second CORA, owned with others; 
       1858, June 27, Capt. of SAM GATY when she burned and sank
       1863, Owned with others the 2nd MAGENTA
       1864, March - ?78?, Owned with others PRAIRIE STATE
       1865-66, Owned the MOLLIE DOZIER

Name: Durfee, J. H.
Area: Ohio R.
Comments: From Way's Packet Directory

1.  Name: Dyas, Richard Irwin of Little Rock Ark.
Boats: 1850-52, owned 1/2 of the 1st GEM

1. Source: Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994

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