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Name: BB Riverboats
Area: Excursions out of Cincinnati, Oh.

1. Name: Baton Rouge & Bayou Sara Packet Company
Boats: 1904, had WM. CARIG built 

1. Name: Bay Line, of Irontown Oh.
Area: Pittsburgh-Charleston, Wheeling-Sisterville,
Boats: 1893-1906, May 31, the 5th RUTH
       1904-1906, summer, the 7th RUTH

1. Name: Bay Steamship Company
Boat: 1911, July,-1912, LIBERTY (the 3rd one)

Batchelor, Charles W. of Pittsburgh, Pa.

1. Name: Beard, Hugh H.
Area: 1857-60 at least, of New Orleans
Boats: 1857, Sept. - 185?9?, UNION (The 6th one)
      1860-61: Had built and owned in whole DE SOTO

Name:Beatty, J.F.
Boats: 1897, owner and captain of JOHN D. LEWIS
Area: 1897, Ohio R., Paducah, Kentucky
Comments:From The Tribune Telegraph
         Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Feb. 24 1897

1. Name: Beaver Family, St. Marys, W.Va., New Matamoras, Ohio
Boats: 1908, Elmer and Charles with J.C. McCain, W.J. ROBERTS
       1912,May-1913, Jan., H.M. Elmer, George and Charles, ORIOLE, 
Comments: The "Family" consisted of Capt. George S. Beaver, Charles Beaver
          and an H.M. Elmer.  Way's does not give relationships.  Not all were
          involved with each boat the family owned.

Name: Beebie, H.H.
Boat: 1842, the first J.M. WHITE in partnership with
      J.M. White, merchant, and  Capt. J.M. Convers
Source:  Way's Packet Directory, 1884 - 1994

Name: Beebie, H.N.
Boat: 1844, the second J.M. WHITE in partnership with
      J.M. White, merchant, and  Capt. J.M. Convers
Source:  Way's Packet Directory, 1884 - 1994
Show you care, send a Bear!
Name: Benton Line, sometimes called the Block "P" Line.
Boats: 1870's, BLACK HILLS
       1885-1906, F.Y. BATCHELOR
Captains Associated with: 1877, James C. McVay, Timothy B. Burleigh, Thomas M. Rees
                                pilots, William Gordon and Jim Witten
            : Capt. Robt. F. Wright

Name: Benton Transfer Company
Boats: 1880S, Mid?, JUDITH

Name: Bibb, Peyton, planter and Methodest minister
Born: 1784, May 26, Prince Edward Co. Vir.
Died: 1840, Oct 13, at residence he named Spring Hill, some 8 mi. north of
            Montgomery, near Robinson Springs in Elmore Co., Ala..
Area: Alabama R.
Boats: 1820's or 30's, MONROE and CAROLINE
Comments: Brother to Georgia Govenor William Wyatt Bibb and Alabama Govenor
          Thomas Bibb.
        :  This info from the Dictionary of Alabama Biography, page 143 sent
           in by site visitor, Nancy Reeves

Name: Big Sandy Line/Company
		See Cincinnati, Portsmouth, Big Sandy & Pomeroy Packet Company

Name: Blakeley, Russell
Comments: Was one of Stockholders or the Galena and Minnsota Packet Company
          He is mantioned several times in this  Mentioned in this Article

Note:  Over time, The Blanks Family owned 20-some boats.  There were
       5 Capts. Blanks.  Some of the links in the "Blanks" listings will
       not yet lead to the boat.  In many instances it is difficult to tell
       if one Blanks or another owned a given boat or was just the captain.
       Will fill it all in when I get the time.

Name: Blanks, Fred A.  See Obituary
Boats: 1867, OUACHITA (No. 1).
       1868, Feb., Capt. VICKSBURG (No. 2)
       1869, Master, TAHLEQUAH (No. 2)
       1870-78, Part owner and capt. of OUACHITA BELLE 
       1879, FRED A. BLANKS (No. 1)
       1867, May, Master, IDAHOE
       1867 and '74, sometime between, Lottawana
              1873-'77, sometime between, Bannock City
       1877, Master, BASTROP, 
       1880-89, Sometime between, H. Hanna Blanks
       1885, JOHN H. HANNA
       ?1900? or so, FRED A. BLANKS No. 2
    Companies Associated With: Part owner, Ouachita River Line
                               Part owner, Ouachita River Consolidated Line 

Name: Blanks, J. W.
Boat(s): 186?8?-69, July, OUACHITA
         1869, CORNELIA,
         1880, Owner, H HANNA BLANKS
More information: from Way's Packet Directory, compiled by
John Hartford, river musician.

1. Name: Boisseau, Joseph of Shreveport, La.
Born: *1829, January 23,  Dinwiddie County, Va.   Died:
Area: 1854, Alexandria-Shreveport
Boats: 1854, Owner, MARION (The 1st one)
       1861, Owner, M.E. ALLEN
      *186?  owner of *TRENT 
Comments: *From Boisseau Biography

1. Name: Bofinger, James See
    Boats: 1862, Nov. Owner, with others, of CITY of MEMPHIS

Name: Boonville Steamboat Company
Area: Mo. R.
Captains associated with: 1857, DeHaven, David

1. Name: Booth, Asa
Boats: 1900, LIBERTY
1. Name: Booth, John K.
Area: 1857-62, Apr., Wheeling-Parkersburgh, occasionally to Cincinnati
      1860's, Ohio R.
Boats: 1857-62, Apr., LIBERTY (the 1st one), with others
       1861, built LIBERTY No. 2 to replace 1st. LIBERTY, above.  (The dates
             are from Way's, 1..  They do not match up. ???)
       1889-96, LIBERTY (the 3rd one) 
Comments: Mentioned in article, The Wheeling Register, March 31, 1879

Name: Bradford Transportation Company
Principals: Capt. M.F. Bradford

Name:British Yukon Navigation Company
Headquarters: Whitehorse 
Comments: Throughout the nineteen-twenties and thirties BYN operated anywhere
          from six to ten ships in a busy, 16-week season 

Name: Brownsville Packet Company  Pittsburgh, Brownsville and Geneva Packet Co.

1. Name: Buffington, A.J. of New Orleans, La.
Area: Miss. and White Rs.
Boats: 1857 - 1860, Mar. 27, DR. BUFFINGTON
       *1860 to 1861, owned DR. BUFFINGTON, again
Captains associated with: 1860, Avant, Nathan T. 
Comments: * (see ** in DR. BUFFINGTON's listing)

1. Name: Buisson, Nicholas, St. Louis
Boats: 1879, Owner with Capt. Sallie B. Coulson of the MONTANA
Comments: Affiliated with the Coulson Line

1. Name: Burke, Owen F. of Mobil, Ala.
Area: L. Miss. R.
Boats: 1912-14, ELECTRA
       1916-19, owner, M.A. BURKE

1. Name: Burleigh, Walter A., of Kittaning, Pa.
Boats: 1853-55, late, NEBRASKA

1. Name: W.A. Burleigh, of Miles City, Mont. 
Boats: *1873-74, MINER
       1878, GENERAL TERRY
Comments: *this info from research by Caroline Villier

1. Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994 

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