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Grand Romance Riverboat

Greetings from the Captain and crew of the "GRAND ROMANCE", a luxurious replica of a Missisippi paddle steamer, with two ornate smokestacks, New Orleans style balconies adorning her three decks and gorgeous Victorian red and gold decor within our dining salons. When you are not star gazing upon our outer decks, let your romantic imagination soar to our rosetted ceilings which evoke all the grace of a bygone era.

Our enchanting vessel was inspired by the riverboat taking pride of place in the classic movie, "Blood Alley", starring Lauren Bacall and John "The Duke" Wayne. With the aid of his trusty riverboat, the Duke helped a village of Chinese refugees escape from communism. In the movie, John Wayne is cast as a merchant marine captain, with Laren Bacall playing the daughter of a missionary doctor killed by the Red Chinese. It took a little persuasion, but Bacall finally convinces Wayne to smuggle a group of villagers past the communist forces and into the safe harbour of Hong Kong. Big-hearted, iron-fisted and patriotic, Wayne braves dangerous waters and the pursuing Red Chinese forces as he steers the paddle-wheel riverboat to freedom's shores along the treacherous 300-mile waterway called "BLOOD ALLEY". The Duke purchased the riverboat in 1954 for the movie. The original was restored in 1998 by the owner of the "GRAND ROMANCE", hence the name of the renowned "DUKES RIVERBOAT STEAKHOUSE", which royally tempts your palate with a wide range of the finest steaks, succulent seafood, gourmet vegetarian cuisine and sinful desserts!

We offer daily half hour harbor cruises as you dine from 4pm onwards, with half hour boarding periods in our beautiful Marina. Stay aboard as long as your romantic heart desires and listen out for the rare tunes wafting over the waterfront from our 43 note calliope which evokes the romance of the bygone era of paddle-wheel riverboats with several merry and melodious tunes. From the luxurious comfort of your seat at your table or from the lively Paddle-Wheel Cocktail Lounge, you will be able to view the stately Queen Mary Ocean liner, now a popular hotel and museum, the romantic lighthouse, quaint Shoreline village a historic Russian submarine - the Black Scorpion and a wide range of Southern Californian wildlife in its natural habitat of Pacific Ocean swells. Look out for Daniel, our friendly neighborhood sea-lion who also partakes of our spectacular sunsets and magnificent moonrise.

The "GRAND ROMANCE"is also home to the legendary MURDER MYSTERY DINNER THEATRES, when you are taken back in time to the rip-roaring era of 1880's Vaudeville by magnificently costumed characters hilariously interacting with diners between our delicious 4 course dinners. Each night, someone out there enjoying the evening will win the Grand Prize by being a super sleuth from the elegant comfort of their own personal table! "DUKE'S RIVERBOAT STEAKHOUSE", on our lower decks, also serves up a variety of lively entertainment on our red velvet draped stage whilst you dine in our daily resteurant.

Our fabulous venue is also available for your unique special event - weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, reunions, corporate functions - any particular occasion your heart desires; our professional party planners will work with you to create and cater to your every wish with our unique, atsmopheric and utterly memorable fine dining floating establishment.

When the wonderful weekend comes calling, the pace steps up in time for our energetic CLUB-NITES. Board the "GRAND ROMANCE" for late nite dancing with and under the stars! Our dance hall is ablaze with lights, live music and lively Deejays spinning the most danceable sounds - roll with the waves as we cruise and get your groove on-board with our signature cocktails served by our adorable "Startenders"! Chill with the moon on our outer deck and have yourselves a taste of the "GRAND ROMANCE"...