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Name: Yocum, I.D. Boats associated with: *CITY of CAIRO Source: Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994 Name: Yore, James Boat(s): 1865, BERTRAND Area: Mo. R. Name: Yore, Patrick Boat(s):1857, Capt. of D.A. JANUARY 1864-66, LUNA Name: Yore, William A., Pilot Born; 1829, give or take a year Area: ?U.Miss?, Mo. Rs. Name: Young, Harry F. Area: Owners Associated With: 1911-24 Rock Island-Davenport Ferry Co. 1926-36, William J. Quinlan Boat(s): 1911 - 1924 and 1926-36 DAVENPORT/W.J. QUINLAN Comments: Source Name: Young, Hiram Comments: Mentioned in this Document

Name: Zeigler, Charles Boat(s): 1885, possibly master, ARKANSAS CITY 1886, SAINT PAUL Companies Associated With: Anchor Line Comments: This captain was known as a great story teller and entertainer. : Mentioned here

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