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These pages are meant to make available queries submitted by e-mail, and to provide a venue for those looking for information. I will add to it as questions of various kinds come in. I hope it helps. Who knows, someone else may be looking for the same information as you.

Allegheny County's
Boat Building

"Steamboating, Sixty-Five Years on Missouri's Rivers"
by Captain William L. ("Steamboat Bill") Heckman.

Capt. Heckman was one of the Hermann, Mo., steamboaters. This book has references to some of the more obscure and smaller boats that ran on such rivers as the Gasconade and Osage.
Looking for info on the 'Knoxville" .You have it listed but nothing else. I show a Captian Chapman as its pilot. Also "Lucy Walker". I have read where there was a James Hood and Jordan Hood on board I am interested in the Hoods on any boat during the 1830's on. Joesph Vann Bought a Steam boat "Holston", changed the named to "Kingston" abt 1836. Said to have been used by John Ross During the "Trail of Tears". Any comment ?



Hi Dave-
I would like to ask you to include one of my great, great, grandfathers in your database.

Name: Firman C. HERITAGE aka FC or Firm
Born: 24 May 1838 or 1840 in Cincinnati Ohio
Died: 22 Feb 1917
Obit from the Kentucky Post, Feb 23 1917 pg 1:
"The funeral of Firman C. Heritage of 172 Van Voast Av. Bellvue, former river pilot, who died Thursday at Speers Memorial Hospital, Dayton, will be held Saturday afternoon. Heritage for many years was captain on steamboats plying on the lower Mississippi. He was better known along the Ohio and Mississippi than perhaps any other of the older pilots.

During the civil war he was captain and pilot of one of the mail blockade runners. He had been in poor health for more than a year, but was in the hosptial only about a week. He had suffered a stroke of paralysis"

1870 Meigs county Census, Salisbury Township:
Firman Heritage age 32 born OH., occupation: stmbt pilot

1880 Meigs county census, Salisbury Township:
F.C. Herritage age 41 born OH occupation: pilot.

Meigs Co. Republican Jan. 19 1881:
Pilot F.M. Heritage, who has been on the CONDOR since her construction, and pilot David Darst who has been on the same boat for twelve years past are now off that boat. Darst has engaged on the ROBERT PEEBLES; Heritage is 'open for conviction'. Both men are experienced, reliable river men and will not long remain idle.

Meigs Co. Republican, Feb. 16 1881:
Pilot F.C. Heritage has accepted a position on the towboat LIBERTY.

Meigs Co. Republican, Mar. 2 1881:
Firm Heritage is pilot on the Kanawha towing steamer LIBERTY No.4 and has a permanant paying position.

Meigs Co. Republican, Jan. 18 1882:
Capt. Joe Burnsides Big Kanawha towboat LIBERTY laid up here over Sunday, giving the Captain, pilot Firm. Heritage and all the other boys a chance to visit home.

Meigs Co. Republican, July 19 1882:
Pilot F.C.Heritage of the steamer J.R. PEEBLES has been spending a few days with his family and friends in Middleport (Ohio).

Meigs Co. Republican, August 9 1882:
Pilot F.C. Heritage of the ROBERT PEEBLES stopped off Monday long enough to shake hands with friends. He never looked better.

1883-1896 Marine Hospital records Gallia Co. OH, July 5 - July 22,1896
F.C. Heritage age 58, born OH
Name of last vessel he sailed on: EAGLE
Disease: Ulcer of leg.
Discharged: Aug10 1896

This is all I have for now. I hope it is enough to get him listed in your database.
Thank you- Debbie Peppones

From site visitor Bobbie Schaefer
What a great site. I'm told my ggg-uncles were riverboat pilots - Resin and William Jamison from Harrison County in. my family spells it Jameson. their uncle was Resin Jones from Pa., also a river man. you have a Jesse Jameson listed. I don't know if he's related or not. will check. I am told Resin (Jameson) piloted the Lucy Walker to shore when it exploded below New Albany in. If you have info, I'd appreciate it. Also, do you know about the captain's grave on the Ohio below Louisville? You can see the cave from river road. Perhaps it's just a legend but I hope not.

I found the name of the captain. He was Frank Mchenry. Built an ornate burial vault above the Ohio near Bridgeport, In. so he could curse the rivermen below. Don't know why, though. Must have been just plain "onry".

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