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Name: Able, Dan
Boats: 1864, W.R. ARTHUR
More information: from Way's Packet Directory, compiled by
                John Hartford, river musician.

Name: Adams, Major John D.
Died:  At 70 yrs. of age while the 1st KATE ADAMS was in operation.
Area: White R., Ark.
Boats:  1854-5?, JESSE LAZEAR
		1856, TITANIA
		1858-59, IRENE
		1869, Jan. 18 - 1869, May 10 when she was snagged, the LENI LEOTI
		1870-72, R.P. WALT
		1876, In part, IDLEWILD	
		1879, JAMES LEE was built for this owner, but sold to
				Capt. James Lee right after launch.
		1880-82, DOVE
		1880, DEAN ADAMS
		1882-88, KATE ADAMS which was named for this owner's wife.
Comments: Was President of Memphis & Arkansas City Packet Line

Name: Aden Brothers Ferry Company
Area: 1890 or so  - 1924 or so, San Francisco Bay area
Boats: SUNOL

Name: Alton & St. Louis Packet Company
Boats: 1856, June 12 - 1859, dEC. 13, the BALTIMORE

Name: American Fur Company
Boats: 1820'S?, DIANA
       1831, YELLOWSTONE
       1834-35 ASSINIBOINE
	   1857, SPREAD EAGLE
       1860, CHIPPEWA, KEY WEST
       1871, KEY WEST
Area: Mo. R., Yellowstone R.
Captains associated with:
		1857, Joseph LaBarge
		1871, Grant Marsh

Name: American West Steamboat Company
Area: Columbia and Snake Rs. 
Boats: EMPRESS of the NORTH, QUEEN of the WEST,
Comments: 2006, American West Steamboat Company's boats went to 
Majestic American Line 1. Name: Anchor Line
ANCHOR Anchor Line Boats carried the anchor symbol between their stacks. This one was between the stacks of the CRYSTAL CITY
Boats: THOMPSON DEAN; CITY of BATON ROUGE 1871, UTAH 1873, sometime after, acquired EMMA C. ELLIOT 1878, acquired the JAMES HOWARD 1882 CITY of CAIRO 1884-85, JOHN A. SCUDDER 1885, ARKANSAS CITY 1886, chartered the ST. PAUL 1887, CITY of MONROE/HILL CITY, WILL S. HAYS 1887-93, CRYSTAL CITY 1897, Oct. purchased and lost MARY MORTON 1913, HARRY BROWN (source) Area: Lower Miss. R. Captains Associated With: Noll, J. Orville 1868 or so, Malin, John W. 1870-?94?, Riley, Robert K. 1881, Mar. 13, Jos. W. Bryant when JAMES HOWARD burned 1882-1896, Lightner, A.S. 1882-?85?, Charles B. Zeigler 1884, W.W. Baker, on JOHN A. SCUDDER 1887, Horace Bixby 1896, Howard, Ben Comments: Capt. John P. Keiser was once President of this line. : Scudder, John A., received a pair of binoculars upon retirement from this line.
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Name: Arkansas Navigation Company
Boats: 1905, MARY D, 1908, CITY OF MUSKOGEE
Owner: Muskogee Commercial Club
Area: Ark. R.
comments: Credit
1905: Two years before Oklahoma statehood, the Muskogee Commercial Club
      organized the Arkansas Navigation Company. The reasoning was that
      river navigation could take advantage of the oil boom in Indian
      Territory. The MARY D.," was purchased and a commercial run was
      established between Fort Smith and Muskogee. The Commercial
      Club raised $15,000, and contracted the building of a 125 foot long
      packet. When delivered in July, 1908, she was dubbed CITY OF MUSKOGEE.

Name: Armstrong, L.T., Major
Boats: 1888-90, L.T. ARMSTRONG

1. Name: Atlantic and Mississippi Steamship Co. of St. Louis
Area: 1866, Offices in St. Louis
Officers: *1866 Sec./Treas., Alexander Gaus Cunningham 
Boats: 1859-67, sometime between, ATLANTIC
       1862-?? MARY E. FORSYTH
       Durring Civil War: and MOLLY ABLE
       1863, JULIA
      *1864, MISSOURI
       1864-65,  BEN STICKNEY
       1864-66, PEYTONA, LUNA
       1864-68, MISSISSIPPI 
      *1864, sometime after, W.R. CARTER, CITY of MEMPHIS, CONTINENTAL,
                IDA HANDY, J.C. SWON
       1865-69, RUTH
       1867-69, May, PAULINE CARROLL
       1868?-69, W. R. ARTHUR
Captains associated with: 1865 or so, Symmes, Henry
                        : 1863-65, William Coulson
                          1864-65, Sheble, E. A., Charles Sebastian,
                                   James Ostrander, , Dravo, Charles A.  
                          1864-66, E. Eugene Bowers, Patrick Yore
                          1866, Jessie Y. Hurd, James D. Malin, Jacob S. Hurd
                                George Pegram
More information: from Way's Packet Directory, compiled by John Hartford, river musician.
*From site visitor Lynn Cunningham
Comments: 1867 or 8, company failed.

Owner: Austin, Henry
Boat(s): 1800s, early, ARIEL
Area: Rio Grand and brazos Rs. in Texas
Comments: Was cousin to Steven F. Austin.

*Name: Avant, Nathan T.
Area: Miss and White Rs.
Boat: 1860, DR. BUFFINGTON
*Source: (see ** in DR. BUFFINGTON's listing)

1. Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994

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